15 Photos Of Emma Stone That Are On Fi-Yah!

Back in the middle of the twentieth century when motion pictures were really starting to hit it big most people couldn’t have imagined the industry evolving into something many times larger than it was at that time. Over the following decades, however, one classic after another was released into the wild and the money made by films was increasing exponentially. We are now living in a world where records are broken every year as Hollywood continues to grow and there are now so many movie stars who have become world famous on the Marilyn Monroe level that the film industry is becoming more about the actors and actresses than it is the movies themselves.

Never before have there been so many talented – and, for that matter, high-paid – actresses on the big screen. Ours is an era full of film icons and it could be said that it is becoming a woman’s industry. You can talk about Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lawrence all you want, but there is truly only one woman who can be seen as the quintessential woman in film in the year 2017, and that young woman’s name is Emma Stone. Let’s celebrate Emma’s young career by checking out fifteen photos that will make you sweat.

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15 Relaxing In The Diner

Emma Stone is one of the top actresses in all of Hollywood. She was born in 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was immediately drawn to acting. She has cited film legend Diane Keaton as a major influence on her career and seems to take her profession very seriously. She is not one to divulge very much about her personal life, though, as she has expressed great interest in keeping a normal personal life and says that her family helps keep her down to earth. Emma has also done charity work, speaking out publicly for causes such as autism and the health of the planet. She might be a world famous actress embarking upon a young and hopefully lengthy career, but Emma Stone still manages to feel like the girl next door.

14 Tigress

Emma Stone is naturally talented and her stunning beauty is painfully obvious, but her aforementioned confidence gives her an added glow that could not be achieved by just anyone else. She loves what she does for a living and respects the craft of acting, but she refuses to let the allure of fame and fortune transform her into something different than what she was raised to be. She has said that she has family who would force her to stay grounded if she ever began to drift, but it is a safe bet that Ms. Stone is shaping the world of acting instead of the other way around. The industry did not set the standard by which a woman like Emma lives; on the contrary, Emma is setting the standard by which Hollywood respects actresses.

13 Classic Beauty

If 2007 was the beginning of something great for Emma Stone then 2009 was truly the year that helped cement her as a modern icon of the film industry. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Paper Man were both released that year, and while critics did not totally love either film her performances were valued for the talent and flair she brought to the screen. However, it was her role in the horror comedy Zombieland that really made the year a huge success for Stone and her career as an actress. The movie was beloved by critics and made quite a bit of money at the box office. 2009 was undoubtedly the year Emma was able to spread her wings and show the world what she was capable of in front of the camera.

12 Knockout

Though Emma Stone has always refused to take herself too seriously and has been dedicated to keeping herself grounded as just another normal girl doing what she loves to do, that does not mean she slacks on the work she puts into her career choice. No man or woman works harder than Emma Stone and it shows in her completed works. She has stated that one of her more challenging films was The Help in 2011, a film which took place in Mississippi in the 1960s and in which she starred alongside fellow Hollywood royalty Viola Davis. Stone committed so completely to the role that she studied the American Civil Rights Movement thoroughly through reading and watching films and she trained to perfect her southern accent.

11 Saturday Night Goddess

The work that Emma Stone put into her career in order to make it to a place where she has been considered by many as the most talented actress in all of Hollywood has been noted already, but what about the fruits of her labor? She has certainly managed to get her face in nearly every magazine known to man and has been an in demand interviewee for several years now. But how does an actor or an actress know when they have truly achieved the status of Hollywood megastar? There are likely several ways, but one certain method is to be invited to host Saturday Night Live, which happened for Emma in 2010 and again in 2014. She has been invited back several times to the legendary comedy show.

10 Pale Seductress

While her hair, eyes, and voice are seen as Emma Stone’s trademark features, they are but one side of this beautiful young woman. Her porcelain skin looks as smooth as can be and she knows how to dress her body in clothes that are both sexy and completely classy. On top of all of this, Emma simply has some intangible factor that makes her so very special. She is confident, kind and approachable, and she has a heart of gold. There is absolutely nothing not to love about Emma Stone, and that is why she is becoming one of the most famous Hollywood sex symbols of our current era. She is incredibly talented, but all of her physical allure certainly goes a long way in creating the star known as Emma Stone.

9 Strong Woman

Emma Stone has already built a film career worthy of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has presented herself as a strong willed woman who knows what she stands for and has a deep love and respect for the Hollywood film industry. With a long list of modern classics under her belt, she shows no signs of slowing down in 2017 with several huge projects upcoming, including roles in a sports comedy called Battle of the Sexes with Steve Carell and a live action role as the classic Disney villain Cruella de Vil. On top of all of this, she is set to star in and executive produce an upcoming Netflix Original series called Maniac. With all of these credentials, it is no wonder Emma Stone is the highest paid actress in the world.

