15 Photos Of Blake Lively Wearing The Worst Fashion Looks

Blake Lively has become a popular actress around the world over the past decade, but the one role that many fans most associate Blake with is when she portrayed Serena van der Woodsen on the popular teen show Gossip Girl. The show ran for six seasons and ended back in 2012 but it saw Blake become a fashion icon as one of the main stars of the teen drama who was always seen dressed in the best outfits. It seems that in real life, Blake doesn't always dress to impress and even though the popular series led her into a number of other high profile movies and TV series. Blake has still been photographed many times in some of the most unfortunate outfits.

The star of Age of Adeline is now married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds and the couple has two daughters together. At 30, it seems that the one-time queen of fashion as Serena van der Woodsen has started to play it much safer when it comes to her appearances on the red carpet, where she is now more often than not joined by her husband.

Despite being a star, Blake is someone who has been seen wearing some incredible outfits that have been completely ripped apart by her critics. The following list looks at 15 outfits that Blake probably should never have put on, but she then made the much bigger mistake of going outside and being photographed, which means that there is evidence of these fashion disasters online forever.

15 Celebration Dress

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The Gossip Girl star definitely had to make a grand entrance when she attended the party that the show held to celebrate 100 episodes, but it seems that playing a style icon on TV wasn't enough for Blake to be able to become one in reality.

The above outfit would be a hard one for many women to pull off and considering Blake's stunning frame, the fact that she can't do it justice means that it was a bad choice. The fringes mean that you can't see much of Blake's shape underneath. The blue of the dress doesn't match well with the gold heels that she decided to pair the dress with, but it seems that the one saving grace of this outfit and the reason it isn't much higher on the list is that her hair looks stunning. The pulled back hair was a good option because she has such a beautiful face.

14 Trying To Bring Back The '80s

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Blake attended A Tribute to Pedro Almodovar at the Museum of Modern Art back in 2011. Whilst Blake is wearing a Chanel dress, she is wearing it badly. The '80s buttons and textures are already bad enough, but Blake has decided to pair them with brown tights and a pair of ankle high ribbed boots.

It seems 2010 and 2011 were some of the worst years for Blake when it comes to her fashion fails, but some of these outfits could have easily been saved if the actress had paired her dresses with the right accessories and shoes. The thing that pushes this look over the edge is the fact that she decided to add so many bracelets and a huge pair of earrings. At least her hair looks great, though, right?

13 Feeling The Summer

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It takes someone pretty incredible to be able to pull off a mustard colored velvet dress and sadly it seems that despite Blake's incredible figure, she wasn't that person as she was spotted above enjoying the Cannes Film Festival back in 2016. The Valentino dress is definitely a fashion statement when many other celebrities at the event chose to play it safe and wear black instead.

Blake does look great; there's no doubt about it, but it seems that she found out that mustard is not a color that suits her. The shoes work great with the outfit and her hair looks as amazing as ever, but a mustard colored velvet dress is just a little bit much. Perhaps Blake was wishing for summer much earlier in the year. Either way, this is definitely one of her biggest fashion fails of the past few years.

12 Hot Mess

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Blake attended the opening of Realm Boutique back in 2010 in an outfit that looks like she threw together in the car on the way to the event. The actress decided to pair a shirt that was at least two sizes too big for her with a skirt that looked like a disco ball.

The bottom of the shirt can clearly be seen sticking out underneath her skirt. The ensemble was shockingly paired with a tan belt that isn't even tied correctly. The skirt could have looked cute paired with anything else, but tied together with a hideous belt makes this outfit look even worse. The shoes make no sense when combined with the outfit either, which has made this as one of her biggest fashion fails of all time. Thankfully, this was seven years ago; it seems that Blake has learned from her past mistakes over the last few years.

11 Bold Colors

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Blake has always been a fan of bold colors, but it seems that she took it a step too far as part of her press tour for The Age of Adaline back in 2016. The actress made news when it was reported that she had made more than 14 outfit changes in the space of 24 hours in order to promote the film, where she plays the main role of Adaline.

The above outfit was one of these 14 and the star is wearing so much blue that it has reached the point where she is almost luminous. Whilst it's great that her jacket matches her dress, this is a very '90s thing to do and not something that is commonly done anymore. The shoes once again have very little to do with the outfit as it seems that she just chose to wear a sparkling pair because they are a completely different color.

10 A Clear Pocket?

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Blake Lively was seen supporting her husband at the premiere of The Croods a few years ago and once again the actress failed to hit the mark when it came to her fashion choice. While it's commonly known that any time Blake shows off her incredible legs, it's a great fashion choice, but this choice didn't quite make the grade.

Blake is seen above wearing a short Marios Schwab dress with a square neckline and three-quarter sleeves, but the huge clear pocket that gives the dress its strange neckline is something that is hard to miss. Does this have a purpose? Otherwise, why is it taking all of the focus away from the rest of the dress? Without this pocket, it could easily be seen as one of her best fashion choices, but with it, it had to make the list.

9 A Little Too Much

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Blake is pictured above posing at the CFDA Awards back in 2010 and many of her fans noted that the star quite obviously didn't have a stylist if she was happy to be seen wearing whatever that is. She is breaking one of the biggest rules of wearing any see-through material – she is visibly wearing a white bra underneath a black Chanel dress.

