15 Photos Of Blake Lively That Prove Ryan Reynolds Is The Luckiest Man Alive

Blake Lively is the kind of girl that everyone wants to have as their friend or better yet, girlfriend. To put it mildly, she’s not a one-trick pony. She’s one of the best dressed actresses in the entertainment world, she’s got a strong sense of self and is very confident in what she does and she also knows how to work a camera. And did we mention that she’s hot as hell? Yes, the woman is so hot we’re surprised that she doesn’t sizzle each time she steps outside in the sun.

But seriously, Ryan Reynolds hit the jackpot when he met and of course married Blake Lively. Girls like Blake don’t come around very often. I mean, who else do you know has a great sense of humor, loves to cook and supports her man no matter how bad his movies are? Ryan Reynolds’ movies could get the lowest possible score on Rotten Tomatoes and she would still tell journalists that he deserved an Oscar for his role. She’s your ride or die chick, no matter what you do or where you are. With that being said, here are 15 reasons why Ryan Reynolds is the luckiest man alive. After seeing these photos, you’ll know why.


15 She's Everyone's Girl

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Let’s face it, Blake Lively might be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but she’s also one of the most down-to-earth ones, too. And that might be the reason why her female fans aren’t intimidated by her. That’s because she’s sexy, but not in an in-your-face way. But at the same time, guys absolutely want to date her. There’s no doubt about that.

I mean, the girl has said things like this in the past: “When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the Lion King soundtrack. It's really odd, but it's true.” How can you not love her? And how can you not want to have her in your inner circle of friends? Yes, Ryan Reynolds is the luckiest guy in the world.

14 She’s Every Man’s Fantasy

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Okay, Ryan Reynolds might not want to hear this, but it’s the truth, damn it. Blake Lively seriously looks like every man’s fantasy. She’s the ultimate pin-up girl of the 21st century. She’s got legs for days, an undeniably perfect body and she’s got the California girl beach look going on. And she can pull all of this off without even trying.

And unlike many other celebrities these days, she doesn’t look like a plastic Barbie doll either. The girl has real parts and she knows how to work them. Seriously Ryan, don’t let go. We know things didn’t work out between you and Scarlett Johansson but my God don’t screw this one up, buddy. Blake Lively is the kind of woman that only exists in some people’s dreams.

13 She’s Self-Aware

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There aren’t many actresses in the entertainment industry who have managed to stay down-to-earth without letting their careers or ego get the best of them. Fortunately, Blake has strong roots and plenty of friends and family who are there to remind her of who she is and where she came from. In other words, she’s a very self-aware actress.

If that weren’t enough, Blake also knows that all of the gossip blogs and tabloid magazines are part of the territory as a celebrity. She once said, “People gossip. People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won't be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves. I think at any age or any social class, that's present.” She clearly has a good head on her shoulders despite being successful and gorgeous.

12 She Can Work A Bikini

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When you look at a woman like Blake Lively, you just can’t help but think, DAYUM. Yes, she was born with the kind of body that women wish they had. She’s got all the perfect measurements. She can work a bikini like we’ve never seen before. It’s no wonder she wears one in almost every movie she makes these days.

Plus (and this is a huge PLUS) she looks good from every angle. There’s nothing that she needs to hide, cover, or tuck or suck in. And yes, Ryan Reynolds gets to feast his eyes on this perfect specimen every single day of his married life. He would be an absolute fool not to realize it. And we hear that she likes to cook in a bikini, too (okay, maybe not, but can you give us a moment to dream a little here?).

11 She Doesn’t Work Out

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For a lot of guys (especially the die-hard gym and CrossFit ones) this might be a deal breaker. But according to Blake, she doesn’t work out. In other words, yes, what you see is what you get. Her body was given to her by God, and that might also be the reason why so many other women envy her. I mean, not every woman who walks on this planet looks as good as Blake without ever stepping foot inside a gym. Hey, we never said life was fair.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t stay active. She just prefers not to think about working out when she’s actually doing it. According to Blake, “I really don't like the gym. I like experiences, so I take any chance I get to go on a bicycle ride or on a hike.”

10 She Has Values

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Now, we don’t know what kind of person Blake Lively is behind closed doors. For all we know, she could be a totally different person than the one we see in magazines, television and the big screen. But sometimes you can just tell what kind of person a woman is just by looking at her, right? And from what we can tell with Blake, she’s the kind of girl who knows the difference between wrong and right. She doesn’t want to do anyone any harm. She loves her family and she appreciates everything she has. And best of all, she’s a loyal, caring, and loving person.

Plus, she’s not interested in any backstabbing, either. She’s said in the past, “I've never been a big fan of gossip. Being a victim of it, I knew how much it hurt.” She seems like the kind of girl you could take home to mom.

9 She’s Low Maintenance

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For a lot of guys, the last thing they want to deal with is a high maintenance girl. You know, the kind of girl who takes ages to do something as simple as put on a little makeup and a shirt and jeans before going out to dinner. Instead, they’ll take their sweet time perfecting their supposed low-key look. And if that weren’t enough, they’ll continually ask you all through the night if they made the mistake of putting these pants on because it makes their butt look fat.

