15 Photos Of Conor McGregor's Girlfriend

Dee Devlin, if you haven’t come across her yet, is the girlfriend of Conor McGregor. They’ve been together for eight years, and she has stuck by his side on the way to the top. When they got together, he was just a 19-year-old who loved to fight. Now he’s known all over the world as a champion. One might say that she got pretty lucky – but looking at her, you’d have to agree that he is lucky too.

They met in a nightclub in Dublin, and soon formed a bond which lasts until this day. Dee recently gave birth to their first child together, also called Conor after his father. She isn’t just McGregor’s girlfriend and baby momma, however – she plays a much more important role in his career. She is part of his training team, helping him to keep fit and focused before every fight and ensuring that he is in the best shape possible.

Now 30, the Irish beauty has been turning heads since McGregor hit the stratosphere with his upcoming showdown against Floyd Mayweather. She goes to watch him ringside every time he fights and she’s clearly devoted to her man, but that doesn’t mean you can’t admire a few photos of her.

We’ve dug up images that show her private life, and this is one woman who knows how to dress for a party. You’ll see what we mean…


15 After His Win

This is the one shot that really got everyone interested in who Dee Devlin is. At that point, for many, she was just a nameless woman who happened to be cheering on her boyfriend, but not many people realized how integral a part of his success she was. She was so happy when he managed to defeat Brazil’s Jose Aldo that she ran up and hugged him, throwing her arms around his neck and crying. She cries when he loses, too – the reaction video of one of his losses has been played many times, as she stands up and dramatically gasps with a look of pure misery on her face. It’s clear that she is all in when he’s in the ring. Not only does she desperately want him to win, but she also has the concern of not wanting her man to get badly injured during each fight!

14 Waiting For Her Man


Dee is always hugely anxious when Conor is fighting. Perhaps one of the hardest things is that she can’t be right by his side at all times, but has to watch from the sidelines along with everybody else. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, as you can see in this shot. She said, “The first time I went to see Conor fight there was 50 people in a room, and I thought 'There's no way you can be more nervous than this' but each time it's just getting that more and more nerve-wracking.” When the fight is over, she obviously wants nothing more than to run to him, hold him, and make sure that he isn’t too badly hurt. Instead, she has to wait while he does his bit for the camera and goes through the proper proceedings, which must feel like torture for her.

13 Getting Fit At The Gym

Who doesn’t love a gym selfie? Dee looks great in this shot, which was taken at the gym while she was preparing for a session. She’s brave enough not to wear makeup and to have her hair away from her face without being styled, so you know she’s a real gym bunny and not just a poser. She has a fantastic body, and you can see that really clearly in her yoga pants and gym top. The tight clothing doesn’t leave any room for error and frankly, she doesn’t make any. This is the kind of woman that could make you lose your concentration at the gym! It would be worth it to admire her toned abs and well-proportioned body in the flesh. Not too closely, though – you know her boyfriend could easily knock you out! He’s taken on men larger than him and won, so there’s no reason he couldn’t take on anyone at the gym.

12 Night Out With Her Man


In this shot, it looks like Dee and Conor are on a night out and she wanted to showcase how great they both look. She has a really knowing look in her eye, as if to brag about how good she has it. She has a lot to brag about, too, even disregarding McGregor – she is smoking hot in this shot. You can see how devoted they are to one another, and he doesn’t ever pass up the opportunity to let people know it. "My girlfriend worked very hard throughout the years and stuck by me when I had essentially absolutely nothing,” he said in an interview. "For me to be able to take her out of work, give her everything she's ever wanted and to travel the world with her fills me with pride. It keeps me going." It’s not a bad motivation to have when you’re in the ring, facing the difference between a win and a loss.

11 Before It All Began

This side-by-side comparison shows Dee and McGregor back when he first started fighting, compared with how they look today. You can see that they have both gone through a lot of changes. Dee has changed her hairstyle for a more flattering cut, which we are definitely a fan of. She has also matured and now wears a more subtle makeup look rather than thick black eyeliner. It’s also easy to see that McGregor was just a kid when they got together! She has been there for him every step of the way. “I definitely try to help him out all the time, even without realizing it - especially around a fight because it's such a tough time with his weight,” she says. "I cook, clean, pack his gym bag, all that kind of stuff." After eight years of this, you would think she deserves a bit of the limelight – and she’s getting it! It just goes to show that hard work does pay off.

10 Selfie In The Dark


This was obviously taken in a place with dim lighting, but Dee has found a light source to illuminate her face for a great selfie. She looks absolutely perfect in this shot. She has straight white teeth, fantastic makeup, and even her nails are on point. She has great, clear skin, and her eyes are really enchanting. She’s definitely a good-looking lass, with or without all of the makeup. This shot just goes to show exactly how lucky McGregor is, to have a lady on his arm who is this beautiful and has also supported him every step of the way. How many sportsmen can say that they’ve got that? It looks like their relationship is going to stay the distance, too, since they have had their first child together earlier this year. They are both proud parents, as you can see from everything they share on social media since the birth.

9 Before The VIP Style Awards

Getting invited to the VIP Style Awards generally means that you’re known for being pretty stylish yourself. That is definitely the case for McGregor, who knows how to rock a suit better than most fighters would. Dee is also known for getting dressed up in her best, and you can see that in this shot of them both getting ready to attend the ceremony. Dee is wearing a stunning red dress which crosses over her chest in a halter-neck style, leaving a triangle of bare flesh right above her midriff. It then splits in the middle right above knee-length, allowing her to pose with one leg stretched out on display. She finished the look with black strappy heels and an elegantly messy updo. That’s definitely the way to show everyone that you know how to rock it with style! Their dog is waiting off in the background while they take a few pre-show shots.


