15 Photos Of Beautiful Celebs Trying To Hide Their Baby Bumps

We are so interested in all things celebrities, we want to know every detail about them. From their love lives, to their fashion choices, and especially whether they’re expecting a baby or not. Whether a celeb is trying to keep their pregnancy on the down low, or waiting past the first trimester before making an announcement to the world, celebrities will go to many lengths to hide their growing baby bumps. There are also times when celebrities are forced to hide their pregnancies due to work obligations. Actresses that are filming movies or are on a regular show might be pregnant in real life, while on the show, their characters aren’t. That forces producers to get a little creative when it comes to keeping their baby bumps hidden.

The paparazzi will do anything to get that perfect photo, especially when there are rumors of a pregnancy swirling with no confirmation just yet. Celebs will use big purses and layered clothing to hide anything and everything. As for filming with a baby bump? They’re forced to get creative—changing clothing, changing plot lines, and even using strategically-placed props to hide bellies. It’s very possible to hide a pregnancy. These are 15 photos of beautiful celebs trying to hide their baby bumps.

15 Eva Mendes

via: mirror.co.uk

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are a beautiful couple, so it’s only natural for people to be interested in their children. Their first child, Esmeralda, was born in 2014, and people were speculating whether or not the couple would be adding another baby to their growing family. When Eva stepped out in a flowy dress in 2016, rumors were swirling even more. Caught by paparazzi, Eva was trying to hide her growing bump, as the rumors were true. Trying not to draw more attention to her bump (and thoroughly failing, might we add), Eva tried to shield her stomach with a large bag. Although she was trying to be inconspicuous, we have to admit that it was anything but. The couple confirmed their pregnancy not long after the photos were taken.

14 Blake Lively

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were also another beautiful couple with an adorable daughter. While Blake was on the set of her movie, The Shallows, rumors began budding about her being pregnant with baby number two. Blake was in a wetsuit for most of the filming, and many took notice of the small bump that seemed to be forming. To keep the rumors and paparazzi at bay, Blake tried to cover up every chance she had while she wasn't filming. She used towels and jackets to strategically cover her belly and try to stop those rumors from getting out of hand. Of course, that only drew more attention to her. Baby number two was on the way, and she couldn't possibly hide it any longer!

13 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus got pregnant not once, but twice, when she was still on Seinfeld. The first time, it was easier to hide, as it was between filming times and producers were able to write her out of the first few episodes. The second time was during filming, and producers had to get a little more creative this time. Instead of sending her away on a business trip or vacation to get rid of her for a few episodes, they worked around it. Thankfully, for the time, baggy clothing was in and she was able to hide her bump for the most part with bigger clothing. Other times, they would have her hold things like a package or stand behind things. Whatever they had to do, they made it work.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her role on Sex and the City as the infamous Carrie Bradshaw. When she became pregnant in real life, there was a bit of a problem since her character most certainly was not pregnant on the show. As a result, producers had to scramble for some sort of a solution. Carrie is known for her fashion-forward outfits. Therefore, producers took this and ran with it. They dressed Sarah Jessica Parker in soft flowing dresses and loose-fitting blouses to not only hide her baby bump, but to keep her maintaining her fashionable appearance. After eight episodes, however, the season was cut a bit short so she was able to go on maternity leave. It seemed to work while it lasted!

11 Nicole Richie

via: babygaga.com

Like many other celebrities, Nicole Richie thought she could hide her baby bump from both the paparazzi and the world. At the time, she was expecting with husband Joel Madden of the band Good Charlotte but still hadn’t revealed the news to the public yet. Since she’s already pretty petite, she decided that baggy clothes wasn't really the way to go. Instead, she went for the shielding technique, but in an unconventional way. Nicole walked past paparazzi while clutching a pillow to her front. Talk about obvious! If rumors weren’t swirling before, they had to be then. Whatever her reasoning for hiding her bump may be, she definitely didn’t do a very good job at it. So far, she’s had three kids. So hopefully, she’s learned a thing or two.

10 Kate Middleton

via: okmagazine.com

Being a celebrity while pregnant is hard when you want privacy. Being pregnant while being an actual royalty is even harder. After Kate Middleton and Prince William got married, the world was waiting for them to have children. Everyone is fascinated by the royal family, making them even more famous than normal celebs, if that’s even possible. Before Kate and Will announced all three of their pregnancies, rumors swarmed them and people scrutinized Kate’s every move. She tried to keep the rumors at bay, by holding things in front of her stomach as a shield and wearing clothes that wouldn’t accentuate the bump. In this photo, she posed with her hands in front of her stomach and wore a peplum dress to hide her growing bump. She’s certainly become a pro at hiding her baby belly.

9 Zooey Deschanel

via: youtube.com

When Zooey Deschanel got pregnant, she was filming episodes for her hit TV show New Girl. Like many other celebs who got pregnant while filming, producers had to work around her ever growing bump, as a pregnancy didn’t work for her character, Jess, on the show. They worked around things, though. They paid a lot of attention to Zooey’s clothing, making sure she didn’t wear anything that would accentuate her bump. Producers also used angles while filming to their full advantage. They also made a lot of use of props, as seen above. As evident in the picture, Zooey is holding a pillow over her lap and stomach. Although it may look like her character is just getting comfortable, she was really hiding her growing baby bump. A very simple fix. Fortunately, filming wrapped before she grew too big and was able to rest and have her baby during her off time.

