15 Photos Of Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson rose to fame back in 2013 when she appeared on MTV's British TV reality series called “Geordie Shore”. Since then, her life has been surrounded by drama and turmoil (apparently the recipe for fame these days). Sad, but true.

Over the years, as she earned more money her appearance drastically changed, with the most notable of transformations being her weight loss and lip injections. Despite the haters when she appeared on the British series “Celebrity Big Brother” it seemed as though she had captured the viewer's hearts because she just missed out on 3rd place and came a commendable 4th. Not a bad effort. In her book, she writes about her conflicts with fellow “Geordie Shore” star Vicky Pattinson (it’s actually scary how the two of these girls look so alike).

Simpson has had a string of romances, but began dating Ricky Rament in January 2015, the two of them quickly got engaged. However, the flame died out pretty quickly and the relationship was over just a month later. Ouch. After appearing on "Celebrity Big Brother" we thought her love life was looking up until February 2017 when Lewis Bloor admitted cheating on her.

She's had her fair share of ups and down but here are 15 pictures of her looking smoking! Enjoy.


15 Cute Yet Not So Innocent

Although she has a tendency to portray an innocent look in many of her selfies I love it when she throws something like this out there. I don't know what it is but when I look at this I see a naughtier side to the TV reality star, don't you? I don't know if it's the hood or just the way she is looking into the camera but I sense that she was feeling a little mischievous when this was taken. One thing I will say is that she definitely suits wearing darker colors. I don't know about you but I am a real sucker for a girl wearing a hoody. I love giving my girlfriend one of my hoodies to wear on a cold night, I think it looks super sexy, and I kind of get a kick out of it knowing that it's mine. Although, in the past, I have had girlfriends or acquaintances if you like who I have lent a hoody to and never got it back. That sucks! I'm pretty sure 90% of you can probably relate. God bless all those hoodies we have lost to one night stands. Damn it!

14 Seductive


We saved one of the best till last for you. Marnie seems to be wearing the same sports bra featured in another image, and she's doing her typical Disney pose face again (we really need to ask her about that), but my word she looks hot. If this is what she looks like before or after going to the gym, then where do I sign up, I need to hit that gym. Have you noticed her eyes here? They are green. In all of her other pictures they are brown, maybe she was just feeling a change this day and decided to wear contact, or perhaps she has a photo editing app that changes the color of her eyes. Either way, I'm a fan, and I'm also a sucker for green eyes it would seem. Her teeth look perfectly white here and she looks absolutely beautiful. One things for sure she may not be one of the most talented celebrities out there but she sure does know how to take a good selfie. Wouldn't you agree?

13 Sun-Kissed And Radiant

Again, here Marnie looks radiant as a natural beauty. The beautiful sunshine is definitely serving her well in this photograph. She looks like she's just rolled out of bed to take this stunning picture. Most people when they have bed head could never in a million years look this good, but I don't know I feel like it's working for her. Coupled with a natural face and sheer black overthrow she's perfected this photo with a hint of sexiness. I love it when girls put their hand candidly up to their face, it kind of makes me feel like it's a Disney Princess kind of pose. I obviously realize her lashes aren't natural but I am a sucker for long and luscious lashes. I would be happy if she fluttered them at me anytime! I think in the previous picture her lips are a perfect size, they don't look bad here but they are a little oversized so maybe she should lay off the injections for a while.

12 Pretty In Pink


Who doesn't like a lady in pink? She looks picture perfect here. I hate it when celebs become overly obsessed with their weight. Obviously being overweight isn't the desired look for many, but when weight becomes somebody's life I feel it's a little sad. From the time this picture was taken, I get the impression Marnie was in a good place with her weight. She looked great, she wasn't overly obsessed with being super skinny or competing with Vicky Pattinson, but she looked healthy and radiant as she soaked up the sun. With her hair tied back off her face, you can really see that she is a very bonnie girl. Whether this picture is genuinely candid or not we will never know but she looks calm and content as she speaks on the phone, with not too much makeup. I think every guy likes a woman with an hourglass figure, we like things to hold on to, nobody likes to sleep next to an ironing board.

