15 Photos Of 2 Broke Girls Looking Hot AF

When it comes to CBS’s hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls, there are basically only two reactions people have. I’m pretty sure you can guess what those are too, right? Yup, it’s one of those shows that people either totally love or totally love to hate. From my deep research into this phenom, which included both checking out a grand total of one website and asking a friend what they thought of the show -- yeah, I know; I’m dedicated -- the extreme reactions seem to be a result of the show's writing possibly being kind of dumb, racist, and sexist, yet the two stars of the show being able to pull off a natural affinity for each other.

So it would probably be good for us to know who these two hot leading ladies are, am I right? I mean, the show isn’t going to go away any time soon. Not with a renewal for season six being put in the books last October and an average of 8 million viewers per episode. That’s an awful lot of people watching a broadcast sitcom nowadays in our fragmented, streaming world of TV entertainment.

Never fear, ‘cause I’ve got the goods on Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, who do such a fun job of interacting with each other both on and off screen. These two ladies are definitely hot, both together and alone, and deserve to be ogled by all of you guys out there. I mean…they deserve more recognition for their excellent work together. So let’s get to it. Here are the 2 Broke Girls, alone and together, showing us just how hot they are and why their show is a smash.

15 Yowza!

Here’s the Kat we all want to see. Unlike that Thor character with glasses, this time we get a hot lady in lingerie and “naughty librarian” spectacles. I think I prefer this look on her, to be honest. I’m wondering, though, if Kat has ever worn a shade of lipstick other than deep red. Maybe it’s a thing with her. Maybe she woke up one day and decided, “I’m gonna only wear red from now on to accent my ivory white skin.” Or maybe it’s Maybelline. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I think Kat looks good in red. But I’m willing to bet she would look good in some other colors, too. C’mon Kat! Give the people what they want! Stretch out and live a little! Then again, who am I kidding? Kat has got some serious mojo working here. Why would she want to mess it up?

14 Beth’s Bikini

I’ve gotta say, Beth Behr’s looks pretty good in a bikini top, doesn’t she? I didn’t really know much about her since I never watch the show, but I’m thinking, with stills like this one, maybe I’d better start! It’s not like you, I, or anyone else would have known much about her before 2 Broke Girls hit it big anyway. Her biggest claim to fame before her hit series was starring in some kind of direct-to-home-video American Pie release in 2009. There’s a franchise that I thought was dead and buried long ago. But no, our girl Beth starred in the seventh installment, American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, which I guarantee without having ever seen a single frame, has got to be not only the worst movie in the history of the series, but also one of the worst movies ever. But hey, it gave Beth much-needed exposure -- until she started exposing herself on 2 Broke Girls, that is.

13 Beth Revealed

In case you hadn’t noticed, Kat tends to be the one who flaunts her assets a bit more than Beth, probably because Kat’s assets are so obviously flaunt-able. Here we see Beth showing off just a little bit in a low-cut, lacy top that works well for her. One pretty cool thing I learned about Beth is that she, with a friend of hers, created a webcomic that explores all kinds of serious themes young adults are interested in: human sexuality, feminism, politics. You name it, Beth and her comic (called Dents for those who want to check it out) have got you covered. Apparently, she was really into the X-Men, and that’s how she started doing her own comic. So maybe Beth is a bit of a Fangirl, which is always gonna be hot. She was also one of the voices in Monsters University, so she’s got that going for her too.

12 Kat On The Beach

Well, if you thought our first pic of Beth was pretty hot (and it was), I’m wondering what you’re thinking about this one of Kat. You’ll probably notice as we go through the entries that Beth tends to be a little bit sillier in front of the camera, and Kat tends to be a little bit more sultry. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with either approach. Both can be cool and sexy when done properly. Kat sure did this beach shot properly, didn’t she? I suppose I should just get it out of the way right now: Kat’s measurements are 38-27-34. She also packs quite a wallop into her 5’3" frame with a cup size of 34DD. She sure doesn’t look that small on either the small or silver screen. Hmm…I wonder why? Anyway, Kat had her first TV role ever on Sex in the City, but she’s obviously moved on to bigger and better things.

