15 Photos Of A-List Celebs Looking Not-So-Hot

There are plenty of celebs out there, and we've grown used to seeing them at their very best. Singers, actresses, models, etc. are always out and about dressed to the nines with hair and makeup done to perfection and their bodies looking like they have a monthly membership to not only the gym but to the plastic surgeon’s office, too. That's part of the gig as a celeb – looking hot all the time is basically expected. Why else would their fans worship the ground they walk on? If they were just like us, what's there to strive for or aspire to one day be?

But just like the average folks like us out there, celebrities are only human… despite what some of their inflated egos may tell them. There have been plenty of times when even the sexiest of stars have been photographed looking like crud. While the celebs themselves may not have been too thrilled about the candid/hideous shots, the rest of us can breathe a big old sigh of relief that they're not as perfect as we once thought they were. Even the hottest of the hot have their bad days, and these 15 unflattering pics of some of our favorite stars prove it.

Yes, even the “bad” photos of these 15 stars look better than some people we personally know, but for the stars, the not-so-hot versions of themselves are embarrassing and even frightful in some cases. See for yourself that even your “hall pass” can look like someone you’d rather pass on when snapped by the paps on an off day.

15 Kim Kardashian West

Everyone’s favorite reality star, Kim Kardashian West, is always dolled up from head to toe in the fanciest and most fashionable designer clothing, and her face is always covered completely in makeup. It's a rare day when she's seen makeup-free, and even when she does decide to appear barefaced, she somehow manages to still look flawless. That said, even this major hottie doesn’t always look her best. In this unfortunate shot of Mrs. West, it looks like things have gone south. She's acne-ridden, pale, and chalky, and her brows and hair are untamed. Who knows if she realized her pic was being taken, but now, it’s all over the web for us to be shocked by time and time again. Would Kanye still adore his queen if she looked this way on the regular?

14 Cara Delevingne

One of the hottest models of the moment is the quirky-yet-mesmerizing Cara Delevingne. Her unique looks have landed her endless magazine shoots, runway gigs, and contracts galore. From the pic on the left, anyone can see why she's so sought after and admired. But look at the pic on the right, and see a whole new side of the supermodel. What has happened to the stunning woman we've grown to adore? Her skin looks like that of a pre-teen boy and so does her style. OK, we’ve all had our bad days, but we’re not paid millions based on our appearance either. Hopefully, Delevingne is easygoing and realizes it takes a lot to look as hot as she does when she’s posing for the cameras because the pic of the chick on the right looks like the average gal chillin’ at the mall.

13 Kate Upton

Voluptuous, curvy, blonde, and beautiful. These four flattering words sum up model Kate Upton perfectly… most of the time. But in her “bad” pic, Upton looks as far from a supermodel as one can be. Oily skin, red blemishes, and greasy, unstylish hair are most certainly not the go-to requirements for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shoot. Upton may be totally comfortable in this casual and unflattering shot, but for the thousands of men who drool over her, this shocking pic is a real bummer. The mega-model normally looks like a perfect 10, but in her not-so-hot pic, she owes us points! Makeup artists and stylists really do miracle work. Upton can’t help but agree herself. All she has to do is take note of this side-by-side, and she may not even recognize herself!

12 Katy Perry

The usually done-up diva, Katy Perry, looks like a “Plain Jane” in her not-so-hot photo. For a megastar, looking as she does in the “bad” pic is a shock since we're used to seeing the perky Perry covered in layers of makeup and trying out different hairstyles. Now we know that underneath all the foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and wigs lies a basic chick with a face of the average and boring girl-next-door. Sure, she doesn’t look horrendous in her plain pic, but there's no celeb-factor there. For a star who's one of the biggest and brightest, Perry is expected to look like a million bucks, day in and day out. If we want our stars to look like school teachers, we ought not to pay them such outrageous salaries!

11 Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelina Jolie is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Obviously, her not-so-hot picture was not part of the process to determine her as such. Jolie is spectacular on screen and even in person, but even the greatest out-of-this-world beauties get caught in a weird moment now and then. With a big clown-like grin, blotchy skin, and oily hair, Jolie looks more like a college kid than a celebrity. Without a “glam squad,” Jolie looks like the average woman we’d see at the supermarket rather than a superstar. Even when she’s been down in the dumps or tired from raising all those kids, Jolie still manages to look pretty darn hot. But as we can see, even Jolie has had her moment out of the sunshine. Even ex Brad Pitt would say her not-so-hot photo is the pits.

10 Kate Moss

For one of the biggest supermodels of modern time, the not-so-hot pic of Kate Moss is truly rather alarming. We're used to seeing the “waif-like” woman looking as she does in the shot on the left -- gorgeous, angelic, and sublime. But seeing her at her worst is a real surprise. She looks like she's been through the ringer, and it's even hard to believe these two photos are of the same person. It makes you question if Moss’s beauty is all makeup and lighting or if, in the photo on the right, she simply had a bad day… a really bad one. Sure, Moss isn’t in her “modeling prime,” but still, she normally looks decent, at the very least. Ladies, staying out ‘till 3 AM once you’re past your 20s can really do a number on your skin. Use Moss’s example, and stay home and moisturize.

9 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is in her late 40s, but she's still as hot as any 20-something, thanks to her (usually) flawless and dewy skin and super in-shape body. She's a superstar of gigantic proportions and can sing, dance, act, host, and more. Her round booty is coveted, and her youthful appeal attracts men of all ages. There has hardly been an unflattering pic of J. Lo out there… until now. In her “bad” pic, her 40-something years are finally showing on her face. We barely ever see a wrinkle on the woman, but in the bright lighting, they're finally coming out of hiding. Her pursed lips don’t help her cause, and that heavy makeup is sinking into every line. Jenny has always reminded us that she's “from the block,” and now, we can see she’s finally keeping it real.

