15 Photos Of Eminem's Daughter Hailie He Doesn't Want You To See

We all know who she is, even if we don’t realize it. Any fan of hip hop, music, or anyone with any semblance of pop culture knowledge has heard this woman’s name. The problem is her father is one of the biggest artists of all time. That individual is Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott. Anyone that has heard Eminem’s music knows that his daughter has been the subject or at the very least mentioned in one of his songs. We’re talking about everything from "97’ Bonnie & Clyde" off The Slim Shady LP to "I Think My Dad’s Gone Crazy" off 2002’s The Eminem Show.  Hailie was just a kid during those days. In fact, if an artist that beefed with Eminem even mentioned his daughter during that time, he/she would get absolutely slaughtered.

I’m also sure many of us have thought, “damn I feel bad for the dude that dates Eminem’s daughter.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to feel pretty damn old. Welcome to 2017 and Em’s daughter Hailie, is all grown up. She started an Instagram page that gained hundreds of thousands of followers within hours and well, let’s just say that she’s not only beautiful, she’s stunning. She’s young, famous, and without worries. If his music and body are an indication, Eminem is super protective of Hailie, and rightfully so. So of course it’s our job to show photos of Hailie (and "Hailie," stayed tuned) that he doesn’t want us to see, right? Here we go (please don’t kill us for looking, Em! We’re huge fans!).

15 Shady Photo Bomb

Via Vk.me

Hailie Mathers, aka Hailie Jade Scott, was raised in Detroit and graduated with the highest honors; so she's obviously pretty damn smart. So what is it about this photo that her father would probably want us not to see? Well, straight up, Hailie is incredibly attractive, which means that dudes have most likely lined up left and right daring to date her, knowing after listening to her father's music that he's concocting lyrics to verbally rip him apart if he were to mess things up and break her heart. The dude in this photo could've been doing whatever; he could've just been minding his business, or, he was most likely doing what a young dude would do when he's near women in curve inducing dresses. He was probably checking them out. Hailie is also posing with two other girls who clearly look like they're ready to party!

14 Super Young Hailie Flipping The Bird

This is an amazing photo featuring a joyous time with Eminem, his friend or a random dude giving the finger, and all the way down on the lower lefthand corner is a super young Hailie managing to flip the bird without her dad noticing. As cute and hilarious as it is, with all the controversy that usually surrounds Eminem, he probably wouldn't have wanted to this image to leak while he was in prime of popularity. In the late 90s and early 2000s Eminem caught heat for basically everything he did, especially lyrics, which activists and groups alleged were homophobic and sexist. The one constant was everyone knew how much he cared about Hailie; if an innocent yet mischievous photo such as this leaked out during that time, parent groups and whatever the hell else there was would've questioned his parenting skills, which subsequently would've led to a song most likely.

13 Young, Wild, And Free

Via Youtube.com

Eminem and women within the confines of the music world have had quite a rocky road. He's said some questionable lyrics about women dancing to the beat of his music while he says discouraging, crazy insults and then-some...So you know when Eminem sees photos of his daughter in a getup like the photo above, likely about to go out to a party to get wild, is probably not what he wants anyone in the public to see. Hailie was in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at Michigan State University, so there's no question that she was definitely down to get wild (like one should) in college. Seeing as Hailie has most likely grown up accustomed to being one of the most known entities in all of pop culture (especially in the mainstream music world), the amount of worries she has is most likely null, so posing in party clothing, most likely about to embark on a crazy night out is the least of her worries; she knows her dad will take the heat.

12 Her First Instagram Photo

Via People.com

As soon as Hailie put this photo on Instagram it was a wrap; all we heard about was how much she's grown up and hot gorgeous she's become. Hundreds of news sites came out of the woodwork to talk about this updated photo showcasing her beauty and thus garnering the undivided attention of the internet. There's a large chance that Eminem didn't even bother to go online, but if he's human, he's definitely heard the noise about everyone talking about his daughter. Even if it's all positive buzz, we know the more news outlets, blogs, talk shows, or basically anyone online talks about his daughter's attractiveness the more it most likely irks him. Eminem is use to the spotlight, but when it comes to his daughter, we know will he ever get use to it? With photos like this who knows!

