15 Photos Lindsay Lohan's Parents Want To Forget

Lindsay Lohan has definitely lived life on the edge. Whether it's spending time in cuffs, on the floor after partying, or on her back after a night out there are no shortage of scandals around Lohan.

And you better believe we're going to cover them all here today. Below we have 15 photos that we're sure not only Lindsay but her parents are definitely wishing don't exist in the world. Granted her mom also makes guest appearances throughout the list, including making out with Lindsay (you read that right), so you wouldn't blame her for hoping the photos get burned.

Though it's not like Lindsay isn't raunchy enough on her own - including posing for Hefner, getting caught on camera doing heroin and having a list leaked of over 30 A-List celebrities who she has booty bumped with.

Lohan is thankfully starting to turn her life around after some much needed time away from Hollywood, but there's no way anyone will ever completely forget about her past exploits. Especially when they're condensed in an organized list like the one you're about to read!


15 Hammered With Dina On New Year's Eve

When it comes to holidays where there are parties going on, New Year's Eve is one that may bring the most attention. So perhaps it's understandable that back in 2013, Lindsay decided to ring in the new year by getting hammered alongside her Mom.

It was reported that Lindsay was seen drunk for up to 48 hours. Which means she probably doesn't remember the photo from above being taken! This isn't the only time on this list Lindsay and Dina are drunk together, making Dina's comment in 2012 when she told Dr.Phil she never parties with her daughter all the more eye-raising.

Perhaps after their hangover subsided the two could make a resolution to stop getting photographed together in public looking like they're struggling to stand.

14 Her First Two Arrests


Lohan is no stranger to handcuffs, and while we don't know everything that she does in the bedroom; police officers at the very least have gotten plenty familiar with Lohan.

Her first two arrests (and the mugshots that accompany them) came for Lohan back in 2007. Both of her charges were for driving under the influence - which is honestly one of the most selfish and ignorant things that someone can do.

Lohan also had cocaine on her when she was arrested the 2nd time and was only 2 weeks removed from rehab.

She was given various stipulations, including a 3-year probation which ended up being extended following failure to attend substance abuse classes.

13 Illegal Substances

We need to be straight with you. The above photos when uncropped are disturbing enough that we can't include them in our list here today.

What we can do, is tell you that our photos are from a video of Lohan that emerged back in 2010. In the video, Lohan is seen actively engaging in the usage of heroin and were released following time in jail.

It was reported that the photos were taken back in 2007 where Lohan was partying in Hollywood. Lohan's drug battle has been public for years, but never scarier then perhaps in this moment.

12 Fighting Gravity At The Club


When it comes to partying, there are several elements that you need to be aware of. Such as making sure you have a safe way home. Perhaps making sure you having enough money to fund the trip, and especially after having a few drinks – gravity.

Lohan is no stranger to throwing back some shots, but sadly she is also no stranger to ending her night on the floor of the club; or on her more unlucky nights, the pavement outside.

Sadly Lohan's past indicates she also has chosen to ignore the "getting home safely" part in the past, but at least she has plenty of mistakes she can learn from.

11 Making Out With Mom

When it comes to mother-daughter relationships, Dina and Lindsay definitely have had their ups and downs. The two were however on good enough terms back in 2011 for Lindsay to attend her mother's 49th birthday party.

What the two perhaps were not expecting when they entered the club was that they were going to get hammered and then kiss each other on camera. There are plenty of nights where you may have also gotten hammered with your family, but this brings family bonding to a whole new level.

It wasn't Lindsay's only kiss of the night, however, as reports said she left with an unidentifiable man.

10 Taking It All Off For Hefner


Lindsay Lohan made headlines back in 2011 when she decided to have a meeting with Hugh Hefner and strip down for Playboy. It definitely wasn't the worst deal for Lohan financially, as she was reportedly paid $1 million for the shoot.

That being said, we're sure the family wasn't sitting around the fire and discussing Lohan stripping down to her birthday suit. We're also sure her parents made sure to stay away from the interview portion where Lohan went into detail about the importance of "self-love" (if you know what we mean!).

Lohan has also bared it all on film but was probably not paid nearly as much.

9 Her Terrible Stripper Movie

Lindsay Lohan has a few movie roles in which she's actually enjoyable (like Mean Girls) but her absolute lowest had to come in 2007 with the movie I Know Who Killed Me.

Lohan was cast in the lead role and the only people that noticed it was those involved at the Raspberry Awards. Operating as a "reverse Oscars" format, the Academy awarded the film with 8 awards all dedicated to how awful it was.

