15 Photos Of Christina Aguilera's Most Cringe-Worthy Moments

Its crazy to think how easily we forget that Christina Aguilera is one of the largest selling female artists of all time, she once held a coveted position as America’s next big thing. It's been quite some time since Christina Aguilera blessed us all with her rise to fame through Disney’s hit show Mickey Mouse Club, this diva has had a roller coaster career from raunchy photos to candid interviews; Christina Aguilera has both relished in the limelight and crashed in the shadows. Throughout this article we will examine the “low-lights” and not so shiny sparkles on Aguilera’s tricky past.

A somewhat misunderstood superstar, Christina Aguilera has been a young hot global icon, and a somewhat fanned out old-singer judging younger studs on The Voice. This ex-Grammy award winner has certainly had many reasons to smile through her illustrious career, however she does have several reasons to frown as well. Like most of America’s stars, she has been caught on camera doing some pretty wild things, and posed for countless photos that looking back on now, we can only assume she’d travel back in time to change them immediately. Some not so advantageous vantage points can lead to some harsh reviews from critics, it's safe to say we won't be cutting any corners either.

It's clear that the former time child star has grown into someone much different, the now judge on The Voice has emerged into a more household figure. Instead of moseying through the Christina Aguilera of today, let's take a look at the best moments of her absolute worst days, and rummage through the sealed envelope of Aguilera’s most cringe-worthy moments.

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15 Rafikki? ... Is that you?

via YouTube.com

This lime green catastrophe actually features a youthful Aguilera, and unfortunately the cast and crew didn’t make her look any younger by allowing this picture to leave the set. The ‘medusa’ like braided ensemble was certainly a bold choice, combined with a questionable at best eye shadow this photograph landed itself in Aguilera’s most cringe-worthy pictures simply for its incredible rendition of the peacock. But seriously, even the stars can get caught with their pants down, so to speak; well actually that does happen, but to her credit there has been no nudity from Aguilera.

If this is as bad at it gets for Christina she will be just fine, unfortunately for her we're just getting started.

14 Magenta Makeup FAIL

In this eye shadow debacle, this Magenta Nightmare alone was enough to land itself on our list of pictures Christina Aguilera was desperately trying to hide from the world. Her razor thin eyebrows, pink makeup around her face, she has the shocking resemblance to Jafar from The Lion King. In all seriousness Christina doesn’t look terrible in the photo, however it does make us wonder how she can consistently have so many mental lapses as a superstar in the limelight. Whatever is going on in this picture just simply doesn't work, maybe standing by themselves it would look better, but in collaboration it just seems more like a Picasso painting than a red carpet jaw dropper. Christina Aguilera might be remembered as a sexy pop star, but pictures like this may taint her image.

13 Bad Hair Day

Medusa..is that you? This photo resembles a freak accident at the zoo in which all the snakes have broken free and are on the loose. As if the hair style wasn’t enough, Aguilera coupled the fashion statement with a turquoise hair dye that leaves much to be desired. If you look closely at her hair line, you can see individual strands of hair that seem to have been caught in the crossfire of a spray-tan gun. The multiple colors provided by Aguilera doesn't yell diversity, it screams help. Another bold choice of eye shadow that may have worked in her favor if only we weren't so distracted at the hot tangled mess sitting atop her scalp. Pictures like this one make us question how at one point, Christina Aguilera was an absolute sensation across the globe.

12 Who Doesn't Look Good In Leopard Print?

via Tumblr.com

Whichever exotic animal Christina Aguilera is rocking it needs to go back to its original habitat, and fast. Another bloated Aguilera fist pumping and gazing off in the distance isn’t exactly inspiring. The snow leopard outfit could be an absolute knockout outfit, if only a glamorous model could grace us with it. The pinky ring is another Hail Mary attempt to be cool, while the rest of her jewelry isn’t exactly eye catching. To her credit Aguilera appears youthful yet again, with several battles to fight; Aguilera has not had to battle age as much as others. If youthful exuberance was the goal here Christina wouldn't have a problem, did we mention she’s wearing a leopard print t-shirt?

11 Identity Crisis

via Bustle.com

If one image can summarize a mid-life crisis better than this one, we’d love to catch a glimpse of it. If you take just one look at Christina’s hair it’s indicative of her lifestyle at the time. She can’t seem to pick between braided, dread-locked, blonde or black. With a questionable-at-best eyeshadow choice, multiple facial piercings and fedora-like cap on her head, it would appear that even Christina had no idea what was going on. While most celebrities will explore the deep unknown of wardrobe ensembles, Christina Aguilera should have at least stuck to one common (if only horrendous) theme. Christina Aguilera doesn’t want you to see this photograph for a plethora of reasons, but the main one being her eyebrow’s. A pencil thin portrait of what eyebrows should look like, coupled with a mile-long gaze, Christina appears to be as out-of-it as ever.

10 Dirty Doctor

via Answers from Men

Playing naughty nurse with Jordan Bratman has landed itself on our list of shaky photographs for several reasons; besides the sexual nature of the photo, the picture itself reminds us all of the youthful exuberance that once was Christina Aguilera. Her incredible legs stretch as far as our imagination runs when we think about the glory days of Ms. Genie In A Bottle. The long treacherous road of superstardom seems to have delivered a blow to Aguilera, photographs like this one take us back to the good old days of Christina Aguilera. Her youthful charisma has since vanished, but Christina has remained relevant in the world of popular culture, and for that we commend her. Christina Aguilera is beautiful in her own right, but pictures like this one probably remind her of just how center-stage her old soul truly was.

