15 Photos Of HBO's Steamiest Ladies

“It’s not TV, it’s HBO.” For decades, that’s been the mantra of the company who basically paved the way for cutting-edge shows on cable TV. From major dramas to various comedies and even comedy and sports shows, the network has never held back in pushing the boundaries of TV. That includes in terms of their series as many boast major F-bombs and constant nudity abounding. Thus, it makes sense the network showcases some of the hottest women alive. Some are more talented than truly sexy (see multiple Emmy award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep) but others bring the eye candy big time. Yet they can also back it up with real talent and giving their viewers more than a few reasons to enjoy these shows.

With so many series over the years, it’s hard to cut down to who the hottest of the HBO ladies are. It’s not just the ones who show off constantly but others who don’t bare it all on that show but elsewhere. They can be actresses best known for these shows or ones who saw their biggest fame afterward. They come from around the world, a variety of hot faces and bodies but all share how great they make this network shine to be the darling of critics. Here are some great pictures of the 15 hottest women to grace HBO’s screens and why it’s worth so much to get the channel and enjoy the fun.


15 Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin had one of the most memorable debuts ever. In The Piano, her role as Holly Hunter’s daughter showed a talent and wisdom beyond her years and at only 11 years old, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. After time for school, Paquin came back in a big way with her role as Rogue in the X-Men movies that showed a surprisingly hot side. Still, it was a true shock when Paquin starred in the network’s True Blood as Sookie Stackhouse. A telepathic waitress in a small Louisiana town, Sookie handled how vampires were known in public and her attraction to vampire Bill. The chemistry between Paquin and Stephen Moyer was so amazing that it’s no wonder the two were later married in real life. Paquin also impressed with her bevy of scenes baring all on screen in wild love scenes and other exciting bits. While the show faltered in later seasons, Paquin’s charm and amazing sexiness made this a show with plenty of bite.

14 Olivia Wilde


Even HBO can’t get it right all the time. Vinyl was going to be a huge series, directed by Martin Scorsese and great drama in the world of 1970s rock. But it was ravaged by critics and canceled after one poorly rated season. More amazingly, the show managed to waste the casting of Olivia Wilde. The actress had come to fame as Thirteen on House and followed it with movies like Tron Legacy, Her and others. Her role on the show was the wife of a record executive who’s pulled into getting out in life herself as a model in the NYC photography business. Wilde cut loose a lot with the series, including several full-frontal scenes that burned up the Internet. That her body nude couldn’t keep this show going shows just how bad it must have been. Thankfully, Wilde has risen to more roles in a variety of movies to show her talent off. Yet it remains remarkable how an HBO series with one of the hottest woman alive baring all couldn’t become a hit.

13 Amanda Seyfried

In the audio commentary for Jennifer’s Body, the director sums up that “only in Hollywood can Amanda Seyfried be cast as the ugly one.” That’s amazing given the woman’s career of very hot and alluring roles. She got her break as the ill-fated Lilly on Veronica Mars, making the most of a small part and notable for alluring eyes and rocking body. In 2006, Seyfried starred in Big Love, the long-running series about a polygamous family in Utah. While young, she showed off well with great talent and looking terrific in a variety of outfits as the show went on. Since it ended, Seyfried has become notable for several hot movie roles like Chloe, Ted 2, Les Miserables and so many more. She’s gone from minor roles to baring all on camera, impressing with surprisingly dramatic parts but also funny when she can be. It’s a great showcase of HBO helping launch a career to a major level of fame and Seyfried doing great with it.

12 Lake Bell


She’s long been one of those “hey, it’s that girl” actresses on TV. She got attention on Boston Legal but replaced early in its run and later starred in the short-lived Surface. She got good reviews for It’s Complicated and writing a few films too. Her biggest role has been on Children's Hospital, Adult Swim’s wild mocking of medical TV shows. In 2010, Bell starred on HBO in How to Make It In America. The comedy involved a pair of guys trying to make it on their own in the New York fashion scene. Bell played Rachel, the ex-girlfriend of one of them trying to make her own career. Bell showed off a lot, including doffing her top for a steamy scene and her underrated body caught attention. At the same time, she was featured on the cover of The New Yorker in just body paint. Bell was more recently seen on Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series and showcased how she may not be as famous as other ladies on this list but as hot as anyone else on HBO.

