15 Photos Georges St-Pierre Wants Us To Unsee

St-Pierre’s recent return to the octagon was something out of a movie. Gone for nearly four years, Georges re-entered the mix not only going for another championship, but moving up a weight class. Nobody knew what to expect from the fighter in his return to the octagon.

During the first round, fans were baffled at the fact that Georges still had it. Though, with so much additional muscle, he slowed down in the second round and fans began to worry a little bit that his conditioning suffered during his hiatus. Then, in the third round, a thunderous punch knocked Bisping to the ground, and he closed the fight on the floor via chokehold submission. Standing up and putting his hands in the air with blood gushing out of his head, it was like a scene in a movie.

With another three fights on his contract, we get to see the legend in the octagon once again in the near future. Although this past week was memorable, he’s also got a slew of forgettable moments. From being bullied as a youth, to devastating losses, to being caught with some females out in public, these are 15 images Georges St-Pierre wants us to unsee. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s begin!

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15 His Childhood Days

Nowadays, he’s one of the most popular and beloved fighters in the world, however back when this throwback picture was taken during his youth, things weren’t exactly the same. As a youngster, George admitted that during his tough upbringing at school, he frequently got his clothes stolen, along with his money. It was not an easy time for Georges. Joining a hockey team and taking part in Karate at the age of seven, Georges used both activities as a tool to escape the realities of his tough life getting bullied.

During the buildup to his recent fight against Michael Bisping, GSP explained that he underwent his fair share of bullying when he was young. St-Pierre took things a step further in comparing Michael to his childhood bullies, which only fueled his desires to win the match this past Saturday.

14 Living It Up In Miami

So first off, you guys are probably wondering who that mystery girl is in the photo, well we’ll get to that a little later in the article. After years and years of being gone from the octagon, both sides were finally able to come up with a deal and in the early stages of 2017, when it was finally announced that GSP was returning to the octagon. Not only did GSP admit he needed to return but with lesser known names in the UFC at the moment, Dana also desperately needed something, and a GSP return was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Before his signing (in the summer of 2016), one would think that GSP instantly locked himself up in a gym. However, that was not the case. St-Pierre was sniped by paparazzi partying it up in Miami, whether it be on the beach or in the clubs. But hey, as you can see in the picture, it wasn’t all about pleasure as his boxing gloves were still visible.

13 Casino Hand Holding

A part of St-Pierre’s life that remains a mystery is his personal romantic love life. At the age of 36, there’s still no signs of Georges being romantically linked to any female. We’ve seen him with numerous chicks in the past in what appeared to be intimate moments, however nothing would ever come from it. Living such a hectic life and devoting his life to MMA, maybe a partner just doesn’t fit St-Pierre’s schedule because like seriously, who wouldn’t want to date the most humble man on the planet?

It seems like the mystery girl from the picture above wanted to be Mrs. St-Pierre as she holds on to the UFC fighter while he enjoys a little bit of a gambling time in the Montreal area. To his credit, Georges doesn’t live the life of a hermit and he’s usually out and about. However, he likely doesn’t want us to see such photos because they do breach his privacy to a degree.

12 An Intimate Moment With The Boys

This picture is certainly a peculiar one, although it is a picture most dudes can agree took place during a certain point of their own lives. Just take a second and reminisce on one of your clubbing nights in which you consumed a little too much alcohol. The night probably went as such; you started off low-key, began pounding drinks, started getting wild and then, hit the moment you see in the picture above, the “I love you guys so much” moment. It’s inevitable, even for a darn UFC fighter!

We hate to admit it, but alcohol brings out those moments from time to time. But not to worry, as it looks like GSP suffers from the same situation as you see in the photo above. Admit it, you feel a little better “bro-ing out”.

11 Taking A Shot With The Enemy

Unlike other fighters that let the bad blood against opponents spill out into the real world, GSP loves to keep things classy before fights and especially after fights, always taking his victories gracefully. Heck, as a classic Canadian, GSP must've apologized at least seven times during his post-fight victory; “sorry” is just instilled in the dude’s vocabulary.

In the picture you see above, GSP enjoys a shooter with the enemy, Jake Shields. That just goes to show the kind of guy St-Pierre is. As if that wasn’t enough, St-Pierre invited Jake Shields to his Tristar Camp in Montreal just ahead of the fight. It takes a big man to invite a former opponent to such a close-knit camp. St-Pierre added Shields in the mix in order to enhance his wrestling and grappling game. It’s safe to say, he wanted to cover all his bases ahead of the fight.

10 Bottle Shots For Everyone

UFC fighters love to party and heck, they have reason to. Putting in days and days of hard work inside of the gym, after a fight, all a dude wants to do is just loosen up and celebrate all the hard work he put going into a fight, win or lose. GSP is no exception as he has a slew of party pictures available online. During his prime UFC days, he was also a club regular, spotted quite frequently by the Montreal masses. To his credit, he wasn’t shying away from having a good time and this picture is one of the many examples of that as you’ll see on this list.

St-Pierre is familiar with the club setting; before entering the world of MMA full-time, George worked as a bouncer for a Montreal nightclub called Fuzzy Brossard. Along with working in the clubs, GSP also took on a job as a garbage man to pay the bills. Safe to say that those days are behind him for good.

9 Weird Sponsorship Deals

Making up to $12 million during his peak run with the UFC, GSP was living the life. Nowadays, it’s estimated that the legendary fighter is worth roughly $25 million. Although his lengthy relationship with the UFC and numerous fights has a lot to do with that number, it isn’t his only source of income. Like numerous others in the past, St-Pierre has added to his impressive empire by working numerous endorsement deals with several companies. One of them however, was rather peculiar and one he might want us to forget about.