11 Hailie And Her Boyfriend

"...After it bothered the fathers of daughters starting to blossom..." This quote is from Eminem's song "White America" featured off his diamond status album The Eminem Show. He talks about how his music managed to bother the fathers of daughters starting to blossom. Well, as we can see from this photo of Hailie, she has not only blossomed, she is stunning enough to certainly garner the attention of any guy wanting to court or well, you know, do other things that would most likely get them murdered figuratively or literally by her dad. This photo is from Hailie's 21st birthday celebration. The dude standing next to her is a guy that she's been seeing...If that's the case, may the lawd have mercy on that man's soul. Not only is he standing next to Hailie while she wears a rather provocative dress, he looks like a guy that Eminem would have no problem making fun of in a song.

10 Party Up

Via Pinterest.com

No matter how old a child is, no matter how much of a grown up they become, they're always going to be the kid to their parent; Eminem and Hailie is no different. Don't get me wrong; if anyone on Earth has Hailie's back would be her father that has a tattoo of her on his arm and has classic hit songs dedicated to her. That said, it probably doesn't appease the artist formally known as Slim Shady to see his daughter in a photo with her friends posing in triumphant drunken, college conquering fashion. If Em wouldn't be bothered by Hailie, who by all accounts in this photo isn't up to anything scandalous. He would be "smhing" at the bro with the double fist beer action and the numerous duck faces splattered alongside Hailie...There's probably apart of Eminem that would definitely create an diss track based on the antics in this one.

9 Fake Photos Of Hailie: Just Like Dad?

Eminem was one of the most controversial artists of all time. When he came on the scene he was known for simply not giving a **** and said some of the craziest sh*t ever put on record. Em's attitude and aura was that he loved his daughter, hated his mom, and was not afraid to talk about his on and off relationship with Kim, who he killed in a song named "KIM" on his classic album, The Marshall Mathers LP. This is a fake photo of someone claiming to be Hailie. Here "Hailie" is a spitting image of a daughter acting just like her father did back in the day. However, I'm not so sure that Eminem in 2017 would be happy seeing a photo of his daughter flipping the bird in defiant fashion hearkening back to images of what her dad used to do day in and day out throughout the late 90s and early 2000s. His reps have gone out of their way to denounce photos like this. There's no doubt that the fake "Hailie" photos are a huge nuisance to Eminem.

8 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Here's Hailie posing in a photo with more of her friends, all of which are wearing rather revealing clothing. Hailie keeps it classy, but still manages to reveal her red bra in the process. We're not ones to judge but...Damn Hailie! One has to wonder if there were any moments where Hailie's famous dad decided to call her to keep tabs on what she was up to. It's also an amusing exercise trying to imagine the reaction of the multi-platinum rapper looking at photos of his daughter who was the driving force behind many of his hit records. There's no question he knew the possibilities that could arise after verbally putting his daughter in the limelight and at the forefront of his music. Let's just say we wouldn't be surprised if Slim Shady got a hold of this playfully provocative photo and flipped the F out.

7 Put Those Away Hailie!

Hailie is a young woman who can do whatever the hell she wants right? Or maybe that's a little different when you're famous and your father is one of the biggest pop culture icons of all time? Who knows, but as we can see with some of the photos on this list, Hailie certainly loves to show off certain parts of her frame. I don't really have to say much else because pointing anymore attention to them would most likely result in a shady (see what I did there?) call from a deep muffled voice threatening to kill me or something. Regardless of Hailie being an adult, you can bet your entire life savings that Eminem would rather not see any part of his daughter be revealed in any way. One has to wonder how much influence Eminem has had on Hailie's social life.

6 Anyone Hailie Dates

Via Pinterest.com

It looks as though this could just be a friend of Hailie's...maybe her best friend? Maybe this guy is the friend that secretly adores Hailie but is too afraid to say anything? Or maybe that's her boyfriend at the time when this photo was taken? Yup, that's her boyfriend. Either way there's a built in excuse; being grilled by Eminem. Not only does anyone who dates Hailie have to endure the possibility of being interrogated or put under investigation by her father, they have to remember that if they were to somehow mess things up and break her heart, they'd be having nightmares of Eminem songs talking about slitting throats and using chainsaws while wearing a Jason mask. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that this photo would be a bittersweet image for Eminem. His daughter has grown up to be a great woman, but having a beautiful daughter eventually means having to deal with...dudes.