11 Sophie Turner

The youngest woman on this list, she has shown a wisdom and sexiness beyond her years. On Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark who begins the series as a foolish and spoiled brat who believes in the tales of princes and kingdoms. At first, she’s happy when Joffrey takes an interest in her only to discover her “prince” is a psychopath who has her father killed. As the series continues, Sansa is put through harsh stuff but as the show has gone on, she’s learning and in the newest season, has accepted her role in the Game and preparing to become a player. It helps that Turner has turned into a very hot woman with lush red hair and managing to carry her outfits well. Turner has moved onto movie stardom such as playing a younger Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse and ready for Dark Phoenix. Turner has grown big-time and into one of the hottest women even without doffing her clothes to make GoT a winner.

10 Amanda Peet


The underrated Amanda Peet came to attention in 1999 with the WB series Jack & Jill where she played the “Jack” part. She got major attention with the comedy The Whole Nine Yards where she played a would be hit woman notable for going nude in one scene. Peet had several parts in movies and TV shows such as Studio 60, 2012 and The Good Wife. In 2015, Peet came to HBO on Togetherness, a dark comedy showcasing a couple moving to a vacation home with Peet as the sister of a wife involved in some rough relationship issues. Peet looked sexy as hell despite her character meant to be more downtrodden and showing off a nice style. That included when changing, flaunting her great breasts off during a scene as if it was no big deal. The show was sadly canceled after just two seasons but Peet can be seen on the IFC comedy Brockmire and proving herself still a very sexy lady to shine on any network.

9 Thandie Newton

She’s 44 but looks far younger and that amazing beauty is in full form in her roles. The British actress broke out big in 1998’s Beloved which wasn’t the mega-hit expected but put her on the map. She followed it up with Mission Impossible 2 and got several awards for her role in Crash. Right now, Newton is up for an Emmy and hailed for her work on Westworld. She plays Maeve, who believes herself the madam of a brothel in an Old West town. But she soon realizes she’s really an android in a future theme park. Newton is great in the role with several scenes where, despite totally nude, she dominates men around her and connives her way to gain control over her story. Her cool accent helps her stand out amid the wild action and provides some good dramatic moments too. This pic shows that in any outfit, Newton is alluring but she really came to the fore with Westworld to be one reason to welcome a robot uprising.


8 Natalie Dormer


The sultry British actress is known for her beauty, marked by how her lips seemed pulled back in a permanent pouty smirk. The actress rose to prominence as the doomed Anne Boleyn on The Tudors, showing a great wicked edge as well as doffing it all a lot. She played Irene Adler on the first season of Elementary with the wild twist she was also the wicked Moriarty. On Game of Thrones, Dormer was well cast as Margaery Tyrell, a woman who wishes to be queen. She puts up with her husband being gay for the power and when he dies, soon moves onto a marriage to the psycho Joffrey. The clashes between her and Cersei were terrific as were the hot nude scenes Dormer showed off in. The actress also got attention for her role in The Hunger Games movies which included shaving half her head. But that just makes her look hotter seen in this great photo flaunting a nice body in her outfit. Whatever her part, Dormer scorched up the screen and provided more steamy stuff for GoT.

7 Emmanuelle Chriqui

Born in Quebec, Emmanuelle Chriqui made her Hollywood debut in 2000’s Snow Day and a variety of minor roles. In 2005, she began her most famous role on HBO’s Entourage. She played Sloan, daughter of a studio executive who, to the surprise of many, starts a relationship with nice guy Eric. They had a long fling going, various ups and downs, including getting engaged before a breakup. Despite her knockout figure and alluring features, Chriqui never doffed it on the show. Indeed, she didn’t strip on camera until a 2016 art exhibit showing off her fantastic form and worth the wait. Chriqui had a recurring role on The Mentalist and returned as Sloan in 2015’s Entourage movie where she and Eric got married. Her last role was a sneaky hypnotist on Shut Eye and that makes sense for a lady who can cast a spell on viewers in any part she plays.

6 Emilia Clarke


The original pilot for Game of Thrones was massively different from the one fans know. Plot beats were different, different outfits and some characters not the same. Most notably, Tamzin Merchant played the role of Daenerys but when the pilot was reshot, Emilia Clarke replaced her. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role as Clarke has been brilliant showing Daenerys going from a quiet woman to the Queen of Dragons. It helps that she’s shown off quite a lot with nude scenes, several of her in fire and strident in her role. Clarke has moved to some movies like Terminator Genysis but most consider her as just Daenerys (despite how she looks little like the woman in real life) and made the part her own. With the Queen ready to rise, Clarke looks more inclined for some hot scenes and proving herself a woman on fire in more ways than one.