8 Rocking The Red

Emma is obviously an endlessly gorgeous young woman and she is uniquely gifted with a look that is all her own. Her red hair and penetrating eyes have become something akin to trademarks as far as her look goes and her sexy voice is no different. She is certainly talented in front of the camera in the various different roles she plays, but her looks are something altogether separate. Emma has been making so many waves with her stunning beauty that she has been featured on countless lists in magazines, such as the Maxim Hot 100 and FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World. She has become something of an icon for being on the cover of so many magazines, and it is well deserved.

7 Vogue Cover Girl

While we have talked a lot about how gorgeous Emma Stone is and how she exudes confidence and strength in front of and behind the camera. However, we have not spoken much at all about her personal life and that is because the girl with the stunning green eyes pretty much refuses to ever speak about it. We do know a few things about her behind the scenes, though, and one of those is that she was romantically involved with her co-star from The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, from the time of filming in 2010 until roughly 2015. It is rare that we know this much about a woman so private, but it is obviously Garfield’s loss to not have this beauty by his side.

6 Stunning In Blue

The pop culture phenomenon known as Emma Stone may have seemed to have come out of nowhere, but Emma has been working hard to build this career for herself for many years. She got her start in the mid-2000s at a young age working on shows like Malcolm in the Middle and Medium, and she was a competitor on VH1’s 2004 reality series In Search of the New Partridge Family. Since then she has been gradually climbing the ladder of worldwide fame and has been starring in major motion pictures as well as much smaller independent films. As previously mentioned Emma loves the craft of acting and has had no shortage of jobs, but has worked hard to get to where she is.

5 A Winning Smile

Emma Stone does not like to take herself too seriously nor does she see herself as some unapproachable actress. She is a very down to earth type of girl who has worked very hard to be able to work in the field she is so passionate about and naturally gifted in, and she refuses to fall victim to a superstar complex or divulge details about her personal life and become a typical celebrity. However, for all of this, she is still entitled to the same accolades that all other actors and actresses are given the opportunity to earn and she indeed has been doing just that. She has won several awards, including Academy Awards and Golden Globes for her work in the film La La Land.

4 Beautiful And Sophisticated

While much has been made of Emma Stone’s phenomenal beauty and her endless amounts of talent in front of the Hollywood cameras, she is also a true professional down to the bone. No matter how young, Emma has always worked hard and seemed very grown up and mature, especially for her age. She was obviously raised well, but she has also been through a lot. She suffered from extreme panic attacks as a young girl and later discovered that she suffered from asthma. Additionally, she helped her mother battle cancer and when they finally beat it they celebrated together by getting tattoos. It is experiences like these that have helped shape Emma Stone into the beautiful, fun loving but professional woman we know and love today.

3 True Passion

As previously mentioned, Emma Stone had a love for acting from a very young age. She has been working on her career for practically her entire life and it was not always easy. The uphill battle really began when she dropped out of high school during her freshman year and managed to convince her parents to let her move to California to begin working on her career in Hollywood. She initially attempted to follow in the footsteps of other actresses by trying out for several Disney Channel TV programs as the daughter in all of them, but never got a single role. It is hard to imagine in 2017 that anybody would not count themselves lucky to cast Emma Stone in their project, but she would go on to show them their mistakes.

2 Bombshell

While Emma Stone worked very, very hard early on in her career to get her foot in the door and begin to build a respectable career in Hollywood for herself, it would seem that 2007 was the year all of that hard work began to pay off. This was the year she landed a role in the hugely popular film Superbad which co-starred Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, two young actors who were big hits at that time. This helped Emma to build some notoriety and fame in the business and the following year she appeared in the romantic comedy film The House Bunny with Anna Faris, a movie for which she performed her own version of the 1980s classic “I Know What Boys Like.”

1 Hot As Hell

It has become pretty clear by now that there are few actors or actresses in all of Hollywood who can lay claim to being as down to earth as Emma Stone. Emma is the classic girl next door type, but she takes it to a completely new level with her commitment to being so approachable and modest. This personality trait has continued to persist even through the vast successes that have led her to being considered one of the greatest actresses of all time. As of now she has already become well known for her roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest films in recent years, such as 21 Jump Street, The Croods, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Birdman. There is no doubt that she is not only destined for greatness; she’s already there.

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