15 Photos Of Celebs Being Bad Parents

While there was a certain amount of media scrutiny during the era of Old Hollywood, the amount of attention that celebrities must endure in today’s technologically-savvy world is far more. The paparazzi are bad enough but nowadays, anyone with a Smartphone can become a citizen journalist to spy on celebrities in their regular lives. There have been a number of incidents that have been caught on camera, painting some of the hottest celebrities as horrible parents to their children. While it’s bad enough to be scrutinized on the red carpet, it’s a completely different story when the criticism revolves around their parenting skills.

The world of celebrities is often painted as a lifestyle filled with all of the luxuries in the world and the very best of everything. Yet, having a safe and enjoyable childhood is a priceless commodity that doesn’t always befall the rich and famous. In fact, sometimes the amount of fame and fortune can be a hindrance to having a normal childhood. From celebrity mothers that can’t be bothered to take care of their own children to parents that have used their kids to further their own luxury lifestyles, it seems like there are more stories of tragedy than there are of happy families in Hollywood. Because of the increased scrutiny of every little moment in a celebrity’s life, there are some parenting incidents that have caused a debate as to whether or not it truly called their parental skills into question. Yet, there are others that have even the most sympathetic individual to scratch their heads in confusion. Check out our list of the 15 photos showing questionable celebrity parenting skills and decide what your take is on their abilities.

15 Britney Spears Driving With Her Baby On Her Lap

When Britney Spears first revealed that she was going to be a mother, she had already exhibited signs that her mental capacity wasn’t all there. People started to reference the fact that she gained fame at a very young age and that being in the glaring spotlight weighed on her. There had been troubles in her personal life that even further added to her stress level and becoming a new mother was going to be difficult for her. A number of photos surfaced with Spears driving around with her baby in her lap and people were shocked that she couldn’t even be bothered to put her child in a proper car seat. There were other photos that showed her in a fragile state and her baby narrowly missed being dropped to the ground.

14 Madonna Posting Photo Of Underage Son With Liquor

Madonna’s relationship with her son, Rocco, has been highly scrutinized in recent years. His personal life has been kept relatively private but all of the headlines stemming from Rocco have been very unflattering to Madonna’s parenting skills. One instance involved Madonna sharing a photo of Rocco when he was just 13-years-old and he was surrounded by liquor in a party atmosphere. Many felt like she was promoting underage drinking and they wondered what kind of lifestyle Rocco was living with his pop star mother. After the demise of Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie, Rocco began making headlines again because of his unwillingness to live with Madonna. Instead, he ran off across the pond to stay with his father and made quite a few damaging statements about what it’s like to live with Madonna.

13 Madonna’s Underage Daughter Smoking And Drinking

Madonna first started her career by stirring up controversies through her music videos and scantily clad ensembles. Rebelling from her strict Catholic upbringing, Madonna has had to address this constant theme throughout her career. Now that she’s a mother, it is a little surprising that she would have such an opposite take on how she wants to raise her own children. It doesn’t surprise people that she would have a more relaxed attitude towards their clothing or style but it is surprising that she wouldn’t care about their smoking or drinking. Lourdes was photographed a number of times, smoking at the tender age of 15-years-old. She was also photographed underage drinking while at one of Madonna’s concerts. While there are some parental rules that have become obsolete in recent years, promoting underage drinking and allowing a young teenage girl to take on smoking isn’t exactly a way to show off stellar parenting skills.

12 Jamie-Lynn Spears Daughter Driving An ATV

There was a time when Jamie-Lynn Spears, the younger sister of Britney Spears, was trying to make a name for herself in the celebrity world. She was even photographed with her older sister, partying and indulging in some late night endeavors. Yet, she dropped out of the spotlight and became only known for settling down and having a relatively calm family life. While she started her family at the super young age of just 16-years-old, people were able to get over that tidbit as she seemed like she was falling into her role as a mother quite easily. However, she seemed to be a little dangerous in what she allowed her daughter, Maddie, to partake in and even posted photos of her daughter driving an ATV. Recently, Maddie had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital because she was in an ATV when it flipped.

