15 Photos Of Famous Celebs Whose Trashy Looks Need An Upgrade ASAP

We get that certain stars may want their independence, but we think it might be time that they give up dressing themselves...

Life seems to get much easier when you're a celebrity. From cooks, maids, drivers, and makeup artists, when you are a star, you basically don't really have to do much. However, when it comes to choosing clothing and accessories, it appears that some celebs skipped hiring a stylist. We get that certain stars may want their independence on this one, but we think it might be time that they give up dressing themselves and use their millions of dollars to hire a professional.

Stars like Kim Kardashian always look good no matter if they are out shopping or on the red carpet. Kim practically has her stylist with her 24/7, and she definitely has a reputation to uphold. Other celebs like Modern Family's Ariel Winter or Disney's Bella Thorne should clearly take some tips from Kim K. These certain stars are always photographed looking rather trashy, and their looks need an upgrade, pronto. From tiny shorts that don't fit right to practically showing off all their goods, these two need to consider hiring a stylist.

Check out this list of 15 Photos Of Famous Celebs Whose Trashy Looks Need An Upgrade ASAP. These famous stars definitely need to take a few glances at themselves in the mirror before stepping out in public.

15 Taylor Momsen - Rock Star Style Is A Mess

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Taylor Momsen is one of those cool rocker chicks that definitely do not give a crap about what anyone says when it comes to their fashion style. She's an actress and the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless. And while her style fits her rock-and-roll personality, we think it's time for an upgrade. From wearing oversize shirts that look dirty and raggedy and makeup that screams terror, we think that Taylor should get her self a stylist ASAP. Taylor might think she looks edgy, but she's clearly no Joan Jett whose style has become iconic to the rock and roll world. A stylist would definitely help Taylor balance out her look and maybe give her some advice about getting rid of the nasty raccoon eyes.

14 Jennifer Lynn Farley (aka JWoww) – Has A Hard Time Ditching Her Tacky Jersey Shore Fashion

You didn’t want to mess with JWoww when she appeared on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Her looks were questionable, her attitude was plain nasty and her style was tacky. Since the show’s final season, it doesn’t look like she’s changed much. She continues to show off her obnoxiously fake chest, and her clothing, which consists of a lot of animal print, is just not cutting it. You would assume she made some sort of money on the MTV show and its spin-off, Snooki & JWoww, but it appears this Jerseylicious star is keeping her trashy looks. No wonder she and Snooki are the best of friends. They both share the same love of horrendous fashion style that needs an upgrade right now.

13 Bjork - Continues To Challenge The Boundaries Of Style

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Icelandic singer Bjork is known for her wild and crazy outfits, whether she's on the red carpet (remember when she wore that swan dress back in 2001?), doing interviews, or making music. Her style is what makes her stand out from everyone else in Hollywood, but it's not always good thing. Some of her style choices are definitely outlandish, but we'll give her props for taking a risk. We get that she has a reputation to uphold when it comes to fashion, but isn't there just one day where she wants to just be comfortable? Will wearing a pair of jeans really kill her? We don't think she'll ever get a stylist, but she is who she is, and her extraordinary clothing options will be something she'll always be known for.

12 Madonna - Needs To Dress Her Age ASAP

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Madonna might wear some pretty crazy get-ups for her concerts. But on red carpets, the Queen of Pop needs to dress her age. In the late '80s and '90s, the star was the definition of cool, and her outfit choices changed the game for women. From leather biker jackets to donning men's business suits, Madonna had no shame in her game. However, the star is almost hitting sixty, and we think it's time for her to dress a little more conservatively. Her Met Gala looks have always been a topic of conversation. From a ridiculous cameo-inspired dress to showing off all her goods front and back with just lace covering her up, we think it's time that she either gets a stylist or hire a new one...oh, and dress her age too.

11 Bella Thorne - Has She Gone Off The Deep End?

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Where do we even start with actress Bella Thorne? She appears to have gone off the deep end when it comes to the fashion she wears. The whole wearing mismatched patterns and bright colors is just an eyesore. She may think she's changing the fashion game, but it clearly isn't working in her favor. She's had countless embarrassing fashion moments, and she could literally have her own Top 15 list of Most Trashy Outfits Ever Worn. Thorne is only nineteen, so she just may be experimenting with her look. But it's getting old. From rocking skimpy bikinis and posting half-naked Snapchats, Thorne is just begging for attention. Hopefully, she grows up and hires a stylist to help get at least her fashion sense right.

10 Justin Bieber - Does He Even Own A Shirt?

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Justin Bieber has come a long way from his clean-cut days as a YouTube star. He's gotten multiple tattoos and six-pack abs and continues to make young girls droll all over the world. He knows he's attractive and isn't modest about showing off his body one bit. Except, we think a lot of people are over his trashy look, especially when he thinks it's okay to never wear a shirt and take countless selfies. Even when he wears clothes, the star tries way too hard. From his pants sagging and gold chains wrapped around his neck, this young kid thinks he's some kind of rapper. Justin Bieber definitely needs a stylist to tame his look down or at least suggest wearing clothes.

