15 Photos Emma Stone Doesn't Want You To See

It’s hard to find fault with Oscar nominated actress, Emma Stone. She’s the witty girl-next-door with a heart of gold. She’s beautiful, but better known for her charm and charisma. She’s kind, thought

It’s hard to find fault with Oscar nominated actress, Emma Stone. She’s the witty girl-next-door with a heart of gold. She’s beautiful, but better known for her charm and charisma. She’s kind, thoughtful, complimentary, and humble. This is to say: she’s not your typical Hollywood starlet. You won’t find her stumbling out of nightclubs late at night. And, she’s rarely featured on TMZ because she isn’t about that drama life.

But, don’t think that excludes her from ridiculously timed photographs or moments of candid sexuality. Even Hollywood’s most well-behaved actresses have some skeletons in their closets. She’s not without controversy; although, she should be proud that she is remarkably less contentious than what’s standard. She hasn’t had much in regards to headlining drama, nor has she participated in any over-the-top publicity stunts.

Overall, Emma is a rare commodity, especially in Hollywood. She’s a good person, and oh-so-adorkable in every sense of the word. Who wouldn’t want to date her or be her best friend? She just seems like a pizza in bed kind of girl, or someone who’d rather stay in and play Risk than hit up a bar. Isn’t that why we adore her so much because she’s delightfully different? She’s a breath of fresh air in the City of Angels.

She’s awesome and easy going, but even the adorably dorky have photos they wish had never seen the light of day. These are those photos, and because Emma is such a straight-laced chick, they were hard to find. Overall, this is one actress we can confirm is down to earth.

15 Peek-A-Boo, We See You

There’s no denying Emma is beautiful. She’s classically attractive, like a pinup girl. This photo shows another side of her – one that’s less girl-next-door and more high-fashion beauty model. She walks determinedly, as if the sandy beach is her runway. She is oblivious that her shirt is wet and see-through, or is she?

The photo was shot back in August 2011 for Vanity Fair magazine. It never made it into the photo spread because it’s a bit too racy for a woman’s fashion rag. It’s an outtake photo, but somehow, it found its way onto the Internet, so consider yourself very lucky to be viewing it.

Emma’s made the cover of the magazine’s August issue. The entire spread is high-fashion and shows off her obvious sex appeal. Vanity Fair must have been impressed with her because they invited her back for another cover. For the 2017 Hollywood Issue Cover, she poses alongside Hollywood’s fiercest actresses, including Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong’o.

14 Looking Like She’s About To Punch Julianne Moore

Emma strikes me as an animated person, which is to say she seems bouncy. This is most likely delightful, but also seems like it can be jarring at times. Julianne Moore seems like a laid-back chick, so she’s probably not threatened by Emma’s in-your-face body movements. The picture is hilarious though, and probably not on Emma’s list of fave photos.

This photo was taken at an Oscars after party. Emma lost the coveted award to Julianne, and that’s probably why she’s playfully pretending to punch her in the face. Hey, that’s just Emma’s way. The two women seem close, and have a close friendship. They probably met on the set of Crazy, Stupid, Love, the 2011 film they starred in together.

Other photos show Emma congratulating Julianne on her win, and she seems genuinely happy for her. Julianne won the Oscar, her first, for her role in Still Alice. In the film she plays Alice, a linguistics professor with early-onset Alzheimer’s. It’s about time she won too, so please don’t punch her Emma.

13 From Reality TV To The Partridge Family

Emma doesn’t talk about it much, but she once competed on reality TV to land a role in The New Partridge Family, a made-for-TV movie. At just 15-years-old, she crooned her way into our living rooms. Did we want her there? Not really, but VH1 doesn’t care what we want. VH1 will continue making short-lived, trashy reality competitions until long after we’re dead.

Emma is a decent singer, but no one on the show was particularly memorable. Even a star that shines as bright as Emma’s can be dimmed by harsh overhead lighting and tan-in-a-can. Unfortunately for Emma, she won the talent competition and went on to play Laurie Partridge in The New Partridge Family, which was a terrible remake of the classic program.

She and a few others won, but no one else has had similar success in Hollywood. Emma is one of the world’s highest paid actress. I doubt you could name any of the other winners in the competition. Still, they aren’t the losers… Neither are the people who didn’t land a role on the movie… No, I’m the loser because I watched The New Partridge Family and it was a sh*t-show.

12 Awkward Hug At The Golden Globes

She’s got style and grace, but not all the time. She’s had more than her share of awkward moments, including the time she gave Damien Chazelle (writer/director of La La Land) a hug while he was kissing his girlfriend. The look on his girlfriend’s face says it all, and I’m wagering Emma was 50 shades of red after this encounter.

“In real life, sometimes it’s uncomfortable for me not to go for the joke. I’ve been looking at that in myself lately,” said Emma. “Often, joking for me is a way of diffusing the awkwardness of a situation…” I wonder what jokes she told Chazelle’s girlfriend after that humiliating encounter? Maybe they were able to laugh it off.

