15 Photos Of Dua Lipa Proving That She'll Never Have To Hire A Fashion Stylist

The 22 year old English-Albanian pop artist has grabbed the world’s attention with her chart topping hits, Hotter Than Hell and New Rules, to name a few. She recently made Brit Awards history by being the first female to receive 5 nominations! She released her first album in June 2017 and has been soaring ever since. Her journey has not been easy, she left Kosovo at the tender age of 15 to pursue school and her career in London (mom approved her move and flew in for parent teacher meetings). Dua would upload Youtube cover songs and submit demo’s to get her name out. In 2015, she was signed with Warner Music Group and released her first single soon after.

Apart from her smoky voice, this girl has become somewhat of a style icon – liberation in heels! Developing her style on a global stage has resulted in a quirky, fresh yet sexy look that has resulted in some serious 90’s nostalgia across the globe. She is bringing back burgundy lipstick, chokers and platforms (with a killer body to boot)!

Dua Lipa has gained millions of followers since her rise to fame. Everyone wants to know everything about her. How does she maintain those killer abs? Where does she go to chill out? And lastly, what is with this signature bra and baggies look?

15 Girl Power

No one quite pulls off girl power like Dua Lipa. She has become popular for her power bra and having a knack for making innerwear as fly as outerwear. Here she models Italian fashion brand, Patrizia Pepe. Not only did she model, but she recorded a cover of the hit song “Bang Bang” for the campaign, which was launched in September 17 during Milan Fashion Week. She said to idolator.com,

"The brand’s vision of the Italian style, usually classic, is glamorous and rebellious, its hows an incredible strength.”

This sleek and sexy line perfectly complements Dua Lipa’s rebellious style (a power bra here, men’s trousers there). We love the bare torso peeking through her blazer, giving her a touch of mystery. Her powerful yet feminine demeanor pushes fashion boundaries without making us feel uncomfortable (excuse me sire, you are in the wrong restroom…) though she be fierce, she be woman!

14 Rolling With The Punches

It makes sense that a young woman who has topped the charts, demanded the respect of many a female youth, and has pushed boundaries whilst owning her sexuality would pick boxing as an extra-curricular. Dua shared that boxing is great for fitness and that when she does have off time, it helps her clear to her mind.

She also enjoys watching boxing games and would love Anthony Joshua, world boxing champion, to become her sparring partner. She did add that she would never dream of taking him on, but that he would be a great coach. That being said, she claims that music really is the hobby she is most passionate about. We can’t argue with that – hit the search button online and you’ll hardly find anything but music!

13 90’s Streetwear

Lipa sports that typical 90’S “I got evicted and raided the Goodwill store” vibe, but in a way that makes one reminisce about the good ol’ days of baggy slacks and boom boxes. Born in 1995, she might have missed out on the 90’s, but is certainly making up for lost time! Her swag knows no bounds; she never leaves her house without her favorite platform boots (basically her version of trainers) and will often add a diamante choker to glam up an outfit. On her Instagram, Dua posted a picture of this tour and outfit captioned with,

"This was up there! You guys were insane...an absolute dream come true!! What a magical day!"

She performed on the John Peel Stage on day 2 of the Glastonbury Festival 2017 at Worthy Farm, dressed in a sporty two piece by Stella McCartney, showing off her sexy midriff. This Sporty Spice attire allows for comfort without forsaking style.

12 Red Carpet Ready

And enter the sun goddess, Dua Lipa! Dressed in a daisy yellow Watteau-train mini dress by Giambattista Valli Couture, she stole the show at the 2017 BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. The leggy dress was paired with black heeled sandals and a matching belt. Her wavy mane loosely tickling her shoulders and natural makeup with a bold eye, completing her signature playful look.

This bright number really accentuates her confidence; we know that this ambitious young star is sure to be the next big thing. This ensemble is a perfect display of Dua’s innate appreciation of fashion that hits high notes.

11 On Quickies…

Baggies, check. Check, check. Undergarment peeking over Adidas waistband, check. Bare necessities neon yellow bra… hang on, that doesn’t cut the 90’s wardrobe? Once again this starlet proves that one cannot judge a woman by her clothes. If she hadn’t loosened up those buttons, we never would have guessed the party underneath. One expects more of a high impact sports bra with this ensemble. She posted various pap shots on her instagram of this outfit and captioned,


And that muscular figure, how does she maintain those abs? Rumor has it Dua Lipa is a firm believer in the quicky, aka high intensity interval training. Her daily to do list includes 15 minutes of mountain climbers, jumping jacks and burpees (the ones we would normally skip during a cross fit…) We do welcome this look, especially the neon lingerie. Makes one wonder what’s hiding underneath those butchy boxers…

10 Loves to Experiment

Just when we think we have her figured out, she arrives at BBC Radio’s Teen Awards in London wearing an orange Alessandra Rich dress. For someone who punts the power bra, she sure seems to be lacking support in this cheeky keyhole frock. Paired with fluffy fusia footwear, she had heads turning and jaws dropping on the red carpet.

Her dark sleek locks and tanned frame complemented the bright orange dress perfectly. The entire outfit had a somewhat elegant Bollywood feel about it, minus the silk and sari (and possibly a tad risqué). Trust Dua Lipa to reinvent herself entirely. This look is definitely contrasting to her standard gear – baggy slacks and abs.

9 New York, New York

This star loves strutting her stuff in New York, one of her favorite locations. Here she proves that you can rock a suit without looking too formal. Here she posed for the camera after a smashing performance in Madison Square Garden. On her Instagram caption, she wrote:

"Nyc after night one at Madison Square Garden with Bruno. I was crying in this pic."

We don’t know what the obsession with the tongue is, but browse social media for long enough and you’ll soon find a lot of photos where people are posing with their tongues out.