5 Deborah Ann Woll

True Blood was already a hot show in its first season. But it really got red hot late in the year when, after breaking a key vampire law, Bill found himself punished by forced to turn an innocent young woman named Jessica. He did at which point the genius touch came in that Jessica loved being a vampire. Deborah Ann Woll supplied great humor with Jessica a somewhat ditzy gal but still enjoying this new life, a bit innocent at fist yet as the series went on, she started showing a wicked edge. A major scene had her coming onto Jason in red lingerie that looked like a sexy Red Riding Hood for a major steamy scene. She later came onto a professor in a classic “sexy schoolgirl” outfit and Woll provided the show with some truly funny bits. Woll has now dyed her hair blonde to play Karen Page on Daredevil but this pic showcases how this lady makes red truly hot as hell.

4 Kim Cattrall


Here’s something to be said on how some ladies get sexier with age. In the 1980s, Kim Cattrall rose up as a sexy lady with Porky’s, Police Academy and Big Trouble in Little China. She hit a bit of a slow patch in the early 1990s but all that changed when she landed the role of Samantha on Sex and the City. Despite being in her 40s, Cattrall rocked viewers as the most outgoing and wild of the quartet of ladies. A woman who loved having a good time, Samantha cut loose in wild bits and never shied baring her body off during her escapades. But she also got a beefy arc facing breast cancer and trying to combine that with her wild lifestyle. Cattrall played the role in the two big-screen movies and still showcased some great lines and the series’ hotter moments. While rumors abounded of her fighting her co-stars, Cattrall put the Sex in the City big time to make the show notable.

3 Lena Headey

The lovely British actress came to the attention of Americans in 1995’s live-action version of The Jungle Book. For several years, Lena Headey would appear in a variety of projects, attractive but not showing off much. That all changed in 2007 when Headey starred in the hit 300 and his skin-baring but gritty turn as a queen won raves. In 2008, she took on the lead in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and won over doubters with the role as this tough solider mom handling conflicts with the future. Since 2011, Headey has been a standard for HBO as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. A conniving, wicked, duplicitous woman sleeping with her own brother, Cersei has an oddly passionate fanbase. While Headey doesn’t show off as much skin as co-stars, she still looks gorgeous and handles powerful scenes like the epic “Walk of Shame” Cersei endures in season 6. With her character now Queen, it looks like Headey will get even more chances to show off and be one of the key reasons GoT is one of the hottest shows on TV.

2 Evan Rachel Wood


From her breakout in Thirteen, Evan Rachel Wood has shown an amazing talent beyond her years. She’s showcased it time and again in movies from blockbusters to smaller dramas and showing her great charm and humor along with a growing hot sexy edge. That was showcased on True Blood when she played vampire queen Sophie-Ann, her red hair fiery hot and showing a nice humor with a 1940s dress and vibe. Wood then co-starred as Kate Winslet’s conniving daughter in the mini-series Mildred Pierce that included a hot nude scene. Currently, Wood is getting the best reviews of her career (and an Emmy nod) for her work on Westworld. She plays Dolores, a “host” unaware she’s actually a robot created for this futuristic theme park. It has Wood in the buff a lot but also showing chops as her character realizes she’s more than what she seems on a journey to discovery. Whatever the role, Wood brings a spark to an HBO series that gets her big-time attention.

1 Nicole Kidman

HBO has long been able to grab some top-level talent for their series. But it was still a huge deal when Big Little Lies nabbed not one but two Oscar-winning actresses. The drama about a small town rocked by a dark killing got major attention by casting Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman as two of the mothers involved in things. Kidman was truly unique, the Australian actress rising to fame as Tom Cruise’s wife before taking off on her own in various films. She really came to the fore with hits like Moulin Rogue and then The Hours which won her an Oscar. True, Kidman did hit a hard patch with flops and run down for overdoing Botox a bit to mar her gorgeous looks. However, Lies has gotten her back some major cred, earning an Emmy nom for her fantastic work as an abused wife. It’s also a reminder of how sexy Kidman is, showing off in the shower and other bits and a truly hot performance. It’s been over twenty-five years since she came to fame but Kidman remains as hot as ever and that’s no lie.

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