15 Photos Gigi Hadid Doesn't Want Fans To See

A few years ago you probably hadn’t heard about Gigi Hadid (or her sister Bella, for that matter). You maybe had heard of her mother, Yolanda Foster, the former model and reality TV star, but not her. But there’s the catch- her mom is a reality TV star; on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, no less. Everybody associated with that show seems to become famous eventually. So it should come as no surprise that Gigi did too.

That’s not to say that she wouldn’t have blown up somehow, somewhere, sometime anyway. She is, after all, undeniably hot. Hot enough that she is now considered one of the top 50 models in the world. When you live in a world like ours, with constant (like over the top every second constant) modeling opportunities for everything from print to online to social media being in the top 50, even if her stay ends up being brief, is a pretty remarkable achievement. I mean, this is a world where we watch TV shows about models being models- something that on the surface seems about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Anyway, my point is that Gigi is everywhere right now, so much so that if I have to read another article about how she was a star of Baby Guess commercials before she was three I might puke. Oh wait- whoops, I just wrote myself into a corner on that one, didn’t I? Moving on, moving on… I guess what I’m saying is that I dare you to go through a day of your normal media consumption without seeing, reading or hearing mention of her. But are there any photos out there of this “It” girl that she wishes you never saw or won’t see. You bet there are and here are 15 of them.


15 Bad Blood Video

I don’t want to cause a ruckus with T-Swift; the lady has talent to spare and is on top of the world. Plus, she might write a nasty song about me- she’s pretty good at that whole “vengeance is mine” gig. But honestly, the lyrics for” Bad Blood” are so awful I’m surprised no one sacked up and told her that maybe she needed to find some new ones. I mean, c’mon, writing lines about a relationship gone bad that include such drivel as “Baby did you have to ruin what was shiny” aren’t gonna get you a Pulitzer anytime soon. The reason I bring this up is because poor Gigi had to star in the equally awful video. When I say “Star” I mean she had one two-second scene where she was introduced as some kind of assassin named “Slay-Z.” What Slay-Z does we’ll never know since we never really saw her again in the video. I hope Gigi is just a tiny bit embarrassed she had any role in this whole debacle.

14 PDA With Kendall


The best part about this little candid I’m sure Gigi would like to forget about is her reaction to bestie Kendall Jenner’s manufactured little “I love you so Gigi” pose for the paparazzi. I mean those Jenner-Kardashians are everywhere and more keep popping up like cockroaches; it wouldn’t do to be seen publicly not absolutely loving their attention. But it sure seems like Gigi isn’t here. In fact she seems to be kind of horrified at Kendall’s antics or amused in a really unhappy way. As in the “I’m just gonna have to grin and bear it kind of way.” We all have friends who embarrass us and behave inappropriately at inappropriate times. Hell, all of my friends are like that. But my friends aren’t part of Hollywood’s ruling family who could probably make or break me at any moment they chose. Sorry you have to be reminded of this by us, Gigi.

13 Not Marilyn

You can just tell Gigi wasn’t feeling it for this shoot. As Catherine Tate used to say, “Look at my face- am I bothered?” Gigi sure seems to be. Maybe that’s because she knows what a crock her whole look actually is here. First of all, even I know the lipstick doesn’t go with the halter top- not at all! Second, what in the hell did they do to her with that weird Marilyn Monroe wig? If that’s her real hair then Gigi’s in trouble ‘cause more fashion designers will want to do awful things to it. But it can’t possibly be for the simple fact that it doesn’t even look like anyone bothered to put it on her head correctly. It looks more like somebody said at the last minute “Just throw a wig on her, nobody will notice.” Well, we did. And don’t even get me started on the whole Cirque Du Soleil eye makeup- what the hell is that all about?

12 Watch Out For RiRi


I’m willing to bet that when Rihanna approached Gigi about modeling for her at RiRi’s fashion show Gigi was like “OMG! No way! I would love, love, love to walk the runway with you!” Then when RiRi got her hands on her the night of the show, we got this nightmare result. Ummm, RiRi? Isn’t the point of a fashion show to make people want to buy your line of clothing? Maybe you didn’t get the memo on that one. Then again, half the fashion industry at least half the time puts out monstrosities like this one. Gigi looks like she was found in a cryogenic deep freeze next to Walt Disney and Ted Williams and then told to go Cosplay an urban medieval vampire. Not a good look, Gigi, not a good look at all. I bet you started wondering how you could suddenly develop a bad cold when they began dressing you in this.

