15 Photos Of Current WWE Divas Looking “Not So PG”

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, such a list would not have evoked the same type of reaction from the WWE Universe. Limited amounts of clothing was the norm as the WWE sold “s*x” when it came to their crop of female talents. Today, the company has finally transitioned away from that notion promoting the females as Superstars, just like the men. Hunter had a big part in this, paving the way for the new mind-set down in NXT.

They can kick butt in the ring, but they're also still magnificent to look at, both in and outside of the ring. Today’s female crop is as beautiful as they are brilliant inside of the squared circle. In this article, we celebrate that with a slew of “Not So PG” photos. The pictures range from anywhere and everywhere, whether it be recent photos, or throwback pictures. The pics are also not from a particular location, whether it’s a “Not So PG" shot from a professional shoot, or an edgy shot from inside of the squared circle. We’ve truly got it all in this edgy piece. We truly believe the WWE wouldn’t want you to see the following 15 pictures.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend (just not to Vince, or any company executive)! Here are 15 pics of current WWE Divas looking “Not So PG”. We’ll begin with an unlikely entrant:


15 Bayley’s Booty Isn’t “So PG”

Putting Bayley in a “Not So PG” article seems very far-fetched given the character she plays on-screen. However, she does have a certain “asset” that’s anything but PG and that’s her booty. Yup. Bayley’s got quite the booty, and it looks like she might be consuming one box too many of those darn Booty-O’s! In all seriousness, she works hard outside of the ring and it appears to be affecting her backside, as it's grown significantly during her time in the WWE (yeah, that sounds creepy but it’s the truth).

What hasn't grown at the same rate however, has been her main roster run; she seems to be stuck at this point with some awful booking. Everything she gained down in NXT seems to be lost on the main roster as she’s turned into “just another talent”. This has time to change and we hope her character gets a new push at some point.

14 Asuka Looking “Not So PG”


Here’s a picture North American wrestling fans probably thought they’d never see as Asuka rocks the leopard inspired bra in the steamy photo above. The photo was taken during her days back in Japan and one can assume you won’t be seeing anything similar during her time with the WWE’s PG company. Asuka pushed the envelope during her time away from the WWE, not only putting on physical matches but even licking her opponents (which provided other steamy moments). Again, don’t expect the same with the WWE.

Instead, her run has been highlighted by stiff kicks and in-ring dominance as she’s still yet to lose a single match. Meltzer called her the best wrestler in the WWE back in 2015 and it seems like the company agrees as she continues to get pushed heavily down in NXT and likely, ongoing onto the main roster.

13 A Recent “Not So PG” Summer Rae Pic

We’ve seen the WWE squander numerous talents throughout the years, with a large talent pool, they’ve made more messes than good decisions. When it comes to the Women’s Division, many look at the use of Emma and Summer Rae as the big time let downs in terms of properly booking talents. Rae isn’t the most gifted in the ring, but she has the persona and charisma to back up what she lacks inside of the ring. However, she remains on the sidelines still waiting for some type of use. At this point, at the age of 33, many just expect her contract to run out.

If you want to follow her current journey you can do so by giving her a follow via Instagram. She has over 1.5 million followers and if you like the pictures of the “Not So PG” nature, you’ll love her profile. The picture you see above is a recent fiery pic taken by the WWE Superstar.

12 Alexa Bliss “Not So PG” Throwback


You don’t hear stories like Alexa’s all that often in the world of sports and entertainment. How did she get in the WWE system, you ask? Well, she simply applied online and got a call back by the company. Before she knew it, the diminutive heel was working at the Performance Center performing her craft as an up-and-coming Superstar. Fast-forward to now, and she’s the first ever Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion; so yeah, things worked out pretty well we’d say.

Before joining the WWE, Bliss pursued a career as a competitive bodybuilder; she even put her great physique to good use as a model. As you see in the throwback shot above, she’s got some “Not So PG” pictures from her past. Those things are just that however, a thing of the past, as she continues to enjoy massive success as the top female heel in the company at the moment.