She is also wearing a dress that shows off a whole lot, which means that at this point there wasn't any real reason why she chose to wear the dress at all. She then matched this dress with a pair of red pointy shoes that look like they are suede. Add this to the fact that she hasn't even bothered to style her hair and it seems as though this was just a bad day at the office for the then 23-year-old.

8 Gossip Girl

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As Serena van der Woodsen, Blake became a fashion icon, but even her character on Gossip Girl was a little hit or miss when it came to her fashion choices. Blake is pictured above on the set of Gossip Girl where her character is seen wearing Joie Buella plaid shorts that she decided to pair with woolly grey tights and two-tone Rag & Bone brogues.

It seems that this outfit is supposed to look like a schoolgirl for Blake's character, but for a someone who is supposed to know a lot about fashion, it seems that Serena didn't manage it very well here. Her blazer and tie show that she is supposed to be in a school outfit, while Blake's facial expression probably shows exactly what she thinks of this outfit as well. It's definitely a huge fashion disaster for Serena van der Woodsen on the set of Gossip Girl back in 201o.

7 Poppy Disaster

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Blake has an incredible figure, which could be why she has been able to get away with breaking so many fashion laws in her career because her figure can make anything look great, but this Michael Kors dress that she was seen wearing as she left a Christian Louboutin Soho boutique back in 2016 was a bit too much.

If eye-catching was the thing that she was going for then she definitely achieved her goal. The dress is seemingly completely made of bright red poppies and is coupled with a black belt through the center, but she has gone on to pair this eye-catching dress with studded heels and a pair of round sunglasses that just don't fit together. This is in the middle of the day out in public on the street – surely even she knows that this is a little bit much.

6 Vanity Unfair

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Blake Lively is pictured above at the Vanity Fair Dinner as part of the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival back in 2016. It seems that she definitely threw all of her style out the window for this one as she posed for pictures in a red and white striped thigh-length dress that she paired with a hideous coat.

The coat had far too many flowers/ruffles to be taken seriously and to make matters even worse for the actress, she opted to pair the outfit with a blue clutch bag that looked completely out of place. It could be argued that fashion statements are made by taking risks but this seemed as though it was too much of a risk to be replicated by fans of the 30-year-old. Next time, it might be less of a risk to avoid wearing a coat, rather than being pictured in something this eye-catching.

5 Basketball Fan

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Blake was busy promoting her new movie All I See Is You last year and it seems that as part of the press tour, she thought that she could be a little riskier with her outfits. The outfit above is one of the ensembles she was seen wearing back in October while promoting the film.

It seems that her shirt is a basketball-inspired Monse sequin tank top that has been cut to look as though it's been put through a shredder. She paired this with high waisted trousers that have '90s style poppers all the way up the sides and a bright red pair of pumps. It is worth questioning whether Blake actually got dressed in the dark since her hair and makeup look incredible and don't seem to fit in with the rest of her outfit. Maybe the actress was just having an off day when she threw this one together.

4 Unveiling The Star

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Winter is always a season where questionable outfits are worn, like those ugly sweaters that your granny forces you into on Christmas day, but it seems that Blake couldn't claim that she was forced into the outfit that she wore to unveil the Swarovski star back in 2010.

It has already been noted that this was a considerably bad year for the actress when it comes to fashion fails and she decided to see it through by wearing one of her worst combinations. Blake decided to throw the whole color coordination book out the window as she matched a black dress with plum-colored tights and a pair of brown ankle boots. The outfit was finished off with a festive sequin jacket. The entire outfit looks incredibly mismatched. Maybe it was the festive spirit that led her to completely forget all about her style guide, or perhaps Blake was just having one of many off days when it comes to her fashion.

3 Blake Channels Janet Jackson

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Blake Lively attended the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art back in 2011 and it seems that the actress had heard the phrase "less is more" and took it too seriously.

She is spotted here wearing a Chanel Haute Couture gown that makes her look as though she is about to attend the finals of Miss America rather than a gala. There is a little too much skin on display for this outfit to be taken seriously as she seems to be channeling Janet Jackson when she had her famous Superbowl wardrobe accident. Blake is obviously asking for trouble in a dress this revealing. A year after her famous white bra with a see-through black dress combination, it seems that she has finally worked out the right undergarments to put on underneath these revealing dresses. So at least a positive came out of this fashion fail.

2 Kids' Choice Awards

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If you really wanted to see how much Blake's fashion has changed over the past few years, then the above picture shows the actress at the 2005 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. This was before she was seen as Serena van der Woodsen or as a movie star, so she was free to dress however she wanted and fly under the radar.

She was wearing a cropped t-shirt and matching belt as well as three-quarter jeans that she matched with a pair of pink heels. The actress had a much more reserved sense of style 12 years ago and anyone who has followed her over the past decade will see that it's definitely become much better recently. It's still nice to look back at style back then. How times have changed since 2005.

1 Met Gala 2017

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Blake wore 200 carats of jewelry for the 2017 Met Gala but this wasn't enough for her to make the best-dressed list once again. The actress posed for images in this part gold, part blue dress that many have described as part showgirl, part bird of paradise.

The dress was a little over-the-top which is why she was seen as one of the worst dressed stars of the night. The plunging neckline of the dress would have been its main feature if not for the feathers that followed Blake around. The dress is also quite revealing. Blake has never been someone who is shy about showing off her incredible figure, but it seems that she chose the wrong dress to show it off in at last year's gala.

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