When it comes to athletes, they seem to all have that one endorsement deal they regret. For Georges, his commercial with Nos energy drink is something he’ll surely want to leave in the past. The commercial was tacky and downright awkward. Unless Red Bull comes calling, his energy drink endorsement deals are probably done with.

8 The Captain America Cameo

Leaving the UFC in 2013, perhaps Georges thought that he could have broke into the entertainment business and made some serious coin. While away from the UFC, St-Pierre brought his talents to the big screen. Unfortunately for him, many fans hardly remember he ever took part in a film, never mind it being in a pretty significant film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film was released in 2014 with St-Pierre taking on the role of Georges Batroc (The Leaper). He would continue his film career in 2016 in the movie Kickboxer: Vengeance. Others in the film included WWE Superstar Dave Batista, Gina Carano and of course, Jean-Claude Van Damme. GSP took on the role of Kavi during the film.

We can all agree, his talents are better served inside of the octagon, although he can always revisit that avenue once he calls it a career for good.

7 Pool Party Fun

As we stated in this article, St-Pierre isn’t shy when it comes to going out and having some fun. To his credit, although he’s surrounded by a flock of women inside of the pool, at least he’s fueling himself properly and that’s with a nice bottle of Fiji water. Well done Georges, well done.

The picture really isn’t entirely bad, though when it comes to sending a message to the youth, it isn’t the first picture you’d want to show a young fan of GSP, especially with those droopy eyes (yeah, we praised him for fueling with water but maybe that’s because he had one too many shooters). The guy is single and deserves to have a good time, however showing a young fan such a photo isn’t the best idea, making it a picture Georges himself likely wants us to unsee.

6 His First UFC Loss

Although he’s regarded as one of the best to ever step foot inside the octagon, St-Pierre has suffered some heartbreak in the past which blemished his record. Starting off on fire, St-Pierre won his first seven fights in a row with only one coming in the form of decision. With all the momentum in the world as a big time up-and-comer, GSP’s run was halted early on, losing to Matt Hughes, a loss fans tend to forget about.

The loss came in the first round back in 2004. It would be the only time in his career that Georges would be forced to tap out via armbar. The defeat could have been detrimental, however all he would do next is go on another six fight win streak, while also avenging his lost to Matt Hughes (defeating his rival via TKO in the second round).

5 Losing To Matt Sera

Following his victory over Matt Hughes, GSP appeared to be untouchable with a record of 13 and 1, along with becoming the Welterweight Champion of the world. His next opponent was set to be Matt Serra; most UFC pundits expected this fight to be a walk in the park but as we saw just this past week, you can never predict the madness that goes on inside of the octagon.

In one of his most memorable fights ever, Serra shocked the world beating GSP via TKO, giving St-Pierre his second and final loss to date, which took place in April of 2007.

Once again following the defeat, Georges would avenge his victory, beating Serra in dominant fashion via TKO. He never looked back following the loss, winning every fight to date.

4 The Hendricks Fight

He wouldn’t lose a single fight following his defeat to Matt Serra, however his bout against Johny Hendricks came with quite the controversy. George would tear up the UFC following his loss to Sera, going on an insane 11 fight win streak, till he met Hendricks.

In one of the most controversial judge’s decision you’ll ever see, St-Pierre was awarded the victory despite the fact that he was heavily outclassed on the night. Following the bout, George was battered and bruised while Johny, looked like he was untouched. The decision ultimately led to St-Pierre stepping away from the sport. He wouldn’t fight till four years later, moving up from his prior weight class and defeating Michael Bisping for the Middleweight Championship. His comeback story was truly a remarkable one, but he’ll want us to forget about the fight that caused him to step out of the octagon for quite some time.

3 The Sponsorship Fiasco

With Reebok becoming the only sponsor for UFC apparel, this was yet another hurdle both Dana and GSP needed to overcome ahead of his new deal with the MMA promotion. GSP was making a huge chunk of cash with Under Armour, making the transition to Reebok a tough one. Many believed that the business side of things could have potentially prohibited GSP’s return to the octagon.

Thankfully, the issue was resolved in February of 2017, as GSP resigned with the company under the conditions to wear the Reebok apparel. Of course, being all about class and one of the humblest fighters and humans ever, St-Pierre will want us to forget about this petty disagreement with Dana and the UFC. All that really matters is that not only is he back, but he’s got another three fights lined up with the company.

2 More Pool Party Fun

Yup, it was only right that we included another GSP party picture. One thing we know for sure is that the dude loves to party in the outdoors, once again rocking the bathing suit and going shirtless. Hell, if we all looked like that, we wouldn’t be opposed to a pool party also.

St-Pierre once again is all smiles. Seriously speaking, finding a picture of Georges not smiling is nearly impossible. The guy is a class act and one of the nicest athletes who rarely turns down a photo. Without a doubt, he’s a model human being, and a dude you wouldn’t mind looking up to. He’s humble and talks the talk, something you really don’t see all that much nowadays.

Though with all that good being said, he likely wishes we would all unseen this photo.

1 The Miami Gal Pal

Oh, the irony! St-Pierre was caught partying hard back in 2013 when he decided to leave the UFC. In 2016, before his return, St-Pierre went back to Miami during his free agency fiasco, this time with a different mindset returning to the octagon shortly after and also, being spotted with the female you see in the picture above.

Speculation ran rampant as the mystery woman was not unveiled. Many questioned the trip and his attorney made the simple claim that he was enjoying his good fortunes while still retired. Though, St-Pierre might have known a little more, as not only were his boxing gloves spotted on the beach, but he would also ink a deal with UFC just a couple of months later in February of 2017. As for the mystery chick, nothing came of the situation and in all likelihood, he’s still a single bachelor.

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