15 Photos Jessica Biel Doesn't Want You To See

What many people don’t know is that Jessica Biel started her entertainment career as a vocalist. She appeared in a number of musical productions before getting her big breakout role as Mary Camden in the family TV show 7th Heaven. Today, many people still remember her from this role, even though the series wrapped up approximately 13 years ago.

Since then Jessica has appeared in a number of films and a handful of TV shows, mainly in guest roles. Her most successful role to date was as Erin Hardesty in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). This part got her nominated for the 2004 MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Female Performance and a Saturn Award for Best Actress 2004, although she didn’t win either of them. She’s appeared in a number of films, mostly in supporting roles, such as Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, Stealth, The A-Team, Total Recall and Accidental Love.

In 2007 she started dating super successful pop musician Justin Timberlake and the two tied the knot in 2013. They have one child, Silas Randall Timberlake, who was born in 2015. Jessica’s life sounds pretty spectacular, but just like the rest of us, she has moments that she wishes to forget.


15 One Manny, Two Mannies

Jessica and hubby, Justin Timberlake are busy people so it’s only natural that they would hire someone to help them care for their first son, Silas Randall Timberlake, who was born in 2015. What is a little strange is their choice of nanny. Nannies, actually. No, make that “mannies”. Yes, two nannies – and they are both guys. They work in shifts around the clock to ensure that little Silas has everything he needs.

There is of course nothing wrong with hiring male nannies, but you have to wonder a little about this choice on Jessica’s part. We all know the stories of nannies and husbands hooking up in Hollywood – perhaps this is what she is trying to avoid. When you are married to Justin Timberlake you don’t want any other females drawing his attention, do you?

14 Right Behind You

This paparazzi picture of Justin and Jessica is pretty strange. Firstly, you have to admire Jessica – here she is heavily pregnant, but still managed to get dressed and go out with her husband – no mean feat in those last few weeks! And at least Justin is carrying all their bags. But the body language does seem a little bit off – he’s walking ahead of her, instead of next to her and that seems to mimic their relationship – Justin will always be more popular than she is.

There’s some unspoken tension here, but naturally, all couples have moments like that. And besides it must be maddening being in the spotlight all the time and constantly having your privacy invaded so that could explain it. Guess that’s the price you pay for being a famous couple.

13 Cold Sore Central

Is there anything worse than a cold sore? Yes, there is. Having a cold sore when you are one of the sexiest women on the planet and someone has a camera. Then your cold sore is front page news and open to wild speculation. The photographer was trying to capture a shot of Jessica's engagement ring (and it’s a whopper right?) but then someone noticed her angry, red lip.

Cold sores are usually a symptom of a common ailment known as herpes simplex one which affects many people worldwide and is transferred by physical contact. It’s not to be confused with herpes simplex 2, also known as genital herpes which is much more serious. Luckily for Jessica, cold sores are easy to treat.

12 Eyes, Justin, Eyes!

Justin Timberlake is always going to have the attention of females around him– that’s a definite. In fact, it must be pretty hard, not to mention stressful, to be married to someone who everyone wants to get with. All we can hope for is that Justin remains faithful– because he and Jessica are a gorgeous couple!

This photo of the two of them out enjoying a sports game would probably make Jessica’s blood boil a little– no one wants to see a picture of themselves snogging their one and only with his eyes seemingly admiring the “view”. Naughty Justin. Bring those eyes to your sexy wife.

Justin dated quite a few gorgeous ladies before tying the knot with Jessica, his black book includes girls like Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz.

11 Whoa!

Jessica first gained popularity when she played the character Mary Camden in the TV show 7th Heaven which aired from 1996 until 2003. It became the longest-running family drama in TV history and she played in an amazing 136 episodes.

Desperate to try and break away from her good girl persona Jessica made the decision to pose for a racy photo shoot for Gear magazine in 2000. She was 17 years old at the time. As you can probably guess, the pictures are pretty risqué and the producers of 7th Heaven were not impressed at all. They were so outraged that they took legal action against the magazine. Jessica later said she regretted the decision, adding that she had been shown different, less racy pictures than the ones the magazine published. Some might think it was an over-reaction on their part, but what would the producers say about this snake tongue display? Impressive? Inappropriate? Intriguing? So many questions!

10 Getting Felt Up By Helen Mirren

You get the feeling that Jessica has a fun and playful side to her and it's pretty evident in almost every snap of her. Here, we catch Helen Mirren admiring her dress on the red carpet and Jessica's reaction to basically being felt up is just great.

Another thing you may not know about Jessica is that she and Justin recently opened their own eatery in Los Angeles. It’s called Au Fudge and it’s a spot for trendy Hollywood moms and tots to grab something healthy to eat. Although her kid-friendly restaurant has gotten some great reviews, the prices are, well, Hollywood prices and some critics have slammed Au Fudge as snotty and elitist. Pretty harsh words. I guess the only way to make up your own mind is with a trip to Tinsel town to see for yourself. Maybe Jessica will snap a picture of you too.

9 I Kissed A Girl…

Around 2007 a sneaky photographer managed to catch this image of Jessica kissing a girl outside of her home. Image how he must have felt– it’s not every day you get a juicy picture like this right? But before you go and get excited, this was just a friend that she was saying goodbye to. Just an innocent kiss on the lips? Okay Jessica, if you say so.