11 Anybody Home?

Please don’t shoot the messenger Gigi but you might have wanted to rethink this shoot. It’s not that you’re not hot - you clearly are - but, well, umm, how do I say this? You look kind of “vacant” here, Gigi. Like the lights are on but nobody’s home. Like you’re not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Even like a deer caught in the headlights a little bit. Since Gigi is smart enough to have turned herself into a supermodel in just a few short years and also smart enough to have majored in Criminal Justice in college, I’m going to assume that maybe the camera just caught her right after she woke up from a full-on, under the covers nap. Or maybe she was kidnapped and drugged by agents of Elle or Maybelline for this photo shoot. Whatever the case, this is not a good look. The “dumber than a box of rocks” look never is.

10 You Go Girl!


I don’t even want to give this next guy the time of day, let alone more press in a major website like The Richest but the fact of the matter is, he instigated an incident that I’m sure Gigi wishes there were no photos of. Or that it ever happened. Vitalii Sediuk is some kind of idiotic “Celebrity Prankster,” whatever the hell that is. If you ask me he behaves more like a stalker than a guy doing any kind of performance “art” or trying to make a statement. Last Fall he decided it would be funny to sneak up behind Gigi at Milan Fashion Week and pick her up. Gigi decided it would be a good thing to elbow him in the face. Hard. Which she did. I say Bravo Gigi! Women should never be subjected to the feeling that they are in danger from just walking down the street. Although I’m sure Gigi would want us all to forget about this incident I think we should applaud her for doing the strong and right thing.

9 Cody Simpson, Part One

Whenever a celebrity breaks up with another celebrity it’s gonna be big news. That’s just the way the world turns. But do the celebs themselves want or need to be reminded about that relationship moving forward, especially if they jump right into a new relationship shortly thereafter, as is the case with our gal Gigi? Nah, they probably hate having to see and hear about their ex all over the press. I mean, most of us little people can’t stand seeing pics of our exes nor talking about our breakups- can you imagine having to do it in a public forum? So I’m pretty sure Gigi doesn’t want us seeing all of her lovey-dovey pics with Cody Simpson, her ever soulful singing ex. We’re just very publicly reminding her of a time that ended and a life that isn’t. Sorry Gigi, but you know you’re the star; we just can’t help ourselves.


8 Gigi, Zayn, And Their Beans


Even more fun when it comes to celebrity romances is the whole “Are they back together or still apart” game the people, press and paparazzi play. Soon after splitting with Cody, Gigi got involved with Zayn Malik, the ex-One Direction dude. They were hot and heavy enough that she was even in one of his music videos (Gigi- stop starring in videos; they’re bad for you). Supposedly, Gigi and Zayn are currently together- she even shared an Instagram of a customized can of Heinz baked beans with their names on it. Apparently Zayn likes to cook and Gigi likes to eat baked beans- who knew! It must be a match made in heaven! That is, until they break up for the tenth time in six months later this year. Then Gigi will wish none of us had ever seen her being so ridiculous with Zayn. While we’re at it, can I just go on record as saying “Zigi” is not an acceptable moniker for these two. Oh, and beans, Gigi? Really???

7 Chowing Down

OK, OK, before I get any grief for body shaming with this pic, let me say that I personally don’t care what Gigi eats. If she wants to chow down on something that looks suspiciously like a greasy burger then by all means she should. You won’t find me trolling her for eating too much or not enough or eating unhealthy foods or not being a Vegan or whatever. She has every right to behave like a normal person. All that being said, Gigi Hadid has a certain carefully crafted public image she has come up with- that of the cosmopolitan supermodel. Scarfing down a Reuben from Al’s Deli or a Wendy’s Triple Bacon burger doesn’t really fit that image, does it. I mean, c’mon, she’s sitting in a car eating it, not endorsing it publicly. Who knows, maybe Gigi doesn’t have a clue paparazzi are taking pictures of her during her lunch break. All I’m saying is that she might not want drive-through pics like this all over the place.

