15 Photos Of Brutal Celeb-Fan Meetings

We’ve all heard the expression “Never meet your heroes”. Many believe that this is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes this is because when we put a person, or a character they play in film or on TV, or how we perceive them through their music, on a pedestal, we’re doomed to be disappointed with our experiences meeting them in real life, because after all they are only human. Public relations and a keenly curated image is meant to keep fans wanting more from celebs.

But what about when people get to meet their idol. Most of the time us regular folks aren’t going to make an impression on them, especially if you’re meeting at a planned meet and greet event or press junket where they meet hundreds of people in just one sitting. When we’re excited to meet the person who’s been a huge influence on our lives, we’re bound to get carried away, or even embarrass ourselves. Then there’s the big question, what if a person whose work has meant the world to you acts like a complete jerk? What if they do something strange, or cop a feel? Do you risk losing a hero for a photo op that might humanize someone who up until you meet them seems larger than life?

These fans decided to take their chances and went all in when meeting their fav stars, cameras first. Here are 15 of the most awkward, bizarre, and candid celebrity photos that truly speak more than a thousand words. These are photographic evidence of some of the most brutally honest celebrity/fan encounters.


15 Get Off Khloe's Back

While we see so much of the Kardashian family it might feel like we know them, we don’t. It’s generally a good rule that if you wouldn’t do something to a stranger on an elevator, probably don’t try it with a celebrity who is likely surrounded by a security team who is going to kick your butt for acting like a giant creeper. I’m pretty sure that if Khloe Kardashian turns down an opportunity for a photo with a fan she really means it, and doesn’t want you to jump on her back piggyback style like you’re her human knapsack. A simple tap on the shoulder would have been a lot more effective at getting her attention. We’re not lip readers, but I’m pretty sure she’s about to yell, “Yo! Get off me!”

14 Bieber Gets Grabby


Meeting a teen (or former teen) heartthrob like Justin Bieber is many a young lady's dream. There have been some pretty strange run-ins between the Biebs and his fan base, mainly involving him as the offending party to make things uncomfortable. Some pics show him smelling a fan’s hair, or getting uncomfortably close. In this picture Justin thought, “Can you pose for this picture” also gave him consent to go in for a grope, because much like a spoiled kid Bieber takes what he wants. At least the awkward goes both ways, as fan Erika shares, “I drove three hours to attend a Justin Bieber concert and meet-and-greet. He was only 17, and I was 21. I debated what I would say to him once I met him, since it would be a really brief meeting while a picture was taken. I walked up to him and asked him if he farted. He gave me this weird look and then I told him, ‘because you just blew me away’… I left the room and security followed me out and told me I had creeped him out.”

13 Will Smith Kiss Of Death

Will Smith seems like a pretty cool guy who appreciates the support he gets from fans. There are so many amazing pictures of Big Willy giving a grin or posing for a selfie with fans. So what could someone do to make someone as easy going about fan photography like Will Smith get angry? I think we have your answer. Asking for a posed photo is one thing, but touching that celeb without their permission is a big 'no no'. This reporter/fan decided that a photo wasn’t enough and decided to go in for a European kiss with Will. As you can see, Will doesn’t just seem unimpressed, he’s furious.  He even slaps the guy. Can you imagine some stranger walking up to you and kissing you, twice? Just because someone is in the public eye, doesn’t mean they’re public property. Lesson of the day: Don’t get fresh with The Fresh Prince.

12 Nicolas Cage In The Worst Picture Ever


One of the reasons someone becomes a star is because they’re fairly photogenic. This photo is awkward because it’s possibly one of the worst photos of Nicolas Cage in existence. By the look on Nicolas Cage’s face in this fan photo, we’re guessing that his sleeping medication was just starting to kick in when this fan asked him to strike a pose. While he was a good sport about it, we’d bet money that he was wishing he’d sprung for a private jet, or a first class curtain he could wrap himself in. It makes you wonder, did this fan not check her phone to make sure that everyone’s eyes were open, or is this one of a series of photos, in all of which Cage is attempting to get some shut eye?

