20 Photos Of Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis

If you’ve never seen Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network, then you are missing out. She hosts the show Giada at Home and also contributes to NBC’s Today on the regular. She also just so happens to be smoking hot, which may be one of the reasons why she gets good ratings.

Anyone who does watch her show, or just finds excuses to look at photos of her, knows that there’s always a certain style you can expect from Giada. She is always very put-together, with perfect hair and makeup as well as a great wardrobe. Not only that, but she is also never seen without her huge sparkling smile, one of her real trademarks.

What else do you need to know about this TV chef? She was educated at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris as well as UCLA, and was born in Italy. Her grandfather owned a restaurant, which explains her early passion for cooking. She has one child, a daughter called Jade, and was divorced from her husband Todd Thompson in 2015.

You can buy her products at Target, watch her cooking shows, and buy her cookbooks. She won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lifestyle Host in 2008, and was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame in 2012. And – we may have mentioned this before, but it’s important – she’s super hot. That covers just about all of the introduction you need to Giada. Now, take a look at these 20 photographs – which even big fans may not recognize, as she is depicted like you’ve never seen her before.


20 Dressed Down With A Friend

This photograph shows Giada stood on Miami beach with a friend, both of whom are looking at something on her phone. It’s really odd to see Giada dressed in something like this. She normally wears sleek, hot, mom-appropriate clothing whenever we see her in public. On this day, she ended up dressing more like a teenager in denim shorts so tiny you can see the pockets, and a loose top dropping right off her shoulder. This informal look as well as her messy hair makes you almost wonder if she is holding together alright. Then again, whatever she is looking at on her phone is really making her smile, so we guess she’s fine. Her friend, on the other hand, doesn’t look quite as impressed. We’d love to find out what was on that screen. A funny cat video? A picture of her daughter doing something special? A message from a friend – or lover?

19 Taking A Playful Shot


This behind the scenes shot gives away a bit too much about the process of getting great images for publicity purposes. Giada is standing over the photographer, who is lying on the floor with his camera. No doubt he is having a fantastic time, as her short dress is held wide open by the angle at which she has to place her legs. She is placing her hands on her hips in a confident pose, and looking down at the photographer with a grin. You wouldn’t think that it took so much effort to get the kind of shots we are used to seeing, but it turns out that they aren’t so casual and of-the-moment as they seem. We’ve now had all of Giada’s social accounts and playful promo moments totally ruined for us. Meanwhile, all the tourists in the background were probably having a great show.

18 At The Beach

When we say Giada is usually very put-together, that’s not an exaggeration. You can’t name one press appearance, TV show, or promo shot where she doesn’t look just about perfect. In a way, we’re pretty stoked to find this shot of her looking a little less than. At least it proves that she’s human. Going out for a walk on the beach doesn’t mean having to look your best, and while Giada made a good effort, she is definitely not at her best here. Her hairstyle is just being destroyed by the wind, and somehow that outfit just doesn’t look as polished as we’re used to. She’s even having to lift up her dress to walk on the beach, which probably suggests it wasn’t a great choice in the first place. We have to wonder whether she’s wearing the sunglasses because she couldn’t be bothered to perfect her eye make-up, or something similar.

17 In Her Bikini


This won’t be the first time you have ever seen Giada in a bikini – she has presented shows from the beach previously, although they weren’t perhaps as risqué as this red number. It shows that, even though Giada is now in her 40s, she still seems to have the body of a 20-year-old. She clearly works hard on her physique, which can’t be easy for someone whose career revolves around food! This shot is also unusual because she clearly hasn’t had a team of hair and make-up specialists swarming around her. Her face looks largely make-up free, and she has shoved a hat over her messy hair to cover it up. It looks completely bedraggled by the wind, and though she has tried to tie it up, it is still mostly flying wild in the wind. This is definitely not the polished and professional Giada that we are used to seeing.

16 Whipped Cream

Now, this one definitely represents Giada as you have never seen her before. Dreams – both night-time and day dreams – don’t count. For this segment on a live show, she took a can of whipped cream and squirted it right into her own mouth. Then she turned to the camera with the cream still between her open lips, before swallowing it all down. If you’re in need of a cold shower after reading that sentence, just imagine if you had been watching it at just past 8.30 in the morning when it aired. Definitely not what you were expecting to see over your cornflakes. Some enterprising person took a screengrab of the moment in question, allowing us all to enjoy it for the rest of time. Whichever producer came up with this idea, and convinced Giada to do it, we would like to shake their hand. It’s pure television gold.