Could we pin such label on Dua just because she enjoys challenging the status quo with her quirky boyish fashion? Probably not, although she did admit that her hit song Blow Your Mind (Mwah) included support for the gay community, “There were loads of different things in that video that were about girl power and gay pride and showing support for the LGBT+ community, as well as just having fun on the day and doing whatever the *beep* we wanted!”

8 Amalfi Coast Courtship

We cannot imagine that this rising star has had much time to take long romantic vacations, but she did manage to slip away to Capri with her ex-boyfriend, Paul Klein, front man of LANY. No surprise that he couldn’t keep his hands off her bikini ready body, wrapped in a bright pink two-piece. The number one hit winner definitely deserved to soak up the sun in Capri.

Upon release of her Capri vacations snapshots, a few online followers noted that she had gained some weight. However, fans didn’t give her a hard time about it, but rather voiced their appreciation for her delicious curves. One thing is for sure, Lipa’s curves can rock our boat any day!

7 Continuously Evolving

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 24: Dua Lipa attends the BRIT Awards 2016 at The O2 Arena on February 24, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Being relatively new to fame, Dua has yet to develop her fashion sense. Although she already has a unique and recognizable style, stars often go through many phases until finding themselves (think Oops I Did It Again vs I’m A Slave For You). Dua shared that she enjoys supporting local fashion designers wherever she goes; she is literally developing her style on a global stage.

Whatever she might wear, or whoever she might become, this daredevil already has our attention. From her platform boots to her teasing reveals (all hail the power bra), we will follow her, follow her wherever she may go (que Sister Act). She may only be 22, but this dive knows how to set fire to the red carpets!

6 Moves Like Jagger

This sultry, seductive superstar has all the right moves in all the right places - just watch her music video “Last Dance” and experience the goosies she provokes (feel all the feels!). Her dancing seems very natural and not too choreographed (she could inspire a flashmob).

Although she is known as a pop artist, she claims her style is “dark pop”.

She is anything but bubblegum, more like lipstick wrapped around a cigarette. Her lyrics are surprisingly mature for her ripe age. The more we see and hear, the more we want. Again, this girl displays the absolute passion she has for music through dance. Who needs a strict workout routine when you live your life in dancing shoes?!

5  Daddy Cool

Apart from her high intensity interval training and her love for boxing, we cannot pinpoint exactly how this timeless beauty stays in shape. Also considering that her favorite snacks whilst touring consists of ice cream and peanut butter (rumor has it, stock levels often run low for these items on her tour bus). So how does she keep that frame so toned? Good genes perhaps?

We had a look at her parents, who definitely have above average looks and great figures to boot! In conclusion, Dua can thank her parents for gifting her with those sultry eyes, silky locks and that muscular frame (with legs up to her neck). Her father, Dukagjin Lipa (can someone say, DILF!), is a singer himself. No wonder Dua is so comfortable on stage, daddy set a great example!

4 Underneath Your Clothes

One thing we have come to learn is that our starlet loves a brallette! She wore the same yellow number she teased us with at her self-titled tour at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago Illinois. This time, she covered up in a sheer silver tank top, but we already know what’s lurking underneath (we know she knows that we know…).

Even though her cheeky outfits have our creative juices flowing, Dua has never been seen to be an outright trollop. Yes, we have spotted a profane hand gesture or two on stage, but that has been the worst of it. She is the quintessential picture of a strong female who stands up for what she believes in, follows her dreams, and speaks her truth.

3 Snow White

Dua Lipa arrived at the Clive Davis Grammy Awards after party dressed in what seemed like wedding lingerie. Cheekily letting her coat slide over her shoulder, she most likely had many a man (and woman) wishing to carry her over the threshold. Her raven locks slicked back loosely, the perfect bedhead to match her daring skintight undergarment.

Lipa, who just scored her first Billboard Hot 100 top 10 with “New Rules,” says she is “over the moon” about it. She also expresses pride over her debut album, explaining,

“I’m proud of having the opportunity to put it out there and put my story out there in the hopes that somebody might be able to relate to it and see that we’re all not so different at all."

Whilst being interviewed, she shared (in that sultry voice) that there may be possible female collaborations in the future and that her new album will be more soulful. It isn’t difficult to picture Dua in a Jazz club with dimmed lights and smoky air.

2 Take Me To Miami

Even though she was technically working, Dua Lipa was spotted enjoying some down time on Miami Beach. The music video for the world famous hit, New Rules was filmed at The Confidante Miami Beach, a hotel in Hyatt’s Unbound Collection. Since its release, the video has been viewed over 42 million times; worth the 3 year effort it took Dua to produce it!

Although she works hard, Dua Lipa apparently knows how to play hard too. The British singer was seen snuggling up to Martin Garrix, a 21 year old Dutch producer. A few months prior, they collaborated on the song “Scared To Be Lonely”. With lyrics like “It was great at the very start, hands on each other, couldn't stand to be far apart”, we could only but wonder if they really were just being friendly…

1 Lights, Camera, Action

Koko in London, initially known as The Camden Theatre, is one of Dua Lipa’s favourite places,

“It’s just one of those places that I associate with having the best times of my life and having a lot of fun.”

Lipa saw some of her favourite artists perform at Koko as a teenager; Bruno Mars, J. Cole and Schoolboy Q to name a few.

The star sure brought life to the party in Camden in her leotard and risqué hosiery, backed by her name in neon pink lights, her derrière on full display. Her previous career as a model is apparent, even though this is not something she punted on her CV. One might imagine Dua to be a hoity-toity, brand conscious diva, but not at all. In fact, back in the day when hosting at a nightclub in Mayfair, she had to deny her friends entry for wearing trainers, “I knew it wasn’t the kind of place I wanted to work.”

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