15 Photos Of Hot TV Sitcom Moms When They Were Young

The idea of the “hot mom” has been around for a long time, but it took songs like Fountain of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” and characters like Stifler’s mom in the American Pie franchise to really hit a home run in making the concept a "thing".

Being a mom used to be the role given to female actors who were believed to have “passed their prime”, something that Amy Schumer gladly tackled in her brilliant skit “Last Effable Day”. Thankfully, more recently, yummy mummies everywhere can enjoy a role in Hollywood as a strong, confident, and sexy parent. This means getting a little older or having a child isn’t quite the career ender it once was.

Today we’re going to look at a number of hot TV sitcom moms who have graced our television sets, entertained us, and taught us valuable lessons. While all of these moms are still fantastic looking leading ladies, we’re going to take a look at how they looked way back when, in a time before children (scripted or real). These are 15 smoking hot TV moms, and how they looked when they were young.


15 Rachel Green, Friends

While news tabloids really want Jennifer Aniston to become a mom, and report that she’s pregnant any time she’s had a decent sized lunch, she hasn’t yet been a mom in real life, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t played one on TV. In the cliff hanger finale of season seven we find out that Rachel is pregnant; we later find out that the baby is Ross’. Rachel gives birth to Emma Gellar Green in season eight, although most plot lines still centre on the personal lives of the “friends” rather than the children. It’s no surprise to anyone that Jennifer Aniston made this list, she’s toned, trim, tanned, and talented. Today we’re used to seeing “Rachel” promoting products that emphasize staying young and being impressed with her youthful looks,  it can be easy to forget how gorgeous she was a couple of decades ago.

14 Topanga Lawrence, Girl Meets World


People grew up crushing on Topanga Lawrence as Corey Matthew’s class rival turned love interest in the family themed show Boy Meets World basically growing up beside her. This is an interesting one since Danielle Fishel was most notable in the media when she was a child actor, and recently portraying an adult in the series' reboot Girl Meets World. Playing parents, now in their thirties, in New York City, Cory and Topanga provide all the Disney Family “feels” for their daughter Riley Matthews. The reboot became a beloved series to a new generation, ending in January 2017, with fans keeping their fingers crossed for a new network to pick them back up again. There’s no denying the charm of the sensible girl turned mom, and the boy/man who loves her.

13 Joy Turner, My Name Is Earl

Jaime Pressly played Joy Turner, the trailer living white trash mother on the show My Name is Earl. Part of the gag on the show was that Joy’s/Earl’s children clearly weren’t his, and that their marriage began when Joy was pregnant, and tricked Earl into getting married while he was drunk. Their other “child” together belonged to her new husband Darnell. Jaime Pressly spent her younger days training in gymnastics and modelling before she began acting. Although she often plays a promiscuous woman, Jaime Pressly has admitted that she hates doing love scenes, and even stage kisses bug her. She has appeared on numerous sexiest women honours over the years, and starred in the Marilyn Manson video for “Tainted Love”. Jaime Pressly became a mom in real life in 2007 when she had her son, Dezi James Calvo.

12 DJ Tanner, Fuller House


Many of us grew up alongside DJ Tanner and her family full of good, wholesome, moral lessons in the famous TGIF lineup. Today, after a Netflix reboot, viewers can take a walk down memory lane with a new parental figure dolling out the sage advice and cheesiness, since the student has become the teacher; and the teacher is a veterinarian and single mother of three. People can “Ahhhhh” as they watch DJ and her girl gang (sister Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler) all try to raise the next generation of children in yet another "full house". While it may not have been obvious in her tween and teen years, today there is no doubt that DJ Tanner/Candace Cameron Bure has grown up to be a great looking lady. Catch her in her “mom” days with two seasons of family appropriate cheese to binge watch on Netflix.

11 Anna Faris, Mom

Anna Faris had a bit part role as a mom years ago, although you may not remember. She was the teenage mom who gave her twins up for adoption to Chandler and Monica all of those years ago on Friends. Today she plays a single mom struggling to stay sober as she raises her children, and grandchildren, with the help (and hindrance) from her own mom, played by Allison Janney. Playing a fun and frisky role has always been a part of Anna Faris’ wheelhouse. Years ago she was the goofy star of the Scream parody movies Scary Movie, she’s played a spoiled musician in an ancient Ryan Reynolds movie, and even played a Playboy Bunny in the film House Bunny. In real life she’s part of a hot power couple, and is raising her son alongside husband Chris Pratt.

10 Christa Miller, Scrubs & Cougar Town


Christa Miller has played a mom many times, both in real life and on the small screen, but once upon a time she was the lovable girl next door and love interest to Drew Carey on The Drew Carey Show. Known for playing a fierce mom who delegates much of her maternal responsibilities onto a slew of nannies during her time on both Scrubs and Cougar Town, she’s one of the most delinquent TV moms on this list. Two of her real life pregnancies were written on to Scrubs so there was no fake baby belly for this mean momma. But way back when, before she played a professional mean girl or prowling cougar, she wooed everyone with her accessible looks and sweet smile. More recently she posed in the buff for Allure Magazine to show everyone that she still has it.

9 Gloria Pritchett, Modern Family

Gloria Pritchett is a mom that is so good looking that she has three generations of men swooning after her at any given time. Actress Sofia Vergara has had those curves for most of her life, and was discovered at 17 years old by a photographer while she was on a Colombian beach. Shortly after she landed a number of roles that helped her support her family and even starred in a Pepsi commercial. Much like her TV mom character, she is a young mother who was married at 18 and had her son when she was just 20 years old. She divorced shortly after, and moved to the United States, a story somewhat familiar to the origin story of the character she’s known for. The voluptuous star is a 32F and has purchased custom tailored clothing, long before she was a Hollywood hottie.