11 Sauna Beth

Our first glimpse of Beth gave us the gold-bikini look, and there certainly wasn’t anything wrong with that. This time around, we get her doing the “hot (literally) chick in a towel” routine. I’m not quite sure what her deal is in this photo. Is she yawning or singing? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that, having seen plenty of candid pics of her while I was researching for this article, she’s singing. Beth can be a little nutty. Or at least she comes across that way publicly. Beth is definitely a looker; she’s got the classic blonde beauty that Hollywood is always on the lookout for. That’s probably one of the reasons why she is now one of the top starlets on TV. What’s interesting, though, is that she had to audition seven times to get the role of Caroline on 2 Broke Girls. Seven times? Apparently, not only is Beth sexy; she’s also determined.

10 Kat Smirking

Remember when I told you that Kat had a little bit more smolder to her than Beth? Here’s a nice little example of that. It looks like she’s at some kind of pretty casual outdoor event. Kat’s got her game face on, though. It’s hard to tell if she’s enjoying the camera in her face or kind of silently mocking the whole thing. There’s definitely more than a hint of a smirk going on, don’t you think? Kat strikes me as not only hot but pretty smart too. I mean, she did play a scientist in the Thor movies, after all, and maybe she appreciates the inanity of the paparazzi and their games. Whatever her reasons for the mysterious look, it’s one that she can absolutely pull off as proven by the dressed-down look she’s got going on in this pic. Another thing you’ll notice about Kat is her beautiful baby blues. There ain’t nothing wrong with those at all.

9 Classy Ladies

2 Broke Girls debuted in 2011 during the fall season on CBS. It basically follows the trials and tribulations of the two titular ladies, who are trying to open up their own cupcake business while working as waitresses at a shifty diner in Brooklyn. I’m assuming they haven’t had much success at that since the show is still set in the same diner six seasons later. But hey, that’s TV reality for you: if a formula works, stick with it. Speaking of formulaic, a lot of people don’t like the show because it stereotypes pretty much all of its characters and puts all of them down. Hey, at least it’s consistent! The one thing almost everybody agrees upon, though, is that the two stars have some serious mojo going on together. We’ll see more of that mojo soon, but here we start off with a classy candid of Beth and Kat in eternal red and black.

8 Best Buds

Kat and Beth are also supposed to be pretty friendly off the set. In fact, Beth has actually said of her small screen partner, “We’re genuinely best friends.” That's special because oftentimes, stars who have great synchronicity onscreen don’t necessarily share it with each other off. But that’s clearly not the case here. Maybe that’s why if you Google either one of these ladies, you're presented literally hundreds of images of them side by side. It seems like they do most of their interviews together and have even hosted awards shows as a pair. I’m gonna got out on a limb here and say they look pretty good side by side, don’t they? I can’t actually decide which one is hotter here, although Beth does have a little bit of a Paris Hilton thing going on here, I would say. So I suppose it’s all down to whether you’re into that or not.

7 Rockers

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that your attention was drawn to Kat here first, am I right? In all my infinite research for this article, I didn’t find anything that indicated Kat was a guitarist of any sort. Nor does it seem like Beth does a lot of singing professionally, although she was classically trained in high school. But really, who cares? Kat looks damn good rocking that guitar in black, and Beth looks appropriately chanteuse-like at the mic in white. I like the added flourish of the true old-school radio microphone, too. It makes the girls seem a little bit classier in a way, although it does not necessarily make them seem old fashioned. Not at all. Actually, the more I look at the photo, the more frightened of Kat I am. She sort of has a vampire look going on and seems a little hungry, if you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll stick with lily-white Beth on this one.

