15 Photos Of Hilary Duff That Prove She's Hotter Than Ever

As many of you know, Duff is a slang term, defined as an acronym for Dumb Ugly Fat Friend. That's the girl that tags along with the cute girls, to make the cute girls look hot. The term lived on in high school hallways for years, and even became more popular after The DUFF, a hit 2015 film was released, starring Bella Thorne.

However, Hilary Duff does NOT fit the duff name at all, because Hilary Duff is hotter than you think. She doesn't need a duff nearby to contrast her beauty. She can stand alone as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Like Thorne, Gomez, Cyrus and many others, Hilary Duff is a former Disney star. She was featured in her own show, Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie was super cute and squeaky clean, and if you haven't caught up with Hilary since then, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

As with any young stars in the Hollywood spotlight, dating can be quite difficult, and Duff has had her share of heartbreak. She was married and divorced to Mike Comrie, a retired NHL centre. The couple has a son, Luca, together and Duff has recently admitted that co-parenting and dating after divorce "sucks." We think it's attractive when a celebrity keeps it real like that, and we are rooting for her. We are also rooting for her divorce-revenge body, that just keeps getting hotter. She's not afraid to share her opinion, or her latest bikini pics online, so check out these amazing images, and awe at how hot this former childhood star has become.


15 No More Lizzie

In this selfie, Duff looks nothing like she did back in those Lizzie McGuire days. All the childhood baby fat is long gone, as is the motherhood weight from having a kid. Hilary looks absolutely svelte in this shot, and could pass for a runway model. She is without her signature smile, which reminds us of those Lizzie days, and without it she looks like a totally different person. The woman looks fantastic, and it's pictures like these that also make Hollywood producers take a second look. Although Hilary has been more successful with music lately, she's always open to taking on an acting role, and a photo like this could help relaunch her dramatic career.

14 Wardrobe Malfunction


Trust me, there were some much more revealing shots of Duff in this white blazer, but we chose to keep it clean, and take the classy route. You can google it later. What happened was she had a little bit of nipple exposure, when the low-cut top, with the fancy bra, allowed a little too much hotness to spill out. Hey, it happens to the best of them, and when you're constantly followed around by the paparazzi, the slip gets posted all over the internet. There are several pictures online of Duff's ex Comrie down on one knee, on a hotel balcony, and making a marriage proposal. Comrie gives her the ring, she takes a moment to admire it, and then gives what appears to be an oral favor to lucky Mike. Seems like a lovely start to what turned out to be a failed marriage.

13 Nice Jeans

Everybody likes to be admired, and by the look on her face, it seems like Hilary knows we are checking out her butt. There is nothing like a tight pair of jeans to make people turn heads. I'm sure that Hilary tried this pair of jeans on at the store, looked in the mirror, and said, 'oh, yeah, I'm buying these babies.' Of course it helps when designer high-heels are added to the ensemble, which always seem to give the butt cheeks a little lift. Not that Hilary needs any help in the butt department. Her butt looks great flat footed on the beach. There are thousands of paparazzi pics online that show Duff's rear end in a bikini, and she has one of the nicest posteriors in Hollywood, as evidenced perfectly by this pic.

12 Working Out


Hilary is exercising here, what she seems to be addicted to lately, and the results have been amazing. Can we take a moment to appreciate this photo? Here's Hilary outdoors once again, and she seems to be stretching out her quads after a jog. The term quad, heavily used in the weight room, is actually a short form for a series of four muscles called the Rectus femoris, Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis, and Vastus intermedius. Perhaps Duff learned this while she was being homeschooled by her mother since the age of eight. Homeschooled kids are usually much more innocent than us public school types, which may be why Duff has been able to (for the most part) maintain her squeaky clean image. Now that Duff is older she is allowing her sexuality to be displayed more prominently, but she still is careful, and tries not too reveal all of the goods.

11 Hawaii

We have to include at least one shot of Hilary in a bikini. Like we mentioned before, there are a ton of these shots online, since the actress/singer appears to be a lover of the sand and sun. She is often photographed in Hawaii playing in the waves with her son, Luca. This shot is from 2015, but there are also pics of her visiting the islands in January of 2017. On either vacation she looks awesome, but we preferred this shot over them all. In the 2017 pics she seems to be having difficulty with her bikini top, which keeps wanting to slip off of her breast, and meanwhile the bikini bottom keeps riding up her cheeks. Bikinis are not at all user friendly, right? No complaints here. Probably out of all of the clothes in the entire universe, bikinis are the best.

10 Album Cover


This shot is featured on Duff's latest record, Breathe in Breathe Out, on the backside of the album. The front of the album features a black and white close-up of the star's face. She looks wet, and possibly naked below, and her hands are gently touching her shoulders. It's definitely a hot pic, but the fact is, the above shot is even better. Check out the legs on this girl. The thing that's so attractive is the fact that there is some roundness to those legs. Hilary has the perfect amount of curves and shows them off expertly in this photo. And the reflection of her assets on that shiny floor offers a great alternative angle.

9 Street Candid

Wow, is that Jessica Biel? Duff is giving any in-shape Hollywood hotties a run for their money in this picture. The professional photoshoots are a wonderful thing, but sometimes the candid shots can really show us what the stars are actually made of. Even without all of the calculated lighting and pro makeup, we can see that Hilary is beautiful. She has toned abs and the breasts to stomach definition that is so attractive. She can also rock the brunette hairstyle better than most blondes. Actually, it doesn't matter what kind of hair color she goes with, Duff can pull off gray, purple, blue, or whatever and she looks fantastic in any hue.


