15 Photos Emilia Clarke Doesn't Want You To See

Introduced to most film and TV fans when she appeared in the first episode of GoT, Emilia has since become very popular to a lot of people

One of the most popular shows on television, Game of Thrones, has millions of viewers all over the world. Every episode’s release is highly anticipated despite the fact that fans know you can never assume that any specific character will be focused on. As a result of that and the ensemble nature of the show, it is hard to pick out a single actor who could be considered the star. There are a few that are very much in the running, including the likes of Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, and the focus of this list, Emilia Clarke.

Introduced to most film and television fans when she appeared in the first episode of the show, Emilia has since become very popular to a lot of people. Portraying a beloved character in a manner that many people greatly enjoy and being a beautiful woman herself, both play a large part in that. However, a large amount of the attention she has received as herself is important too. We say that because she comes off so likable in pretty much all of her interviews and doesn’t appear to take herself too seriously all the time. That said, no matter how comfortable someone seems to be, we haven’t met a single person in our lives that is incapable of embarrassment, especially over unflattering photos of themselves. It is due to that realization that we decided to put together this list of fifteen photos Emilia Clarke doesn’t want you to see.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion here, it needs to relate to Emilia in an obvious way. As a result, any picture of her was looked at, including those taken on red carpets, sets, photoshoots, or anywhere else she may appear. On top of that, any screengrab of her taken from any of her media appearances, including the movies, shows, or talk shows she was included in could have found their way here. Each image doesn’t necessarily need to have her in it to be included here as long as it seems as though she’d rather people forget it exists. The only other thing to keep in mind is that we could only go off of our instincts and educated guesses since we can’t say for certain how she feels about anything, as we don’t know her personally.

15 Funny Face

When Emilia posed for a photoshoot that would result in images published by Glamour Magazine, including the one on the cover of the issue, Emilia was captured looking gorgeous. A woman with incredible looks that seems to have a great personality as well, her funny side clearly came out too as things progressed. That obviously seems to be why this image exists. While she seems prone to giving similar expressions while on the set of shows like The Graham Norton Show, it seems like she didn’t intend for this one to make it out to the public. While it doesn’t show her in a negative light, far from it actually, we think it does somewhat undercut the elegant image she seemed to be attempting to create, which is why we included this here.

14 Season 3 Premiere

Who knew that TV shows had premiere events when a new season begins to air? It certainly seems like it isn’t every series that does this but we can certainly see why an entity as large as Game of Thrones may feel like celebrating from time to time. This photo of Emilia was taken at an event celebrating the debut of the show’s third season and focuses narrowly in on her face. Wearing a rather pretty blue dress that night with a few black highlights, she looked ravishing as ever yet somehow a photographer’s lens took a shot of her looking a little bit like the Joker. To us, this is a perfect example of how misleading a picture can be when it captures a second in time the eye would never perceive and gives an entirely different idea of a given moment. Considering how much work she clearly put into her looks that night, and how well it paid off otherwise, she’d probably be annoyed that some people took this single second away instead.

13 Triassic Attack

For a few decades now there has been a time-honored tradition when celebrities show up on talk shows that the host shows images or footage of them from early in their career. Typically accompanied by the star blushing with embarrassment and looking as though they’d rather be anywhere else, if this ever happens to Emilia, there is one film that is the obvious choice to grab from. The second earliest credit listed on her Wikipedia page, Triassic Attack is a SyFy original film that focuses on a dinosaur fossil brought back to life and is every bit as goofy as it sounds. An image from the movie, on the face of it, things may not seem so bad but we’re guessing she wishes everyone forgets she ever played a part in such a subpar production.

12 Poorly Timed?

In this photo, Emilia is at an event for Louis Vuitton's “Series 2,” an advertising campaign for their handbags that is meant to be unlike any other. With her eyes looking as though they are struggling to open, it very much looks much more likely that this photo was taken mid-blink or at the exact wrong moment. We know that is how we first took it. However, we then did a simple Google search for images of her from that night and while she is dressed rather nicely, her eyes look to have been affected throughout. If you’ve ever been in a situation where your eyes are watering and bothersome while out and about, you’ll know how frustrating that is, especially when people are looking at you. We realize it is a perfectly natural thing that happens from time to time. But in a state like that, you don’t want your picture taken, do you?

11 On Set

If you ask us, it seems like the celebrity and fame that comes with being an actor at the highest level makes people sometimes forget that these people actually are artists. As such, the moments they put themselves out there on set can be them at their most vulnerable. Since we all know that things don’t always go the way people want, they depend on their fellow cast and crew to protect them from the judgment of the public. Sure, we all enjoy the fun of bloopers but those are entertaining snippets that people have agreed to release to the public. The fact, then, that paparazzi have more and more taken photographs of actors working on set over the last few years certainly seems like something actors may have a deep distaste for. When you then multiply that by the possible embarrassment someone may feel while wearing revealing clothes, this image seems like it could easily be an actor’s worst nightmare. In the case of this picture we’d understand if Emilia felt that way.

10 Impatient

There are fifteen photos on this list and there is one thing that almost all of them have in common, she looks like a delightful person when not in character. This was taken by a paparazzi while Emilia was on the set of a photo shoot in Malibu. Looking as though she may have had enough of the process while she seems to be waiting for the session to resume or something like that, we totally get it. We can imagine that being poked and prodded by photo assistants and put into a series of uncomfortable positions may become trying pretty quickly. As a result, we can totally empathize with the emotions that may come with a day like this one but that doesn’t make this the most appealing look and we’re guessing she would know that too.