6 The People’s Choice

I told you a while back that Beth was the sillier of the pair and Kat, a bit more reserved -- or at least not nuts. I guess this next shot proves my point, doesn’t it? Beth is definitely one attractive lady, but the question has to be asked: does anyone look good twerking? I think you know what the answer is. Even when Beth is doing it as a gag aimed directly at Miley at the 2014 People’s Choice awards, which the pair hosted, it just doesn’t come off right. Here’s a protip for all of you ladies out there: twerking sucks. You can find something better to do with your behind, I’m sure. But you’ve gotta admit, Beth is a pretty funny person in real life too (if hosting an awards show is “real life"). She's surely not “meek as a dormouse” as the old saying goes but is more like a bull in a china shop. In a good way, that is.

5 People’s Choice Again

So here we have Beth doing what Beth does, which is basically being nuts. I’m not even sure what she’s doing here -- the chicken dance? Pilates??? Kat doesn’t look like she’s too sure either. What I am sure of is that Beth looks seriously in shape, and if you’re a leg guy, well then, ogle away! Kat is looking pretty good too in her ever-present red lipstick and accompanying black outfit. The ladies actually won the People’s Choice for Favorite New TV Comedy in 2012 and their series has been nominated for Favorite Network Comedy every year since. There was a bit of a stir after the duo hosted the 2014 show because some people thought they might have been a little bit tipsy. I’m assuming that’s because of Beth’s behavior, not because of Kat’s weird choice of wearing a Michael Jackson/Cyborg finger-glove thing on her right hand. But that’s just an assumption.

4 Hard-Earned Reward

The show has also won a few Emmys for various cinematography categories and has been nominated many times for others. In fact, it’s been nominated in multiple technical categories in the Emmys every year since it began, so the people behind the scenes appear to be doing their jobs as well. It also went into syndication in 2015, which means it’s gonna be with us forever. If that means we get to see shots like this one, of Behrs and Dennings “appreciating” their People’s Choice award, then that’s fine by me, and I’m guessing it’s fine by you too. Honestly, wouldn’t you like to have been there to see this? Did I already mention that the Kat Dennings you see here and on the show bears no resemblance to her character in the Thor franchise: a mousy, little sidekick with glasses? I did? Sorry, I guess I’m pretty distracted by this pic.

3 Country Girl

Switching back to Beth for a moment, we get a nice shot of her going all country for us. Beth has got a great smile, and as I already mentioned, wonderful legs. They accent her kickin’ cowboy boots here quite well, I think. She looks like she’s ready for a night out in Nashville, although, based on her previous performances, line dancing may not be her thing. Beth did perform in a musical in high school, but it was something no one’s ever heard of about the music of Simon & Garfunkel. It definitely wasn’t country. Beth also attended the prestigious American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, which is where she really cut her acting chops. When she moved to Los Angeles, she went to UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television. While she was there, she starred in a revival of Grease. So I guess Beth really can sing.

2 Kat In White

Hey, look! It's Kat Dennings rocking the red lipstick. What a surprise! OK, maybe not, but she is looking stunning in white. As you may have noticed, Kat usually tends to go for the classic black look, but I think she cleans up pretty nice in white, too. Those big costume earrings go pretty well with the outfit, too. At least I hope they’re costume jewelry. That would be one hell of a costly accessory otherwise. I have mentioned how Kat was in the Thor movies more than once, but did you know that she was also in another superhero movie? Yup, she starred in a little something called Defendor in 2009. It was a Canadian production that also starred Woody Harrelson. I got all of this from Wikipedia, by the way. I’d never even heard of the damn thing until I started writing this. But now that I know Kat is in it, I just might have to give it a whirl.

1 Bye-Bye Ladies

Well we’re just about at the end of our long, strange trip with Beth and Kat. The two are definitely a pair of smoking hot ladies, whether they're alone or together, and I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot from the both of them in the years to come. After all,Beth is only 31, and Kat is only 30. They are just entering the prime of their careers. I can see both of them making the big transition to the silver screen when they’re tired of the grind of TV. I also hope they keep their friendship going -- if for nothing else but that they keep getting photographed together. I’ll tell you one thing though: if Kat keeps wearing her red lipstick and black ensembles and Beth keeps strutting her stuff in white, the sky’s the limit for them.

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