9 Stephen King's IT

via StyleBlazer.com

At first glance you might think that this image was plucked from a new rendition of Stephen King’s horror phenomenon IT. With the pink afro, the holy crown that looks more like knives piercing Aguilera’s skull, and clown-like makeup it’s not hard to see why we have drawn a comparison with the killer clown film. If the pop artist was going for a provocative look then she hit a home run, if she was attempting for us to take her seriously then she miserably struck out. More power to Christina Aguilera for taking a risk on a live television show, especially one as popular as The Voice, however hindsight being 20/20, she might have revised her incredulous plot to impress us with such a horrendous outfit choice.

8 Dropping It Down Low...

via Pinterest.com

In what might seem as a series of unfortunate eyeshadow and glitter mishaps, Aguilera strikes again with a clutch of sinister and insidious applications of the same mistake. As an almost perpetuating mistake of heavily applied makeup, Aguilera has appeared to be caught fresh out of a champagne shower, only with glitter. Like she just won a gameshow in which pounds of glitter fell effortlessly from the ceiling, the pop artist grips her microphone and acts like she's singing a rendition of her own music on a karaoke machine in her living room. Not to mention the fishnets, photographs like this one remind us all too bluntly just how far Christina has travelled in her career (and subsequently all of us). Images like these we can only imagine must leave Christina Aguilera scrambling for the delete button.

7 Put Genie Back In The Bottle

In a series of wardrobe malfunctions, a skin tight pink fish-net ensemble might just take the cake. With the feeling of a Nickelodeon front page cover, Aguilera looks youthful even if unrefined. The zebra pants have thankfully been cropped to only half the page so we aren't stuck staring at the entire debacle. With her hands in an upright fashion in an almost prayer-like pose, the image has every necessary piece to be condemned as one of Aguilera’s worst yet. Not to mention the fact that Aguilera looks as though she just hopped out of a tanning bed in which she forgot to set an alarm. Her natural beauty has been covered up by a wardrobe that would leave any of America’s finest models scrambling for answers.

6 Professor Plum, With The Lamp...

via Abc.com

We're not sure if this is red carpet material, or a backup suit for Barney. To be fair this camera angle allows for an abysmal vantage point of her (not so sexy) aging style. This photograph cannot be one of Christina Aguilera’s most coveted of shots, however it just might be for the very opposite reason, to make sure no one else sees it. Conversely, Aguilera does still show some sassiness and spunk with her look, unfortunately there’s no hiding her frame, which obviously has undergone some changes and fortified its walls. Still Aguilera continues to rock the boat among other superstars and continues to remain relevant in a society that thrives on instant gratification. Aguilera is as popular as ever; well maybe not ever, but still she continues to provide a spark for fans viewing pleasure.

5 Skinny Girl

Despite the fact that Christina Aguilera looks incredibly young, the real reason this photo made our list is because of just how incredibly in shape she is. As many of us know it can get harder and harder to combat father time and the aging of the human body, Christina Aguilera proves no exception. As you have seen by now Aguilera’s career has shape-shifted in several forms, and her body has clearly been one of them. Christina doesn't want us to view this photo just as bad as she doesn't want to see it, we imagine she is just as captivated by this picture and her bomb body as much as we are; problem is she doesn't look the same way now.

4 Self-Tanner Disaster

In one of the most shocking oversights from Aguilera’s career came when she was performing live at Etta James’ memorial service. The picture drew much controversy about what the exact origins of the obvious streak running down her leg were. Some had the audacity to claim that the streak developed because it was ‘that time of the month’, but the more likely scenario would appear to be a mishap at the tanning salon. No matter where the streak came from it is certainly not what Christina would like people to be talking about during a performance at a memorial. Christina Aguilera killed the show, belting out notes that rival some of the best singers in the world, but unfortunately in comparison, the streak stole the show.

3 99 Problems And Resting (Female Dog) Face Is Most Definitely One

via Glamour.com

Hey, eyes up here! If you haven’t initiated a blinking contest already we can assure you Christina is winning this one, no debate. This picture does feature much more sex appeal than the others, which makes it weird it landed on our list of most cringe worthy moments of Christina Aguilera’s life. While it does offer quite the eye candy for your viewing pleasure, why the hell not? During an epic stare off we decided you guys just had to see this, Aguilera has some serious fire in her eyes in this photograph. We are pretty sure Christina doesn’t adore this picture, and even if she’s only half as mad as she looks in this picture she would still be pretty upset.

2 What Went Up, Has Come Down..

Oh yeah, that’s why Christina Aguilera was such a phenomenon; she was absolutely stunning. Christina probably doesn't want to even look at this picture herself, who would want to be reminded of an almost perfect image that has since struggled to bare any resemblance? When we stumbled upon this picture we were in awe at just how gorgeous Christina Aguilera truly once was, not to say that she still isn't magnificent looking; but come on, there’s absolutely no comparison. The golden blonde hair and seductive smile is enough to make us weak, coupled with one of the most beautiful voices and it’s enough to knock us flat on the floor. Christina must be desperately trying to light these images on fire for the very reason it made our list; she doesn't want to come to the realization that she used to look this stunning.

1 Look Back At It...?

via Everything Celebs

In a not-so-advantageous view of Christina from her side profile, the less than skinny Aguilera is flaunting some seriously thick thighs. Much thicker than we are accustomed to seeing, Christina has been known to rock a usually star-studded physique. Christina most likely doesn’t want us to see this photograph because even she wishes this image could fall into the abyss that also swallowed her superior popularity. In hopes that our eyes would deviate from her hips, she chose to rock three excessive rings on her hand; unfortunately for her they haven't swayed our view from her hips. With a hair-do that could rival Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Aguilera seems to be doing anything to distract us from her fortified walls.

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