11 Charlize Theron Man-Handling Her Child

The public has always felt a little skeptical about Hollywood stars that seek to adopt children when they are single. Ever since horrifying depictions like in Mommy Dearest, there has been a scrutinizing eye on how Hollywood starlets treat their children. When Charlize Theron revealed that she had adopted a young boy, there were some that were waiting for the other shoe to drop. That day came when Theron was photographed trying to wrangle her toddler in the parking lot and the entire ordeal was captured by the paparazzi. Although there were a number of mothers that came forward to argue that this was just a normal temper tantrum moment with a child, there were others that felt her man-handling of the child was far too excessive.

10 Drew Barrymore Partying At 9 Years Old

While the world remembers Drew Barrymore from her time as a child actress, not many realize how difficult it was for her to obtain fame at such a young age. She was instantly thrown into the celebrity lifestyle after her 1982 film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and her mother was using the fame status to get herself into all of the top Hollywood clubs. Jaid Barrymore was notorious for dragging her 9-year-old to nightclubs and Hollywood parties, which is the main reason how Drew was introduced to substance abuse at such a young age. She had her first drink at 9-years-old, started smoking marijuana at 10 years old and then took on cocaine at the age of 12. After being institutionalized at the age of 13, Barrymore went through a difficult time to try and emancipate herself from her parents.

9 Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter In The Other Industry

Laurence Fishburne is thought of as an A-list actor that has appeared in some of the most iconic films on the big screen. While his character from the Matrix franchise was definitely a strong and formidable individual, he didn’t exactly have the same stance on his parenting choices. In 2010, Fishburne’s newly 18-year-old daughter, Montana, decided to join the xxx-rated adult film industry. She made a statement about how she admired Kim Kardashian and all that she’s accomplished from her sex tape. This delusional thinking was absolutely shocking and even more so as the daughter of a huge film star. Reportedly, her father tried everything to get it from being distributed and circulated but the damage was already done. It seems strange that Morpheus could battle the Matrix but can’t seem to get his daughter under control.

8 Mama June Continues Relationship With Pedophile

When Mama June was introduced to the world through the TLC series, Toddlers & Tiaras, there weren’t any awards being given out for her parenting skills. Yet, there was something humble about the way she lived with her family and the pageantry was something that was seen as a fun activity, rather than a way of life. The spin-off series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, showed more of their home life and the family actually gained a sizable fanbase. However, that all came to an end when it was revealed that Mama June was having a secret relationship with Mark McDaniel, a newly released child molester straight from prison. McDaniel was convicted for sexually abusing Mama June’s daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, when she was just 8-years-old. After being released from prison, she resumed her relationship with her daughter’s abuser and carried on having an estranged relationship with her daughter.

7 Octomom Completely Overwhelmed By Her 14 Kids

Nadya Suleman now goes by the name, Natalie, but she used to be known solely as Octomom. In a time when the world was crazy for families with a lot of kids, Octomom fit right in with other TV characters like Jon & Kate Gosselin and the Duggar family. Yet, her circumstance was quite different from the others because she wasn’t one-half of a couple. She became famous after giving birth to a set of octuplets after already having a set of octuplets at home. She didn’t have a job, used public assistance programs to provide for her children and used IVF to conceive her children. When Suleman allowed cameras to follow her daily routine with all of those children, the world saw that she was completely overwhelmed and wasn’t physically capable of giving each child enough attention in a day. This particular photo was taken in May of 2009 when she was photographed with her kids at the park. She proved that she wasn’t able to properly care for all of her young kids and definitely needed more help to make sure the children were safe and taken care of.

6 Kim Kardashian Ignoring Her Daughter

When Kim Kardashian became romantically linked to Kanye West, it was difficult for the public to truly embrace their relationship as real. She had already taken the world on a roller coaster of various relationships, from Ray J to Reggie Bush to Kris Humphries. It wasn’t until she had her first child with West that the world started to get a little less skeptical about their relationship. Yet, it’s become apparent that motherhood hasn’t changed Kim from her former self. Unlike her sister, Kourtney, which is depicted as a caring and attentive mother, Kim has had more parenting snafus than quality mother-daughter moments. From taking her daughter to venues that were far from kid-friendly to ignoring her daughter altogether, Kim Kardashian won’t be named “Mother of the Year” anytime soon.