15 Running On The Sands


What is it with Giada only really letting her hair down when she gets to the beach? This shot is so unusual for her, it actually kind of looks like a totally different person. And she is dressed in a surfing outfit instead of her usual couture dresses and smart blouses. You can tell that she works out by the state of her body, but it’s definitely not very usual to see her dripping wet in public! She has also lost her trademark big smile, probably thinking that she is on her own and no one will ever see what she was up to at that moment. It’s tough being a celebrity that gets followed by cameras everywhere, because everyone has to turn off their public persona at some point. If Giada smiles as much in real life as she does on her show, she would probably have severe fatigue in her facial muscles by now.

14 Adjusting Herself

We think that this is a photo of Giada having the back of her top or dress done up for her by an assistant. We think. We haven’t really been able to determine exactly because it’s hard to drag our eyes away from the front of her body to see what is happening at the back. Obviously, the top is a little difficult to get on, and needs to be held in place before it can be done up properly. Otherwise, it might drop to the floor or get into the wrong place. We’re pleased to see that the shirt has to be done up this tightly because it’s really doing a stellar job at pushing everything up into a very pleasing position. Meanwhile, Giada is not doing our blood pressure any favours by letting us see a candid, behind-the-scenes shot like this. It’s almost too much to handle.


13 White Tank And A Hard Hat


Here’s another shot that just ends up not looking like the Giada we would normally recognize. Yes, her trademark flawless makeup is there, but that’s just about where the similarities end. Instead of displaying her bouncy curls as she does on air, she has chosen to cover up with a hat. It has to be said, the kind of hat that no one ever wants to wear for style reasons. Anyway, this looks more like it was a promotional shot taken for social media during the filming of a show. She is pointing off to something in the distance, though what exactly it is isn’t clear. She is obviously having a fun time, and wanted to take a quick snap to record the moment – nothing like the professional shots we normally see of her at red carpet events and live shows. It’s great to see something behind the scenes, even if it does make her look a tad more “normal”.

12 Flashback To The 80s

This is something you would never associate with Giada at all! Yes – this is actually one of her yearbook photos, from back in the 80s. You can pretty much guess the decade right away from her hairstyle. Giada says that she never used to bother managing her curls, and so she ended up keeping her hair short until she could figure out a way to deal with them. Ignoring the braces and the questionable fashion sense, it’s clear that Giada was pretty even back then. We bet there were a lot of boys in her class who were able to look past the braces, too. It’s not entirely clear why her skin appears purple, but Giada posted this as a Throwback Thursday, so maybe she just got a little too creative with the filters. It does give her a bit of a Violet Beauregard vibe, but other than that it’s a cute look into her past.

11 Enjoying Yoga


Giada definitely has a great body, and there’s only one way to get that – through a controlled diet and regular exercise. We know from this shot that she definitely indulges in yoga, Pilates, and probably any other kind of hybrid exercise you can try with a yoga mat. Not only is this a really cute shot of her being motherly, but it also showcase some of her, let’s say, talents. Putting a block underneath your back allows you to arch your spine in a more controlled way, which is no doubt why she is trying this pose. On our part, we’re just glad that the photographer decided to stand at this angle, getting a perfect view of her raised chest and crossed legs. All of that in her tight workout clothes, too. Isn’t it just so wonderful that someone, somewhere invented yoga pants? We have a lot to thank them for.

10 Taking A Stroll In This Stunning Dress

Caught unawares while she was walking down the street, this was a moment that doesn’t fit with Giada’s public image at all. Normally we think of her as being so cheerful and happy, with a huge smile plastered across her face at all times. As this image shows, even people who seem happy all the time have their own things to worry about. She appears to be lost in thought, and is looking off into the distance, probably worrying about some situation or another. She obviously didn’t realize that she was being photographed, or we never would have seen this candid moment. It’s actually a little unsettling to see her looking so down – since she’s always smiling, it kind of feels like something serious must be going on to make that drop from her face. Of course, in recent years she has gone through a split from her husband, followed by the official divorce, so it could be that she has plenty to think about.

9 When Life Gives You Lemons


Who knew that Giada had some great hidden talents? As she demonstrates here, she has the ability to juggle at least two lemons. She is sitting up on a desk in the kitchen studio, probably getting ready to film a segment, but having a little fun instead. She is wearing a hot little red sundress which leaves her legs bare from the mid-thigh down, and shows us a fair bit of chest as well. Having her sit at this level to the camera gives you a whole new appreciation of how fit and toned her body is. There’s not an inch of fat on her anywhere you look – and in this dress, you can pretty well see everything. When life gives Giada lemons, she might make a lemon cheesecake on camera – but as this behind the scenes look shows, her natural instinct is to use them to get active.

8 In A White Sundress

This is another of those less-polished shots that let us catch a glimpse of the real Giada. She is definitely proud of her body and enjoys showing it off, even if in a style which is more appropriate to her age than others would. In this white sundress, you can see right through to the white bikini which she is wearing underneath. She was apparently out with friends, and just threw the dress on over her body as she was leaving the beach. We’re not sure whether she is holding the dress down in the wind, trying to lift it up, or trying to subtly rearrange the bottom half of her bikini, but this is definitely a real candid moment. You don’t actually see a lot of these, as most of the time she only gets photographed while posing on purpose. We’ve just managed to track a lot of them down for this list!

