15 Photos Of Erika Jayne Her Husband Doesn't Want Us To See

When Erika Girardi first joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there were many people who had never even heard of her. It was actually a shock to hear that she had had a significant career in the music industry since 2007. Her first dance music single was released in 2007 and did extremely well on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. While she didn't exactly reach the heights that Britney Spears did as a pop artist, she was able to make her mark in her own way. She received publicity due to her highly sexualized music videos, but that didn't mean that her songs weren't worthy of being featured in kid-friendly shows like Toddlers & Tiaras.

While her music career and choice of scantily clad ensembles definitely made an impression on the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the real shocker came when the series featured her husband. Jayne married her husband, Thomas Girardi, back in 1999, and it seemed like they had a very loving relationship. Yet, the ladies couldn't seem to get over the fact that he was so different from her. Despite him being far more conservative as this world-renowned attorney, Girardi is over 30 years her senior. Many people couldn't imagine how deep of a connection these two could've had with such differences in their personalities and ages. Yet, they've been able to make it work, and Jayne has continued to pursue her music career with her scantily clad ensembles and raunchy stage performances through her alter ego, Erika Jayne. Check out these 15 photos that show just how over-the-top she's been over the years, and see the photos that her husband doesn't want you to see.

15 Crazy Video

It's not a new concept for a music artist to dress in skimpy clothing during her music videos, but there are definitely some videos that are more scandalous than others. For Erika Jayne's music video, "Crazy," the artist didn't just allude to revealing some flesh like Britney Spears did in the rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit. Instead, she wore a pair of denim shorts that were cut like a pair of thong panties. They rode so high up that both butt cheeks were out for all to see. To make things even worse, she posed in a way that allowed the camera to get right up in there to show a perfect shot of her full derriere. While her husband is probably fine with her pursuing her music career, photos like these aren't exactly high on his priority list.

14 Stairwell Lingerie Shot

It's not a new concept for a music artist to pose in lingerie since everyone from Rihanna to Mariah Carey has done it at least once in her life. Yet, things are a tad different for Erika Jayne since she's a tad older and was featured on a show revolving around being a housewife. However, that didn't stop Jayne from giving it her all in this particular photograph. She can be seen posing on the stairs within her own home, wearing black lace lingerie with some killer Christian Louboutin shoes. The back shot shows off the red bottoms of the shoes, but it's hard to notice them with the thong panties that completely revealed her derriere. The front shot has a bit of a statement piece in the kimono robe since it features newspaper script that references the headlines she's made as the newest housewife in the Beverly Hills franchise.

13 Rhinestone Leotard

The see-through leotard is something that's been done more than a few times, but there's something extremely unique about this particular ensemble. While the cut of the suit goes all the way up to her neck, that doesn't take away from how revealing the ensemble truly is. The black tone does nothing to hide the flesh beneath it, and there's very little done to hide the many curves of her incredible physique. There's a rhinestone striping technique that's reminiscent of wave-like flames, which help to cover her most intimate parts. She completed the ensemble with some Michael Jackson-styled gloves and some thigh-high boots. The overall look seems like something straight out of Pamela Anderson's Barb Wire film from the 1990s and is probably a look that her husband would've preferred her to save for the bedroom.

12 Rhinestone Gun

There are a number of music artists who have gone out of their way to try and provoke through jaw-dropping publicity stunts. From over-the-top ensembles to making out with other artists, it seems like there is nothing that's beyond the boundaries when it comes to drumming up some much-needed publicity. This is especially true for those who aren't as commercially successful or aren't at the height of mainstream success. In 2010, Erika Jayne proved that she knew exactly how to get the paparazzi to showcase her while she went out to Splash Bar in New York City. She wore rhinestone-encrusted nylons with a metallic purple leotard. Yet, the real kicker was her gun holster with a matching rhinestone-encrusted gun. She may have thought that it was a great choice for when she left the house, but her attorney husband probably thought that this was in poor taste.

11 Lollipop Music Video

When Britney Spears posed with pigtails and a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform for her music video "...Baby One More Time," people heralded her ensemble choice for being perfect for her age and song. Yet, not everyone is Britney Spears, and not everyone can pull off this type of look. When Erika Jayne chose to show off some pigtails in her music video, the result was more sad than it was sexy. There was far too much going on with this particular ensemble, from the white lace Madonna-esque gloves to the pleather thigh-high boots that looked like something worn by a streetwalker rather than an established music artist. The fishnet top helped to reinforce the streetwalker look, and the lollipop was just another desperate attempt to look sexy. While this may be something that her husband is into behind closed doors, it's definitely not a look that's flattering by any other means.

10 Black-And-White Lingerie Pic

When Erika Jayne was first introduced as the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there was a lot of intrigue over her life. The same year that she was introduced into the series, Jayne was interviewed by Galore magazine. Jayne was asked a myriad of different questions regarding her experience being a new Housewife. They wanted to hear all about how she felt that the viewers of the show were going to receive her and whether or not her life had changed since becoming part of the Real Housewives franchise. Yet, the biggest feature of the interview was the accompanying photos. She chose to pose in lingerie for the majority of the pictures. This particular photo was shot in black and white and did little to cover up her amazing physique.

