15 Photos Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Want You To See

Just like us ordinary folks, celebrities have moments in their lives that they would rather not look back on.

In the competitive world of Hollywood, becoming a star at all is an accomplishment that seems so unlikely that even most professional actors would be smart to not consider it. Sure, following one's dreams is an admirable way to spend your life but when it seems so improbable you’ll have any chance of actually making it happen, holding out hope seems ill-conceived. We point that out to put a spotlight on how fortunate Jennifer Lawrence has been in her life so far, but that doesn’t mean that everything is honky dory.

Just like us ordinary folks, celebrities have moments in their lives that they would rather not look back on. They may have a lot more money, opportunity, fame, and acclaim than you or me, but we’re quite certain that there are several moments in their lives they would prefer none of us to know about. Worse yet, if someone like Jennifer Lawrence, one of the most popular and acclaimed actresses today, knew that people were looking at certain images of her life, she would probably be upset. While we aren’t ones to do something that will upset another person, we realize that the likelihood that she ever learns of this article is slight and we were curious to see some lesser known photos of her. That is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen photos Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t want you to see.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion, the requirements were pretty simple. Jennifer needs to be featured in them, whether alone or in a group, it doesn’t matter, and it needs to seem like she wouldn’t want us to see it. Obviously, we weren’t able to actually ask her how she felt about the photos in question so we can’t say our choices are one-hundred percent disliked by her, but there are clear reasons she’d rather these photos be forgotten. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Inescapable

On the face of this photo you may be wondering to yourself, why would it possibly be included on a list like this? It is here because it seems so abundantly clear that she wouldn’t want us to see it because she abhors the fact that it exists at all. A pretty gigantic star these days, she is followed by a team of paparazzi pretty much everywhere she goes which shouldn’t surprise anyone. While this isn’t the only photo on this list that was taken by a camera carried by the men that follow her, it is so mundane that it is baffling that not only was it taken but people actually published it. A photo of her leaving a hotel in New York, we just have to ask, why is this noteworthy enough that it is worthy of anyone’s attention? After all, she isn’t doing anything scandalous and she isn’t with someone you wouldn’t expect or anything like that.

14 On Set Reveal

Over her career, Jennifer Lawrence has been in a lot of movies and there have been several moments in them where she is wearing clothes that are rather revealing. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that she is fine with us getting a decent view of her body on film but that doesn’t mean that she would be pleased with a photo like this one. Clearly taken without her consent by an eagle-eyed photographer with a telephoto lens, it was taken of her while on the set of the movie American Hustle. Wearing a top that showed off her fantastic cleavage, as an artist, she is cool with us seeing her in it when she plays the character but that isn’t what is happening here. Instead, we’re getting a view of her from an even more revealing angle in a photo she never approved.

13 Awkward Recovery

On the one hand, this photo was taken of Jennifer while on the red carpet for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, so clearly she knew her image would be captured, a lot. However, even though she has taken falling in public in front of cameras in stride previously, even someone who seems to be ok with looking silly from time to time may not enjoy being seen like this. Between the look on her face being a bit foolish and the fact that her chest was clearly almost falling out, it comes together to be a tad embarrassing. At least, she didn’t actually fall here, as it seems she was doing a squat in order to show off how easily she could move about in her gorgeous dress, which makes her seems like a fun gal in our opinion.

12 Hospital Visit

A photo of Jennifer during a break from filming an X-Men movie in 2015, she took the opportunity to head to a Montreal Children’s Hospital to put a smile on the face of some kids in need. One of the most admirable things a celebrity can do, whenever they go out of their way to make the day of someone whose life has been a struggle, it is a marvelous thing. However, when we see an image of a lot of them giving back to the community our minds instantly start to wonder if they are there more for the publicity than the kids. Thankfully, Jennifer has always struck us as a sincere person and we really believe that she is there for the right reasons. As such, while she posed for this photo we find it unlikely that she wanted it to go much further than those that took place in her fantastic visit.

11 School Picture

Whenever our photograph is taken for a school picture, we know that it is going to end up in a yearbook that many of our classmates may go on to cherish for years to come. There is something nice about that idea, isn’t there? If we were to become famous, though, the significance of its place there will likely take on a great deal more importance. That doesn’t mean that we would like to see it singled out and spread online for the consumption of the masses. That is especially true as most of us don’t exactly look our best during our teen years while we are trying to figure out the image that works for us. While Jennifer has no real reason to be embarrassed by how she looks in this photo, we’re guessing that like most of us, she would prefer us to see her as she is now.

10 Garden Party

If you are anything like us, you have laughed uproariously in the past when celebrities have been on talk shows and the host introduces a clip their staff has found from early on in their careers. Typically a view of a more embarrassing time in their lives, the star in question can be seen squirming in their chair with embarrassment at what they are forced to look at. In the case of Jennifer Lawrence, a part of the first film she was ever in, Garden Party, may just be the one used to make her cheeks flush as the world looks on. An indie drama film in which she appears very briefly with a group of characters that are meant to be her friends, the way in which she carries herself in the scene this image is from is quite something. That is because it seems as though she is trying very hard with every ounce of her body to come off as cool and she would probably prefer any evidence of that performance would disappear.