Chazelle had just won the Golden Globe for Best Original Screenplay. The film also won Best Picture, and Emma wasn’t left out. She brought home Best Actress while her costar Ryan Gosling took home Best Actor.

11 The Whitewashing Controversy

No one is perfect, including Emma Stone. In 2015, Emma faced a lot of backlash after playing a half-Asian character in the Cameron Crowe flick, Aloha. In case you didn’t already know, Emma is not Asian. She is accused of participating in Hollywood whitewashing, which is the practice of casting white actors in non-white character roles.

“I’ve become the butt of many jokes,” Emma lamented. Although she wasn’t happy about the sudden media scrutiny, she handled the controversy with grace and dignity. She didn’t get defensive; instead, she used the entire controversy as a teaching moment. “I’ve learned on a macro level about the insane history of whitewashing in Hollywood and how prevalent the problem truly is.”

Leave it to Emma to agree with her criticizers and want to be a part of change, rather than just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. “It’s ignited a conversation that’s very important,” she said.

10 That Time Her Seamstress Failed Her

In a moment of hapless misfortune, Emma disregarded the too -high slit in her dress and treated the paparazzi to a shot of her skin-colored underpants. She was adjusting the dress, and just flashed everyone. All of this on her big night too.

Emma was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Birdman. Instead she made headlines because she flashed her beaver. It almost looks like she’s a Barbie doll. The underwear is flesh-toned, and matches her legs too closely. It doesn’t look anatomically correct. She’s not a Barbie guys. She’s just one of the rare women that wear underwear in Hollywood.

A view of lingerie showing is no different than being photographed in a bikini. Emma’s probably embarrassed by this moment, but she shouldn’t be. She should be proud she has dignity and actual wore underwear unlike other celebrities who’ve had similar wardrobe malfunctions and wore none, such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

9 She Dropped Something

Careful Emma, you’re going to lose your good-girl status wearing a shirt like that. Just kidding. The ironic birthday t-shirt kind of makes her look like a try-hard and at her own party no less. At her birthday beach party, Emma made this awkward pose and some awkward wardrobe choices.

She either dropped something or there is a bug crawling up her leg. Either way, this is a weird pose for her. Something tells me she doesn’t like this picture because who would? She is bent backwards, which makes her legs look entirely too skinny and her midriff boyish.

Also, the shirt makes me wonder if she’s a little obnoxious. Is she one of those in-your-face types. “Look! Over here! Look how ironic I am!” I sure hope not, but this shirt screams attention-seeker. I’d like to think this is just a simple mistake because Emma is typically well put together. She’s no trendsetter, but she often dresses well.

8 Flirting With Ryan Gosling

Supposedly, Ryan Gosling’s wife, Eva Mendes, is mad jealous of his relationship with Emma. Maybe it’s due to pictures like this one, where Emma is playfully fixing Gosling’s hair. The two costars are really friendly, but that’s probably because they’ve been friends for so long. They’ve worked on three movies together, so they know each other well.

Hollywood is a gossip factory, so who knows if these rumors are true. Gossip Cop reports that Mendes is not “threatened” by Emma’s friendship with her hubby, but other tabloids claim the opposite. A source told Life & Style, “Eva’s made it clear she wants Emma to stay away from Ryan…She almost called Emma to have it out with her directly but Ryan begged her not to and insisted she has nothing to worry about…Ryan went out drinking with Emma. He seemed excited to get out of the house and have someone to go drinking with.”

I don’t know about you, but Emma doesn’t strike me as the type to break up a family home. Mendes and Gosling have a child together, and I doubt Emma would break that up. Either Mendes needs to take a chill pill, or these rumors are totally false.

7 Looking Like She’s About To Smooch On Tay-Tay

In case you missed it, Emma and Taylor Swift used to be best friends. The two met in 2008 and became fast friends. They also had a lengthy email friendship, and then in 2009 they bonded over ice cream. Because that’s what you do in Hollywood when you’re not a club hopper.

Emma brought Tay-Tay to her Easy A movie premier. The two girls were so eager to show off their friendship on the red carpet. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and they nearly kissed on the lips. Unfortunately, the would-be kiss ended up just a hug, but some paparazzi was good enough to snap this candid shot. Whether Emma likes it or not, it lives in infamy on the web for all to see.

The girls remained friends for seven years, but recently they haven’t been photographed together. Did they have a falling out? Who knows, but the duo definitely aren’t BFFs anymore because they’d have to hang out for that status, right?

6 All About Them Bangs

Can you believe Emma wasn’t always the porcelain-skinned do-gooder we know her to be? Just check out this picture from two-years before she landed a role in Zombieland. She was a fledgling actress, and your typical Hollywood teen: tanned skin, fluffed bags, and chunky gold jewelry. It’s not the best fashion statement, but she’s grown up a lot since then.