9 Snooki - Hasn't Given Up Her Dirty Jersey Shore Ways

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi went from ultra trashy to somewhat classy after her MTV Jersey Shore days. The pint-sized and tanned "blast in a glass" was a fan favorite, but her style definitely wasn't. With tight and embellished dresses to trashy heels, Snooki was the definition of the stereotypical Guidette (female version of Guido). After the show was over, Snooki changed her entire look, opting for more casual looks since becoming a mother of two boys. Still, her Jersey looks were very memorable and so were the rest of her cast mates.

8 Nicki Minaj - Queen Of Outrageous Outfits

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There is no doubt that Nicki Minaj is the ultimate queen of wacky and outrageous outfits. Some people might think it's fearless fashion, but her looks could be pretty trashy and way too over-the-top. Her twisted fashion has consisted of a multitude of funky wigs, clashing colors, and leopard-inspired outfits. Her bizarre looks have always been a topic of conversation, and it looks like that'll never change. With millions of dollars, the rapper can do just about anything she wants even if it's continuing to make ridiculous fashion statements.

7 Tila Tequila - Won't Let Go Of Her Trashy MySpace Days

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Thanks to social media, Tila Tequila gained fame and fans fast by showing off her body and posing half-naked shots of herself on her MySpace and other networking sites. Ever since the early 2000's, Tila Tequila continues to wear small and (very) tight outfits, and her embarrassing fashion choices just never work for her. What makes her even trashier is her music. With songs like Stripper Friends and I F***** the DJ, how can anyone even take this woman seriously? Her looks need an upgrade ASAP. But sadly, we don't think she'll take anyone's advice.

6 Mariah Carey - Diva Outfits Need To Go

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No matter where pop star Mariah Carey is, she always needs to look like she's getting ready for a glamorous event. The singer is usually spotted in heels and expensive gowns. You definitely won't ever catch her wearing just jeans a T-shirt and a pair of flats. Mariah Carey is Hollywood's top diva, and she proves it with the clothing she wears. It's certainly never a dull moment for the star, and her style befits her music—dramatic and loud. Just try to find a photo of the singer in a casual outfit, we bet it'll be a little tough.

5 Miley Cyrus - Has She Given Up Her Rebel Ways?

No other celebrity has had quite the fashion evolution like Miley Cyrus. Gone are the days when she was a cute young teen on Disney's Hannah Montana. Here to stay are the outrageous n*pple covers as tops and tongue-out, barely-there outfits. There's no question that her outfits on stage were shocking to say the least, but it looks like Cyrus is over her wacky ways. Ever since her new song Malibu was released, the star went back to her innocent ways and got rid of all those colorful one-piece get-ups. With her changing music scene, her fashion has changed as well, and we're really glad about it.

4 Bai Ling - Provocative Style Continues To Make Heads Turn

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Bai Ling is an actress best known for her work in the films The Crow, Red Corner, High Voltage, and Wild Wild West. She's a beautiful woman, but sadly, her outfit choices are beyond trashy. Bai Ling just loves showing off her body any way she can. For example, that one time she wore a gun-shaped bra and a Hollywood sign during a red carpet event or the time she dressed up for Halloween only wearing a cape and using a glittery apple to cover up her goods for pictures. Bai Ling really knows how to make heads turn, and it doesn't seem like she'll be stopping anytime soon with the way she dresses.

3 Paris Hilton - Questionable Fashion Choices

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Over the years, Paris Hilton has had a lot of questionable fashion choices, and her early 2000's style will always be remembered. During those times, Paris Hilton would dress like a real-life Barbie, rock tons of track suits, and (let's not forget) her favorite pair of Uggs. However, Hilton has had a major upgrade in her fashion, and we might think that's because there's a stylist hiding in her house somewhere. Now older and more mature, Paris Hilton's fashion went from trashy to classy, and we hope she's thrown out all of her velour Juicy Couture tracksuits.

2 Ariel Winter - Modern Family Star Is Begging For Attention With Her Style

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Ariel Winter's style is extremely questionable. Is she wearing clothing that's too small on her on purpose? Is she just begging for attention all over her social media networks? Winter's no Kylie Jenner, but she appears to be trying to copy the reality star and failing miserably. Winter is all for body positivity and allowing women to dress however they please. While that is great, she might be taking it a little too far. From posting half-naked photos on her Instagram page and wearing barely-there outfits, this actress needs a stylist ASAP. She's a gorgeous woman, but please, let's leave a little to the imagination, Ariel.

1 Courtney Stodden - Where Do We Even Begin?

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Where do we even begin with Courtney Stodden? This photo just says it all, and we cannot believe her husband lets her out of the house wearing the things she wears. Her dresses are tiny and her heels are ridiculously high. How does she walk on those things? Her style is awful, and she looks like a pole dancer most of the time. This is just another D-list star crying out for attention, and the only way she can do that is by wearing these scandalous outfits. With no apparent talents, Stodden is just going to keep dressing like she is, and we'll just have to bare it. We don't see a stylist helping her out anytime soon.

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