20 Photos Of "Baby" Lyssa Dog The Bounty Hunter Doesn't Want Us To See

From 2003 to 2012, (not including the spinoff show, Dog and Beth: On The HuntDuane Chapman, better known Dog the Bounty Hunter had an A&E camera crew available to chronicle the lives of him along with his bounty hunting family as they tracked down the citizens of Hawaii with FTA (failure to appear) bench warrants hanging over their heads. One member of Dog's family that doubled as a cast member is his daughter, Lyssa "Baby Lyssa" Chapman. Baby Lyssa was memorable being the only girl on the Dog squad besides Dog's wife, Beth.

Now that the show is off the air and the Chapman family has moved on with their lives just as TV viewers have moved on to the Honey Boo Boos and Pawn Stars of the TV world, it may seem that this clan is able to blend into anonymity... well, except for Dog and Beth. Let's face facts, those two aren't blending in. Not for a man who has rhymed, "With blood in one eye and a tear in the other, he'll hunt you down and call you brother." But when it comes to the apple of Dog's eye, Baby Lyssa, there are some pics out there that we think Dog would rather keep under wraps. Luckily for you, we've found all twenty of them. Get ready to offer the criminal nearest you a sympathetic ear along with a cigarette and enjoy, bruh!

20 Baby Lyssa In The Doghouse

Or jailhouse? No papa wants to see their daughter's mug shot and what led to it is a pretty wild story. In 2011, 23-year-old Lyssa Chapman was living a life of reality star glory. Dog the Bounty Hunter was at its peak of popularity according to TV ratings and life should have been as smooth and clear as those perfect Hawaiian waters. But Lyssa was arrested in Honolulu on charges of harassment and criminal property damage. Not such great PR for a family who dedicates their lives to taking criminals down, was it? Baby got in big trouble for running around a Honolulu neighborhood drunk as a Hawaiian skunk banging on doors and swearing in the wee hours of the morning. Then she broke a window by kicking it and when the police were called she slapped an officer's cell phone out of his hand while he was talking on it. Oh bruddah! Lyssa claimed that she was drugged the night of the arrest in her memoir but whatever the case, it seems that someone did put Baby in a corner ...of a jail cell.

19 Bar Baby

Lyssa poses in front of a bar with three young ladies who look ready for a night of booze, dancing and general good Hawaiian fun. Honolulu, in particular, is known for its unique bars and club scene. For example, did you know that Honolulu is home to a brewseum? The Brewseum is exactly as it sounds, a brewery/museum that houses a special collection of WWII Military memorabilia. That's just the crest of the massive wave of bars in Honolulu that are nothing like your average watering hole. From bars that are installed in pools to the many that are beachfront, Honolulu visitors have their pick of experiences. But it's the locals who really know where the best spots in town are - like Baby Lyssa herself.

18 Throwback Cringe

We all go through an awkward phase at some point in our lives. There's no shame there. And it's safe to say that everyone can admit that teenhood is not one big happy picnic. But Lyssa probably more that Dog would fight to have this photo erased from the planet based on the sheer amount of awkwardness here. Halloween shirt? Check. Little pigtails poking out? Check. Teeth that are still adjusting? Check. Bonafide cringefest in full swing. Stepmomma Beth standing over by the sink got in on the action, too. Check out those fuzzy green slippers she has on for an extra dose of cringe. When next Thursday rolls around, don't expect to see this photo on Lyssa's wall for #TBT. Or any other future Thursdays for that matter.

17 Daring Denim Showoff

Most of the episodes feature Lyssa and the other family members/bounty hunting team wearing black clothing ready for kicking some criminal behinds but on this episode, Lyssa was featured wearing a very non-functional, tight-fitting denim corset type top with a high potential for a wardrobe malfunction. Why, you ask? Ratings? Laundry day and all of her black bounty hunter clothing was stuck in a cycle in the washing machine? Or maybe she was rebelling against the family dress code? If we had to wager a guess, we'd go for the first choice. Lyssa quickly became a fan favorite for the male portion of DTBH fans. With ninety-nine percent of female DTBH fans swooning and sending love letters to Lyssa's half-brothers, Duane Lee, Jr. and Leland, Lyssa filled the gap for men who proudly proclaimed, "In Dog We Trust."