8 Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian is the most recent celeb to hide her baby bump. Rumors swirled that she was finally pregnant after years of wanting to become a mother. The Kardashian clan is constantly stalked by paparazzi and scrutinized by everyone on the planet, basically. So when Khloe stepped out to run some errands, all eyes (and paparazzi lenses) were on her. She used the classic baggy clothing technique several times, as well as holding objects in front of her. In the photo above, you can see her holding a large purse in front of her stomach, as well as her jacket. Khloe finally confirmed that she was, in fact, having a baby with Tristan Thompson on her Instagram just a few weeks later in December. As if we didn’t know already, Khloe!

7 Beyonce

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Beyoncé, aka Queen B, and her husband, Jay-Z, are two of the most famous and powerful artists in the music industry. In 2011, there was much speculation surrounding the couple, whether they were ever going to start a family or not and if Queen B was pregnant or not. Everything was kept very quiet, and all eyes were on the couple when they attended the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. On the show, Beyoncé performed her hit “Love On Top” where, at the end of the performance, she opened her jacket to reveal what we were all hoping to see—a baby bump! No one had suspected a thing due to her carefully-chosen clothing, and she was able to hide her bump up until the moment of the big reveal. Definitely one of our favorite pregnancy confirmations, hands down!

6 Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson was our very first American Idol (and our favorite one, we have to admit) and, over the years, had become one of America’s Sweethearts. Kelly had struggled with her weight for years, yo-yoing up and down. When people noticed her starting to gain a little weight, rumors swarmed around the singer, whether or not she would be expecting any time soon. As usual, paparazzi tried to take matters into their own hands and figure it out for themselves. Kelly, like her famous friends, wore loose-fitting clothes that didn’t cling to her tummy in any way and tried to hide her stomach whenever possible. That included holding her dog in front of her tummy. We have to admit that the dog is pretty cute, and we were distracted for a tiny second.

5 Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, were already parents to two adopted daughters, so naturally, she was excited to have her first biological child. Unlike other celebrities, Katherine decided to hide her baby bump for a very good reason. As she was on the older side of motherhood when she became pregnant with her son, she took a lot of caution before telling the world. There’s a lot of risk with pregnancies when the mother is older, so she wanted to make sure that everything was going smoothly and that she and the baby were healthy before making the big announcement. She was also working on the set of the TV show Doubt, where she had to work with producers to hide her growing bump. Katherine definitely had a good reason to hide her bump.

4 Victoria Beckham

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We are so incredibly jealous of Victoria Beckham’s gorgeous family. She has the most handsome husband, David Beckham, three gorgeous sons, and a beautiful daughter, and we are totally obsessed with all of the Beckhams. When rumors were going around that Posh Spice was pregnant with their fourth child (finally a daughter!), she was able to hide her growing bump in the best way possible—through her clothes. We all know that Victoria is fashion-obsessed and that she’s been designing clothes and watching fashion shows for years. Even during her days in the Spice Girls, she was known as the most fashionable one. She was able to dress her baby bump and successfully hide it, all while looking as glamorous as ever. Posh Spice really can work a pregnancy, celebs should really take a number from her.

3 Amy Poehler

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Amy Poehler is one of the funniest actresses on the small screen and the big screen. During the time of her pregnancy, Amy was filming on the set of the hit (and frankly, hysterical) TV show Parks and Recreation. Once again, producers had to play the game of ‘how can we hide the baby bump?’ Her character, Leslie Knope, couldn’t fit the pregnancy into her story line, so producers took the predicted route. Of course, there were the perfectly-angled shots, props covering her stomach, and wardrobe changes. Thankfully for Amy, producers were also able to speed up the shooting process to get everything done before Amy’s bump grew too big and that she could comfortably relax during her final months of pregnancy. They did a great job because we definitely didn’t notice a thing!

2 Debra Messing

via: mom.me

We’re so excited to have Debra Messing back in our lives on the most recent reboot of Will and Grace. Debra was one of the many stars that we’ve talked about that had to hide her baby bump while she was filming. She got pregnant during season 6 of the show, and producers had to start playing that game again how do we hide the baby bump? Of course, they changed her clothes to more loose-fitting outfits. Believe it or not, fans didn’t like the change. Debra’s character, Grace, always dressed in stylish and tight-fitting clothes, and when she changed to the flowy outfits, well, they thought producers could do better. Of course, she held objects in front of her to further hide her growing baby bump. At the end of the season, she was written out of the last four episodes so she could have her baby.

1 Kerry Washington

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When Kerry Washington got pregnant, she was heavily involved in her role as Olivia Pope on the hit TV drama Scandal. As many fans know, writers could not possibly throw the baby wrench into Olivia Pope’s storyline. Producers went with the typical method of strategically hiding Kerry’s bump whenever they had to. The best part about Kerry’s pregnancy is the way they decided to hide her bump. By far, the producers on Scandal had the best techniques for hiding Kerry’s belly. It was hidden behind podiums, books, and papers that she carried around and even her co-star’s knees and legs while they were sitting. They definitely used all angles to their advantage, and it was funny to see how far they would go to hide the baby bump.

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