8 That (Little?) Black Dress


This one might not be a little black dress, but it’s definitely black, definitely a dress, and definitely a stunner. Dee looks incredible in this get-up, which she was wearing ahead of a night out. We can see why she wanted to record it for social media – so would we if we looked this hot! She has opted to leave her long hair down in a simple style for this look, and also limited her accessories to a simple watch only. The dress pools around her ankles and will obviously be the right length once she is wearing heels. The long black skirt is matched by a bralet-style top, with cutout parts as well as strappy details over the top. The dress is detailed enough almost to serve as its own necklace, so she made the right decision to not wear any extra jewellery along with it.

7 Looking Into Her Bag

Is she really looking for something in her bag? Probably not – you don’t usually ask your friends to take photographs of you if you’re rummaging around for something that you can’t find. But that’s fair enough, because you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t fake the odd social media snap. This one was for good reason, too, as she looks just stunning while doing it. Her short denim skirt allows her to show off the tattoo that she has on her right thigh, of a delicate feather. She has paired it up with a white lace top for a more casual look. Her hair is arranged in gentle curls which cascade over her face as she looks down into her bag. All in all, it’s clear that she knows she is looking gorgeous, and wants us to see it to. Her toned thighs are a testament to the time that she spends in the gym, getting fit alongside her man.

6 Bikini Beside The Pool


When on holiday, there’s only one way to go. The bikini is a firm favourite of Brits seeking the sun, and Dee is clearly no exception. She is wearing a blue and white patterned bikini here, underneath a floor-length floral blue cover-up. She looks effortlessly chic in the matching ensemble, which really gives her the air of sophistication that makes this shot all the classier. What really gets our attention, however, is how toned her stomach is. This was taken pre-pregnancy and you can really see all of the hours of work that she puts in at the gym, with defined muscle lines across her abs. She looks gorgeous, and it doesn’t hurt that she is in a stunning location too. Palm trees stretch away to the mountains in the distance, and the glass-lined balcony she is standing on also appears to have its own kitchenette and dining area next to the individual sun loungers. Not half swanky at all!

5 Ready For A Pool Party

When having fun with friends at a pool party, Dee shared this shot along with several others of the group having a great time. They were all dressed in swimsuits but done up in a much classier fashion – it seems like this pool party was really just a group of adults getting together for a drink by the pool! These two ladies were rocking black swimsuits easily, and Dee chose a two-piece look with a lot of lace. As well as her bikini, which looks like a simple style, she has topped it off with a lace top and a lace skirt tied at the waist with a thigh-high split. Perfect for lounging beside the pool but still keeping an adult look and staying chic. With her confidence in wearing outfits like this, it’s clear to see that she is proud of the body that she has worked so hard to achieve.

4 Ready For A Party


Here’s another selfie that she shared on the way to a night out. This one was actual a throwback that she was reminiscing about while heavily pregnant, and obviously missing her pre-baby body! Dee is always so supportive of her man, and shared an emotional statement after his win against Mendes. She said, "To say that I am proud is a MAJOR understatement! I am so on cloud 9 right now I can't even put it into words! Thank you to every single person who made the trip out to Vegas to support Conor last night! The place was absolutely buzzin! And to all of the fans at home who also had a big part to play in making this event so special. Hours upon hours, years upon years of hard work and complete dedication to his craft accumulated last night. I am so grateful right now it's overwhelming. We did it babe!! I love you more than anything."

3 Glowing With Pregnancy

A lot of Dee’s recent photos show her heavily pregnant, as she gave birth to Conor Jr in May. It seems like motherhood suits her pretty well, as she is glowing with happiness in this shot. She hasn’t let things slide just because her bump is so big – she’s immaculately turned out in a chic white dress and pale pink long cardigan, with her hair curled and her makeup on point. It doesn’t matter how small the event is, Dee always makes sure that she looks her best. We can certainly respect that in a woman, and she seems to have rubbed off on McGregor too – after all, he didn’t start out wearing those sharp pinstriped suits and ties. These days, he tends to be smartly dressed even in their candid snaps, which is a big change from their early shots. They have both matured into the spotlight pretty well.

2 Mom-To-Be In A Three-Way Mirror


This selfie shows just how proud and excited Dee was about becoming a mother for the first time. She is obviously thrilled, and pregnancy really suits her. She has picked out a lovely dress with a floral print, which is flattering without being too revealing – perfect for an expectant mother. She also paired it up with thigh-high black boots and took to Instagram to share the selfie take in a three-way mirror. She’s clearly not afraid of any imperfections being seen, as you can check out every angle in this bedroom selfie! The room behind her looks very chic and clean, so this shot not only showcases how beautiful she is during pregnancy but also what a great sense of style the couple clearly have. You might even think that it was a hotel room, except for the personal photographs that can be seen on the table behind her.

1 With Conor Jr.

Here’s a shot of the proud mother that she shared with her followers as she held her baby son in her arms. Conor McGregor is still very young at this point but he looks adorable as he sleeps on his mother’s lap. It looks like it was shared from a private plane, which just goes to show how far the family has come! There is definitely a lot to be gained from sticking with and supporting someone that you believe is destined for greatness. Dee opted to go for a low-key daytime makeup look as well as a comfortable sweatshirt for her travelling attire, which is perfect for a flight. Her long, dark hair is tumbling over her shoulder and she couldn’t look any happier than she does here, proudly showing off her son to the world. Here’s hoping that happy times are still ahead of them when McGregor takes on what is set to be the fight of his life.


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