9 Chapel Photo

Oftentimes, celebrities are photographed in magazine spreads in a way to show off their lavish lifestyles. From Melania Trump being photographed on her private plane for GQ magazine to Gwen Stefani showing off the bold design in her newly remodeled home, it's not always just the celebrity's beauty and physique that sells the magazines. When Erika Jayne was asked to pose for Galore magazine, she posed in lingerie in different areas of her lavish home. One of the most interesting photographs was taken in the chapel she has within her home. This may seem like a strange choice for regular folks, but it's become quite a trend for celebrities. Yet, the photo of Jayne in lingerie and posing in a sexualized way wasn't exactly giving off a spiritual vibe.

8 Painkillr Music Video

While there's been quite a bit of criticism regarding the music career of Erika Jayne, it's hard to deny that she's actually had substantial success with some of her songs. "Painkillr" actually did quite well and made it to the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart in 2014. While the song was catchy enough to gain some steam in the dance scene, it was the music video that truly had people talking. Erika Jayne had already made a name for herself as a highly sexualized artist who wasn't afraid to get down and dirty in her music videos, but this one took it to the next level. She can be seen wearing a thong-cut one-piece and spends the majority of the video rolling around and humping the bed.

7 Not Very Flattering Stage Performance

When people look at Erika Jayne and her husband who's over 30 years her senior, they immediately assume that he's married to her because of the way she looks. She's often portrayed as a sex kitten with a phenomenal body and a beautiful face that seems flawless in every way. Yet, there are some photos that aren't very flattering and are actually a little embarrassing for a woman of her age. This photo was taken during one of her stage performances, but it shows her in not the best light. It may have been the way the camera was angled in how it showed her legs being extremely wide and her torso being quite large, but the overall result can't be forgotten. This is probably not a photo that her husband would like the world to see, simply because she looks like she's completely lost her physique and she's just desperate to maintain her bombshell persona.

6 Greece Photoshoot

When Erika Jayne first joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it became obvious that she wasn't going to be just another woman married to a wealthy man. Even though she was highly ridiculed for her stage persona by the other ladies, she could at least claim to be making her own money and having her own sense of fame beyond just the reality show. While she always tried to make sure that she had style and beauty, regardless of the setting, she was also quick to explain that her stage persona was completely different from her regular self. Yet, this photo was taken during a photoshoot where she even posed alongside Kyle Richards from the Housewives series. It doesn't appear that her regular persona is very much different from her stage persona, and her husband may not want the world to see that in all its glory.

5 Gold Digger Pillow Fight

Anyone who marries a man who's over 30 years older than her will inevitably have to fight off the allegations of being a gold digger. Erika Jayne has undoubtedly had to fight those allegations ever since she first married her husband, Thomas Girardi, back in 1999. He's seemingly been very supportive of her dream of being a music artist, but some have speculated the reason is that he would like to stray from the stereotype of what people perceive them as because of their age difference. It would help them as a couple if she were to achieve success on her own, especially with regard to added income. Yet, this music video idea of her having a pillow fight with a bed full of cash isn't exactly helping to cause others to think of her as a gold digger.

4 Spread-Eagle Pose

Erika Jayne has created a reputation for herself because she constantly poses in a way that shows off her derriere. Whether it's the come-hither look from behind or the full-on straddle pose to show her ample backside, it seems like every scantily clad photo of Jayne has been positioned in a way to show off her derriere. Yet, this photo proves that she's more than just a one-trick pony. Rather than letting her backside become the main focus, Jayne has positioned herself in a full spread-eagle pose. While the photo is meant to be visually stimulating with the deep contrast in the background, it's also highly sexualized. Her skintight leotard and thigh-high boots work to make the photo even more appealing, but it may not be something her husband would be comfortable having everyone see.

3 Helped Into A Dress

During Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo was trying to entice people to watch the new season by showing off clips involving the new cast. Without any context, fans got to see a completely nude Erika Jayne with a much younger man behind her in a compromising position. Once the series started, fans saw the actual episode that featured that particular scene. It was seemingly quite innocent since the gentleman was supposedly just helping her into a skintight costume, but it definitely didn't look that great. The concept was that she felt overweight in such a tight costume and that she needed help to get it on, but no husband would have found that to be an appealing scenario, especially since the man was much younger and better-looking.

2 Posing Up Against A Wall

While Erika Jayne is known for posing with her backside to the camera, seeing her in something besides a thong or at least a thong-cut leotard is actually quite rare. This photo shows her in a bikini-cut bottom that offers far more coverage than most of the ensembles she's usually photographed in when she's performing or when she's out and about as her alter ego. However, just because the ensemble isn't as controversial as all of the others doesn't mean that it's a photograph that her husband is super comfortable with the entire world seeing. She can be seen in high-heel pumps with her hands pressed up against the wall, and there's certainly a suggestive nature in the pose. While this is probably something that her husband has seen before, it's different when it's posted for all the world to see.

1 Topless And Blue

Erika Jayne has never stuck with conformity when it comes to what women of her particular age should be wearing or how they should be acting. She can excuse it as being part of her alter ego and inclusive to her stage performances as a music artist, but the reality of it is that she probably just likes the attention. She's constantly going out of her way to shock and provoke, and she's always aware of her sex appeal. This photo shows her in just a pair of blue panties, which she tried to accessorize with some trendy little accents. Yet, the blue lipstick and fishnet socks weren't enough to take away from the fact that she's topless. Although she covered her lady bits with her arm, it's still more provocative than her husband would probably like.

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