15 Photos Erin Andrews Doesn't Want Us To Check Out

With fame, even crime can have a silver lining, but the awkwardness surrounding Erin doesn't end there

The face of sports broadcasting has changed a lot in the last decade, and it's gotten much prettier. Women who used to merely grace the sidelines for brief reports during a football game are now anchoring sports talk shows, and even calling the games live on air. The successful career of Erin Andrews, is one reason why women's presence in sports media has only increased.

Erin took the sporting world by storm. Her beautiful appearance and knowledgeable commentary quickly gave rise to promotion after promotion. She soon appeared in locker rooms of winning teams, and gave lengthy interviews. She even transitioned her career into the entertainment realm, and landed a lucrative hosting gig on Dancing With The Stars, which has just begun its 25th season.

But Erin is no stranger to controversy. One of the scandals that rocked her career was the peeping-tom hotel stalker case, and the lengthy court battle that followed. However sick and intrusive the crime was, the publicity around the incident made Erin more popular than ever. With fame, even crime can have a silver lining, but the awkwardness surrounding Erin doesn't end there... Here are 15 photos that the pretty blonde broadcaster doesn't want you to see.

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15 Young Ambition

This is what Erin looked like when she started her career. Nobody likes seeing old photos of themselves, so she's probably not too thrilled about this shot. Plus her hair is a little out of date. The clothes are a little dated too. The look on her face seems like she's not quite sure what she's doing. One thing the photo does have going for it is that wonderful figure. No wonder she rose on the ladder of fame so quickly. This shot may also dispel some chest augmentation rumors. Some said that she had a b**b job done after a brief lull in her career. This photo is proof that Erin has always had that banging bod, and those 36Cs which, along with her broad grin, have always been one of her trademarks.

14 Bikini Ready

Here's a more recent shot of Erin relaxing at the beach. But how much can you really relax when there are paparazzi cameras pointed at you? Maybe that's why Erin wouldn't want you to see this image. Girls are always kind of nuts about getting their picture taken, especially in this day and age of the selfie. They want to make sure their hair looks good, and the camera has the best side of their face. Plus they want to suck in their gut and angle their neck to hide any chin fat. Guys do this stuff too, and it's silly. Not that Erin has to worry about any insecurities, since she looks fabulous. Her red top doesn't match the black bottoms, but that was probably done on purpose.

13 A Kneeling Moment

Sometimes we pride ourselves in finding the most awkward photos around. It's even better when said awkward photo also has some intimate implications. Take this shot for example. If you didn't know any better, it would appear that this dude has his member hanging out and Erin is about to catch something in her mouth. Maybe she can sense that a certain something is coming her way and that she better close her eyes, so they don't sting later, or get glued shut. Oh, come on you guys, get your mind out of the gutter for a moment, would you? We actually do happen to know better, and we know what has been cropped out from this picture. In truth Erin is bending down to greet a cute little puppy. Isn't that sweet? Well, actually we like the dirty explanation a little better. Dogs are pretty cool though, so we can't blame her for gushing over the pup.

12 The Fiery Sister

Do you know anybody who has multiple sisters in the family? If you do, then you surely know that such a situation can go one of two ways; either they hate each other's guts or love each other too much. Things mellow out with age, but in those formative years, sisters display one extreme or the other. For the purpose of this article, we are going to guess that Erin hates little sis, Kendra, and despises the fact that we even mentioned her. And Kendra probably hates Erin too. She hates her because Erin is a household name, and Kendra is a nobody. Kendra is an actress who has a pretty decent resume on IMDb. But had you ever heard of her before reading this? No. If Kendra was a lawyer, or chef or something, it would be less torturous. But there she is, also in the entertainment biz, freezing in the shadow of Erin. There's always sisterly love deep down, but there's gotta be some animosity and jealousy too.

