15 Photos Of Bella Thorne That Prove She's No Disney Darling Anymore

Whether you like her new image or not, there's no denying that Bella Thorne has come a long way from her Disney days.

Actress Bella Thorne first made a name for herself starring in Disney Channel's Shake It Up. But as we've all surely seen, the actress has come a long way since kissing the show that made her famous goodbye. In recent years, Bella has been working hard to let the public know that she’s all grown up. From posing in risqué outfits to letting loose at Hollywood parties, Bella has quickly gotten herself a reputation for being a wild child and another troubled child actress.

If you hadn't seen how much she's grown, then this list will prove just that. These photos show that Bella has come a long way since first stepping into Hollywood. Now the star is more likely to be caught locking lips with Scott Disick or partying with Tana Mongeau rather than signing photos for fans. Her new image has gotten her a lot of mixed criticism online, with some fans loving her new carefree attitude and others saying she’s trying too hard. Regardless of what you think of Bella’s party-hard image, there's no doubt that Bella Thorne is anything but a Disney darling today.

15 She Really Wants To Be A School Girl


Like we’ve said before, Bella really loves dressing up when it comes to Halloween. Last October, the actress decided to go as a sexy school girl/cheerleader, which we bet was a big hit. She gave fans tons of hot pics to ogle over on the night of, like this sultry selfie.

Bella was wearing a super tiny cheerleading outfit complete with knee-high socks and fishnets. She through her long locks into two ponytails and piled on the makeup. There’s no denying that Bella looks amazing in this get-up, but it’s a far cry from the costumes she wore back when she was still a Disney star. Clearly, the actress wants everyone to know that she’s embraced her sexiness, and so should we, too.

14 She Knows All Eyes Are On Her


Bella oozes confidence in all of her pictures. The actress knows she’s an attractive girl, and she’s never been shy to flaunt what she’s got. Hey, with a figure as amazing as hers, who wouldn’t want to show it off? Bella knows all the good selfie tricks in the book. She knows how to touché her booty out and pout her lips, just like Kylie J!

Even more, she knows all the good poses to rock which show off her assets. In this photo, Bella knew all eyes would be on her. Her itty-bitty top leaves little to the imagination, and it actually looks more like a bikini. The star showed off her amazingly toned abs as she posed for the camera in her all-white outfit. Can Bella get any steamier than this?

13 She Has A Thing For See-Through Tops


Bella certainly gave fans a lot to look at when she stepped out in this completely sheer shirt. She took a major risk by not opting to wear a bra or at least some tape under the scandalous top, which left many fans feeling like it was too much. Seriously, you should see the uncensored version of this pic. The actress paired her raunchy look with black track pants and sneakers, giving it an overall hot mess vibe.

Tons of us first remember seeing Bella on Disney Channel's Shake It Up, so it’s a bit of an eye-opener to see the star now baring it all while partying until the sun comes up. We certainly admire Bella’s confidence… it sure takes a lot of guts to step out in something as risqué as this. But that doesn’t keep the celeb’s fans from telling her that it’d be okay if she covered up a bit more, too.

12 She Shared Too Much When She Got Waxed


Eek! Who else thinks this is too TMI for Snapchat? Bella literally showed off her lady bits getting waxed for the first time for her millions of followers to see. Her fans could hear her squeal in pain as the technician pulled the strips of wax off. How uncomfortable that employee must have felt for being on camera!

Bella sure got a ton of heat for posting these series of videos. Many said that it was just downright inappropriate and ridiculous to post something like this, warning her that she’d probably regret it in the future. Bella and her friend were laughing in the background of the vid, so it appears like this was all a huge game to them. We doubt Bella regretted making the post since she continues to upload things that are just as cringy.

11 She Really Likes To Let Loose


One quick search on Google images will bring up tons of photos of Bella looking exactly like this. In this photo, Bella looks heavily intoxicated as she parties it up on the dance floor. It looks like she already got rid of her top… that is, if she arrived with one. The star was dressed down to her gray bralette and baggy sweatpants. Bella appears to have glitter smudged on her face and body.

To put it nicely, the star sure likes to let loose when she’s enjoying a night out with friends. She’s known to pull her top off and strip down to nothing, and then go on to show off her questionable dance moves (yes, Bella thinks she can twerk). But even more, the celeb is known to not hold back when she’s intoxicated. She may not legally be allowed to drink in the US, but she’s never one to say no to a good time.

10 She Hooks Up With Older Men


Bella is almost as infamous for her wild love life as she is for her sexy selfies. The actress has been involved in multiple love triangles and cheating scandals. She’s been linked to eligible Hollywood hunks like Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth. But no relationship was as shocking as her brief fling with Scott Disick this past summer.

Fans were shocked when photos surfaced of Bella cozying up to the 34-year-old Kardashian baby daddy, who was 15 years older than her. She continually told the media that they were only friends, but sources claimed the pair had a friends-with-benefits sort of arrangement.

Photos showed the two getting super cozy (and handsy), so it’s hard to deny that there was something romantic going on between the pair. Fans breathed a sigh of relief when Bella kissed Scott goodbye after he began dating another 19-year-old, Sofia Richie. Yikes!

9 She Can Sure Rock Sweatpants


Bella may love dressing up, but she also loves dressing down! But, since it’s Bella Thorne, of course, she can’t rock a pair of sweatpants the normal way. In this candid photo, the star showed off just how eccentric her sense of style was without compromising her sexiness factor.

The star stepped out in a pink two-piece set. She wore her patchwork sweatpants low so she could show off her toned tummy. But it was her cropped hoodie that really made sure all eyes were on her. Bella decided not to wear a bra or crop top underneath her hoodie, which meant that she was flaunting some serious underboob. Now that is definitely risqué!

