15 Photos Meghan Markle Wouldn't Want The Queen To See

Prince Harry of the British Royal Family shocked the world when he announced he was ditching his bachelor status and was engaged to marry American actress, Meghan Markle. There's no doubt these two make a beautiful couple, and people around the globe are curious to know more about who she is, where she's from, and what her life was like before she stole the Prince's heart.

We all have a past, and Markle is no different. She has appeared on a popular TV show, was previously married, and was reportedly living with her ex at the time she started dating Prince Harry. Despite it all, he knew from the first day that they met that she was "The One." Awww.

It's just too bad the Internet is full of some racy and embarrassing photos of Markle that would definitely make Queen Elizabeth II clutch her pearls. The Royal Family is far from being perfect or devoid of scandal, but that doesn't mean they don't scrutinize those who have tried to wiggle their way into their inner circle. The Queen has made it known that she's delighted about Markle and the Prince's upcoming nuptials, and plans for their May 2018 wedding are well underway. But we really wonder what the Queen would think if she were to stumble across these 15 pictures from Markle's past.

15 Hello, Queen. It's Me, Meghan


In 2003, Markle had dreams of becoming a big-time actress. Just like all hopefuls in Hollywood, she hired a photographer to have some photos taken to help kickstart her career. She had just appeared on an episode of the soap opera General Hospital as the character Jill, but Markle must have thought this particular photo would propel her career and really catch a casting director's attention.

The actress-turned-royal fiancée posed in front of a graffiti and sticker-covered payphone while wearing a blue shirt and a white skirt. We're not sure who was on the other end of the line, but perhaps it was her agent trying to convince her that this picture might come back and bite her in the rear one day.

But we must admit, we're loving her tousled hair and that smirk on her face. Strike a pose!

14 Looking Sharp


In 2013, a couple of years before she met the Prince, Markle was at the height of her career. She had landed the role of Rachel Zane on Suits, and it was definitely her most prominent role to date. She caught the attention of Canadian magazine Sharp and gave them a full interview. Oh yeah, and she posed for some pretty racy photos, too.

The magazine is known for the occasional photo of celebs in risqué outfits, but Markle kept things tasteful in an all-black ensemble. The sheer fabric around her waist showed just enough skin without going overboard. Although photos like this one are common in magazines, the women in the Royal Family have a different set of standards when it comes to their clothing choices.

13 Show Off


It appears that 2003 was the year in which Markle was in overdrive to bulk up her headshots and portfolio. The actress posed for a series of photos wearing various outfits, including this casual outfit consisting of a white tank top and jeans. We all have pictures that we regret, and if we could ask her about her most cringe-worthy photo ever, we're sure this one would be at the top of the list. Call us crazy, but it appears that this photo was taken on a hot day because Markle has a bit of sweat in an unmentionable area. Despite this snafu, she looks fresh-faced and adorable, but you would never see a Royal wearing a tummy-baring outfit like this in broad daylight.

12 That Scene


As Rachel Zane on Suits, Markle took part in various scenes that called for her to be dressed in the least amount of clothes as possible. In this photo, we had to crop out all the good stuff. But we'll just say this - her co-star was fully clothed while Markle was prancing around in her underwear.

We're sure the Queen is a little bit curious about Markle's acting career, but the future duchess should do her best to ensure the matriarch of the family never catches an episode of Suits. This isn't the only time Markle was scantily clad on the show, so keep reading to see the other photos from the program that she wouldn't want to the Queen to see!

11 Childhood Throwback


OMG how cute is Markle in this photo? We're loving her curly hair and the sweet and innocent smile on her face. She really looks like she was a happy child, doesn't she? Pictures like this one remind us that Markle is a lot different from other Royals in the family, so this picture might just send the Queen into a tailspin!

The Queen has had a lot of control and input over who she allowed into the Royal Family in the past (she didn't even show up to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' civil wedding ceremony). And Markle is the antithesis of what the family is accustomed to. She doesn't have an aristocratic background, she's biracial, a divorcée, and she didn't grow up in the lap of luxury. She's just a regular American girl who just so happened to steal the prince's heart!

10 Too Steamy


Another photo the Queen would surely cringe over is this shot from the show Suits. Markle and actor Patrick J. Adams have various steamy scenes, including this one that shows them mid-coitus. Markle is again dressed in a skimpy outfit after stripping down to her underwear. All decked out in black lingerie, the actress and Adams proceeded to get frisky in front of millions of television viewers. Markle is a professional actress so she was just playing a role and doing a job, but that still doesn't change much in the grand scheme of things.

Quick! Someone cover the Queen's eyes!

9 Wedding Photo


When she marries Prince Harry in May 2018, Markle won't be the only divorcée to join the Royal Family. Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced just a year before her death. And Charles' new wife, Bowles, left her first husband in 1995. Although the Queen has been a little more laxed about family members getting divorced and ditching their spouses, it's still a touchy subject within The Church of England.