Emma shouldn’t feel embarrassed. We all went for that sun-kissed look back in the early 2000s. At least she didn’t overdo it. Yeah, she went a little too far with the chunky gold jewelry, but her cute smile more than makes up for it.

If you’re wondering what Emma was up to before she joined the ranks of Hollywood’s most elite, she worked on a few television series. This included stints on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and FOX’s Malcolm in the Middle. She was a child star, but seems to have fared well despite early fame. She also had roles on Medium and Lucky Louie.

5 Getting A Speeding Ticket

Emma was pulled over for speeding. Does she have a lead foot? It’s possible this is her one flaw. She speeds!

She did her best to talk her way out of the ticket, but the cop wasn’t having any of her excuses. He wrote her the ticket anyway. (Celebs, they get speeding tickets just like us!) The incident took place in Malibu, CA just a few days after her former boyfriend was pulled over for the same reason. And, she was in the car with him.

So, she didn’t learn her lesson watching former beau Andrew Garfield get a ticket for going too fast. Maybe she did learn her lesson after receiving one of her own. At least she didn’t pull a typical Hollywood elitist move and say, “Do you know who I am?” or something equally nauseating.

I find it adorable that Emma speeds. She seems like such a good person, like she would throw it in park to help a turtle cross the road. But, when she’s not being a do-gooder, she’s got her high-heels pressed on the gas pedal and she’s flying through Malibu. Just don’t go too fast, Emma. The movies need your delightfully quirky characters.

4 Invisible Monsters

What is happening in this photo? She’s either witnessed something incredibly nasty to the point that she’s horrified, or she’s been stung by a bee. Maybe she can see things the rest of us can’t… Doesn’t Emma have the 6th sense, and if so what exactly are the ghosts up to?

This is one of those pictures that a paparazzi is lucky to catch. It’s embarrassing to Emma, but pretty funny for the rest of us. There’s a lot going on here. She’s running from something. Neither of her feet is firmly touching the ground, and her arms have her looking like Scooby Doo’s Daphne is running from the Cheese Monster. Just making that reference makes me feel old, but I’ll never stop loving Scooby Doo.

I have to say I love this look. She looks like a flight attendant from the 1960s. The bouncy curls, animal print shades, and yellow purse help sell the whole flight attendant thing. If she ever decides to quit acting, she definitely has a future with American Airlines.

3 Slenderman Hair

Emma’s hair is caught in the wind. It took me a minute to figure out what exactly I was reminded of; then, it dawned on me. Her hair looks possessed by Slenderman’s squid-like waving arms.

Imagine being Emma in this situation. Your hair and makeup are perfect. Your dress is beautiful, black lace and satin. You go outside to have your picture taken and this happens. If Emma is embarrassed of this picture, she shouldn’t be. It could help her land a role in an upcoming Tim Burton movie.

Emma has a good sense of humor. She knows she’s not like other actresses in Hollywood. She’s one-of-a-kind, and it’s good that she embraces that. “What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden, and it’s not.” She said. “And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great. So, I kind of sound like I live in a van down by the river right now.” The girl makes Chris Farley references. She’s awesome.

2 Black Swan

Like the actual black swan, this dress is a train wreck. It’s unshapely and hideous. It’s all wrong, especially for Emma who looks great in most everything. The dress engulfs her body. It makes her look barrel chested, and gives her a rectangular mid-section. It’s literally hanging from her svelte frame because the skirt is too heavy. It seems to be pulling the whole thing down, and not in a good way.

You can’t really blame famously down-to-earth Emma. Just look at the smirk on her face. This is one actress who really does not give a f**k. When asked what makes her feel beautiful, Emma famous replied: “I’m into grilled cheese. Grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful.” Okay then…

Anyway, poor fashion choices aren’t always the fault of actresses. Sometimes, it’s their stylists who put them into unflattering outfits. In this case, Emma should have taken one look in the mirror and flat-out told her stylist no. Hell no.

1 Getting Her Toes Did

Who wants their picture taken while they’re getting a pedicure? Not me. Judging by the pissed off look on Emma’s face, she doesn’t want it either. Paparazzi are pretty invasive, and they’ll hunt down a celeb even to the beauty parlor.

It should be noted that Emma hates the paparazzi. She has confronted them many times for stalking her, and asked repeatedly that they leave her alone. On more than one occasions, she and her then boyfriend Andrew Garfield have held signs in front of their faces. Always the charitable ones, their signs usually included links and references to charitable organizations they support.

When she’s not passing the attention onto more deserving charities, she’s flipping the photographers the bird. She has told them off plenty too. In regards to her run-ins with paparazzi, she told Harper's Bazaar, “There’s probably some rebelliousness that comes out in me…” I think her rebelliousness is my favorite thing about her.

Sources: harpersbazaar

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