5 Fake Hailie Photo 2: The Hailiejade_x Hoax Revealed

Via Vh1.com

Here's another fake photo of "Hailie" living it up, drinking Smirnoff Ice in three separate photos in one. Not only does she look intoxicated in every photo, she's clearly partying her behind off in each one as well. What else are you going to do while in college? Learn? Come on, who wants to do that? First off, we've all been there, we start out with crappy sugary malts like Smirnoff or watery light beers like Coors or just plain shitty beers like Milwaukee's Best, aka Beast. The most interesting part of this is that it's a fake photo. There was a moment in time where there were people faking to be Eminem's daughter. Once she was portrayed as a wild maniac, illegally drinking Smirnoff Ice, his representatives immediately rejected the photo. VH1 hinted that the fake Hailie photos could be attributed to the fake Twitter account Hailiejade_X; Em wasn't happy about that.

4 Photos With His Controversial Mom

Via Pinterest.com

Anyone that knows anything about Eminem's music knows that his mother was a huge part of his lyrics. "My mom does Valium and lots of drugs" or "99% of my life I was lied to, I just found out my mom does more dope than I do" are just small samples of the verbal assault Eminem launched on his mother throughout the years. In this particular photo we see a young Eminem, Hailie, and his infamous mother Debbie, reluctantly posing for a photo in the late 90s. They say a picture can speak a thousand word; well, let's just say that Eminem doesn't look to happy to be associated with the woman next to him. A very young Hailie is right in front of Eminem, most likely not realizing the pop culture weight of the photo she was smiling in; after all, it's about family, right? Who knows how Hailie views her grandmother these days, but it's a sure bet to guess that her dad doesn't want anyone to be reminded of his daughter having any association with his much maligned mother.

3 All Grown Up

Via Wmagazine.com

As you all can see with photos of the real Hailie Jade Scott, she has grown up to be a stunning woman. She launched her Instagram account and quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers, for good reason. Why is this photo a photo that Eminem wouldn't want to see? Well think about it. The kid he laid it all out on the line for through his music. The little girl that he dedicated hit songs to, is all grown up. It's definitely a sign of the times. It's a photo like this that reminds Eminem and all of his fans that well, damn, we're getting older aren't we? Nonetheless, the girl Eminem name drops plenty of times throughout his catalog remains that little girl within the confines of the music, acting like a time capsule, but it's 2017 and there's only three words to say, "time flies by."

2 Fake Hailie Photo 3: Hailie Loves...Justin Bieber? NOT!

Via Fanpop.com

Let us be honest. Even though Hailie is now a grown woman and whatever she does is completely separate from her father, he still has a rep to uphold. Eminem made a career of verbally slaughtering boy bands like N' Sync and pop stars of the particular era including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez. There is no question that the Eminem of the early 2000s would rattle off on Justin Bieber. So knowing that makes it very interesting, especially when you have a photo of "his daughter" and a plethora of Justin Bieber images in the background. Fortunately, this is yet another fake photo of Hailie. If this were true, than we all know Eminem would have to address this sooner than later. There seemed to be an online movement of accounts faking to be Eminem's daughter; this is something that no doubt pissed the hell off of Eminem. There's definitely more to this story.

1 Hailie's Mom Scowling At Her Dad

Via Pinterest.com

Remember that song Eminem wrote about killing his ex-wife in vivid-violent fashion? It was titled "KIM" and it was on what's often cited as Eminem's masterpiece The Marshall Mather's LP. Here she is in this candid clip from MTV from the late 90s. We see Kim and Hailie enjoying herself while Kim manages to give Eminem a look of disapproval. This is an interesting photo because in a way it captures everything about the controversial relationship between Eminem and his ex-wife. Hailie is basically oblivious to the whole thing, making for a pretty innocent moment on her end. Meanwhile Eminem looks on at his inspiration almost completely ignoring or better yet, neglecting, Kim's scolding look. Kim and Eminem's tumultuous relationship, like Hailie, was and is a major part of Eminem's music. Eminem's love-hate union with Kim is a topic that certainly separated him from other mainstream rappers of his era. Yet this photo acts as reminder of an aspect of Hailie's parents that her father would rather forget.

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