In 2002, the church, which the Queen is the head of, revised its policy to welcome those who had ended previous marriages. But still, we doubt the Queen would be ecstatic to see this picture of Markle with her former husband, Trevor Engelson. The two were married during a 4-day celebration in Jamaica before getting divorced less than 2 years later.

8 Sultry Photo


Markle is giving us beauty and high-fashion in this old school photo. The budding actress posed for a photographer wearing a barely-there dress that showed off all of her curves. Markle fans should savor this memory because it's quite possible they'll never see her in an outfit like this ever again. For one, she has matured so much since this era in her life. And also, her style has evolved immensely throughout the years.

Before she began dating the Prince, she had toned down her wardrobe to include pieces designed in neutral shades and sleek lines. We're sure the Queen is a fan of Markle's current style, but something tells us she wouldn't be too excited if Markle decided to dig up this throwback outfit and take it out for a spin around Buckingham Palace.

7 Ready For Bed


Long before Prince Harry placed a shiny engagement ring on her finger, Markle posed in her comfy bed in nothing but a nightshirt. But the days of Markle posting candid photos like this one on her Instagram page are long gone. She's still pretty transparent, and she loves to capture moments of her private life with her friends, family, and dogs. But now that she will officially become a part of the Royal family, she must abide by certain rules, many of which are known to be unspoken. We doubt that posing in PJs to take a selfie is something the Queen would agree with.

6 Deal Or No Deal


Before she was jet-setting to London, vacationing in Botswana, and enjoying tea with the Queen, Markle was a briefcase girl on the game show Deal or No Deal.

During the show's second season, Markle donned a fire engine red dress during filming. She even posed for a series of promotional shots that wouldn't receive the Queen's stamp of approval. But someone who might hate this picture more than the Queen is Markle herself.

During an interview, she said working on the show was her least proud moment. She stated, “Definitely working on Deal or No Deal was a learning experience, and it helped me to understand what I would rather be doing. So if that's a way for me to gloss over that subject, then I will happily shift gears into something else.”

Markle also described being forced to wear five-inch heels and desperately hoping for someone to pick her briefcase number just so she could "go and sit down.”

5 Sorority Girl


After finishing high school, Markle headed off to Northwestern University. Like most college students, she got involved in Greek life and eventually pledged for the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. She later posed for this picture with her sorority sisters who had no clue a future royal was among them.

The Queen should breathe a major sigh of relief because much about Markle's college days is unknown. But some of her classmates gave an interview to the Mirror and spoke about how Markle was a "typical party-loving student" who allegedly used a fake ID to hit up some of the city's hottest clubs.

4 Going For A Ride


Yikes. If you're wondering what's going on in this picture, we're just as clueless as you are. It appears that Markle is trying to hitch a ride. But instead of opening up the car door like most people would do, the photographer instructed her to climb over the door instead... all while wearing a skirt, might we add.

Despite the odd nature of this picture, Markle looks stunning, doesn't she? The picture was taken when she was in her early-20s, and it shows. We're really digging her super cute baby face.

3 The Real Queen?


Uh oh, there's a new queen in town! During her high school years, Markle must have been pretty popular. When it came time to vote for homecoming queen, she won the competition and was crowned during prom night.

She was just 17-years-old at the time this picture was taken. She had no idea that less than 20 years later, she would become a real-life royal! Although Prince Harry is far down the line to the throne, and Markle doesn't get succession rights since she's marrying into the family, joking about her taking the Queen's title is all in good fun. The Queen's throne is safe... for now.

2 Suits


Oh, how we wish we could show you this full photo. But for now, you'll just have to use your imagination. This is a still shot from another scene in Suits, and upon Markle's engagement to Prince Harry, the photo spread across the Internet like wildfire.

In this scene, Markle's character was in bed with her love interest, character Mike Ross. It appears that Markle isn't wearing any clothing, and she's simply wrapped up in the bed sheets. Her left leg is also fully exposed all the way up her thigh.

With news that Markle has quit the program in lieu of joining the Royal Family, her days of stripping down on camera are long over, much to the Queen's delight, we're sure!

1 Good... Where?


Markle received a pair of pyjamas from the clothing company Lunya. And to thank them for sending her their product, she snapped this photo and posted it to her Instagram account.

The packing for the pyjamas is in a pretty naughty bag that reads, "Good in bed." It's simply a play on words, and it has no relation to Markle's actual love life... or does it?

As much as we're obsessed with Markle and Prince Harry's relationship, we can do without the intimate details of what goes on behind closed doors. So if we think this photo is TMI, can you imagine how the Queen would feel if she ever came across this image? Talk about awkward!

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