11 Hugh Grant Not Feeling The Love, Actually

Hugh Grant has made a career out of being that charming Brit we see in Rom Coms. In the movies his awkward charm wins everyone over, but based on this incredibly bungling picture we’re guessing he does better with a script than he does interacting with fans. This picture looks closer to his infamous mug shot after the Devine Brown incident than a happy meeting with a fan. This photo has Grant looking like he’s guilty of something (perhaps shoplifting a Blue Ray Disc that he hid under his blazer?). The store clerk, who we’re assuming asked for the photo is barely cracking a smile, making the picture look as if the store is obtaining photographic evidence of a shop lifter. We’re not quite sure if this clerk’s arm is around the celeb or if he’s apprehended him and is about to take him into the store’s office for questioning.

10 Edward Furlong Cops A Feel


Back in the day Edward Furlong was that hot young up-and-comer from Terminator 2: Judgement Day and American History X. It didn’t take long for things to get weird. In addition to dating Soleil Moon Frye, Natasha Lyonne, and Paris Hilton, the star began dating his 29-year-old tutor (who later became his manager) when he was just 14. After they broke-up she sued him for assault and 15 percent of his earnings. He has been arrested twice (once for a DUI and another time for driving without a license) and has been hospitalized for a possible overdose. The animal activist has also been arrested for trying to set lobsters free at a grocery store. While Furlong says he’s been sober since 2002, that doesn’t mean he’s not still capable of some pretty impulsive and strange behaviour, like copping a feel of a fan during this awkward picture. Edward should appreciate the fans he has with a nice smile, instead of man handling them like a creep, just saying.

9 Katy Perry Middle School Dance Pose

Katy Perry isn’t afraid to get silly with a fan, and give them what they want, even if their request is a little strange. This fan asked Perry to pose as if they were awkward kids at a Junior High dance and Katy happily obliged. Making sure to “leave room for the Holy Spirit” between the pair, this picture although bizarre, is pretty fun because you know that Katy is fully in. Katy has always been willing to do whatever it takes to connect with fans, even back before she was famous. Perry fan Anna says, “I met Katy Perry at Warped Tour in 2008. She was walking around and came up to me and my friends and was like, ‘Hi, I’m Katy!’ and at the time we all only knew she had one single and weren’t that impressed, so we were like, ‘We know.’ And she was like, ‘I’m playing at 4:00, do you want to take a picture?’ And we were like, ‘No, that’s OK, we’ll come see you play,’ AND WE DIDN’T SEE HER PLAY AND NOW I’M OBSESSED WITH HER.”


8 Marilyn Manson Lick & Greet


Part of the whole Marilyn Manson experience is the show of it all. Fans at a concert can enjoy Manson getting busy with his microphone, several elaborate costume changes, and sometimes even cannons that shoot glitter and black confetti. Based on this larger than life persona that Manson put out there on stage, fans can expect nothing less when they attend a meet and greet for the singer. In this fan photo, it’s not really shocking that Manson is grabbing the fan’s chest and about to lick her face, that’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect of him. The creepy thing is the fan’s reaction, let’s just say she’s way too into what’s going on here and it’s pretty uncomfortable. We’d also like to point out that this super fan looks like a younger, female version of the shock rocker - maybe that’s what got him so excited.

7 George Clooney The Wax Statue

We know this is a picture of the real George Clooney and a fan, but we can’t help but feel like he’s really phoning this one in, since he looks like he’s made of wax, or stone, or is propped up Weekend at Bernie’s style. Anyone who has ever spent some time at a wax museum knows first-hand that although the statues look a lot like the people they’re built in tribute to, there’s something missing. Any photo alongside a wax figure has an eerie feeling in the realm of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The celeb is there, but the vacancy in their eyes makes them seem dead inside. You’d think as a professional actor Clooney would be able to feign a little bit of pretend enthusiasm about the person who was super stoked to get photographed with him.