8 Jessica Huang, Fresh Off The Boat


This mom knows what she wants, even though she plays a Tiger Mom in a time before anyone knew what that meant. We can’t help but notice what a knockout she is, if you ignore all of the yelling! Jessica Huang is a strong willed and protective mother, who’s hard on her kids, not exactly the type of person most daydream about. She’s no nonsense, is frugal, and business minded; plus she doesn’t waste anything. Constance Wu who plays the 1990s mom looks very different, and much more approachable in real life. She keeps fit with her hobby as an avid long-distance runner. She began her career with multiple appearances in Sundance Feature films. Constance resides in Silverlake, Los Angeles, with a pet bunny named Lida Rose, that’s something her TV persona would never do.

7 Janet Marie “Jay” Kyle, My Wife And Kids

Tisha Campbell-Martin has been on TV since she was just six years old. She’s still best known for some of her “mom” roles, primarily for playing Janet Marie Kyle on My Wife and Kids opposite TV hubby Damon Wayans. Jay is a day trading career woman and mother to three kids, and often the voice of reason in her home. Campbell-Martin was also known for her role of Regina Waters-Payne on the hit show Martin. She left the show suddenly in the final season and sued her former co-star Martin Lawrence for sexual harassment. She was written off the show as “being out of town” and won her lawsuit, never having to be on set with Martin Lawrence again. Tisha Martin, in addition to being a TV and real life mom, is known for her fantastic legs, and her singing. She released her single “Steel Here” in 2015.

6 Lindsay Bluth Funke, Arrested Development


Sometimes parents act like they never even had kids. This is the case for Lindsay and Tobias Funke who ignore most of the attempts of their teenage daughter Maeby to get even a second of their attention as they play some of the most immature parents you’ll see on TV. Lindsay is the mom who likes to get involved in causes, even when she doesn’t know what they’re really about, and gets involved with the latest trendy left wing cause de jour. Most people don’t know that Portia de Rossi, was born and raised in Australia, and studied law at the University of Melbourne before being drawn to the siren call of acting. Beyond her role on Arrested Development she’s best known for her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres, her long wavy blonde hair, and her breakthrough role on Ally McBeal as Nelle Porter.

5 Claire Dunphy, Modern Family

Most people didn’t know who Julie Bowen was before she became the overbearingly bossy, but well meaning, matriarch in the hit show Modern Family. While it’s quite obvious to viewers that Julie Bowen/Claire Dunphy is in phenomenal shape, showcasing her as the fit, yet still attractive mom, she still ends up playing second fiddle to her step-mom Gloria. But what many people don’t remember is that Bowen was the love interest in the 1996 film Happy Gilmore, the one who was highlighted in a dream sequence, wearing sexy lingerie and pouring pitchers of beer over her head long before she was TV mom to three children, and three children in real life. It looks like her characters prefer the funny guy on TV and film whether it’s 1996 or 2017!

4 Pam Beesly, The Office


Pam Beesly Halpert’s cubicle/girl next door vibe is a subtle one that many secretly crushed on. Maybe she reminds people of women who exist in their own lives, or her fun sense of humour, whatever it is, this TV mom to kids Cece and Phillip kept viewers tuning in. The character was supposed to be very plain, but something about Jenna Fischer immediately shone through her office casual attire and dated hair. Fischer recalls, "When I went in for The Office, the casting director said to me, 'Please look normal, don't make yourself all pretty, and dare to bore me with your audition.' Those were her words. Dare to bore me." In her personal life the Emmy Award Winning actor is mom to two kids, Weston Lee Kirk and Harper Marie Kirk.

3 Rainbow Johnson, Blackish

Tracee Ellis Ross is on television sets everywhere each week as she portrays mother of four, Rainbow Johnson, on the popular show Blackish. While she may be seen as a parental figure today, there’s no denying her beauty. If you’ve ever wondered why she looks so amazing, we have the answer for you here, it’s in her genetics – her mother is Diana Ross. Tracee Ellis Ross was a model before she decided to study acting and graduated from Brown University, and got her first big break when she starred on the hit sitcom Girlfriends. Tracee Ellis Ross has the distinction of being the first actress in the past 34 years to win the Best Actress Golden Globe in a TV Comedy (in 1983 Debbie Allen won for Fame). She’s also aging, very well.

2 Jenny MacArthur, The League


Katie Aselton played Jenny in The League, a mom and real estate agent who’s also “one of the boys”. She begins the series as the “brains” behind Kevin’s fantasy football team and eventually becomes a member of “The League” running her own team. Obviously some of the cast saw her sexual appeal, since her co-star Mark Duplass are married with two kids. Although characters often make fun of Jenny, and her un-sexiness, particularly when standing next to Ruxton’s drop dead gorgeous wife Sofia (played by another hot TV mom Nadine Velazquez). Jenny is way too good for her dopey husband Kevin, but also secretly controls him using dog training techniques. This is another show in the Seinfeld template of entertainment through the actions of some pretty awful antics, but she’s a hot mom who loves football, so many people’s dream milf.

1 Carla Espinosa, Scrubs

Carla Espinosa is the bossy, stubborn, and caring mother figure at Sacred Hearts Hospital. Her chemistry with young surgeon Christopher Turk is a central plot point in the first season of the show and the pair eventually end up marrying and having kids. Her role as a new mom on Scrubs was among the first prime time television shows to tackle the serious topic of postpartum depression, one of the many brilliant facets of the ground-breaking show. In real life actor Judy Reyes gave birth to her daughter Leila Rey Valeica in 2009. More recently she portrayed Zoila Diaz in the Lifetime dramedy Devious Maids. No one doubts the talents and good looks of this American Latino Media Arts Award (ALMA) winner, who continues to look fantastic as she approaches the big 5-0 later this year.

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