Bella finished the look by smearing glitter all over her clothes and body (seriously- what was she up to?!). She even covered her whole eye in pink eyeshadow to go with her casual look. Is this a hit or a miss?

8 She Goes All Out For Halloween


They say that Halloween is the time women can wear as little as they want and get no hate for it...

Bella really took that saying to heart this year when she showed up at a raving party in this cat costume… if you can call the lack of clothes a real costume. The actress made sure all eyes were on her by forgoing a top and instead only put a bit of masking tape over her nipples. Other photos show that she did, in fact, take the tape off later in the night, exposing her assets to literally everyone.

Bella finished this risqué look off with a pair of high waisted, leopard print pants and studded cat ears. She sure got a lot of attention during this wild night and also the morning after, since her fans were divided on this provocative costume.

7 She Loves Posing No Matter The Outfit


Another day, another new pic of Bella posing in her undies. Whether it’s a piece of lacy lingerie or just some regular, old grandma undies, Bella has never been shy to shoot pics of her intimates. There are tons of photos floating around online where Bella actually gives her fans a peek of her privates in her racy photos.

This pic above is one of the more tame ones, though “tame” still isn’t the first word we’d use to describe it. The star posted this photo with the caption, “When your ex buys you underwear.” The photo featured Bella in a pair of granny panties wearing an oversized graphic shirt, which she, of course, pulled up to show even more skin.

We get that Bella was trying to be candid and cute in this pic, but it just missed the mark. She looks more like a hot mess than a vixen. Better luck next time, Bella!

6 She's Definitely A Free Spirit


Honestly, Bella is considered covered-up in this photo by her standards. There are tons of pics floating around where she’s literally taken it all off to take a selfie… or have someone else take her pic, which just sounds awkward. Unfortunately, those photos aren’t appropriate for a family-friendly site. Or any site that isn’t made explicitly for adults, if you get what we’re saying.

In this free-spirited pic, Bella is rocking her trademark fishnets with a teeny-tiny white crop top, denim booty shorts, and a jean jacket. She’s giving the camera one of her seductive stares. Bella accessorized the rest of her raunchy look with stiletto booties and round sunglasses. She sure marches to the beat of her own drum! Unfortunately, not many of Bella’s followers agreed that this was her best look, and the comments were sure divided after she uploaded this pic.

5 She Gets Naughty Around The Holidays


Bella, who identifies as bisexual, has never had any problem engaging in very public bouts of PDA. The actress has been seen locking lips with tons of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Though she’s had a lot of SOs, Bella tends to only stay in relationships for weeks at a time before moving on to her next fling.

In recent months, Bella has been posting tons of steamy pics with YouTube star Tana Mongeau, just like these Christmas-themed ones. Rumours have been swirling as to whether the girls are hooking up or even dating. Considering that both Tana and Bella have posted pics of the kissing, it’s safe to say they are at least having a fling.

Recently, Tana went so far as to call Bella her girlfriend on Instagram. How would you feel about these two celebs dating?

4 She Has An Interesting Way With Fashion











Bella has come under fire countless times in recent years for her bizarre sense of style. The 20-year-old isn’t afraid to show off a lot of skin in revealing outfits. Her favorite thing to do is to rock a bikini top or nipple tape rather than a real shirt. She’s also not afraid to play with colors and patterns, which often leads to ridiculous looking outfits like this one.

In this specific photo, Bella was barely hiding her assets in a pink bikini top during a wild night out. She paired the scantily clad look with dip-dye bell-bottom pants and an oversized denim jacket. She completed the failure of a look with red sunglasses and a messy ponytail. Bella certainly marches to the beat of her own drum when it comes to putting outfits together

3 She Loves To Be Free


Here’s another photo that shows Bella enjoying a wild night out in another bizarre outfit. Once again, the star’s frontal assets are on full display in a fishnet bodysuit with only nipple tape on underneath.

The celeb had a BDSM-inspired belt on over top of her bodysuit with a pair of mom jeans on the bottom. She accessorized her look with an oversized red jacket and a ton of bangles. The star sure looked like she was having a good time at the rave in the background.

Bella documents all of her wild nights on her Snapchat and her Insta, so fans can get an inside look at her crazy life. With that being said, many fans think Bella should tone down her wild-girl image, at least online. Do you agree?

2 She'll Go All Out For Magazine Covers


Nothing proved that Bella has grown-up and moved on from her Disney days than when she posed completely nude for GQ magazine. For the front cover, Bella was featured wearing literally nothing while sitting seductively on a chair. There were even more provocative pics of the star inside the issue, including a pic of her showing off her butt to the camera while wearing some very racy lingerie.

Most fans couldn’t get over the fact that Bella was only 19 when these photos were taken! Some so-called fans even went so far as to say she looked like she was posing for Playboy or another adult magazine. Clearly, this type of photoshoot would have never been okay while she was still starring on Disney. But Bella is clearly determined to prove she’s no little kid anymore with provocative magazine covers like this.

1 She's Smoking Hot... Literally


Just like she’s not afraid to post topless selfies and pics of her drinking while underage, Bella also isn’t shy to post pics of her smoking.

There have been countless times the star has posted photos or videos of herself enjoying a cig. She’s even lit one up for professional photoshoots. Just remember Bella isn’t even 21 yet, so she can’t legally drink let alone buy cigs. As many of her critics say, this isn’t the best image to be sending to her younger fans.

But even more, there have been photos where it looks like the star is smoking something more than just a cig. Given how hard Bella likes to party, most fans do believe the star has experimented with illicit substances before. But perhaps she should think twice about flaunting it on her very public social media accounts.

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