We're sure there weren't many people who enjoyed it - and considering Lohan does spend time in the movie as a stripper - we're sure her parents weren't the biggest fan either.


8 Saying She's Done With Mom


There is no shortage of moments of drama when it comes to Lindsay and her mother, but she was clearly especially upset with her back in January 2016.

Lindsay posted the above photo along with the message "Sometimes it really sucks when your mom isn't there for you." While Lindsay later deleted the message, you better believe the internet isn't going to forget about that quite as quickly. All that means is that Dina would have had the honor of one of her friends (or the internet) of informing her about the message! Something tells us that Lindsay deleting it probably wouldn't make her feel any better.

Lindsay's parents got divorced in 2007 and she has cut off contact with both of them at various points in her life.

7 These Photos With Paris

When it comes to celebrities in Hollywood that are known for their partying, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are two names that probably jump to your mind.

While the two have feuded in the past, it is clear from the above photo that it was taken when the two were on very good terms.

Part of Lohan cleaning up her life was cutting out people who influenced her to party, however, so you can imagine that her days of getting drunk with Hilton are probably far behind her. We'd say at least they will always have the nice memories to reflect on, but with the amount of drugs and alcohol that they were consuming - that may very well not be true!

6 Getting Abused On The Beach


When it comes to the people that are dating your children, you just need to hope that they're going to treat them with love and respect. Lohan has no shortage of high-profile relationships including with Aaron Carter, but she seemed to have found a real connection with Egor Tarabasov. And call us crazy, but it certainly looks like Lohan is getting anything but that in the above photo!

Taken during a trip to the beach, it shows Lohan engaging in a physical confrontation with her then-fiancé Egor; who Lohan said was hammered at the time.

Lohan called off their relationship shortly after saying "I realize now you can't stay in a relationship just for love. No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn't prepared to say sorry." Lohan also admitted in a past interview that her father was also physically abusive towards her mother and did not want to stay on that same path.

5 Lohan In Court (2010)

Hey Lindsay, guess what you know that probation that we talked about earlier? It turns out it wasn't actually just like a recommended guideline from the judge, it was something that you actually should have paid attention to.

But Lohan is famous after all, so her probation violation which landed her in the courtroom in 2010 only ended with her spending 14 days in jail. Part of her violation included missing a mandatory court session, but still had time to get photographed partying it up at the Cannes International Film Festival.

She was also sentenced to 90 days in rehab.

4 Lohan 2011 Arrest/Mug Shot


Lohan clearly didn't learn her lesson in 2010 when she spent time in jail due to a probation violation. She found herself in the courtroom for the same thing again in 2011, this time for her failure to comply with the community service portion of her sentencing.

Lohan was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail, but overcrowding led to that time actually being under 6 hours and cost her $100,000 in bail money.

While it clearly wasn't the most impactful "day" in jail, we're sure Lohan is still none too proud of this photo.

3 Arrested For Shoplifting

Lohan has to know that anytime she enters into a building that all eyes are going to be on her. Which makes it all the more shocking that back in 2011 she decided it would be a great idea to do some shoplifting.

The situation occurred when Lohan walked out of a jewelry store while wearing what was allegedly a "one of a kind" necklace worth thousands.

She later turned it over after the store owner reported the incident to police. To make matters worse for Lohan, the arrest came only a few weeks following a stint in the Betty Ford clinic - which means she better not have blamed the incident on being under the influence!

2 Her List Of Conquests


Lindsay Lohan is known for her partying lifestyle, but part of that lifestyle also clearly included Lohan having some fun once the bedroom door closes.

It was reported back in 2014 that while drunk with friends that Lohan had decided to write out a list of the famous celebrities she had slept with - 36 in total.

The list included names such as James Franco, Colin Farrell, and Justin Timberlake.

That's definitely not a conversation Lohan wants to be having with her parents. And to be fair, it's probably not a conversation she's going to love having with future partners. Talk about a tall order to stand up against!

1 Lohan 2013 Mug Shot

Lindsay Lohan was able to avoid jail in 2013, but her legal issues that stemmed from a 2012 car accident still landed her in the courtroom and gave us this great mug shot. Though it's not like she was unfamiliar with the process by this point!

Lohan was charged with lying to a police officer following a crash with her Porsche that also included reckless driving. Her probation was also violated with the accident.

Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in rehab (at that point she had spent over 200 days), 18 months of therapy and 30 days of community service.

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