15 Photos Of Brie Larson's Fashion Style That Look Incredible

Brie Larson may only be 28 years old but she has already made quite an impact in the acting world as an actress, screenwriter, producer and director. It seems as though there isn't a lot that Brie can't do when it comes to her career in the spotlight, which is why many women consider her to be a role model.

Brie began acting on-screen when she was just nine years old and over the past two decades she has only managed to further push forward and reveal just how ambitious she really is. As well as having a successful career both in front and behind the camera, Brie has also proved that she is also a talented sing and songwriter over the past few years as well, having released her own album back in 2005 called Finally Out Of P.E. This is her first and only album to date, as it seems that she has been focusing on other projects over the past decade.

As well as having a career that would make many actresses jealous and a voice that could definitely turn a few heads, it seems that Brie also has incredible style. Over the past few years, she has been able to wow many of her fans with the ensembles that she has put together either when she's attending awards ceremonies or just out in public. The following list looks at 15 outfits that the actress, singer and songwriter has managed to wow her fans with, and some of these are incredible.

15 The Deep Green Jumpsuit Suits Her New Red Hair Perfectly

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Brie hasn't always had the incredible style that she shows off on today's red carpets. It seems that the actress came into the acting world at just nine years old she had the style to match. Jeans and denim skirts were the norm for the actress, but it seems that her style has definitely evolved over the past few years.

The actress wore the outfit pictured above for San Diego Comic-Con back in 2016 where she was announced as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. Brie looks incredible and seems to have chosen wisely with the green jump suit. She even matched her makeup to the outfit which she's decided to wear a little darker than usual. Fans are used to Brie having much lighter hair but her darker locks definitely worked her and could be the reason why such a simple outfit has managed to come off looking so sophisticated.

14 This Bright Orange Halter Dress Was Made For Her

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Considering Brie first hit the red carpets as part of film premieres and awards ceremonies in the 1990s, it is obvious that she has got her style together over the past few years. The actress has seen her name on a number of the worst dressed lists throughout her career, but she ensured that she would only be seen as the belle of the ball at the 7th annual Governors Awards back in back in November 2015.

Brie flaunted her tiny frame in an orange halter dress that showed off her incredible figure and decided to pair the outfit with a white clutch purse and then pulled back her hair to ensure that her face was framed as part of the ensemble. If Brie doesn't have a stylist then this outfit proves that she should think about becoming one herself, because once again the actress looks absolutely stunning in bright colours.

13 Baby Pink Never Looked So Avant-Garde

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Brie's style over the past few years has been a topic of conversation in a number of her most recent interviews. She once stated that she tries to reflect what her soul looked like at the present moment.

It seems that her soul was pretty bright in the above outfit where she is seen in a two-toned Emilia Wickstead design she walked the red carpet in at the 88th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon back in 2016. This is an outfit that many critics have slammed but it seems that this was actually a well-executed number and the actress obviously took a risk with a two-toned outfit of this kind. She looked incredible, so it seems that this risk easily paid off. This wasn't long after her blue SAG gown that didn't go down well, so the actress opted for something very different this time around.

12 This Colorful Patchwork Gown Makes A Statement

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Many actresses are aware that the best way to turn heads in their business is to go bold on the red carpet, which is exactly what Brie did back in 2016. Brie definitely turned heads at the premiere of Free Fire at TIFF where she showed up in an Alexander McQueen dress that featured a lot of patchwork and embroidery.

Brie is someone that many fans were used to seeing dressed simply where she would just put on a plain dress and heels, but it seems that this was the beginning of her experimental fashion choices on the red carpet and this one definitely paid off. The colours of the dress are definitely bold, but McQueen is one of the best designers in the world because he knows what works and this dress is definitely something that he outdid himself with. Brie should wear more of his designs because it seems that bold colours definitely suit her.