11 Lana Working A “Not So PG” Love Scene

Seems like the WWE took Eva’s exact character and gave it to Lana, as she is currently using the persona over on SmackDown Live as an in-ring talent. She’s lost every match to Naomi thus far, so you can say the WWE butchered her right out of the gate.

Her run in the WWE is mostly known for rocking some of the steamiest “Not So PG” outfits alongside her husband Rusev. Sports and entertainment wasn’t always the plan for Lana though, as she had other aspirations (as an actress and musician). Many believe she’s using the WWE as a platform for future work in other industries but hey, that’s just speculation. Looking at her past work, she did have a “Not So PG” scene outside of the ring as she appeared on the show Banshee, back in 2013. Playing the role of Crystal, Lana was looking “rated R” in an intimate scene on the show which even featured some partial nudity. Rusev must not have been pleased!

10 Foley’s “Not So PG” Baby Girl


Stealing our heart one picture at a time, Noelle is hotter than a firecracker. Seriously though, most fans still chuckle at how Mick was able to create such a stunning looking human-being. It’s just so darn unbelievable!

At this point, Noelle is mostly known for her incredibly good looks as they’ve been on full display via Instagram. To her credit, she’s gained a huge following because of her beauty and she’s even a sought-after figure during wrestling conventions. Pictures of the “Not So PG” nature are very common when it comes to Noelle, whether she’s strutting her stuff in Calvin gear or rocking a US inspired swimsuit, she’s got it all going on, all the time. We celebrate her “Not So PG” ways with this breathtaking selfie mirror shot as she showcases that “Not So PG” booty!

9 Paige’s Post-WWE “Not So PG Outfit”

Such an outfit would likely not fly in the world of the WWE as Paige pushes limits with this “Not So PG” outfit. She poses alongside flowers that were given to her by Del Rio. This picture was taken back in October, almost a year ago, and boy, have things changed since then.

The relationship continues to be on a downward spiral between the two. Del Rio is clearly losing his mind taking constant jabs at the WWE while Paige just usually watches on uncomfortably. Things recently took another turn for the worst as Del Rio and Paige got caught fighting with one another inside of an airport. In the footage, Paige ripped Del Rio for abusing her and his constant drug-use. Alarm bells set off after the leaked audio with Paige’s own brothers making statements that they were worried about their sister.


8 Emma During Her “Not So PG” Emmalina Days


WWE really takes their fanbase for granted at times, as they’ve constantly promoted wrestlers to debut or return on a specific date, only to see that same concept be forgotten about. We recently saw it with Rusev but we saw another example prior with the Emmalina gimmick. For weeks and weeks she was set to debut, only to see the gimmick get put on the backburner time and time again. Once she debuted, the gimmick was laughably put on the shelf soon after. It appears that the WWE didn’t buy into her portrayal with the character. It was truly unbelievable especially looking at all the “Not So PG” vignettes that were done in anticipation of her debut.

We do have the pictures to remember Emma’s beauty from the character. She posted numerous “Not So PG” photos via her Instagram and man, were they ever smoking! At the very least, we’ve got those to look back on from the failed gimmick.

7 Charlotte’s “Not So PG” Bikini Picture

Charlotte in a bikini? Yes. It appears as though it did happen and with WWE cameras as well. The photos of the shoot were casually posted on a miscellaneous spread featuring photos that didn’t make galleries. Looking curvaceous and stunning, we wonder how such a shoot didn’t make the albums; but thankfully, we still have the pics at our disposal.

Charlotte’s likely not losing any sleep over it as she continues her dominance as a tremendous in-ring performer. The WWE wisely chose to keep things fresh with The Queen, shipping her off to SmackDown just when she reached her peek on Raw. It’s clear, the WWE wants to protect her legacy and the move did exactly that. Look for a future title run over on the Tuesday show in the near future, along with a long awaited feud with the dominant NXT Champion Asuka.

6 Carmella Looking “Not So PG” In Her Calvins


We celebrate Carmella’s stunning beauty with this recent “Not So PG” picture posted to her Instagram account. Sporting the Calvin Klein gear, Carmella makes us realize just how much we hate Big Cass for landing such a jaw-dropping female. Damn you, Cass and heck, damn you, Ellsworth (while we’re at it).