16 Carefree And Candid

On her Instagram account, Lyssa shows off a set of black and white photos that display what everyday life is like for the former bail bondswoman/bounty hunter/reality star and current day Honolulu tanning salon owner. Whether driving in her car to pick up her daughters, Abbie and Madalynn, heading out for a workout or simply down to the beach to enjoy a slice of heavenly Hawaiian scenery, Lyssa is just an average Honolulu citizen today... with an A&E past. After Dog the Bounty Hunter ended, many of the family members have decided to go back to their "normal lives" with a bit of extra cash in hand to pad a sweet lifestyle and it seems that business owner Lyssa is no exception.

15 Baby Lyssa "Batting For The Other Team" On Insta

Dog has been known to be accepting and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community as the whole Chapman family did a photo shoot for the "NO H8" campaign back in 2012. “It’s about peace and love and togetherness,” Dog said when asked why his family chose to participate in the popular campaign. “So while politicians are doing their thing, we’re gonna do our thing.” But Dog has also been known to make controversial remarks such as racist comments that were recorded during a conversation with one of his sons, Tucker Dee regarding a black woman he was dating. Some have claimed that Dog only shows his politically correct side for the cameras and for good PR. If that claim has any merit to it, perhaps Dog would not appreciate this photo that Lyssa posted on her Instagram account where she is shown kissing another woman, her girlfriend.

14 Sunday Sharing... Too Much?

Dog has made it clear that he is a family man but he is also fiercely protective of that family circle and those who try to join in. Take the scandal surrounding Dog and his son, Tucker Dee, for example. Tucker Dee is Lyssa's full brother and in 2007, there was full-blown drama regarding a conversation between Dog and his son and a racial slur that he called Tucker's black girlfriend. Tucker later taped a conversation with his father where Dog made several racially charged comments. If one thing is for sure, Dog loves the people of Hawaii but he is also known as being extremely picky when it comes to the people that his children choose as significant others. Perhaps Dog wouldn't be a fan of this pic if he hasn't fully vetted Lyssa's SO yet and given her the Dog seal of fatherly approval.

13 The Smackdown Of Baby Lyssa

A Dog the Bounty Hunter episode, "The Smackdown of Baby Lyssa" features Lyssa trying to place a man under arrest with minimal to no tools. For some reason, she's all alone on this arrest mission as the rest of the bounty busting family are on a slow-moving elevator headed her way. A criminal who seems none too eager to land himself back in jail, pulls away from Lyssa who was trying to detain him with an arm behind his back. In the struggle, Lyssa was thrown down on the ground. She immediately got back up and took off running after the perp. Dog probably doesn't like to be reminded of the time that Lyssa got tossed to the ground working in the family business. On a sentimental recent Instagram post, Lyssa wrote, "Happy Father's Day to my #superhero dad! I love you. Thank you for being a father and a mother to me growing up. #mydadcanbeatupyourdad." Happy ending.

12 Self-Described "Hot Mom"

Apparently, Baby Lyssa doesn't consider herself a baby anymore like her family nickname implies. Recently, Lyssa captioned this pic of herself on her Instagram account with the acronym for a hot mom popularized by a certain hit 90's teen movie. She also captioned the pic with "#money." Indeed, she has come a long way. Who would have ever thought that a man who hunted wanted fugitives for a living would make a legacy that included fame and money to take care of his entire family including all of his many children split between three ex-wives and one current wife? That's a lot of dough and a lot of fame to be dished out but with a successful reality deal with A&E, anything is possible.