11 Horrific Interview

Why is the post game interview a thing? Why does it exist? Honestly, does it need to happen? Okay, maybe you can go ahead and interview baseball players. They're pretty laid back. Or how about golfers? They could pass too. Coaches are also an option. But why do you have to interview an athlete that is out of breath from bashing his head in for three hours? Do you truly think he'll give original and insightful answers? They even interview boxers who are barely conscious and cannot think, or swimmers who are too out of breath to speak. The questions are boring too. Nothing is ever accomplished. But if you wait long enough, you'll find an exception. Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman gave Erin a little too much of a response, and she wasn't quite ready to handle it. The internet immediately lit up with memes comparing Erin to Sigourney Weaver in Alien.

10 From Behind

Seems like Erin finds herself in awkward positions quite often on our list. Here she is competing as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, long before she got her co-host gig. Erin seems like she was getting into character for this one. She may even be yelling, "Oh yeah," or something along those lines. Of course, any able bodied man will take one look at this shot and immediately equate it to a certain mating position. What's even more oddly attractive is how fake her expression seems. So she is not only acting like she is in an intimate position, but she is also acting fake, which makes it seem like she is an "adult star" in an intimate position. Erin landed in third place when she competed on the dance show, and the gig later led to a host job, after Brooke Burke left the show.

9 Open Wide

Nobody wants a picture taken of them in the act of eating. Especially when your tongue is sticking out and you're caught in an unflattering light. Erin does stick her tongue out quite a bit, but it usually isn't this suggestive. She usually does more of a Miley-style silly tongue thing. She does appear quite comfortable on the sidelines. She has said that the sports world is her happy place, and that her sideline crew helps her survive many different personal struggles. Last season, Erin was even diagnosed with cervical cancer. Believe it or not, the journalist didn't miss one football game for FOX. She said that the doctors weren't happy about her standing for three hours, but Erin did what made her feel best, which is being part of the action.

8 What An Attitude

We're pretty sure Erin did not know she was part of the shot in this scene. This is during Erin's hosting gig on Dancing with the Stars. A proposal was made, and the seasoned journalist must have assumed that the cameras would zoom in on the happy couples' faces and not her own. Well, the camera man panned out a little bit, and Erin was seen rudely rolling her eyes and gasping as if this was the most torturous thing she had ever witnessed. Erin has been called arrogant and obnoxious, but she should be way kinder, especially considering that she was recently married herself. The sportscaster wed Los Angeles Kings forward Jarret Stoll this past June. The retired hockey player is no stranger to controversy either. Two years before their wedding, the athlete was busted with a handful of cocaine and ecstasy pills. Not sure what the dude was doing with all that nonsense in Vegas with Erin nowhere in sight, but it seems the couple worked through it.

7 Those Abs

Alright, so this one is a pretty flattering pic. Erin is rocking some very hard abs. Wow. She was working out for hours to get to this, which is proof of her hard work ethic and drive to be the best. However, if you're a "serious journalist", isn't this a little bit too revealing? You would never see Pam Oliver out there, showing this much. Katie Couric never posed for Hefner back in the day. And the details of the photo are pretty tacky. What is she doing holding a lollipop? The frilly bottoms, and stripes on the thigh-high socks are inviting dudes to stare at her lower region. And since when does she wear glasses? Is that supposed to make her look intelligent? Not quite sure about that. Maybe not the best idea from a journalistic integrity point of view, but we are not complaining here.

6 Ready For Bed

Here is another pic taken from the Dancing with the Stars show. Pretty suggestive, right? Who did the choreography for this one? Madonna? Have you guys actually watched this show? Most dudes would usually say, "Oh, hell no." But if you do tune in, you'll see the program is dripping with innuendo, and the skimpiest outfits you've ever seen. There is no way most dudes would ever consider watching such garbage, but there really is stuff there that guys like. Those shows are awful. They're like the show tune concerts that kids do in high school choirs. The songs are all sappy and poorly sung, with lousy band accompaniment, but women love it. And dudes will go too, because they get to see breasts. It's amazing how the simple things still satisfy.