9 Out Of Context

We all know that moment when we’re at a party or wedding and everyone decides to take a silly picture. Some of us are more comfortable with that than others and really commit to looking as ridiculous as possible but it always seems fun to see a picture of a group really hamming it up. Looking like this may have originated from a moment exactly like that, it may seem like Emilia could look back and chuckle at a fun moment but there is a big problem. This is a scene of her actually acting and when you look as though you might be attempting to come off like a class clown while playing a role, that isn’t exactly great for your career.

8 Overacting? Part One

An image that was put together for a review of the sole 2016 movie that Emilia appeared in, Me Before You, it features three expressions that she has on her face at various points in the film. Looking as though she may have given a very over-the-top performance in the film here, you could write it off as nothing more than a few moments taken out of context. That becomes a lot harder though when the review in question describes her in a manner that is less than complimentary. “Her expressions and reactions almost always over the top, it became extremely hard to like the character, as she felt rather like a caricature of her book counterpart.” Putting this trio of images in the context of those words really makes us assume that Emilia would prefer that nobody ever felt inspired to cut and paste this Frankenstein’s monster image together.

7 Stolen Angle

The second and last photo taken from the aforementioned Malibu photoshoot, this one seems less flattering for really superficial, silly, and galling reasons we admit. For someone who we have pointed out as a total sweetheart more than once, she has a real ability to come off like a kindhearted and fun person in pictures. Case in point, you can tell from the adorable look on her face here and the innocent-looking pose she has going that she is serving the photographer up with some delightful content. On the other hand, taken from a completely different angle, she looks far sillier than she deserves, and we’re guessing she’d resent the presumption of the paparazzi that they have the right to show her without her consent.

6 Date Time

It is a weird thing that being a celebrity these days means that you forfeit so much of your privacy. Sure, many of us would make that trade in a hot second, as the opportunities that come their way and the love and adoration is so enticing but we have no idea how that really feels. Can you imagine going to a pub for a date with someone you’ve begun to date and having your picture taken from someone at another table in order to publish it online and in magazines? That seems to be such an awful thing to happen to you which makes it obvious that this image, where that is happening to Emilia is one she’d erase in a second. Out with Seth MacFarlane, someone she dated for a while, she may have expected to have her picture taken while walking the streets with him but this is pretty egregious if you ask us.

5 Angry Face

Best known to this day as the actress that brings Daenerys Targaryen to life on the series Game of Thrones, it remains the most important role in her career. As such, it is immensely important that people continue to appreciate her work on the show as her future acting prospects could be damaged badly otherwise. In this screenshot of her from the series, she looks like her expression is similar to the type of faces that a child makes while having a temper tantrum. In short, it doesn’t really look as though she has given the most subtle and nuanced performance in the world which is clearly something she would never want someone to think.

4 Goofy Faces Galore

Oh man, we thought that last photo may make it seem as though her performance on Game of Thrones is over the top. Little did we know that there was an image out there, clearly cobbled together from footage of her either taken out of context or hamming it up on set, which seems designed for that very purpose. It should be known in our current world that no matter how popular an actor is, they are bound to have a few haters out there and it seems as though this hit job may have been put together to make her look awful. Need we say more?

3 Poor Results

If there is one thing that should be clear by this point in this article, it is the fact that Game of Thrones is a really great show. Still, if Emilia wants to have staying power as an actress, she needs to find other projects that will introduce more people to her charms and make her into an even bigger star. That is especially true since the show is coming to an end soon. Unfortunately for her, things aren’t looking great in that regard. Only one blockbuster film that she starred in has been released to date, Terminator Genisys, and it was far from a success. A fact personified by Rotten Tomatoes showed the score it received and the money it made at the box office proving that it didn’t do great on either front. Only rated twenty-five percent on Rotten Tomatoes and making just below ninety million dollars domestically, both of those figures were hugely disappointing. Only buoyed by taking in three hundred fifty million dollars in the foreign market, it still is questionable that it even broke based on the advertising costs it must have incurred.

2 Intimate Moment

Remember the previous entry where Emilia and Seth MacFarlane had their picture taken by a stranger while out together in a bar? We bet you thought it wouldn’t get worse than that. After all, we didn’t think it would. Turns out, we were fools to think that the paparazzi wouldn’t find a way to creep us out even more than that. Photographed while kissing in Seth’s car, the idea that even while embracing, they were secretly accompanied by someone else, seems pretty disgusting to us. These two broke up after six months and we have no reason to think that had nothing to do with moments like these being captured without their consent. That said, if it was involved, that would be totally understandable if you ask us.

1 "In The Buff" Scene

Game of Thrones is known for four things in our view—violence, killing off important characters, strong storytelling, and nudity. One of the people who introduced that last element to the show was Emilia herself. This image is a screenshot of a scene from the first episode in which she appeared naked. Since then, she went on to film several more scenes in the buff but as she became a star herself, it became clear that she has very mixed feelings on filming moments like this. At one time, making it seem like she hates acting in the nude and then going on to do just that again. Despite revealing that her contract said she didn’t have to, we can’t blame her for either choice. Knowing that is the case, it seems like a very simple leap in logic that she films these scenes because she thinks they are important for her character. After all, her career could easily survive staying clothed for the remainder of the show as she is currently a pretty big star herself. As such, it seems obvious that she would hate the fact that people take screenshots like this one, that features her without a stitch on.

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