11 Simply Stunning

All my life I have loved women with longer hair. I just think it's a beautiful asset to have and Marnie sure does have enough of it. It's long, thick, beautiful and shiny. Most men are either a brunette or blonde kind of guy but I don't really have a preference. I've never seen Marnie with any other different hair colors, I kind of want to see her go for a lighter shade one day just to see if it suits her or not. This picture is definitely similar to some of her classic selfies, except we have more than just a head shot. It's her legs in this one that really draws me in. Such fickle creatures we are.

10 Flowers


If you can overlook the fact that her top is see-through, I think Marnie actually looks pretty sophisticated here. It's nice to see her in something tasteful like this. If you compared this to some of the outfits she sported on the TV series of "Geordie Shore" you would barely even recognize her. Her makeup is sexy and I just cannot stop looking at her eyes, I'll admit her lips for me look a little overdone here, but as a whole, I would say she looks nice and smart with just enough sex appeal. If I met her at an event and didn't know who she was I'd say she was a strong, independent woman who probably had a lot going for her. Marnie definitely knows how to strike a good pose when she has to and she's either been practicing how to come across powerful in the mirror or she simply just has a knack for it. Either way, I think Marnie looks like a real lady here – a drastic improvement from many of her earlier looks in life.

9 Au Natural

Despite popular belief, I feel like I speak for all guys when I say we prefer women who don't feel the need to wear lots of makeup. I feel like a lot of men think it is deceiving of women to portray a person that they look nothing like. However, I know from talking to my girlfriend that most women like to play around with their image. It's fun for them and playful. As a guy, I personally think it's time-consuming, and not to mention expensive, however, horses for courses. Marnie Simpson is often depicted in the media as a fake and desperate drama queen, but I absolutely adore this picture of her because I feel like we are getting to see the real her. She has great skin, beautiful lips, dark eyes, and long hair. What is not to like? Most guys would kill to be with a dark haired dark eyed beauty. We think the natural look suits Marnie well maybe she should stick to it more often. It's true what they say, less is definitely more.


8 Perfect Pout


Even though she is wearing makeup here she definitely hasn't overdone it. I'll give her credit, the girl definitely has a knack for accentuating some of her best features such as her eyes and lips. She looks super cute sporting a choker, many girls fun the risk of looking like a complete idiot when they choose to wear one of these things but I actually think it looks really good on her. I've always wondered why girls tend to tilt their head to the side when they take a selfie but after speaking to my girlfriend she told me it's because girls often have a 'favorite side'. Next time you out with a group of girl and they go to take a picture notice how many of them will rearrange themselves because they want to capture their 'good side'. So bizarre, right? But I guess that's just women. They really do never fail to amaze me sometimes.

7 Sassy

Does it get anymore sassy than THIS! Yikes, this is one of my favorite pictures of Marnie. Period. She looks simply stunning. With her beautiful sun-kissed tan, long hair, perfect makeup, and sexy eyes. This is the PERFECT woman for me. I hope my girlfriend doesn't read this. But wowzers. The two of these girls look like they are about to hit the town for one hell of a night, they look like they are about to sit down at a fancy cocktail bar ready to meet some high profile men. I wonder if they looked like this at the end of the night. Probably not. We've all the seen the show, we all know how much she loves to drink. Is that something you find attractive in a woman, someone who really knows how to let her hair down, or do you prefer the more reserved kind? The ones that know their limits, and they know when enough is enough? In my younger years I used to think it was the first kind, but now as I'm older and probably a lot more boring I prefer a much more dignified woman.

6 Black And White


Ahhh the classic head tilt! Here we go again. I'll never forget the day I was out with my girlfriend and her grandma and the two of them were taking a selfie together. My girlfriend decided to throw in the classic head tilt and her grandma had the funniest reaction, she said 'what on EARTH are you doing that for, in all your picture, you look like you've snapped your neck'. Well,  I was in stitches it made me laugh so much, older people always have the hilarious ways to just say it how it is, or to say something bluntly that we all thinking without a care in the world. I love this picture of Marnie, I don't know what it is, I'm a sucker for selfies in black and white, they almost transport me back in time. I'm not sure if she is wearing a sports bra or not in this picture, but if she's just got back from the gym or something she definitely looks in great shape. This picture definitely gets the thumbs up of approval.