5 Ganged Up On

Erin is used to working closely with dudes. She knows their sweaty post-game interviews and dumb comments. But this image is a little much, right? How many dudes can she possibly take on at once? She seems to be liking it so far though. She is tall, which helps her get around among big dudes. Erin stands at 5 foot 10, and is even taller with heels. But would she be happy with how she is represented in this pic? Probably not. And what would her dad think? Steve Andrews has won six Emmy awards, as a journalist for an NBC News station in Florida. He basically groomed her and paved the way for he career in journalism. Her attractive appearance didn't hurt during the job interview, but Steve had her knowledge all prepared. And now she is grinding on stage, on TV, like a bachelorette at a Chippendales show. Making daddy proud.

4 More Than A Handful

There is a big smile on this dude's face, and we can see why. Not sure if this was an accident or a purposeful grab, but the kid got a handful, and there's no doubt about that. Sadly, Erin is no stranger to being mistreated by men. Dudes are constantly getting drunk and catcalling her from the stands. She is the source of fantasy for millions of sports fans. Fifty Cent even gave her a very unwelcome kiss during an interview, and Erin's expression let it be known that the kiss was not appreciated. But that's only the beginning. Back in 2011, Erin was on a plane and discovered a top ESPN executive, Keith Clinkscale, m*sturb*ting in his first class seat, right next to hers. Here's the quote, according to Deadspin, "At some point during the trip, Andrews saw Clinkscales m*sturbating in his seat, beneath his iPad. When he realized he had been caught Clinkscales panicked and muttered, 'You know, I'm one of your bosses.'" Wow. And you thought the last person who sat next to you on a flight was awkward.

3 College Years

We're pretty sure Erin is rooting for Florida. That's where she grew up. Plus, as you can see in the picture above, Erin used to cheer for the Gators. The Florida cheerleading and dance team is called the Dazzlers, and that's just what they do to all the fans in the crowd. There is also footage of Erin dancing at half court, wearing a tight little bright orange top, shaking her hips, and grinning from ear to ear. She was also a sorority sister at Florida and belonged to the Zeta Tau Alpha chapter. There are photos online of her bonding with her sisters while doing sideline work as a broadcaster. She can be seen talking with college girls and doing their secret handshakes. This may paint Erin as a ditsy blonde coed, but it also serves her reputation as a life-long sports fan. Although cheerleaders can be bubbly, they are quite dedicated, and root on their team, attending every game, rain or shine.

2 The Court Case

So here is the dirty dude, Michael David Barrett, and the Nashville hotel where the infamous peeping scandal took place. Had you heard of Erin before the publicity occurred? Thousands of fans had, but millions of fans had not. She has been questioned over and over again by ESPN, and just about everybody else, about whether or not the scandal benefited her career. Erin stands firm on her stance though, and insists that the whole ordeal was torture from hell. "Everybody thought it [the video] was a publicity stunt," she said. She added "To Fox News and CBS, everybody put up that I was doing it for publicity and attention, and that ripped me apart." Erin also says that every time she walks into a hotel room she still has that paranoid feeling that someone may be watching her, which is an awful sensation, especially since her career constantly places her in hotels. She sued for $75M, won the $55M case, and was awarded over $27M from Marriott Hotels alone. Barrett still owes the remaining $28M balance.

1 The Infamous Leak

Well, we've talked so much about it, that we had to show a little something. We didn't use the uncensored photos, of course, because that would be wrong on so many levels. However, we do have the front page of the New York Post, who initially reported the story. Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison, after pleading guilty to his crime. The insurance salesman from Illinois, checked into the room next door, altered the peep hole in her door with a hacksaw, listened for her shower water to end, and then filmed Erin for four minutes with his cellphone. Then he tried to sell the video to TMZ, who reported the creep to the police. Not in time though, as he downloaded the footage and it went viral. This all happened back in 2008, but it's still news. Barrett is out of jail now and can't afford a thing. The 55 year old lives in his dad's basement, and admits that making the video was so stupid. Last June, Erin, 39, was interviewed (again) about the crime, on Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, for NBC. Erin said she is still sickened by the act, and will never forgive him.

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