6 Cody Simpson, Part Two


Well, I just couldn’t resist it. I had to come back around on the whole Gigi-Cody Simpson thing and have a little fun with it. According to Cody, he and Gigi still talk occasionally and he wishes her all the best, she’s great, she deserves everything she’s gotten and blah, blah, blah. What I actually want to know is, what was she thinking with this guy? Do you see these hats he’s wearing? Someday Gigi may look back fondly on her fling with Cody when they were both young and beautiful. But I doubt she’s gonna want to see these pics of him in the dorkiest hat-wearing pics ever snapped. I mean, this is not a one-time thing and then he realized he shouldn’t wear hats like that. The guy wears them all the time. Do you think Gigi wants people to remember she dated such a bozo? I don’t.

5 Wild Animal In Her Hair?

Part of the deal when you’re a supermodel is that you have to play dress up the way the fashion designers and photographers want you to. There’s just no way around it- you’re not the one designing the clothes or picking the locations. You’re the one who has to smile (or pout) and look sultry (or silly). A case in point would be this pic of Gigi here. I can get completely onboard (and overboard) with Gigi’s pics in the last two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. Who couldn’t? But this??? It looks like a family of mice took up residence in her hair. Or maybe it looks like Gigi herself is some kind of weird, upswept-hair creature from another dimension. It’s actually beyond weird, this picture. It’s gone past that and straight into unsettling, creepy even. The blue eyeliner and eyeshadow combined with the bright red lips spell F-R-E-A-K to me. Add in the fact that she kind of looks like a scary Drew Barrymore/Jodie Foster mashup here and we’ve got a winner.

4 This Is Fashion?


If you thought the last pic was weird, check out the one on the right here. Whoa girl- what the hell were you thinking? I mean, the pic on the left is totally smokin’ hot in a “I’m just chilling on a Sunday morning in my man’s sweater” kind of way. Nobody would ever kick her out of bed for eating crackers. The picture on the right makes my head hurt- I hope it made Gigi’s head hurt too. I hope she wasn’t just like “OK, do whatever you want to do to make me look like a reject from Fantasy Island.” Gigi is a smart lady, I’m sure, and she knows how the industry works. Sometimes she has to dress like this to pay the bills. But I bet she would really rather we all forget about that picture on the right and focus on how hot she is on the left. I know I will.

3 Attack Of The Clones

As I’ve mentioned before (like one entry ago guys- c’mon, pay attention!) the fashion world is a weird world. It’s especially weird when you start adding more than one model on the catwalk at a time. That’s when designers really start to try to outdo one another. Here’s Exhibit A to that effect. Meet the brand new, all-improved Gigi and BFF Kendall clones. There’s no need for them to look hot or have their hair done expertly or even apply makeup the way most normal women do. Nah, that would be too easy! Instead, let’s have them look like rejects from a Queen Amidala look-alike competition. Or maybe they’re supposed to be little, exotic birds… Whatever the case may be, Gigi (or Kendall for that matter) doesn’t look very happy. I know they’ve got their “game faces” on but it seems to me that at least some small part of Gigi is just embarrassed stiff by this get-up and hoping no one will snap a pic. Sorry Gigi!

2 Social Media Queen


I don’t want to hate too much on starlets who use Instagram, Facebook and whatever else suits their fancy to sell themselves and any products they can endorse via social media. First of all, to each their own- if somebody wants to buy what you’re selling (even if you’re selling yourself) then sell away! Second, it’s not like I don’t make a large part of my own income writing about stars selling themselves for whatever they’re worth. So I can’t be too much of a hypocrite here. But I do wonder if Gigi thinks about what all of these Instagram pics are gonna look like someday years from now. Will she be embarrassed that she spent a significant portion of her twenties making pouty lips at the camera without even being on the runway? Will she wish she had taken more artsy, meaningful, or even “authentic” pictures than all of these candids and selfies of just how darn hot she is? I hope so, for her sake. I would hate to feel like I wasted years of my life kissing the camera and scrunching up my lips every time one came in view...

1 Surprise!

Well, you made it this far. Congratulations! I knew you had it in you. After all, it’s tough to take a look through a bunch of pictures of a really (really) hot supermodel and know that hardly any of those pictures will be of her actually being hot. But you stuck to it through thick and thin. So like I said, you made it this far and I think you deserve some sort of reward, something to make it all worthwhile. So here you have it, Gentle Reader, a pic of Gigi Hadid during an SI Swimsuit Edition photo shoot. She really is damn hot, isn’t she? Of course she is. And now you can forget all the silliness of the first fourteen entries and focus on what’s really important; a supermodel on the beach, in a bikini, doing what supermodels do best- look hot as hell. You’re welcome.

Sources: Vogue

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