11 "Perfect Lei"

In May, Lyssa posted this photo collage with the following caption to her Instagram account: "#Mayday is #LeiDay in Hawaii ! Happy to have found the perfect Lei ? Love you baby #leidayinhawaii #ereday" The photo collage shows Lyssa's girlfriend hanging loose with a potential family member, getting gangsta with Lyssa's youngest daughter, Madalynn, posing next to an unsmiling Abbie, Lyssa's oldest daughter, a selfie and finally, sharing a smile with Lyssa. Dog may be accepting of Lyssa's girlfriend, and if his family's 2012 participation in the "NO H8" campaign is any indication, he is but chances are he probably doesn't appreciate Lyssa's choice of phrasing and the term "perfect lei." We found out that Lyssa's girlfriend is named Leiana so she was likely referring to a nickname however, her name isn't mentioned in the post and Dog might worry that people will take Lyssa's choice of wording to refer to a derogatory meaning.

10 Beachfront Party Girl

Besides her headline-making arrest for harassment and criminal property damage in 2011, Lyssa has managed to keep her nose clean for the most part besides dribs and drabs of drama but that's to be expected when your father is a reality star, or was, of household name proportions. Especially considering that Lyssa was a reality star herself during her time on the show. Now she is thirty years old, the mother of two, sister to many and clearly loves life as a Honolulu resident. She wears a big smile as she poses for the camera on the beach among friends. Being a party girl in Hawaii means that you can dance on the beach and have as great of a time as someone would partying in an expensive club.

9 Baby's Showing Too Much Bebe

Although Lyssa is wearing the traditional bounty hunter color of choice in this photo, she has decided to give the basic black shirt a little twist with some Bebe bling. We can imagine that Dog probably wasn't too much of a fan of his daughter's low cut blinged out shirt. While it certainly doesn't seem that he minds when his wife and fellow kickass bounty hunter, Beth shows some cleavage, his daughter is a very different story. Most fathers wouldn't want their daughters, even grown daughters, to wear low-cut clothing but Dog especially would have concern seeing as how his daughter was on a nationally watched TV show, seen by millions of men. Dog was probably very happy that Lyssa looked up to his wife, Beth and sees her as her mother and role model but wouldn't want her to take after Beth in this particular way.

8 A Mother Too Young

No, this is not little Lyssa with her baby sister. Lyssa was practically still a baby herself at fourteen years old when she found herself pregnant by a twenty-four-year-old man, no less. Where was Papa Dog, you might ask and why was he not there with his two fists of fury to prevent, or avenge this? Lyssa was raised by Dog until she was ten years old when she moved to Anderson, Alaska to live with her mother who is also named Lyssa. Dog and his daughter had no contact for six years. When he found out that his young teenage daughter now had a baby, she moved back to live with him and soon began working for his bail bondsman company. Before Lyssa moved back to live under Dog's care however, the authorities found out about Lyssa being underage and charges were pressed against the father of her baby. No father wants a reminder that his daughter was pregnant at the tender age of fourteen.

7 Publishing A Tell-All Book With Some Dirty Dog Secrets

Promos for Lyssa's book tempt the potential reader with, "As a child, Baby Lyssa's parents divorced and left her neglected. Things only got worse from there. Walking on Eggshells reveals Lyssa's nightmare journey from mental and physical abuse to removal from school and confinement at home, flight from protective services and teen pregnancy." It's pretty obvious from this blurb as to why Dog wouldn't be super jazzed about his darling daughter's memoir being released to the public but to make matters worse, the book was also touted as, "From one of the hit stars of A &E's hit reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter comes an empowering memoir that can inspire others to break the cycle of abuse and forge happiness out of extreme adversity." It's easy to imagine that Dog Daddy didn't appreciate the name drop on her book which was published just a month after Dog's spinoff show, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt premiered.

6 Creepy Cameraman Work

Earning a living as a cameraman has got to be gruelling work. Shoot the scene wrong and you've just wasted precious studio time. Shoot the scene wrong for a reality show? It's gone forever. Well, who are we kidding? As if reality TV isn't scripted. But in any case, it's still got to be tough work. Especially for the Dog the Bounty Hunter crew who had to constantly run as if they were filming an episode of Cops. It looks to us as if the cameraman shooting this scene was taking a break from chasing the guys who were chasing the bad guys and maybe trying to get a little creepy here filming Lyssa wearing a non-traditional bounty hunter outfit of tight-fitting jeans and a matching denim corset top complete with a pink ribbon tie. What do you think?

