15 Michelle McGee Photos That Jesse James Wants Removed From The Net

Some celebs are famous because they’re actors who put on a stellar performance in every film they appear in. Some are famous because they’re talented musicians that tour the world. Some are even famous for doing absolutely nothing. Then, there are the few celebs that are famous for breaking up a celebrity marriage. It’s not the most ideal way to achieve fame, but it still works for some.

One of the most infamous celebrity mistresses is tattoo artist and model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Michelle became an overnight sensation after revealing her affair with beloved actress Sandra Bullock’s then husband, Jesse James. The scandalous affair turned Bombshell from being an unknown to being the world’s most famous homewrecker. She’s performed at some of the most famous gentlemen’s clubs, worked in the adult film industry, and has her own webcam show. She’s appeared in several hot and jaw-dropping shoots, showing off her unique look, curvy body, and “assets.” Following her highly publicized affair with Jesse James, she dated freestyle motocross rider Luke Urek. It’s unclear if they’re still together because they’ve essentially disappeared after their 15 minutes were up. Regardless, she’s still heating up computer screens all over the world with her sizzling pics. Her pictures are so hot that it’s very probable that her boyfriend (or former boyfriend) wouldn’t want anyone seeing them.

15 Scandalous Affair


Bombshell’s fame and success is tied in with the crumbling of a Hollywood marriage. Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock married Jesse James on July 16, 2005. James is best known as a motorcycle builder and reality TV host. Roughly 5 years later in 2010, a scandal broke when several women came forward and claimed to have had an affair with James during his marriage. One of those women was Michelle McGee. She spilled the beans to InTouch magazine where she claimed to have had an 11-month affair with James while he was still married to Sandra. She said, “I would never have hooked up with [James] if I thought he was a married man.” Judging from the way she looks in her Motorhead tank top, leopard skin pants, and showing off her tattoo-covered body, she might have been too hot for Jesse James to handle.

14 Pool Side


In addition to being the world’s most famous mistress, she’s also been busy working. Not only does Bombshell like to chill out near a pool showing off her incredible “assets,” but she also likes to show off for money. She has performed at several high-profile gentlemen’s clubs, including Larry Flynt’s Hustler’s Club and Pure Platinum. She first worked under the name “Avery” but it’s likely that with her success, she would now go by Bombshell. Additionally, she dabbled in the adult film industry and is a webcam girl for SoCal Glamour Girls. She’s also found a great deal of success as a model showing off her plethora of tattoos. Her boyfriend is likely thrilled with her success and ability to take advantage of a scandalous situation, although he probably doesn’t like having men drool over his woman.

13 Education & Booty Shorts


Bombshell looks utterly hot in these skimpy black shorts while displaying the cool-looking tattoos on the back of her legs. In addition to being a tattoo model and famous mistress, she also claims to have quite the educational background. However, her claims have been questioned by several different sources. According to her website’s bio, she has a bachelor’s degree in biology and was working on her master’s in biochemistry. She also claims to have completed two years of medical school. That’s quite the list of educational accomplishments. At the time of her affair with the 40-year-old Jesse James, she was 24. At the time, numerous people pointed out that the numbers didn’t add up. At the age of 24, she likely wouldn’t have been able to achieve all those accomplishments, as it would take a few more years. Luckily for her, she looks really good in shorts.

12 First “Date”


It’s a sizzling pic like this that likely got Jesse James’ attention in the first place. Actually, the affair all started after Michelle sent James a MySpace request. James promptly responded and invited her to check out his motorcycle shop, West Coast Choppers. In her notorious In Touch interview, Bombshell revealed all the details of their first meeting. She said, “I got [to West Coast Choppers] around 9 at night. I was like, ‘Holy (expletive). It’s really Jesse James.’” At the time, Sandra Bullock was out of town shooting the film The Blind Side, although James failed to mention that. Bombshell also said, “He wanted to watch movies, but I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’... He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it.’” That was apparently a code for “I’m single, lets knock boots.”

