15 Photos Of Gene Simmons' Daughter

What do you know about Sophie Simmons? You might not know much. And you really don't need to know much. She's the daughter of Gene Simmons (the bass player for KISS). And, beyond that, she's hot. Enough said I'd think. Sometimes, you can, unfortunately, see the resemblance between Sophie and her dad. And that is really sad. But, usually, there is no problem at all.

And that's the way most people like it, I would assume. No one wants to look at a hot girl and think about someone like Gene Simmons. I can only imagine that creates a few nightmares. And what could be worse than having a nightmare about Gene Simmons? A nightmare about Gene Simmons out of his KISS makeup!

But, that has nothing to do with this article. This article is all about a hot girl who works as an actor, model, and philanthropist. For those of you who don't know what that third thing means she does nice things for people. You know, like charity work and stuff like that. Anyway, let's check her out, shall we? Who cares what Gene thinks?


15 Well Hey There!

"A wild Soph doesn’t give a sh** what you think of her body or her weight–she is precisely the right shape and size for Soph, and doesn’t know of anyone else she’s required to impress." Sophie Simmons has some strange quotes on her website, and I'm sure a few of them will find their way into this article. Either way, apparently Sophie is a bit of a wild one. And she doesn't care about what anyone thinks. So, she does kind of sound like her dad. Though they both do seem to try and impress a lot of people. After all, it's the look of both of them that has got them where they are. Well, to be fair, Sophie got where she is partly thanks to who her dad is. But that doesn't change the fact that she has really nice eyes that you could probably get lost in for a bit.

14 High Fashion


“I had avoided being part of the industry for so long,” Sophie once said in an interview “I’d say ‘I’m a singer’ and people would be like, ‘Do you sing rock?’ I hated being compared to my family.” I actually didn't know she was a singer at all. Is that just her trying bullsh*t her way out of talking about her family? I know she's an actor. And she's definitely a model. And while she spends a lot of time helping women find affordable clothing...she seems pretty content showing off her body in some expensive outfits. But she grew up in that life. It was handed to her. She might hate being compared to her family...but they are a big part of the reason that she's in the public light. Remember Family Jewels? If you don't then that's probably a good thing.

13 The Best Part Of Waking Up

Who would not love to wake up with a partially-clothed Sophie Simmons next to them? I don't know what she looks like without makeup, but it can't be too bad...can it? Either way, you're not likely to be spending too much time looking at the similarities between her face and Gene Simmons. Just remember to either focus on the eyes or focus on the body. She does have gorgeous eyes. They're that sort of brown doe-eyed kind of look. Adorable. And while she may not be the slimmest or the most toned woman out there...she's still pretty damn hot and has a pretty fantastic bod. And if she looks as good as this when she wakes up first thing in the morning...then I think everything will be alright. Because there really isn't anything to complain about then.

12 Peek-A-Boo Lace


“I felt like I really had the chance to give girls confidence with affordable clothing,” Sophie has said in an interview “If you have a platform, you should use it.” And I suppose that's true. Gene Simmons always had a platform or two. But they were seven inch boots. For Sophie, she really does do good work helping women less fortunate than her. But that's not too hard when almost every woman in the world is less fortunate than you. I have a feeling that most of the clothing she wears is not "affordable". She does build her whole personality on being just a regular Jane. But she's not. And she can't really avoid that when her dad is the demon bass player from KISS. Especially when he decided to turn his family into reality tv stars.

11 Daddy's Little Girl

“When I was little, I’d think, ‘Can’t you just be nice?’ [Gene Simmons] taught me that there’s being nice and then there’s lying. It’s better to be blunt and un-liked than shade the truth. I appreciate people who are honest.” Well, in all honesty then, I think Sophie has got it made. She's pretty well got a free ride in life. Even if she never wanted to be lumped in with her crazy family. And besides all of the freedom that kind of wealth gives her...she's also smoking. Which makes things a lot easier for her as well. It's not always so easy to get into modelling when you're not a looker. Same with acting. But Sophie does both, and she looks good doing both. Even if she's not necessarily good at both. But we can't all be the complete package. And I'd take Sophie Simmons out any day.

10 Comfy Clothes


"Soph plays every sport imaginable and can probably beat you. This may be due to her uncanny ability to break the laws of physics when she throws things–a wild Soph has a strange, almost supernatural knack for throwing things and having them land in extremely bizarre and unlikely places. For example, she once flipped a coin, and it landed upright on its ridges–neither heads, nor tails!" It's nice that Sophie has a good sense of humour about herself. And it's a pretty good thing that she's hot. Otherwise, I think no one would find her funny. Of course, the only reason why anyone has taken notice of her is because of Gene Simmons. She's probably the only reason why anyone should thank him. We get to check out his daughter while he keeps being a crotchety, old, fading rock star.

9 Rawr!

"Soph sometimes has trouble saying words. If a word doesn’t come out as planned, Soph will instead make a small “rawr” sound, and throw something at you, which will then probably land in some inexplicable position on your head." I have to say that Sophie Simmons is truly a strange person. But that can't be too surprising. After all, her father used to pay battle axe bass, while wearing demon makeup, while wearing seven-inch platform boots. She was always going to be a bit of a strange person. But even if she considers herself to be some kind of animal, and can only speak in "rawrs"...who is really complaining about that? I think an animal that looks like this is one I wouldn't mind having as a pet. The "rawr" might get annoying after a while. But I'm sure people would be pretty willing to deal with it.