This was around the time she started dating Justin, whom she'd become engaged to in 2011 and married in 2012. Her dating history includes an alleged fling with Gerard Butler, a hot tryst with Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, and a five-year relationship with Chris Evans. But I guess when you are one of the hottest women on the planet, it’s pretty easy to get a date!


8 Nailed It – Not!

It’s easy for us mere mortals to think that making a movie is just all fun and games, but sometimes things can go bad– really bad. We’re sure that Jessica Biel just wants us all to forget her 2015 box office bomb, Accidental Love, which was plagued with financial problems and union issues. It could have been the film that bolstered her fading career, but it did just the opposite in the end.

Accidental Love was originally titled "Nailed", and it follows the story of a young waitress who accidentally gets shot in the head with a nail. The waitress, Alice Eckle, is played by Jessica, who stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. The filming started in 2008 but with all the problems a clumsily put together movie was only released in 2015. The film was poorly received, scoring only 6% on Rotten Tomatoes.

7 Wardrobe Malfunction

Looking at this picture you first get the impression that Madonna and Jessica Biel are about to get into a serious catfight (look at Madonna’s face!) but luckily for everyone involved that wasn’t the case here.

What really happened is much less dramatic but it could have ended really badly for Jessica nevertheless. While posing on the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, Madonna accidently stepped on Jessica’s pretty frilly dress. Thankfully, she didn’t get her shoes entangled in the dress or Jessica could have been left in a very embarrassing situation as her dress had quite a split in the design already. After recovering from the near mishap the two stars turned to each other and laughed it off. Well, that’s what they did in front of the cameras anyway.

6 The Ex

Although she’s happy now– blissfully married to a pop superstar– Jessica probably doesn’t want to be reminded of her painful split with ex-boyfriend Chris Evans. Who does want to be reminded of their exes? That’s right, no one!

Self-proclaimed "ass man" Chris must have thought he had landed in 7th heaven when Jessica agreed to date him back in 2001. The two dated for five years, so it was a pretty serious relationship. While dating they also played love interests in Cellular and London. The two split for unknown reasons in 2006, Jessica went on to marry Justin and Chris rocketed to fame with his role as Captain America. Currently, Chris is thought to be dating actress Jenny Slate– the two were spotted on the red carpet together in June this year.

5 They’re Not Calling Her Name

Things could have turned out so differently for Jessica but the choices she has made have brought her to where she is now, and honestly, it’s not such a bad place. But becoming a sought after actress? It’s going to be difficult and here’s why…

If Jessica had married someone less famous than her, a B-lister for instance, she may have still been able to shine, but alongside Justin? It’s almost impossible. It’s sad but true– she will probably always be the less famous one of the two. Add to that her poor role choices and lack of serious acting opportunities and it’s easy to see why she’s going to have a difficult time breaking out from behind Justin’s enormous shadow. And that makes this telling picture rather sad.

4 Too Beautiful?

You could look at Jessica’s life and actually feel a little sorry for her because she has not quite achieved a reputation as a serious actress, and Hollywood doesn’t seem to be falling over their feet to cast her. You can feel as sorry for her as you can, remembering that she’s married to Justin Timberlake, has a baby with him, is worth a fortune, and is one of the sexiest women on the planet. So not too sorry then!

Jessica believes that her beauty and level of fitness is one of the reasons that she’s not getting “good” roles. Too sexy? Sorry to say it Jessica, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the likes of other gorgeous actresses like Scarlett Johansson… maybe it’s simply because directors don’t believe she has the skill.

3 The Golden Raspberry

Although she’s made a name for herself in Hollywood and enjoyed numerous “most sexy” titles in magazines, Jessica has made some terrible calls when it came to choosing acting roles. In an interview, she admitted that “sometimes you take the role because you need to pay the rent". We know Jessica, believe us, we know.

The problem is that those bad choices don’t exactly make you popular with directors, which is why she is not yet able to pick and choose her roles. The Golden Raspberry is an accolade you don’t want to receive as an actress– the Razzies are presented for the worst acting and movies. Jessica was nominated twice in 2008 (Worst Supporting Actress and part of Worst Screen Actress), and then again in 2013, once again, for Worst Supporting Actress in the films Total Recall and Playing for Keeps.

2 Baby Face

Aww wasn’t she cute– look at those eyes! Everyone gets embarrassed when the baby pictures come out, but really we don’t think Jessica has anything to be ashamed of! If this picture is anything to go by, Silas– blessed with a Jessica and Justin DNA cocktail— is going to be a looker.

New mom, Jessica, told Ellen DeGeneres that her son Silas is also quite musical, even though he’s still very young. She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this year and told her that her son loves his dad’s music– something she attributes to all of Justin’s shows that she went to while she was pregnant with Silas. So will he be a talented musician or an A-List actor? Only time will tell.

1 Tough Competition

Although they have been friends from a young age, it must be bittersweet for Jessica to observe her friend Scarlett Johansson’s meteoric rise to the status of A-list actress, while she’s battling to get roles. That’s one of the problems for Jessica– her Hollywood competition is just way too tough. Although The Illusionist helped show off her more serious acting skills she’s still struggling to get to a place where she can pick and choose roles. Jessica has often remarked that she wants roles like those of her friends Johansson and Natalie Portman. Unfortunately, she has been beaten out of numerous big roles in films like Iron Man 2 (went to Scarlett) and The Dark Knight Rises (went to Anne Hathaway). Tough breaks there Jessica, guess that’s show business.


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