15 Photos HGTV Star Tarek Doesn't Want You To See Of Christina

Flip or Flop's Christina and Tarek El Moussa have had a very public breakup. The former HGTV couple used to be headline stars on their home real estate and renovation show, but in 2017, have been front page news thanks to a split they announced in December of 2016 followed by Tarek quickly filing for divorce in January of 2017.

It was previously reported that their relationship began to crumble in May 2016. It got ugly when police were called to the scene of a distressed male with a gun and while the danger wasn't as serious as first reported, Tarek was battling personal demons and often took it out on Christina while on set. He eventually went to rehab and sought treatment for alcohol abuse. Christina called it Tarek needing to get himself under control. For his part, he was making a conscious effort to try and win her back.

Tarek was also shattered with the news of a cancer scare that placed a major strain on their relationship. Eventually, they grew apart but it was reported they were working together for the sake of their two children. We're not so sure.

Christina quickly got back into the dating game and was linked to Doug Spedding, contractor Gary Anderson and NHL star Nate Thompson. Tarek, on the other hand, briefly dated their nanny, Alyssa Logan but is rumored to be single and taking a break from blondes.

After the split was announced there were all sorts of rumors that surfaced. Both Tarek and Christina sent public shots across the bow by posing for photos that could only logically make the other jealous. Christina posed for a bikini photoshoot with 6-year-old daughter Taylor. Tarek then responded with a workout shoot that showed his ripped muscles after returning from his cancer scare. Neither seems terribly innocent in this whole thing. Here are 15 photos that Tarek doesn't want you to see.


15 Had Been Separated For A While


It was tough for fans to hear that the couple was splitting. They'd become fan favorites for HGTV and on the surface, everything seemed great. What became extremely difficult for fans to wrap their heads around was the fact that the couple had been separated for months before they made an official announcement.

To then learn that both were already dating other people, was what made the couple front page tabloid news everywhere. The pictures of both Tarek and Christina out and enjoying the company of other people started making the rounds and fans developed a bit of a hatred for Tarek who was called the abusive one in the relationship. When you coupled that with him already seeing other people, it wasn't a good look for him.

14 Not Getting Back Together


After the couple announced their separation, they were seen together on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys looking very friendly. Some fans were hoping that the pair might be getting back together and it almost looked that way. However, during an interview, Christina quickly shot down the speculation and stated they were working on their show and on co-parenting.

When asked if they’ve gotten the spark back, she declared no and that they were actually really good. They'd been separated for almost a year, made a lot of progress in their relationship and were just really focused on the kids. The plan was to keep on working together to film the show, but that never really worked itself out. That night at the Emmys, if Tarek didn't already know, it became the public nail in their relationship coffin.

13 Christina Moved On


Christina didn't take long to move on from Tarek at all. It's no wonder she was so quick to publicly deny any rumors that she and Tarek might be working things out. Instead, she was seen cozying up to NHL player and Anaheim Duck, Nate Thompson. Their relationship didn't last long, but it didn't matter.

Not only did Tarek now know that Christina had moved on, but she was dating and happy outside of their marriage. This came after a recent announcement from Christina that the last thing on her mind was a relationship. Did that mean she wasn't dating Thompson? Or, did that signify that she wasn't dating him, but out to have a little fun. You know what they say about hockey players.

12 Were They Frauds?


In 2016, things started to get iffy for the couple (or ex-couple). The government had gotten involved after several customers of Flip or Flop stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s “Success Path” real estate seminar accused the program of being a scam.

Christina stood by the program claiming that it was the tips and strategies they used to make their money in real estate, but one has to wonder if part of the breakup and lack of communication between the two had something to do with these lawsuits. It didn't make either one of them look good in the public eye. Christina was also caught up in a skin care scam where she claimed to be the co-creator or a product that would help give her a job beyond having to rely on Tarek for money. Sounds fishy in a lot of different ways.

11 Rockin' That Boat-Ready Body


When you break up with someone, you want to say you'll be happy for them. Eventually, you hope that's what happens, but it doesn't always work that way. It's super hard to do when you see pictures of your ex-wife looking like this.

This is Christina El Moussa on the deck of her new boyfriend Doug Spedding's, boat. She's obviously still in great shape and ready for a beautiful day of relaxation, nice weather and probably good company. When you see your ex-wife looking fine, it's completely natural to ask yourself what you were thinking. There's probably a lot of guys wondering the same thing. What was going through Tarek's mind to let such an attractive woman with a rockin' body get away? Clearly, she's fine. And to say fine, we don't mean ok mentally.

10 Smitten Kitten


There's nothing raunchy about this picture. In fact, it's the kind of picture you might see in one of those frames you buy at a large department store with a happy couple on it that is meant to be there until you replace it with the photo you choose. The only problem here is that Christina is looking at her new boyfriend with the kind of eyes that tells you she's completely smitten.

The Flip or Flop star was spotted out and about in early June as her and Doug Spedding made their way into Javier's Restaurant for a dinner date night in Newport Beach, California. Hedding was connected to Christina before she met and married Tarek. At the time she would have been in her late 20's and Spedding in his late 40's.

9 Tarek And The Nanny

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It's not quite as scandalous as it sounds, but it's still not really a good look for Tarek who is publicly trying to get over Christina. When your first relationship out of the gate is your 23-year-old former nanny, it doesn't speak well for your ethics as a husband and a man. It gives people the impression that you're interested in the other hired part of your family that helped raise your kids when everyone knows that the real mother is always second-to-none.