But not Blake. She’s not that kind of girl. She said, “One of the very few things that I do every single day is put on fragrance. If I'm not wearing make-up, if my hair's not done, if I'm walking around in pyjamas – I still put my fragrance on. I will brush my teeth and put on my perfume.”


8 The Most Desirable Woman In The World

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Just by looking at some of Blake’s steamiest photos, there’s no denying that she is one of the hottest women on the planet. Sorry guys, but it’s not up for debate. She was even ranked number 1 in Askmen’s Most Desirable Women poll of 2011. And there’s a good reason for that, too. I mean, have you seen a bad photo of Blake ever?! I didn’t think so.

Plus, (and I don’t mean to sound like a cliché here) but Blake is gorgeous, inside and out. I don’t think we’ve ever heard a bad story about her in the press. That, and there’s no evidence of her being a diva on movie sets. What you see is what you get, for sure. If we could, we would take two Blakes rather than one. She’s just that perfect.

7 She’s Still Going Places

For Blake Lively, she’s just getting started. This is only the beginning for her. After all, she’s still very young. Yet, she’s already accomplished so much, both professionally and personally. She’s got her man. She’s got her marriage and her two kids. She’s gotten the lead role in films. Yet, there’s so much more in store for her. Trust us when we say that she’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Plus, she is level-headed. She knows who she is. Blake recently said, “I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? If I define myself by things that are always changing, like the public's opinion, or what I'm wearing, or what job I'm doing, there's no stability in that.” She is confident and clearly has integrity.

6 She Was The Shy Girl

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This might be very hard to believe, but Blake Lively admits that she was once so shy that she didn’t have her first real boyfriend until she was 17. For some that might seem late, while for others that seems way too early! I mean, a lot of people don’t experience their first relationships until well into their college years.

Then again, the actress probably just wants her man to make the first move. And there’s nothing wrong with that, right? She’s just waiting for you to say the right things. Blake went on the record to say, “I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 17. There were boys at school that I would find out later had a crush on me but I was too shy to talk to them.” There is something so endearing about a girl that used to be a shy wallflower.

5 She Doesn’t Even Have To Try

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A lot of people say that they can get away with things just for their looks. And when it comes to Blake Lively, that statement is absolutely true. She’s a gorgeous actress and apparently she’s gotten quite a few acting gigs in the past without even having to try for the part. Yes, all she needs to do is walk in the room to get a job.

According to reports, Blake didn’t have to audition for her role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. All she did was walk in the room and give the movie’s director and producers a photo her and boom – she was given the role. All they had to do was look at her to know that they got the Bridget that they wanted. Blake didn’t even have to open her mouth, yet they knew she was the best actress for the job.

4 She Supports Her Man

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It doesn’t matter if Ryan Reynolds makes the best movie Hollywood has ever seen or a complete box office bomb – Blake is going to stand by her man no matter what. She always makes an effort to support him on the red carpet and of course, say stellar things about him in her interviews.

Case in point: The Green Lantern movie. Some critics absolutely hated the film. Others called it Ryan Reynolds’ worst performance. But not Blake. She did her best to support Ryan and prove to fans that the film was worth seeing (even if it wasn’t). She told reporters, “The Green Lantern is a unique superhero because it's not that he's super that is his focus; it's that he's a man. He's very human. That's his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.”

3 She’s A Natural

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And no, we’re not talking about that kind of natural (because all we need to do is taken one look at before and after photos to know that nothing in Hollywood is as it seems). Instead, we’re talking about her ability to light up a room and of course, heat up the big screen.

Still, Blake once said that she found it rather awkward to film racy scenes on the mega hit television show Gossip Girl. In fact, she also said the scenes were some of the most uncomfortable ones of her career. Honestly, we couldn’t tell because she was so damn good at them. Blake said, “It's the most awkward thing! There's a room of 40 people watching you, they're telling you exactly how to move your head, and it's completely silent. It's awful!"

2 She’s A Disneyland Fanatic

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Okay, this might be a turn-off for some guys (actually make that a lot of guys), but Blake has admitted in the past to being a Disneyland fanatic. She visits Disneyland in Anaheim, California whenever she has an opportunity. And according to Blake, that’s quite often. And yes, Ryan visits with her regardless of whether he likes it or not.

But then again, whatever makes your woman happy is always a good thing, right? For Blake, being in the Happiest Place on Earth might make her in a good enough mood that she’ll want to get even happier back at home with her man. I’m not saying that it happens but I’m not saying that it’s impossible, either. There’s just something about that fairy dust in Disney, if you know what I mean.

1 She Has A Sense Of Humor

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Blake Lively has proven to us over and over again that she has a great sense of humor. After all, she’s married to one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds. She has no choice but to listen to all of his wise cracks while dishing out a few of her own, too.

Her recent joke on Instagram went viral for good reason. Ryan Reynolds recently wished his beautiful wife a very happy birthday on his Instagram account. But instead of sharing a photo of the gorgeous actress, he basically cropped her out by putting the focus on him instead. Little did Ryan know that he was actually messing with a pro. When it came to wishing her husband a happy birthday on social media, Blake did the same thing to Ryan. But instead of putting the focus on her, she cropped her husband and put a photo of him standing next to Ryan Gosling instead. Damn. Talk about a burn!


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