5 Mariah Carey Using Her Kids As Accessories

When Cribs showed a behind-the-scenes look at Mariah Carey, the world was able to see who the diva music artist was when she wasn’t on the stage. The over-the-top moments lived on in infamy, from the lavish onscreen bubble bath to the lingerie closet. Her persona has always been very much into herself so people wondered what kind of mother she would become. When she had her twins with her then-husband, Nick Cannon, it seemed like she truly adored her kids because she was constantly posting photos of them. From Disney vacations to costumed family pictures, Carey’s social media was always filled with some adorable photo of her twins. However, once her marriage came to an end, people began seeing a different side to Carey’s parenting choices. While dating James Packer, Carey was highly criticized for introducing her children to him so quickly and even skipped time with their father to be on vacation with Carey and her new beau. Her reality series, Mariah’s World, showed moments where she treated the children more like accessories to her lavish lifestyle and she’s often photographed completely ignoring them while they call out to her.

4 Scott Disick Left His Son In A Hot Car

Scott Disick has never been thought of as a role model for anything since he’s been painted as a lackluster partner and father for years. While there are moments on Keeping Up with the Kardashians where he seemed somewhat attentive, the majority of his storyline has always surrounded around his substance abuse and over-partying ways. Kourtney Kardashian is thought of as the primary caregiver to the kids, while Disick is rarely seen as a true parent. In August 2012, the paparazzi caught Disick on an outing with his son, Mason, and it became perfectly clear why he isn’t often given sole charge of the kids. On a scorching summer day in Calabasas, Disick left Mason in the car while he left to go to a newsstand. Witnesses reported that he was gone for up to 15 minutes while Mason waited in the hot car.

3 Dina Lohan Partying With Her Daughter

There have been a number of controversies surrounding parents of celebrity kids, with many of them referred to as a stage parent with overbearing tendencies. Yet, there is something far worse than being a pushy parent in Hollywood since being a groupie is much more damaging. When Lindsay Lohan started off her acting career, no one seemed to hear much about her parents, Dina and Michael. Yet, once she became of drinking age and was able to get into all the Hollywood hotspots, the public saw far more of Dina and Michael. Just as Lindsay began to spiral out of control, her parents were making sure they could drop her name at the door and get some reality show appearances for themselves. This photo of Lindsay partying with her mother is just one example of how little Dina did to try and get her daughter back on track.

2 Kate Gosselin Mocking Asian People

When Jon and Kate Gosselin were first introduced to audiences, TLC coined them as a modern-day family that was getting through the trials and tribulations of having eight children. The world quickly fell in love with this mixed-cultural family of 10 and loved to see the kids grow up in front of the cameras. While the kids were always cute and full of personality, the relationship between Kate and Jon was horribly dysfunctional. The two ultimately divorced, which led to a nasty back-and-forth that played out in the tabloids. During this time, Jon reportedly leaked a photo from Kate’s personal computer and it caused many to question whether or not Kate was the best person to be a role model for her kids. In the photo, Kate wore a plastic geisha wig and could be seen pulling her eyes into a slanted expression. Kate tried to explain the photo by saying that she was trying to show the kids what she would look like if she were Asian.

1 Michael Jackson Dangling A Baby Over Balcony

Michael Jackson’s professional reputation consisted of him being known as a consummate performer and a perfectionist that wanted to give his all to his fans. Yet, his personal life was filled with scandals and questionable parenting moments that made it difficult to ignore. Jackson never spent any real jail time for the child sexual abuse accusations but public opinion caused a permanent stain on his reputation. None of the allegations came from his own children but the world began wondering what kind of father he truly was behind-the-scenes. After his passing, the world finally got an explanation as to why his children wore full head coverings to avoid being photographed. Paris came out and spoke about how the face coverings were used because it helped them to have a normal life. Yet, the incident involving Jackson dangling his new baby over the railing of a hotel balcony cannot be explained. Jackson eventually came out with an apology and said that it was a “horrible mistake” but it was beyond strange that he would think this was appropriate behavior.

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