5 Beanie Baby

This selfie makes me feel and warm and cozy inside just looking at it. There's nothing better on a chilly day than snuggling up into your woollies. I am actually from a warmer country in the world and we don't often see girls dressed up in cute little jackets, with scarfs and gloves to match. So, when I see a woman layered up for warmth I find it really really cute. Marnie looks super innocent here, and I really feel like she suits it. She may be surrounded by drama a lot of the time but I get the feeling she's a much more relaxed and chilled person than first meets the eye. As guys, I think we often tried to seek out the relaxed ladies, because we know how exhausting drama can be in a relationship. Less is definitely more, it may just be the filter here but she doesn't look like she's caked in makeup and her lips look so amazing. I often envy people who can wear leather jackets, I think they add the perfect amount of sexy to a casual look. Don't you agree?

4 Strappy Tank


This is the typical teaser from women in the photographs and I'm not even going to lie, I can't get enough of it. Whenever you see a selfie of a woman who looks completely cute and innocent but you can see some sexy tank top peeking in the picture, be under no illusion this was not simply a mistake she definitely did it on purpose to intrigue and mesmerize the male mind. Women aren't stupid, and when it comes to taking and posting their selfies they have got it down to a fine art. They spend hours choosing which ones to post, which one's are sexy and intriguing enough to plague the male mind for a good few hours, and this is one of them. Marnie shows us just enough here to get our imaginations going but not too much that she can dubbed slutty or classless. If you're a man and you don't love a bit of lace, are you even a man though? Ask yourself that question and let me know!

3 Beautiful Brows

Possibly one of her best pouts to date? It's all about those cheekbones girl and she sure is working them in this photo. Her makeup here is just perfect just enough to make you say WOW but not too much. I'm not usually a fan of the duck face but I can definitely make an exception here. Again notice the candid hand coming up against her face, why do girls do that I need to know. Maybe I will ask my girlfriend and get back to you on that one. Her cheekbones here could cut glass, it's probably just her highlighter of the perfect pose but damn, Marnie got everything right here. For me, she has the perfect woman's face, great eyes, cute nose, and luscious lips.

2 Simple Beauty


Who doesn’t love a good cat eye! Marnie sure knows how to rock the 1920s classic look. I’d say she could definitely give Audrey Hepburn a run for her money in this picture. Marnie looked like a vision, back before she went overboard with all the makeup and lip fillers. That’s how it all starts, they start off small, just the odd injection here and there, then it becomes an obsession and they ruin their face. I doubt it will be long till people like Kylie Jenner do the same. When money isn’t an issue it’s hard for some people to know when enough is enough. With her dark hair and dark eyes, Marnie looks utterly mesmerizing at the time this photo was taken, what guy wouldn’t want to take her out? I think we can all agree that Geordie Shore is a show most of us would like to forget ever existed. With her career prospects looking a little bleak at this stage, it really is a shame she went and ruined that pretty little face of hers. If only she could turn back time. Who knows what’s next for Marnie, my guess is not much.

1 Cold And Chilly

I've lost count now how many photos we've seen today of Marnie resting her face on her hand. It's definitely the cute Disney pose that many women are trying to recreate and make their own. For me, there is nothing cuter than a woman in a cute fluffy hood. Again, it's probably because I crave the winter so much, which for many people you're probably reading this and thinking WHY winter is the worst. If I was to go to another country like England for example in the months of November and December I would be screwed because I own absolutely zero attire to equip me for that kind of weather. I find it kind of sexy when I girl is all wrapped up to protect herself from the climate. I mean, how can you still look this good when it's clearly blowing a gale or raining outside. Nice work Marnie, more selfies in a fluffy hoodie, please.


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