9 Romantic Rumours

Jennifer Lawrence is somebody that really hates her privacy being breached and for very good reason in a lot of instances. While it comes with the territory that the world shows great interest in the lives of celebrities and as such, they are followed a great deal more closely by the public than the rest of us, she still deserves her own space. If the tabloids and paparazzi have it their way, her love life will never be one of those areas, something it seems certain she detests and that this magazine cover epitomizes. Romantically linked with Liam Hemsworth on this cover, she has previously revealed that the pair had an intimate moment together but this cover takes things far further than she’d ever want them to. Hell, they even include a headline that says they are hiding their romance, so even if there was ever any truth to their claims, it is explicitly stated that they don’t want us talking about it.

8 Out and About

Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult were once a couple that made no effort to hide their relationship from the public, oftentimes addressing elements of their lives they were ok with us knowing about. Broken up for a while now, we have no idea what led to the dissolution of their relationship, nor should we, but it seems clear that the pressure they must have been under could have played a hand. Looking at this image of them out for a walk together, it seems as though they intentionally have put some space between them in order to give the paparazzi less tantalizing photo opportunities. Even if our reading of the moment is wrong, we find it highly improbable to think, even for a moment, that either person involved would want strangers to get a view of a moment between the two of them.

7 Frustration

If you wondered if there were a perfect visual example of how Jennifer Lawrence feels about the photographers that go to great effort to encroach on her life, look no further. She clearly isn’t the only famous person to feel this way, as the long list of fights between famous people and paparazzi over the years shows, but she is definitely one of the most outspoken. However, we don’t need any words to be coming out of her mouth while looking at a photo like this to know that yet another moment in her life has been ruined and how frustrated she is about it. While we thought for a moment that she may like us getting a slight glimpse of what it is like for her, we’re certain she wishes we didn’t see a photo like this one because it shouldn’t exist, to begin with.

6 Engaged!

Getting engaged to the love of your life is one of the most joyous things that can happen to someone. Knowing that you are making plans to share your life with someone you care about is glorious and it should fall on all of us to decide how we want to tell those around us. If you were set to get married and all excited to tell the world and one of your loved ones went around telling everyone else somehow, how upset would you be? That is one reason why Jennifer would likely hate an image like this one but it isn’t the only one. There is also the fact that we have no idea if she and Nicholas Hoult ever actually made that decision as neither has ever confirmed it, which we think makes this all the more distasteful for her.

5 Night Out

We’re just going to say it, Jennifer looks like she may have had more than a few drinks prior to this photo being taken. While that may not be the case, as she could just be having a night of fun with some pals, she should be able to take some silly photos with friends and wake up in the morning and have a laugh. Instead, she has a stranger take her image and pictures like this one, in all likelihood, hit the internet and were everywhere by the time her head rose from her pillow the next day. It sure would suck to live in a world where you can’t get a little crazy with your buddies without much of the world finding out about it, in our opinion.

4 As a Youngster

If we thought having your typical yearbook photo be spread online by people wasn’t bad enough, the ante was upped with this image of a younger Jennifer in a private moment on the phone. Sure, it too was published by her school just like the other image we touched upon earlier, but isn’t there something unsettling about people scouring every page in order to get all the material they possibly could? Just one more example of how little privacy Jennifer’s career allows her, it is amazing that it even holds true for her past and we’re guessing she would certainly hate that.

3 Private Moment

We’ve already made it clear that Jennifer and her ex Nicholas Hoult, couldn’t even walk around a city without photographers shadowing their every move and documenting them. It would suck enough to have that be the case if you and your loved one were just having a typical day but that may not be the case here. They may have just been a couple that always enjoyed walking hand in hand or this could have been a moment of special intimacy for them. Judging by previous statements Jennifer has made, there is no question in our minds of how she would feel about this image. “If I were just your average 23-year-old girl and I called the police to say that there were strange men sleeping on my lawn and following me to Starbucks, they would leap into action” is a quote from her that speaks for itself.

2 Slip

At her core, Jennifer Lawrence is a human being, no different from our readers or any of us. Brought up like most of us to cover up her private parts, she always goes out in public wearing clothes that she puts on to ensure just that happens. Seems pretty obvious, right? Unfortunately though, clothes shift with our movements and one night while she was out with singer Lorde, she was a victim to the dreaded nip slip. Of course, because of who she is a picture of the moment was instantly taken and shared online and will likely never go away, something she must have been mortified by (and probably still is).

1 Leaked

Actors and actresses usually can be pretty guarded in interviews for fear of turning off large portions of the public or angering the powers that be in Hollywood. When it came to being a victim of hackers who stole private and nude photos of her and released them to the public, Jennifer Lawrence did not mince words at all and we can’t explain it any better. Her statements made sure there was zero question in our minds of which photos of her she wants seen the least of all.

“I can't even describe to anybody what it feels like to have my naked body shoot across the world like a news flash against my will. It just makes me feel like a piece of meat that's being passed around for a profit.” – Jennifer Lawrence

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