15 Photos Of Aubrey Plaza That Are Hot AF

These 15 pictures of Aubrey Plaza will make you realize how hot she truly is.

An actress can be attractive for many different reasons. What makes Cameron Diaz hot? She’s tall, she’s blonde, but she’s also a badass who isn’t afraid to hold back on her vulgarity. It adds an edge to her sexiness. What makes Reese Witherspoon hot? She’s a cute blonde, but the innocence and naivety her look gives off makes her seem more mysterious and seductive, thus exemplifying her hotness. And what makes Sophia Vergara hot? Well…

The point is an actress can be hot for the obvious physical reasons, but they can be enhanced by the way in which the actress portrays them. In the case of Aubrey Plaza, not only does she have a great body, unique face, and sexy attitude—but on top of that, she really doesn’t care if you think she’s hot. She could care less, and that makes her even more attractive.

Don’t believe me? Before you read this list, Google ‘Aubrey Plaza, Legion’ and you’ll see how little she cares about what YOU think of her attractiveness. Compare those pictures to the ones on this list, and your mind will be blown. So without further ado, here are 15 pictures of Aubrey Plaza that will make you realize how hot she truly is.

15  'Mike and Dave' Aubrey Plaza

In a movie that had an all star lineup to begin with, Aubrey Plaza steals the show as the lazy college girl Tatiana in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. The movie is about two guys who need wedding dates for their sister’s wedding in Hawaii. Plaza’s character is the mastermind to manipulate the boys into taking them on an extravagant free vacation, a.k.a the wedding, by staging a car accident with her friend (Anna Kendrick) in which the boys coincidentally save them. While the movie lacks some laughs, Aubrey steals the show in the second half of the movie when she has her ‘She’s All That’ moment going from lazy, unkempt college girl, to arm candy knockout. The movie ends with an attempt to teach a valuable lesson, but all the audience walks away with is the knowledge of Aubrey Plaza’s sexiness.

14 Ambitious Aubrey

In August of 2014, right before Parks and Recreation aired its final season, Aubrey was the cover girl for Nylon magazine. In a candid interview which included many glorious pictures of Aubrey like the one above, Aubrey talks about her career, and how playing the leading love interest in a movie always bored her. She’d rather be on the next Golden Girls, or star as Cat Woman. She also has the desire to write her own screenplay. This ambition just adds to her sex appeal, and the pictures in the spread certainly help. When asked about Plaza, co-star Anna Kendrick said, “Aubrey has a wolf-like quality onscreen. She’s gorgeous, and majestic, in repose, but mostly, you’re hoping to see her tear something’s throat open.” If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is.

13 Aubrey Eating Watermelon

What’s sexier than Aubrey Plaza in a scantily clad outfit? Well, that's easy; Aubrey Plaza in a scantily clad outfit eating a piece of watermelon. Watermelon may be the sexiest of the fruit, and Aubrey certainly adds to that argument. This hot photo was found on Reddit, the photoshoot’s origin unknown to the thread, but the pic still has a ton of merit and clearly deserves to be included her. It was voted number one on the ‘Aubrey Plaza’s Finest Non-April Ludgate Contributions to the Gif Culture’ list. If that’s not a high honor, I don’t know what is.

12 Weird Aubrey

One of the most undeniable traits of Aubrey Plaza, and one of the most alluring as well, is her undoubted weirdness. Her smoky dark hair, thick menacing eyebrows, and her witty sarcasm all play into this weirdness that wears her so well. Look at her character on Legion—could this be the weirdest role she’s done to date? Now, her look on Legion is that of a complete tomboy, but when she needs to, she pulls off the combination really well. These pictures are the perfect example of just that. It’s a Lady Gaga/Nicki Minaj type of weird, demonic look that you can’t help but be attracted to. Not everyone can pull this off, but Aubrey does it with ease. These photos were taken during a fashion shoot for the New York Post. It's hard to think of a better actress to rock this attire better.

11 Rolling Stone Aubrey

In 2011, fresh off a cameo in Adam Sandler's Funny People, and at the height of Parks and Rec's popularity, Plaza did an interview and photoshoot with Rolling Stone Magazine. The pictures have an innocence to them, but still come off as mysteriously sexy—Plaza in a nutshell. In the interview, Plaza talks about not being comfortable in her own skin, growing up as a class clown, and about the time she snubbed Ryan Gosling because she didn't know who he was. There are many great pictures from the Stones shoot to choose from including a bunch involving the car in the one above. Some feature her in the backseat of the car, on top of it, and even handcuffed against the steering wheel, and but the one featured here shows Aubrey as her truest self.

10 Blue Collar Aubrey

You may not have seen this one before as it's an underrated picture of Plaza. Here we see her sitting on top of a Ford pickup truck with high waisted bell bottoms rolled up, matching high heels and shirt showing off her stomach. This is the blue collar, every day American look Aubrey sported for the magazine ASOS. These photos, like many of Plaza's, are a little more wholesome, but this just adds to her sexuality as we realize how hot she can look in any situation. The shoot also includes her out to dinner and getting dressed but the one on top of the Ford showcases Aubrey at her best.

9 Aubrey The Life Guard

Remember the scene in The Sandlot when Wendy Peffercorn runs to the rescue of Squints to save him from drowning, or so she thinks? We all remember the moment when Wendy gives Squints mouth to mouth only to find out he was faking—using it as a master plan to kiss the older, beautiful woman. It's a classic scene and the first thing that comes to mind when seeing Aubrey Plaza in this lifeguard get up.