11 Going Full David Bowie In This Glam Rock Look At The Met Gala

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Brie's boldness on the red carpet continued when she attended the 2014 Met Gala in a bedazzled pantsuit. It seems that Brie was really trying to think out of the box when it came to many of her outfits both on and off the red carpet back in 2014, which could be why she ended up on the worst dressed list a number of times throughout the year.

It is unknown why critics slammed this outfit since it seems that it could have been one of her boldest and brightest creations, so much so that she even styled her hair and scraped it to the top to add to the overall look. This is nothing short of stunning and if critics didn't realize that this point that they had a fashion enigma on their hands, then it seems that they never would. The black heels and clutch bag seem to ground the outfit a little, but the outfit itself overall is stunning.

10 These Boyish Pants And This Floaty Top Make Casual Super Cool

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Winning the Academy Award for best actress definitely gave Brie a new lease on life. It seems that the actress was able to show off her style as she headed out in public back in 2016 wearing a striped blouse and high-waisted flare trousers.

The high-waisted jeans show off her incredible figure while the blouse serves to show that Brie is dressed for a business meeting of some kind. The brown bag adds something to the outfit as well as it seems that Brie has definitely thought this look through, even though she is only going to be seen out in public and not on the red carpet. Gone are the days of Brie being spotted in jeans and a t-shirt. It seems that over the past few years her style has grown with her age and it could be argued that she is a style queen right now.

9 Mixing Masculine And Feminine Vibes At The Skull Island Press Conference

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After stunning in her revealing white dress at the Kong: Skull Island premiere, it seems that Brie decided to take it up a notch for the press conference. The actress arrived at the event in Beijing to promote the upcoming film wearing a stunning Alexander McQueen pre-fall 2017 Birdseye draped trouser suit.

This was the perfect way for the actress to look both professional and understated. It seems that the actress didn't want to take the shine away from any of her co-stars who also attended the event, but at the same time managed to become the star that every critic was talking about based on her outfit choice. Brie really has come a long way since she first hit red carpets in denim skirts and block heels. It seems that there is always an air of sophistication now whenever Brie is spotted on the red carpet now, which proves how far she has come.

8 This Voluminous Black Gown Adds A Lot Of Drama To An Understated Look

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Attending The Academy Awards is something that many actresses have done throughout their careers, but there aren't many who can say that they looked as incredible on the red carpet at Brie Larson when she arrived in Hollywood, California for the 89th annual Academy Awards back in February 2017.

The singer is wearing a dress designed by Oscar De La Renta as she shows off her shoulders in the strapless dress. It shows off all of her incredible curves and the figure that she has managed to hide in so many of her outfits over the past few years. She opted to pair the ruffled dress with a pair of strappy heels that seamlessly go with the ensemble as she manages to look stunning with minimal effort. She has also made the decision to curl and pull back her naturally wavy hair, which obviously adds to the overall look.

7 This Minimalist White Gown Proves That Sometimes Simple Is Best

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Just a year after her baby blue attire at the 2016 SAG Awards was slammed by fashion critics, it seems that Brie was able to show off her pins once again in another high slit dress, this time in white. At 27 years old, there is no reason why Brie shouldn't be able to show off the legs that have made her famous, as well as once again opting to show off her shoulders.

White isn't a colour that many women are able to do justice on the red carpet, but it seems that she is able to use her fair complexion to her advantage at this point. She also pulls back her hair to show off her radiant face and pairs the dress with a pair of thick black heels. Brie definitely knows how to use her assets to her advantage and she used them to turn heads at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

6 Looking Like A Golden Statue At The Golden Globes

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It seems that 2016 was a fantastic year for Brie since she managed to pick up a number of awards for her portrayal of Joy "Ma" Newsome in Room. The awards came thick and fast for the 26-year-old and they seemingly began at The Golden Globes where she picked up the award for best actress for her role in the drama.