7 Sitting On The Board


This looks like a real fun moment, and we wish we could see the full context of what was going on. Giada is dressed in a surfing outfit complete with a tight, long-sleeved top, and is sitting down on a board. She has a paddle laying across her midriff, and is lifting her arm up as she laughs at someone in the distance. This looks to be a real relaxed and carefree moment, as she enjoys the atmosphere rather than worrying about falling into the water. She looks very comfortable, so we’d guess that this wasn’t her first time out on the board. It’s great to see her being a little more relaxed, unlike her chic and organized studio personality. She actually seems to be lightening up and having a better time since her divorce, which is great news – it means there’s a very high chance that she has a happy future ahead despite her past heartbreak.

6 Eating A Burger

Although Giada presents a food show, how many times have you actually seen her eat something? Especially something as fatty as a burger? This has to be something that you would never expect to see, given the fact that she has such a trim figure. She is really tackling that burger head on, even though it looks like the whole bun is actually too big to fit in her mouth. She’s certainly game to give it a go! It’s great to see her loosening up and going for it, even though she probably needs more practice at eating junk food. It doesn’t look like she’s going to manage to fit the whole bun into that first bite – if she had more experience she would know to try and squish it down a bit at the front when she picks it up. But that’s probably why she’s a glamorous TV show host and we’re not.

5 Relaxing On The Lounger


Here’s another shot from one of Giada’s trips to the beach. We’re so glad she keeps taking them, because the paparazzi are always waiting to snap off a shot or two. Here, we’ve got the same red bikini that we loved so much, just from the other side. It’s nice to get a 360-degree view of things, isn’t it? She is lying down on the sun lounger to get some sun on her skin, and of course, when you’re doing this it’s important to even things out by lying on your back and your front. From here we can see that having a child has done nothing to ruin Giada’s figure at all. In fact, if anything, she looks like a woman who can’t possibly have ever given birth. Indeed, she has the body of a woman ten years her junior – and that many women ten years younger would kill to get.

4 With A Plate Of Meat

Here’s a shot that will drive most red-blooded men wild. They say that there’s only one way to a man’s stomach, and that’s food. Giada certainly has that covered, with these two juicy, prime cuts heaped up on the plate. We know that she has the magic cut to turn the raw meat into something truly magical. On top of that, she’s also showcasing the second way to a man’s heart that the proverb does not list: through cleavage. Only a woman like Giada can make holding a plate of meat look so hot. It looks like the perfect setting, too. Next time you get back from the gym, imagine you walk through the door to see this waiting for you. What a treat as a reward for all of your hard work! You’d probably need to eat up and get your energy back, ready for what the evening might hold.

3 Going Back To The 70s


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – this isn’t a flashback photo from when Giada was around in the 70s. Good news too, because she’s actually a lot younger than that! No, this was when she decided to dress up in a 70s theme for a special event. She is sporting a blonde wig, oversized sunglasses, and a classic one-armed orange dress with a metallic belt. It looks as though she has even gone to the trouble of making herself a 70s themed cocktail as well. This isn’t exactly her regular look, and you would have to give it a double take if you saw her presenting her show done up like this! We have to say that the blonde look suits her, though – perhaps it’s something that she will consider trying out for real in the future? Either way, this is a really cute shot and we’re glad she decided to share it.

2 Dress Down Friday

It certainly isn’t normal to see Giada out of a chic blouse and skirt or designer dress, so to see her in an outfit this casual is actually a bit of a shock. She has gone out for the day opting for comfort rather than style, that much is clear. She is wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a loose shirt in a bold pattern. It’s quite a loud choice, especially when you see that it clashes quite strongly with the colour of her nails. On top of all this, she appears to have a ratty old tote bag in her hand. The way that she has her head down suggests that she wasn’t ready to be photographed on this day, and is probably wishing that she had opted for something a little smarter. She isn’t looking up to greet the photographers with a fresh smile as she normally does.

1 Visiting An Art Gallery


This is a flashback to a previous part of Giada’s life, when she and her husband were both much younger. They are visiting an art gallery and are engrossed in looking at one of the exhibits. It’s not clear why the photograph was taken, but it was probably a candid shot from a friend or family member. Giada appears to be completely enthralled with whatever piece of art or sculpture they are looking at, and really seems to be trying to understand it. She has a completely different style to the way that she looks now, with her hair kept in more natural curls rather than tamed to her usual wave. She’s also wearing much more casual clothing than she would wear on her show today, including a turtleneck sweater with a mottled pattern. The man standing with her would go on to be her husband, although of course they are now divorced.

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