Aubrey's first feature role on the big screen was in the movie The To Do List. The movie stars Plaza as Brandy, an inexperienced high school senior looking to become more sexually active before going off to college. The movie didn't exactly put Hollywood on alert that Plaza could handle a lead comedic role but it did alert Parks and Rec fans that Aubrey was a lot hotter than they remember.

8 Aubrey In A Bathtub

Aubrey is featured here taking a bubble bath, holding a cigarette in her hand as it slowly burns. It's an artsy picture that incorporates a classic sexy look with an actress that knows how to pull it off.

What's the origin of this popular gif and hot photo? It's actually from a music video for a song called 'Rouse Yourself,' by JC Brooks and the Uptown Squad. It's a four minute song that has a 70's soul and an epic bass line. Plaza has plenty of sexy scenes in the video including wearing skimpy lingerie, and then stretched out in the bathtub. Who knew Plaza had the music bug too? The video also stars the actor who plays Nick on New Girl.

7 Pop Champagne With Aubrey

What better way to bring in the New Year than to pop champagne with Aubrey Plaza, right? In this photo, Aubrey is all about having a good time and she pours champagne into a glass in her bed until it overflows. This picture was used for a social post by the Film Lab who captioned it 'whose ready to pop champagne this New Year's with Aubrey Plaza?' Spending time with her in that photo would certainly be a great way to spend your time when the ball drops, or at any other point in the year for that matter.

6 Silly String Aubrey

Aubrey did another photoshoot and interview, this time with Complex magazine. In this one, Aubrey sets the Internet on fire by talking about her sexuality, and how she has fallen in love 'with both men and women.' Aubrey describes her sexuality as being attracted to anyone she wants, male or female, as long as there is some level of interest. She grew up with a gay aunt and uncle so it was always normal to her growing up. Aubrey identifies as bi-sexual.

The interview with Complex was for their 'Spring Fling,' and Aubrey goes onto create another gif-able moment when she is handed a can of silly string. A revealing interview, but a fun one, and one that resulted in this sexy picture of Aubrey.

5 Nerdy Aubrey

Lookmatic, an eye-glasses brand, brought us one of the looks we've been missing in our Aubrey Plaza arsenal—the nerdy librarian look. In 2012, the then Parks and Rec star followed in the footsteps of Jason Schwatzman, who was the first celebrity to rock Lookmatic's glasses in an advertisement, by posing with the thick rimmed glasses for one of their campaigns. It looks like Aubrey has an artistic side too—she designed the glasses herself. And the results were off the charts as you would expect. Aubrey jumped at the chance to sport the spectacles because they reminded her of her grandmother. She described remembering her grandmother wearing these 'sexy librarian spectacles,' when she was young, and she set out to re-create the look. Mission accomplished.

4 'GQ Shoot' Aubrey Plaza

In 2013, Aubrey Plaza got her chance to bare it all, both literally and figuratively. She was featured on the cover of GQ back in August of that year, and as you can see, looked amazing. With Parks and Recreation reaching its final frontier, Plaza was able to open up in an interview and talk about what was next for her career. We learned she’s not really the sarcastic person she always seems to play on camera, but a laughable and lovable woman … with a wild side. In the interview, she said she loves to drink, ‘burn it to the ground,’ as she put it, and is described as much more casually pretty than she’s allowed to be on screen. As you can tell from the picture above, that is certainly true.

3 GQ Shoot #2 Aubrey Plaza

The GQ shoot may be the most provocative pictures Aubrey has ever taken, so it deserves two spots on this list. There are simply too many pictures to choose from to only feature one. This one takes a bit of a melancholy angle, showing Plaza in black and white, laying out on a couch looking pretty somber. Not to worry—the overall tone of this article was very self deprecating, and nothing Aubrey is afraid to laugh at. Plaza goes onto to describe her incredibly depressing dating life, and says that the person she would least like to go on a date with is herself. If this list proves anything it's two things: there are many men who would like to date her, and just as many who would love to go and join her on that couch.

2 Parks and Rec Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey’s portrayal as April Ludgate on the highly successful Parks and Recreation, is the role that made Plaza into a star. Although she was much younger, and not as 'Hollywood,' Aubrey was still showing signs of potential on the NBC hit. April was the emo, ‘I don’t care about anything,’ character on the show, who was happily married to Chris Pratt’s character (imagine their kids in real life?!) throughout most of the series. The couple was one of the few sitcom relationships to have virtually zero problems, as they were just the perfect fit for one another.

Plaza was usually dressed down on Parks and Rec, but there were those few moments she was able to showcase her beauty. On top of that, Aubrey’s ‘No F’s Given’ attitude added to her hotness throughout the show’s seven seasons.

1 'Dirty Grandpa' Aubrey Plaza

Number one on our list is Aubrey Plaza on the set of Dirty Grandpa. Plaza plays Lenore in the movie starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro. In this movie that didn’t do so well at the box office, Zac Efron’s character reunites with his grandfather, played by De Niro, after his grandma passes away. Efron’s character, soon to be married, gets tricked into driving to Florida for Spring Break with his grandfather who is trying to re-live his youth. Along the way, they meet Plaza’s character, a nympho under-grad looking to have a good time. She’s probably the only entertaining part of the movie—needless to say, it’s not De Niro’s best work, but Aubrey steals the show with her Spring Break bikini and raunchy behavior. Maybe it's the way she's dressed, or she's just getting hotter with age but her appearance in Dirty Grandpa is the hottest Aubrey has ever looked—and that's saying a lot.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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15 Photos Of Aubrey Plaza That Are Hot AF