8 Back In Black


"When Soph gets scared, she doesn’t scream or run away; instead, she will fall down/crumple to the ground like a pile of laundry. She will then stay curled in a little ball until the scary thing goes away or stops being scary." That's a pretty useful tactic. But she's apparently not afraid of much. Unless, of course, she sees a spider! "Much like the honey badger, Soph doesn’t give a f*** about predators like bears or wild dogs. She will, however, fall down and turn into a ball if she sees a suitably hairy spider."But it's ok. It turns out that Sophie Simmons is pretty hot even when she's curled up in a ball on the floor. And if the only thing that scares her is a spider, then you don't really have to worry. It's not like she's curled up because of how creepy her brother is being.

7 Candid Camera

"A wild Soph’s natural habitat is a den, with a fuzzy blanket made of live dogs. She inexplicably avoids smelling like dogs even though she is constantly surrounded by them." All I can think about with this quote is that Sophie really abuses dogs. I can only picture dogs sewn together to make a living blanket...and that's horrifying. Thankfully, she's not depicted in that evil, fuzzy dog blanket. If anything, I think she should probably just get by without the blankets. We could see more that way. She could wear pyjamas though. I think pj's can look pretty cute on a woman. Something about knowing she's comfy. And at least without the dog blanket, I won't think she's Cruella DeVille. Instead, I think she's the daughter of a demon...and yet is surprisingly attractive.

6 Stars And Stripes Forever!


If the true American girl is what Sophie Simmons looks like when she gets soaking wet, then I need to move to the States. Just kidding. I'm pretty comfortable as a friendly neighbour to the north. But seriously, Sophie has got some pretty good looks. And it just so happens that one of them is soaking wet. And who could really argue with that? I mean, Kirsten Dunst isn't always that good looking. But when she's soaking wet in that awful version of Spider Man...well she's pretty hot. So, good for Sophie for knowing one of the ways to a man's...head. And how very patriotic she really can be. Maybe she should run in 2020 with a platform that leads into a dunk tank. I think most of America would vote for someone with that kind of class.

5 Not Professional?

"Soph’s natural sworn enemy is the “Pro-ho”, a Canadian term for a young woman who seeks only to date “professionals” in any field (athlete, actor, musician) specifically to gain money/attention. Incidentally, she constantly must protect her brother from Pro-hos." I have to admit that I've never heard this term before. I wonder if Sophie is dating some bum or low-life. Or is she dating a professional? She might not be dating anyone. But if she did...I bet it would be a professional. Why would someone who is rich and famous stoop so low to date someone with no direction in life? does that make her a "Pro-ho"? She has to keep stopping them from getting her brother...and it takes one to know one right? But I guess she already has money and gets attention.

4 Sleepy Time


"Soph will never start a movie at home and finish it. It is a rule that she must fall asleep before any twist or surprise ending occurs. Her brother will then take pictures of her sleeping face and text them to her."Hey, if she can't be surprised by a movie, then she can at least be surprised by the photos her brother likely posts. Which is kind of strange to be totally honest. But no one can be too surprised about the family dynamics of Gene Simmons' family. Can they? At least if she covers her face, her brother won't get any shots that prove it's her. And then the rest of us who get to look at the picture won't picture her dad. It's pretty unfortunate how similar she and Gene can look at times. There aren't a lot of similarities. But the ones that exist are upsetting.

3 Lounge Lizard

Demons are often depicted as lizard-like creatures, right? Her dad was a demon. So it could make sense that she might become a lounge lizard. Right? Either way, she pulls off most outfits with an incredible amount of heat. I think there's something about her not giving a f*ck that makes her appealing. Of course, it's also that same attitude that makes her a bit unlikeable. Especially if you catch her with her resting b*tch face on. Then it makes for an awkward moment or two. Mainly because you realize that she looks a little too much like Gene Simmons. And that's sort of scary. But, if you don't pay much attention to her'll pretty well be alright. They certainly don't have the same body type. And that's a relief for sure!

2 Body Positive


"A Soph’s diet is restrictive due to a debilitating number of bizarre allergies to the most arbitrary foods imaginable. However, she will also simply eat those foods anyway, if those foods are bread, butter, cupcakes, or anything similar." So, basically, "a Soph" will do whatever the f*ck she wants. And there's nothing you can do about it. But hey, at least she's positive about her body. Or she at least shouts it a lot. It doesn't hurt that she actually is pretty damn good looking. And if she's happy about showing herself off...then why can't we be happy about enjoying it? I think it's only fair that we also share in her enjoyment of her body. Does that sound a little too naughty? I swear I didn't mean it that way. You can let your imaginations run wild with that one.

1 Pretty And Porcelain

"Much like the honey badger, Soph doesn’t give a f*** about predators like bears or wild dogs. She will, however, fall down and turn into a ball if she sees a suitably hairy spider." It seems pretty clear to me that Sophie has got a very strange sense of humour. I mean, it's nice that she can poke fun at herself. But it also seems like she can only really talk about herself. I guess that's fair since she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. So, I guess that means there's no reason to talk about anyone else. And, you know, besides her face reminding me a bit too much of Gene Simmons, she's got a pretty rockin' bod. And who can ask for more when your goal is to check out the daughter of a famous rock star? I can't think of much else...unless fantasies count.


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