15 Photos Kate Upton Doesn't Want Us To See

There's no doubt about it — Kate Upton is absolutely stunning. The fresh-faced blonde model has caused quite the splash since making her debut because her body was, well, different than many other models. She's tall and slim, yes, but she's also far curvier than the average model — even the ones wearing lingerie and rocking angel wings in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In some cases, being unlike everyone else is a bad thing — in Kate Upton's case, it has allowed her to carve out her own identity in the entertainment industry. She's posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated more than once, she's appeared in movies, and her career shows no signs of slowing down. Her popularity proves something once and for all — no matter how much the fashion industry adores women with somewhat androgynous, svelte frames, the regular public still loves curves.

However, just because she's a model with a gorgeous face and a killer physique, that doesn't mean she always looks flawless. Kate Upton has bad hair days, just like the rest of us. Thanks to the paparazzi following her, she gets snapped in less than flattering poses, just like the rest of us. So, while Kate Upton probably wouldn't mind you looking at her gorgeous, professionally photographed magazine covers and photo spreads, we're betting she'd rather you not see these 15 pictures of her.

15 Windy Day

Look, sometimes the weather just isn't your friend. While guys may not identify with weather-induced wardrobe malfunctions because they've usually got things covered, when you're rocking a breezy skirt and the breeze kicks up, that can become a bit of an issue. Just ask Kate Upton. In this shot, she looks totally adorable in a red t-shirt and printed skirt, sipping a green smoothie and going about her day. However, you'll notice that the skirt is kicking up a little bit to one side and blowing in the wind— a few seconds after this shot was taken, the paparazzi following the gorgeous star managed to capture a picture of her with her skirt flying up in the wind. It just goes to prove that, if you hang around long enough, even the most amateur paparazzi will probably get a few scandalous shots.

14 Work It Out

While her natural shape definitely plays a role in her enviable physique and crazy curves, let’s be honest – it also requires a whole lot of work. Sure, Kate Upton may be naturally blessed in certain regions, but in order to make sure every other part of her body is taut and toned, she needs to get in her regular workouts. And when you’re a celebrity whose job is to look fantastic, you splurge on the personal trainer. This shot shows Upton putting in the work with her trainer in a pair of neon pink yoga pants, and even though she looks the same as anyone else would working out, well – mid-squat isn’t exactly the most flattering position the paparazzi could snap you in. This is why many celebrities opt to have super discreet trainers with celeb-quality facilities – no one wants to be snapped mid-workout.

13 Wardrobe Issues

Though many women look flawless on the red carpet and appear to be wearing their expensive designer gowns with ease, the reality is a little bit different. There’s specific shapewear and undergarments that are required to create that flawless silhouette, and if you have a curvy physique rather than the pin thin supermodel frame that designers are accustomed to working with, it can sometimes be tough to accommodate your curves – as Kate Upton knows well. She’s rocking a strapless silver gown at an event, but thanks to her generous curves, it’s just not quite sitting right – so she’s making a last minute adjustment. It’s something that many, many women do, but it’s not exactly something you want photographed. We bet Upton wishes the woman standing near her would have shielded her from the cameras on this occasion.

12 Cheesy Games

via: youtube.com

You may have forgotten by now, but for a while, Kate Upton was constantly popping up on your phone in advertisements for a cheesy game called Game of War. The people responsible for choosing a celebrity to help sell their game probably thanked their lucky stars that Kate Upton agreed, because the amount of cleavage she showed in some of those shots advertising the game was insane. However, from Upton’s perspective, well – we’re betting she’d rather just forget she once shilled such an embarrassing, cheesy game. When a celebrity is officially an A-Lister, they often turn down the vast majority of sponsorship opportunities that are presented to them, but when you’re still trying to establish your name, you often say yes to anything – even a cheesy game.

11 Dance Party

One of Kate Upton’s big acting roles was alongside Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz, where she played one third of the women a particularly heinous man was sleeping with. Instead of fighting with one another, the three women decided to join forces and work together to destroy their former lover – and have a bit of fun while they did so. It seems that life on set was pretty fun as well, as this picture demonstrates – the three ladies are dancing up a storm in a beachy setting in between takes. And, we’re not sure if it’s just really windy, or if Kate Upton just totally swings her head around while dancing as if she’s Beyoncé, but we’d bet she would rather you see a shot where her blonde locks are glossy and in place, and not flying above her head in such a weird way.

10 Less Than Glam

There are some celebrities who look totally flawless without makeup, and usually, Kate Upton is one of them. Sure, she may not be as glamorous without the makeup, but she just ends up looking like a fresh-faced girl next door instead. This picture, though, is definitely not makeup-free Kate at her best. We can only assume she’s heading out of the gym or something like that, as she’s perspiring, has her hair pulled back in a headband with a few strands flopping out, and is rocking a blemish on her forehead. It just goes to show that once you attain a certain level of fame, you really just can never get rid of the paparazzi – they’re always hanging around, waiting for an opportunity to get an embarrassing snap.

9 Wardrobe Malfunction

We’ve covered up the actual malfunction here, but it just goes to prove that wardrobe malfunctions can happy to anyone at any time. In this shot, Kate Upton was out for a celebration dinner wearing what could only be described as black lingerie with a full-length mesh and lace layer over top of it. Technically the majority of her skin was covered, but, well, it really didn’t leave much to the imagination. The trouble was that the top layer was stretched a little bit too tight, and there was a big rip down the seam near her butt in the back. To Upton’s credit, she just owned it and cheesed it up for the paparazzi as she went on her way, but still – we’re betting she wishes the photos of the incident could just be erased.