8 Sparks


Speaking of random hair colors, this looks like a blue, gray, and blond mix, and the result is sexy as hell. This is a screenshot from her video for Sparks, an upbeat single from her 2015 album, Breathe in Breathe Out. Have you seen this video? If not, you better google the damn thing because it is surprisingly hot. Duff is actually a triple threat. We knew she could act and sing, but in this video she also proves that she can dance with the best of them. She does some Beyonce inspired booty shakes, and some dropping down low moves as well. She has a few different hot outfits including super short shorts and a metallic dress that is very alluring. She even flashes some tongue, as seen in this picture. The thing about Duff is she does all this sexy stuff, but she never crosses that line into trashy town. She always seems to keep it classy, which is so much more attractive.

7 Selfie Time

As mentioned before, this girl likes to be in a bikini, and like most Hollywood ladies, she's not afraid to show it off in a selfie. Again though, Duff keeps it tasteful. It's a great shot of the twins, but nothing too revealing, especially compared to selfie addicts like Kylie Jenner. Duff's not always innocent though, and she was the victim of a cellphone hack that revealed some very intimate pictures of the star. Duff was smart though, and did not reveal her face in the shots, so there's no undeniable proof that the shots are actually hers. But if they are her, they're extremely well done. The girl knows how to take a good pic. Add photographer to her list of many talents. Judging by her bikini seen here, and matching it up with like a bajillion paparazzi shots, we're guessing this was taken on another vacation hot spot, Puerto Vallarta.

6 Legs All Day


I'm not exactly sure what the expression on her face is trying to say, but I like it. She's touching those beautiful lips, which is always a turn on for most dudes. This leggy photo is another shot taken from her latest album. Breath in, Breath Out is the artist's fifth record. She started with a Christmas album back in 2002, then had success with Metamorphosis, the following year. After that it was Hilary Duff in 2004, and Dignity in 2011. All told, she has sold over 15 million records! And it doesn't stop there. Duff is also an accomplished writer. Her debut novel Elixir, published in 2010, made the New York Times bestseller list. She followed it with two sequels, Devoted, and True. All three of the novels are from the young adult category, and center around a female photographer. Duff co-writes the books with her friend Elise Allen.

5 Maxim Shoot

This photo was taken from a Maxim shoot not too long ago, which was when many of us first noticed that Hilary wasn't Lizzie anymore. The shots were recently reran on the magazine website, after news came out about her ex's legal troubles. Mike Comrie was accused of sexual battery in a three-way he had one night, after Duff was out of the picture. Hm. Now we seem to have a better idea about this Comrie guy, right? Seems like he may have a sex addiction, or maybe a sex drive that is too much for most people. The investigation on Comrie is on-going and he recently had to submit DNA sample for forensic research. Hilary has complained that co-parenting is difficult, but dealing with this dude may have been half of the problem. Maybe things will be easier when he's in prison. Or maybe he's totally innocent. It's hard to know the truth sometimes when celebrities, sex and money are involved.

4 Black Bikini


Here's another great selfie, which shows off that amazingly flat stomach. We're not sure if that's another bikini or just a hot pair of matching bra and panties. There's a bath behind her, so maybe she just got dressed (cue mental image). And can those bottoms get any skimpier? Duff's Instagram has been on fire lately. Besides the hot bikini shots, Duff also does a lot of closeups, which reveal how flawless her face really is. She also likes to try on different styles of glasses. From the thick plastic frames, to thin wire frames, to sunglasses, Duff has tried them all on, and looks good in any. If you're one of those dudes who fosters that librarian fantasy, then you may definitely want to check out her page.

3 Cosmo Shoot

Here's one of Duff's latest photoshoots for the February 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. She looks hotter than ever, with the svelte face, and the sexy thick legs. This is also a great picture to notice a couple of her tattoos. Duff has quite a collection of 12 tattoos in total. Here is how the star explained the way she hides most of them from view. "I think part of me loves tattoos and part of me doesn't love the full commitment of getting to see them all the time," she said, "So when my arms are down, I look just like a normie, and when my arms are out, I look super hard core, like a gangster." Well, not quite gangster, or anywhere near it, Hil, but we do respect your love of the ink. Duff is such a tattoo fan that she has had her favorite tattoo artist, Dr Woo, featured on her Instagram page.

2 Texas Girl


Here's a shot of Hilary looking hippie chic, with a frilled shirt that shows off her toned stomach. In this shot she is flashing that trademark smile that really hasn't changed all that much since the Disney years. But the rest of her body surely has. Hilary has always been in great shape her entire life. Her dad owned several convenience stores in Texas, while her mom stayed home and encouraged her daughters to be active in the arts. Duff took ballet since a young age, and even performed in a touring version of the Nutcracker. The lessons in discipline and staying active may be why she still exercises today.

1 Costa Rica

If you do some research, you'll realize that Hilary Duff has already had quite an accomplished career, and she is still relatively young, at just 29 years old. She was recently featured in Forbes magazine's 30 under 30 for good reason. In addition to her three books, and five studio albums, Duff has starred in over fifteen movies, and over twenty different TV shows. She's also done voice work for animation, hosted, and produced. Her fanbase is enormous. She has the experience and the variety of talents to go very far in show business. Yet, somehow, we can't stop looking at those abs. Wow. This is a shot of her and her latest boyfriend, Matthew Coma, having fun in Costa Rica. Is there a tropical paradise this woman hasn't visited? Hopefully this Matt guy is the one for Duff. He's a 29-year old singer/songwriter who collaborated with Zedd for a Grammy. He's not quite as famous as Hilary's other exes. Her dating past includes such stars as Aaron Carter, Shia LaBeouf, Frankie Muniz and Joel Madden.

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