5 Childhood Issues

Now, Lyssa Chapman leads a charmed life or so it would seem from her life on social media. Then again, life in Honolulu doesn't seem so bad for anyone. But things weren't always so sunshiny and smooth as the clear, pristine blue Hawaiian waters for young Lyssa. In fact, her rocky childhood is the basis for her book, Walking On Eggshells. At just fifteen, she gave birth to a baby whose father was a twenty-four-year-old man. When she turned ten years old, she left her father's care and went to live with her mother in Anderson, Alaska. Her book describes her descent into a cycle of dysfunction that included mental and physical abuse, being taken out of school at a young age and forced to stay at home.

4 Tweenage Smiles Despite Hard Times

Lyssa calls this pic her first selfie, taken old school style with a camera and not a smart phone. What pain is this smile masking? She grew up scrappy in a gang-infested area of Denver, Colorado living in the family's run-down small home. Devastated with her parents fighting and later, their divorce, Lyssa turned to any woman who lived in their home and took care of the kids, calling any of Dog's girlfriends or later wives "Mom" during her formative years. Later, while living in Anderson, Alaska with her mother, a teen Lyssa would witness her alcoholic mother party rather than pay attention to her. From a young age, she remembers seeing drug paraphernalia belonging to her father around the house. Still, young Lyssa managed a smile throughout it all.

3 Concerns About Motherhood The Second Time Around?

Lyssa, shown here pregnant with baby Madalynn by her ex-husband, Brahman "Bo" Galanti, while her half-bruh, Duane Lee Jr. takes a break from organizing wanted posters of perps in order to feel his niece-to-be kicking in Lyssa's tummy. While it's clear to fans that Dog loves being a granddaddy dog to Lyssa's kids, he would have had good reason to be apprehensive over Lyssa's second pregnancy. Dog raised Lyssa on and off while she was growing up and when she was just a child herself, Lyssa became pregnant via statutory assault and had to struggle to raise Abbie when she wasn't even close to ending her teen years. Even though she was older this time around, Lyssa's second pregnancy no doubt brought up feelings of worry and concern in Dog for his daughter.

2 Lyssa's Frightening, Near-Fatal Car Crash

In the summer of 2014, Lyssa was driving her black SUV when the vehicle was involved in a crash serious enough to deploy airbags and have a fire truck show up to the scene to treat the injured travellers. Lyssa's stepmother and famous blonde bounty hunter, Beth Chapman said that both of Lyssa's children, Abbie who was twelve at the time and Madalynn who was five then were with her at the time of the accident. The front end of the SVU looks to have been smashed beyond repair and it seems that all three were taken by ambulance and possibly treated at the scene as well. Today, you'll be happy to know that Lyssa and her daughters are all alive and well despite many Internet rumors that Lyssa died in the car crash. In fact, one of the top Google searches for Dog's daughter is "Lyssa Chapman death."

1 Failed Marriage Reminder

Oh, it's that guy... is probably the nicest, most polite and nonviolent thought that crosses Dog's mind when he sees any photo showing the mug of Brahman "Bo" Galanti, Lyssa's ex-husband and the father of Dog's granddaughter, Madalynn. It's not because Daddy Dearest Dog has four failed marriages of his own behind him, it's not even because he no doubt paid through the nose for his daughter's expensive Hawaiian wedding in 2009... it's because Bo Galanti, by Lyssa's accounts, has been physically abusive to her and assaulted her on four occasions. During one incident, she ran to her father's house out of fear and her father threatened Bo if anything else happened to Lyssa. Finally, Lyssa filed for divorce in 2011 after trying marriage counselling with Bo that was determined to be unsuccessful. For obvious reasons, we think it's clear that this photo isn't treasured by Dog.

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