11 15 Minutes

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Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is certainly one of the most infamous mistresses of all time. There have been many others but none were as memorable as Bombshell. She took full advantage of her 15 minutes. She was the first of James’ mistresses to come forward and reveal all the juicy details of their affair. She claims that she was lied to as well and wasted no time in getting her revenge. She’s not as relevant today but is still talked about and drooled over by thousands of men. Her racy and hot pics help explain how anyone could cheat on Sandra Bullock. It doesn’t completely explain it but it’s clear now that Jesse James is really into hot tattooed black-haired women. Since the affair broke Sandra, Bombshell and James were constantly under the harsh spotlight. That has died down in the last few years with everyone going separate ways in life.

10 Trash Talking


Most people assume that an affair is filled with hot and steamy “lovemaking.” That’s what most assumed about the scandalous affair between Bombshell and Jesse James. However, according to Michelle, there was a lot of crying and at times, it was a bit boring. She called James a “typical pig.” She also noted that the nickname he gave his private parts, “Vanilla Gorilla,” isn’t very accurate and that he’s very “average.” She also pointed out that she knew her “relationship” with James was all a sham. According to McGee, James cried during Sandra’s Oscar victory speech. She said, “He had crocodile tears. It was pathetic. I sat there and said, ‘That guy has been lying to me this entire time.’ So we’ve never spoken since then.” Michelle is often seen wearing black or dark clothing. Here, she changes up her unique look by wearing a bright and hot pink bikini.

9 Hollywood Mistresses


Many Hollywood marriages have been broken up because of infidelity. Several famous celebs have been involved with a married man, such as Abbie Cornish, LeAnn Rimes, and Angelina Jolie. However, they were already well-known actresses. Then, there are the mistresses that became overnight celebs because of their involvement with a celebrity. Legendary golfer Tiger Woods found himself in a similar situation as Jesse James. A plethora of women came forward revealing their affair with the golfer. Michelle McGee certainly became one of the most famous women to have had a hand in breaking up a marriage. However, the whole time, James was lying to Bombshell as well. He was involved with up to 11 different women, including photographer Brigitte Daguerre. James clearly has a type, which is a hot tattooed babe who’s into motorcycles.

8 No American Sweetheart


Sandra Bullock and Jesse James met when Sandra arranged a tour of James’ shop for her nephew. In March of 2010, American Sweetheart Sandra Bullock won her first Academy Award for her critically-acclaimed performance in The Blind Side. Sandra was one of those actresses that gave several praised performances but never won an Oscar. It finally happened in 2010 but her happiness was short-lived. It was not long after that the affair was first revealed and became public knowledge. Michelle McGee is clearly the exact opposite of the American Sweetheart. This pic helps demonstrate that as she takes a racy pic with a statue. Despite being gorgeous, Sandra really was never James’ type. His ex-wife is adult film star Jamie Lindemubler who is also covered in tattoos. As noted, he obviously has a specific type but still married Bullock. James would likely find this pic of McGee hot but her boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate that.

7 Always A Cheater


As evidenced by this pic, it’s not hard for Michelle to remind Jesse James what he’s missing. However, that’s not enough for her as she often trash talks her ex-boyfriend. In 2010, Jesse James began dating tattoo artist Kat Von D. She’s best known for her appearance in the reality TV series LA Ink. This was in the same year that his cheating ways were revealed and months after Sandra Bullock filed for divorce. They became engaged in early 2011 and caught the attention of the Bombshell. She blasted Kat for her relationship with James. She said, “If he did it to me, if he did it to Sandra, he’s gonna do it to you, too -- once a cheater always a cheater. He cheated on his wife, numerous times.” She ended up being right as Kat eventually broke up with James after she found out that he was cheating on her.

6 Amish


In her tiny bikini and showing off her gorgeous tattooed legs, Michelle shows how she earned the nickname Bombshell. However, there is a good chance that her parents have never seen this image and never will. Surprisingly, Bombshell wasn’t always the tattooed rebel she is now. Growing up, she was actually raised Amish and had very strict conservative parents but soon rebelled. During an interview at the Miss Ink contest, she said, “I grew up Amish but left the church when I was 16 – I never looked back. I moved to LA and got tattooed.” Her parents are probably aware of their daughter’s infamous success but have had no contact with her. She went on to say, “My parents don’t talk to me but that’s OK, I have good friends.” Not only would her boyfriend not want anyone to see this pic, neither would her parents.