8 Burger Babe

Okay, Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial isn’t quite as bad as Paris Hilton’s, but still – we’re betting she would rather everyone not see any screencaps from that particular job she did. She’s channeling a bit of a retro vibe as opposed to the straight up skimpy bikini that many other Carl’s Jr. girls do in the commercials, but still – her role is basically to make eating a burger look sexy, and that’s a little bit embarrassing. She probably got a respectable sum of money for the commercial and was laughing straight to the bank, but we’re betting she would still rather people not remember this particular moment in her career. Many celebrities did work in commercials before making it big, but still – it’s not exactly the same as getting the cover of a magazine or popping up on the big screen.

7 Bad Hair Day

There’s a lot of work that goes into crafting the perfect hairstyle. Sure, celebrities may appear on the red carpet or in photo shoots looking like they just woke up with those killer curls and crazy volume, but in reality, there’s a team of hairstylists working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. Kate Upton shared this shot of her hair mid-style, and while the end result probably looked amazing, this particular look is… well, not the most flattering. It’s not quite as bad as the shot of her hair whipping around her face while she parties with her co-stars, but it’s still a bit of a curled, frizzy mess. It just goes to prove that not even celebrities are flawless all the time – it takes a lot of work to look that good, even if you’re genetically blessed naturally.

6 Smoke Show

It’s no secret that there are many celebrities who smoke – while they want to keep their skin looking young and their vocal cords in their optimal condition, the pressure to stay thin in Hollywood is so great that many turn to nicotine. However, given how anti-smoking the majority of the world is, most celebrities keep their smoking habit away from the paparazzi’s prying eyes – unless they slip up, that is. In this shot, Kate Upton is shown smoking with a friend somewhere on the street, and while she looks totally stunning, the fact that she’s lighting up might surprise many fans who didn’t know she was a smoker. We’re betting she wishes she could just erase this particular photo and keep her sexy yet squeaky clean image.

5 The Nun-Kini

via: historyguy.com

When they invited Kate Upton to play a guest role in the Three Stooges movie, they got straight to showing off the goods by making her march by the pool in what can only be described as a nun-kini. There’s a type of nun’s habit on her head, and a rosary around her neck, but the costume department has paired it with a slightly scandalous black one-piece swimsuit. I mean, it’s definitely a different look than Upton generally wears on the cover of Sports Illustrated, that’s for sure. For those who are very religious it may be a bit disrespectful, but for the majority of Kate Upton’s fans, they’re probably just happy to see the blonde bombshell in swimwear once more. She definitely looks gorgeous in dresses, but let’s be honest – there’s a reason she’s most well known for modelling lingerie and bikinis.

4 Risqué Selfie

Okay, we cropped out the majority of this picture in order to keep things more on the PG side, but you can probably guess what’s going on. Kate Upton is posing alongside boyfriend Justin Verlander, and for some reason, the two decided to take a naked selfie together. You would think that celebs would be hesitant to take any compromising photos after the crazy leaks that have happened, but some don’t seem too concerned. Unfortunately, the photo did, in fact, get leaked, and you can see Upton in all her glory. While there’s nothing wrong with a gorgeous woman showing off her assets, we bet she wishes the world would have seen her goods in a well-lit, tasteful photo spread rather than a bad mirror selfie.

3 Snap Diva

via: thesun.co.uk

Many celebrities absolutely love using Snapchat – it’s a great way to show off their humorous side to their fans, and gives them a bit more freedom than social media apps like Twitter or Instagram provide. Plus, in most cases, once you check a Snap out, it disappears – so you won’t have to worry about fans sharing your embarrassing Instagram selfie for years to come. However, that doesn’t mean Snaps always disappear – as this one demonstrates. Kate Upton and a friend took a snap together which Upton captioned in a way that insults the Kardashians. Now, while they certainly have their fair share of haters, it’s bad form to insult anyone in Hollywood – particularly someone with as much cred as the Kardashian family. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you didn’t have something nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all?

2 Not-So-Fashionably Retro

Kate Upton has been on the scene for a few years, so it may seem like she’s older than she actually is – but in reality, she was a teenager not so long ago, as this photo demonstrates. Now, there’s no doubt that she looks pretty in this photo – it’s easy to see why she was snapped up by scouts based on that face. However, we’re betting that Upton would rather you see her in her outfits nowadays, whether the expensive designer duds on the red carpet or the flattering bikinis in her various scantily clad photo spreads, than in this particular outfit. I mean, purple hoop earrings? That headband? The ruffled shirt? Upton may look decent in this shot, but the fashion choices are oh, so retro.

1 Party Girl

There’s a difference between the things that celebrities like to do, and the things that they like to be photographed doing. While some celebs have no problem showing off their party-loving side to the public, they generally prefer to pose if any photos are being taken, showing off their best side while posing in the VIP area. In this shot, the photographer has captured Upton in full-on party girl mode, just loving life and dancing to the beat of the DJ’s tunes. It’s certainly not as scandalous as other celebrities who have been snapped looking like a total drunk mess in the club, but we bet that Upton wishes the photographer would have captured her when she was posing at a more flattering angle with a big smile on her face instead.

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