Brie didn't have to speak for the critics to see that she was out for gold as she arrived at the ceremony wearing a stunning gold gown. It seems that the dress was cut out in all the right places to show off her incredible assets and she also decided to clip her hair back and wear dangling earrings, which just further pushed the attention to her beautiful face. This was the time when the world was finally realizing who this actress was as she began to sweep the awards and it seems that she chose the perfect dress to be recognized in.

5 This Blush Pink Gown Is Both Classy And High Fashion

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Brie seems to be a huge fan of wearing strapless dresses, but unlike her Academy Awards dress, it seems that Brie thought it may have been a little much for the screening of The Glass Castle back in the summer of 2017. This dress would have looked just as amazing without the added cover that is wrapped around the actress's neck, but with it, the outfit has become a favourite of some of Brie's biggest fans.

Of course, the actress has attended a number of premiere's in her career, having starred in her first movie at nine years old. It seems that she has reached the point where she knows that is acceptable on the red carpet and what isn't. The understated look with the beautiful silver heels definitely works well for her and should be an outfit choice that she uses in the future when it comes to planning for those big red carpet events.

4 Looking Elegant In This Princess Blue Gown At The Oscars

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Attending The Oscars is one of the biggest honours as an actress/actor which can only be outdone by actually receiving an award at the biggest ceremony of the year. It seems that many actresses work most of the year to find the perfect outfit that will wow the critics on the red carpet at the ceremony and Brie definitely managed that back in 2016 when she attended the 88th annual awards.

Brie attended the 2016 Oscars in this incredible blue detailed outfit that obviously brought her luck since she had already swept the best actress awards throughout the year picking up both the Golden Globe and The Screen Actors Guild Award before she finally received the Oscar for her role in Room. This was the moment where the world turned and noticed Brie and it seems that she was dressed accordingly to ensure that it was a memorable occasion.

3 Looking Like An Old Hollywood Movie Star In This Sparkly Red Dress

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Just a year after she picked up the Best Actress award at The Golden Globes, it seems that Brie returned looking like the winner she was at the event back in 2017. Brie is seen wearing Rodarte with Forevermark Diamonds on the red carpet at the annual event where once again she proves that she has a certain love for strapless dresses.

Given the above image, it is hard to argue that red isn't her colour since she puts together quite a convincing argument of her own. Her much lighter blonde hair is able to be overpowered by the brightness of the dress and the fact that she hasn't decided to wear any jewellery with this stunning dress somehow gives it a much more professional look. It's a shame she didn't pick up any awards that night because she definitely dressed like a winner when she stepped out on that carpet.

2 Beaded Dress

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There's a lot that can be said about a look that is just as simple to put together as it seems when it is unveiled. Brie is shown here wearing a number of clashing patterns in this beaded  Giambattista Valli Couture mini dress that she decided to wear to the National Board of Review Gala.

Brie doesn't show off her legs very often at public events and seeing them out underneath this short dress only begs the question of why she doesn't show them off more often. She decided to pair the incredible Giambattista Valli Couture dress with black heels and a black clutch and the outfit and the accessories just continue to look so simple yet so stunning at the same time. Her pulled back hair and studded earrings add to the overall look as it's hard not to see the actress as a fashion goddess after this masterpiece of an outfit.

1 Looking Incredible In White At The Kong Premiere

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In early 2017, it seems that Brie decided to send a message to her fans, that this former child star is now definitely a woman. She attended the Kong: Skull Island premiere in a gorgeous cream coloured Ralph and Russo gown that included a tiered long skirt bottom. It could be argued that the most distinguishing part of the dress is its plunging neckline that allowed the actress to show off a lot.

Despite the obviously open neckline of the dress, the fact that the shoulders and the top of the dress still look completely professional means that this look doesn't actually look that bad at all. At a premiere, a dress like this could be seen as quite a risk given how revealing it is but somehow Brie has once again outdone herself and managed to put this stunning dress on many of the best-dressed lists for that week.

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