8 Naomi Campbell 

Caught in a hairy situation, supermodel Naomi Campbell was captured by the paparazzi with a look that she clearly never intended for anyone to see. Yes, many women may have the same issue going on from time to time, but they're not paid millions to look flawless at every turn. In her more flattering pic, we see the model as a perfect 10, with her face “on fleek” and her hair styled magnificently. As a model who's been in the biz for decades, Campbell knows how to work the camera and realizes when she's nailed it. Being caught off-guard in her not-so-hot pic is not what Campbell wants to see put on the internet, but even she can’t be in control of everything, as much as she’d like to be. Not every day is a walk in the park -- or on the catwalk -- as we can see from this not-great photo.

7 Lady Gaga

Nobody is going “ga ga” over the not-so-hot pic of pop diva Lady Gaga. We've grown to adore the musician for her interesting looks and makeup, and her plain pic doesn’t even resemble the star. In fact, it’s more like a mugshot than a headshot. Gaga is one of the biggest stars of the modern day, and when we see her on stage or screen, she lights up from head to toe. But this “bad” pic is more “gag” than “Gaga.” With her chalky skin, startling jet black hair, and odd pose, Gaga is nothing like the star we're accustomed to. Perhaps she's showing us that she's just like the average person, but most fans want her to be so much more. Admirers will always adore her, but a little effort would really go the extra mile.

6 Heidi Klum

The usually hot Heidi Klum may be in her 40s, but she's still rocking the modeling world like nobody’s business. She's also an accomplished host, TV personality, and business woman -- not to mention, a mom. She seems to have it all, including her breathtaking, enviable looks. But even the hottest women have their off days, and this not-so-hot pic of Klum is evidence of such. She looks much more like a run-of-the-mill soccer mom than a runway model with an appearance that would give nobody reason to give her a second look. It seems like Klum needs that second cup of coffee or an extra few hours of sleep to get back to her normal, great-looking self. At least we can confirm that even supermodels aren’t always so super.

5 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes usually looks breathtaking with her creamy olive complexion, shiny brunette hair, sweet eyes, and overall beauty. But in her not-so-hot photo, the long-time actress looks a little worse for the wear. Not only is she looking drab and seemingly unhappy, but she has big bags under her eyes and is sporting sagging cheeks. Perhaps her split from ex Tom Cruise is still weighing heavily on her soul, or she's tired from working and looking after her daughter, Suri. Or it could be that this is what Holmes really looks like on a daily basis and that what we usually see is the “after” when the star is all made-up and camera ready. The hot version is more like what we enjoy looking at, but even super cute gals like Holmes can look homely every so often.

4 Rose Byrne

Actress Rose Byrne is one of Hollywood’s most attractive leading ladies, and her delicate features, soft hair, and great figure make her one to watch. It's a rare day to see the beauty looking less than flawless, but in her “bad” photo, the rare day has reared its ugly head. Byrne looks shocked to be snapped by the hidden paparazzi, and that's because she looks far from the picture of perfection we're used to seeing. Her hair is a mess, she isn’t wearing a stitch of makeup, and her choice in clothing looks like it must be laundry day. OK, yes -- all people deserve a day to relax and go casual, but at least look like you’ve taken a shower. Maybe she's on her way home from the gym, but this version of Byrne is not nearly as nice as the smell of an actual rose.

3 Jennifer Lawrence

As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses, Jennifer Lawrence’s outer beauty matches her talent on screen. She's blonde, blue-eyed, and breathtaking, and she always looks great. Well, almost always. As seen here in her not-so-hot shot, J. Law looks disheveled, dirty, and drab. Her hair is stringy, and her face looks ruddy and puffy. With the dough this babe brings in from the box office, she can certainly afford to at least run a comb through her hair and dab on a little moisturizer. Perhaps she's amid filming, and this is the look required, but if the actress is just walking around town this way, fans won’t even recognize her. Let’s hope we see more of the Lawrence we adore and less of the one we want to give a makeover to.

2 Scarlett Johansson

When we think of Hollywood’s top 10 sexiest actresses, the spectacular Scarlett Johansson always makes the cut. She's curvy, gorgeous, and blonde, and those luscious lips are hard to look away from. She snags some of the most sought-after roles, and fans adore her every move. Women want to look like her, and men want to be with her. But if everyone caught a glimpse of her not-so-hot pic, their feelings may change for the actress. She looks OK in her not-so-hot shot, but nothing to go wild over as we do when we see her at her finest. Barefaced with a goofy grin and stringy hair isn’t Hollywood-level attractiveness. This pic would be acceptable as a passport photo, but it won’t be on a movie billboard anytime soon.

1 Kerry Washington

The exceptional Kerry Washington is known for her superb acting chops on the small screen, and her beauty is unique and admired. Her excellent bone structure, plump pout, and deep brown eyes have fans, waiting for Washington to appear and amuse, glued to their TV sets. But in her “bad” pic, Washington looks washed out, drab, full of spots and dots, and as tired as can be. She looks pissed off that her pic was snapped by the sneaky paparazzi and even angrier that the photo will surely make it to the web. Not every moment is a ready-for-the-cameras one, but this poor pic of a weary Washington is a real doozy. For someone who's normally so well put-together and glam, this pic proves that even the most stunning of beauties can have a rough moment.

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