Don't get us wrong, Alyssa (the nanny) is steaming hot, but you'd think Tarek could have at least tried to date outside that family circle. When your kids get a chance to see their daddy on television, it's probably not best that they see him partying with their old babysitter at a Florida Georgia Line concert. Yet, that's exactly what he was doing and to make it so that he wouldn't get in trouble, Tarek had to fire the nanny so he could date her.


8 Christina Enjoying Dinner With New Beau

Technically, when Christina started dating Doug Spedding, she and Tarek were not officially divorced. The Flip or Flop couple had been separated, but the news hadn't been officially announced when photos started showing up of the two together. Christina was 33 in this picture and was dating Spedding who was 55. Not exactly an upgrade in the looks department, but maybe Christina was into older men?

She looks to be having a great time in this photo and looks extremely relaxed. It's a far different picture than the one painted of her and Tarek towards the end of their relationship. As people learned later, Christina would find out that Doug wasn't going to give her reasons to stay relaxed. She would find out that she wasn't the only one who could have a relationship with two people at once...

7 A Little Boating. The Glasses Say It All


If the boat, the two good looking people and the awesome weather weren't enough to rub it into Tarek that Christina had moved on, the glasses were the final touch. Two smily faces prominently central in the photo seem to be a metaphor for how happy Christina is to be free from the binds of a confining and unhappy marriage.

But, as we mentioned earlier, it wasn't all happy faces for Christina. She would eventually learn that Doug Spedding wasn't exactly the most faithful person in the world. Doug was caught with Tracy Johnson-Diaz after she came forward discussing her five-year relationship with Spedding. Tarek can't be happy that his ex-wife is so quick to move on and so easily persuaded by someone already in a relationship. Either she doesn't care or she's naive.

6 Bad News Boyfriend With Tarek's Daughter


It's one thing if your ex is dating someone else. It's another thing if it's someone you don't like. We don't know for sure that Tarek has a personal issue with Doug Spedding, but he can't be proud of the fact that Spedding has a pretty shady history. Outside of the fact that he was apparently cheating on Christina, in this public photo, Christina was more than willing to flaunt her new relationship and show off Spedding having fun with Tarek's daughter.

Spedding was arrested for meth possession and for violating a restraining order against his ex. Not exactly the type of person you want your ex or your daughter cozying up to. But, they look like they're having a great time and what does that say about Tarek? He didn't have the legal troubles Spedding did, but he couldn't make this family happy.

5 People's Hot Body


Posing for, El Moussa was ready to show the world she wasn't stressed any longer about her divorce. At first, the HGTV star admitted that her stress level had left her without an appetite and feeling unhealthy.

She knew she needed to get back to being healthy. So El Moussa consulted her friend, nutritionist Cara Clark, and got set up on a daily nutrition plan. Boy, oh boy, did it work. El Moussa is showing off what eating right can do and she says she maintains a very clean, organic diet. She learned to snack throughout the day to keep her energy levels up, and she learned that eating right can make her feel good about her body. She should, as these photos demonstrate the fine work she's been doing. Showing some abs, not hiding the twins and looking happy as ever was sure to strike up a little envy on the part of Tarek.

4 Revenge Body


When Christina came out with public photos of her and their daughter in matching bikinis it was kind of a big deal. Tarek decided to get to show his off — although neither is going to claim that a little tit-for-tat is what was going on when these pics were released.

Tarek claims he shot these photos after his two cancer scares and major back issues which led his doctors to tell him he'd never work out again. He also claims he was too nervous to release them after he first shot them with a photographer. He should be extremely proud of what he was able to do. Unfortunately, a lot of people are going to associate these photos with the feeling that he needed to try and one up his ex and her sexy bikini shots.

3 One Big Happy Show Family

It's probably difficult for both Tarek and Christina to look at a photo like this and realize what they almost gave up because they couldn't make their marriage work. The hit show Flip or Flop may or may not be continuing now that the couple is splitsville. It sounds like the couple is trying to film more episodes but there are constant rumors the show is on its last legs, if not already ready for the chopping block.

At one point they tried to shoot five episodes of the show and stopped production to see if they could manage five more at a later date. They couldn't and the workers were pushed onto other projects. They're trying again, but there are rumors that Christina secretly wants to see herself as a solo act in a design capacity. That's got to be doubly difficult for Tarek if his ex goes on to have a successful TV career and he's got nothing left to show for it.

2 The Cancer Scare


No one ever wants to be reminded of how sick they once were or how close they came to death. Well, this picture shows Tarek just how close he got to bite the bullet before a fan saved his life. It also shows how Christina was there for him during that scare. Someone noticed an unusual bump on Tarek's throat in an episode of the show. After getting it checked out, it was revealed that the lump was cancerous and needed to be removed.

The cancer scare was, unfortunately, one of the things that sent Christina and Tarek farther apart than it did bring them closer together. Tarek didn't handle things well and he often lashed out at Christina. I'm sure everyone was happy that Tarek wound up being healthy and getting his life back together, but it was too little and too late to save their seven-year marriage.

1 Is She The Real Star?


Has Tarek realized that Christina is the actual star of their show? While he was busy berating her in front of cast members and crew, he probably had a hard time admitting to himself that the show was nothing without her on it.

Lately, he's been in the news trying to show off his new house, talking about how much he's dating and having fun being single and even expressed being open to the idea of going on a show like The Bachelor. Not exactly the type of behavior that screams he's ok with fading out of the spotlight. You can tell in this picture just how much he was not a part of the HGTV group. Sure the photo was staged, but was it also a sign of things to come?

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