5 Blonde


Her black hair and tattoo-covered body best identify Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. She often wears black or dark clothing but will change it up from time to time. However, the most infamous mistress was once a blonde. In fact, one could call her a “blonde bombshell.” She probably just wanted to know if blondes truly do have more fun. One can assume that she quickly learned dark-haired girls can have fun too. This was years before the scandalous affair took place and shot Michelle to fame. This was also before her famous forehead tattoo. She looks just like a hot blonde but it’s drastically different than her current look. At this point, she’s not completely covered in tattoos yet but is on her way to being so. Regardless, her boyfriend wouldn’t enjoy knowing that thousands of men are drooling over this pic of his once-blonde girlfriend.

4 Moving On


Most fans and critics recognize that Sandra Bullock could probably do better than Jesse James and that he was the lucky one. Bombshell is so gorgeous and hot in this tiny black bikini that it’s obvious that James was lucky to be with her too. Bombshell tried to move on from the scandalous affair but unfortunately, she’ll always be remembered for ending the marriage of the American Sweetheart. In 2011, she was spotted with new boyfriend Luke Urek. The Australian Luke is similar to Bombshell in that he loves tattoos as well. Michelle claims that a psychic told her she’d meet her future husband in Australia, although it appears that they never tied the knot. Luke is a freestyle motor cross rider and they met at an adult expo down under. She said, “We actually met through a mutual friend.”

3 Controversy

There is a very good chance that Michelle’s boyfriend, parents, friends, and Jesse James would probably hope that nobody would see this pic. Sandra probably enjoys this piece of the scandal coming out. When the scandal first broke, the question everyone asked was “who is Michelle McGee?” During that time, TMZ uncovered a photoshoot featuring Michelle wearing a Nazi uniform with a swastika. She wears a swastika armband with a swastika backdrop. Additionally, she has a “W” and “P” on both legs, which many believe stands for “white power.” However, she claims that it has a different adult-rated meaning. Bombshell is the mother of two and found herself in a bitter custody battle with ex-husband Shane Modica. Shane claimed that she has a swastika tattoo, taught her kids the Nazi salute, and conducted adult film shoots in the home. However, she vehemently denied all of those accusations. The Nazi photoshoot certainly exists, and this likely created some issues during the proceedings.

2 Apology


Michelle McGee was just one of the many women that Jesse James had an affair with. However, none looked this hot while holding a marker. Bombshell became the most famous out of all the women James cheated with. She was also very quick to speak publicly about the affair. James was quick to apologize to Sandra and vowed to fix their marriage. Days later, Sandra filed for divorce, and Bombshell had already ended the relationship. Bombshell also issued an apology to Sandra. During an interview with Australian TV show Today Tonight, she said, “Sandra, I’m sorry for your embarrassment. I’m sorry all this is public. I’m sorry for everything.” However, she puts the blame squarely on Jesse James and feels that she too was betrayed. She added, “I feel like I was duped just as much as Sandra was. I feel like I was lied to just as much as she was.”

1 Tattoos


As evidenced by this smoking hot picture of Bombshell, she obviously really likes tattoos. Michelle is literally covered in tats from head to toe. When she left home at 16, she moved to California to become a tattoo artist. She got her first tattoo when she was 15. It’s on her back so she could hide it from her Amish parents. Her favorite tattoo is the one on her forehead, which reads, “Pray for us sinners.” She also loves her armpit tattoos; one includes a red rose and switchblade while the other armpit has knuckle-dusters. She has tattoos that cover both arms and legs completely. Her chest is completely covered with a heart tattoo at the center. Her tats also runs down her stomach and covers her entire buttocks. She eventually wants her entire body filled with tattoos. She once said, “(she) wants to be completely covered, I don’t care.”

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