6 Danica Patrick


Rock stars have been signing women’s breasts since the advent of Sharpie markers, so why wouldn’t the female rock star of racing entertain a fan request to sign some breasts? Danica Patrick is the most famous and successful woman in the history of American Open-Wheel Racing. She breaks records everywhere she goes – she has the honour of being the only woman to earn a victory in an Indy Car Series race thanks to her win at the 2008 Indy Japan 300, and her third place in the 2009 Indianapolis 500 earned her the highest finish ever completed by a woman. So are we really surprised that she also turns gender biases surrounding fan/ celeb photos on their side? The less typical thing here is that the breasts belong to a male fan, but everyone seems to be having fun, so who are we to judge?

5 Kristen Stewart Looking Unimpressed

You know those awkward hugs that you get from relatives you barely know? The ones where they get too close for comfort, and hold onto you too tight, for way too long? This Kristen Stewart fan photo pretty much sums up that entire experience, only we’re guessing this fella isn’t related to her and this is the first time the duo have met. He’s clearly thrilled about his moment to get up close and personal with the star, whereas she is about a millisecond away from trying to squirm her way out from his constrictor Kung fu grip. This would be the perfect photo to insert some thought bubbles; Kristen probably wants to get back to her meal, beer, that arcade game behind her, or just about anything that’s outside of the bear hug crushing the petite star.

4 Ray Romano Photo Confusion


It turns out that celebrities can’t even stop for gas without being approached for a photo. This photo is so strange we’re not even sure if Ray Romano even knew it was being taken. It looks as if someone a distance away yelled something at the comic in order to grab his attention, while the other person sidled in beside him for a sneak attack photo bomb. The addition of the fan’s “Hang Ten” pose confuses us nearly as much as it appears to Romano. Even though both people in this picture are wearing sunglasses, it’s easy to assume somehow that both also have their eyes closed. Actually, now that we get a better look, maybe this is just a photo of Ray Romano and his comic pal David Spade.

3 Tom Hanks Poses With Passed Out Fan

This picture had everyone wondering if Tom Hanks really is one of the most fun stars in Hollywood. There are two versions of the story behind this photo. In one version a request from a fan in North Dakota that could have gone badly was fully embraced by Hanks as the two posed for a series of pictures where the fan would act really drunk and have Tom Hanks ham it up for some solid photo bombs. In the other version, Tom and his friend spotted a drunk guy passed out. When they checked to make sure he was okay they used his phone to snap these candid pics and put the phone back in the passed out guy's pocket. No matter what the truth is the photos have been viewed millions of times in all of their incredibly awkward glory.

2 Iggy Pop Fan Fail


Just because you’re a fan of someone, doesn’t mean you should force your children to pose with a celeb, like he’s Santa Claus or Mickey Mouse (and even that can be pretty traumatic). These kids truly aren’t feeling the Iggy Pop vibe. I mean think about it, if Pop wasn’t famous and approached you on the street would you welcome your children into his arms? Probably not. While he may be the godfather of punk to fans, he probably just seems like a creep to these kids. Even though these screaming kids can’t get away from the strange man, who they think is kind of a stooge, he seems to have a good sense of humour about it, taking it all in stride. This fail makes us like uber intelligent Iggy even more.

1 Bill Clinton’s Wandering Eyes

Bill Clinton has been known to really love the ladies and the ladies love him too. He’s a Past President of The United States who can play the saxophone. Women practically peeled their clothes off when he walked in the room, not that he’s ever minded. You’d think that after endless hours of political experience Bill would master the art of subtlety, even when he’s checking out the rack of a fan. There is no room for debate as to what Clinton is looking at; you can see it as plain as the breasts on that woman’s chest. While we’re fairly confident that Bill really, “did not have sexual relations with that woman”, his eyes might burn a hole in her shirt as he tries to get a better view. At least he’ll have this picture online to look at when he wants to ogle in peace.

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