Like Bliss, Carmella came into the WWE with nothing but athleticism from previous crafts such as cheerleading. Due to her great personality and charisma, the WWE has decided to push Carmella, giving her the rights to being named the first Mrs. Money in the Bank female briefcase holder. That’s an accomplishment she can carry around forever and it really speaks volume as to how highly the company sees her nowadays. We can accept a future title run by the Massachusetts native over on SmackDown Live.

5 Sasha’s “Not So PG” Glutes

Sasha truly has it all. Not only is she gifted inside of the squared circle but she also has the beauty to back it up; Sasha is unquestionably the total package in the Women’s Division. She remains a big time player over on the Raw brand and you can expect that to continue for quite some time. We expect her character to really take shape once she makes the turn to villain.

We just celebrated her in-ring career and now let’s celebrate those “Not So PG” assets. You know you’ve got booty when fans make a Twitter account dedicated to your backside. Numerous pics have surfaced of Banks’ booty, whether she’s kicking butt in the ring, or looking candid like she does in the shot you see in the picture above. Seems like Sasha and her good buddy Bayley, are eating their cereals on a daily basis.

4 “All Red” Dana Looking “Not So PG”


Move aside Eva (wherever you are), it seems like Dana was also rocking the "all-red-everything" look at one point as featured in this throwback shot. Brooke looks sculpted in the picture and it was likely taken after one of her bodybuilding competitions. It was there when she was spotted by the WWE.

She looks mighty fine in the “Not So PG” photo above, but in truth, her main roster run has been the exact opposite. Brooke was called up prematurely and it affected her push big time. It was obvious that Dana wasn’t able to keep up with the experienced main roster talent and it turned her into an afterthought way too quickly. At this point, returning to NXT would seem like the best option but the company is likely unwilling to do so as they push a new crop down in Hunter’s world. It’ll be interesting to see if Dana can wiggle herself out of this or if her WWE days will just continue to subside as time goes on.

3 Maria Kanellis Looking “Not So PG” Outside Of The WWE

First off, we applaud Maria for finding her way back to the WWE. It isn’t easy to do, but she did so based off of her superb managerial skills alongside husband Mike Bennett (aka, Mike Kanellis). After leaving the WWE several years ago in 2010, she completely resurfaced with a new identity on the indies with the likes of ROH, TNA and New Japan. Her work with New Japan was quite noteworthy as she played an edgy, provocative character, something you don’t see too often with the overseas promotion. The picture above celebrates her time on the indies with this “Not So PG” photo as she distracts one of her adversaries.

Kanellis is back in the WWE as of the summer of 2017, alongside her husband. The two are set to debut inside of the ring at a PPV when they take on Sami Zayn at the upcoming Battleground event (Maria as the valet to Mike, of course).

2 Nikki “Not So PG” On YouTube


The Bella Empire continues to grow despite the fact that both twins are spending time away from the company nowadays. The Bellas have kept relevant on multiple platforms, whether it be through reality TV, social media platforms like Instagram, or even, getting a little more creative with YouTube vlogs.

Yup, you can follow The Bellas journey via YouTube; the sisters have a huge following of over 750K subscribers. Some of their videos have hit the million count and that’s likely because of the “Not So Pg” content featuring Nikki in minimal clothing. The picture above is the biggest example of that, as Bella took it all off alongside partner John Cena, in celebration of half a million subscribers. The video has over a million clicks, which isn’t all that shocking.

1 Steph’s “Not So PG” Tire Flip

Relatively new Stephanie McMahon “Not So PG” content isn’t the easiest to come by. Back in the early 2000s, Stephanie pushed the envelope with some edgy outfits, however, being the Chief Branding Officer of the company and a huge advocate for women around the world, she’s cleaned up her act in the last few years. However, this is a rare “Not So PG” shoot she took part in and one we definitely needed to showcase.

We’ve rarely seen her in a bathing suit (like, ever), but this photo shows off that edgy side as she takes part in some outdoor workouts. From tire flipping to sledgehammer shots, this shoot had it all and it pushed the boundaries of PG.

For those of you that miss Stephanie, not to worry, she's expected be back with Raw shortly.

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