15 Photos Bella Thorne Doesn't Want The World To See

Bella Thorne first entered our lives as the character CeCe Jones on the Disney series Shake It Up. After the show came to an end, it didn't take Thorne long to transition into more mature roles in the entertainment industry. And along with her newfound fame from child actor to bonafide star, Thorne shocked her fans and foes with a series of cringeworthy photos and videos posted to her social media accounts.

Sometimes, we truly expect for the actress to unleash her inner wild child by sharing some TMI-esque pictures, but other times, we can't help but wonder, "WTF was she thinking?" We've seen it all from Thorne, including pictures chronicling her first bikini wax to an up close and personal shot of her zits.

Many of these photos were shared by Thorne herself, but that doesn't mean she won't one day regret taking them. Until that day comes, let's take a look back at some of the shocking and embarrassing pictures we think she won't want the world to see.


15 Unicorn-Inspired

Glitter is a magical embellishment from the beauty gods that has been around in modern form since 1934. Most people tend to stay away from the shiny specks because, let's face it, they leave a mess all over the place. But Thorne is a glitter goddess who never hesitates to dump a tube of the flaky and shimmery product all over her body.

At the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, she showed up looking like a real-life unicorn draped in glitter. But she didn't just have a hint of it on her eyelids and cheeks. The embellishment was all over her face, her neck, her chest, and it was even caked into her magenta hair. She was giving My Little Pony realness and the fashion world wasn't ready. Without the glitter, we think her entire appearance would've been perfectly fine. But she definitely ended up looking a bit cray when she debuted this glittery, unicorn-inspired look.

14 Swollen Lips

If Thorne were to go under the knife for a cosmetic enhancement, we wouldn't be surprised if she shared the news with her millions of followers. So when she sported some noticeably larger lips on her social media account, many of her fans accused her of getting lip injections "behind their backs."

Thorne flaunted her plump pout at the December 2017 Jingle Ball event in Los Angeles. She later posted a picture on Instagram with her fuller lips, prompting her comments section to be flooded with her followers telling her that her "new" lips looked "terrible." The comments got so out of control, Thorne felt the need to address the accusations by saying her lips were swollen due to an allergic reaction, but no one was buying it.

Either way, her lips looked terribly bloated and painful. We definitely prefer the natural look of her lips more.

13 Hairy Legs

One thing we love about Thorne is her "IDGAF" attitude. She's not trying to fit into a bubble of what Hollywood expects a young star to look and act like. But at the same time, some people think she goes too far to break the status quo sometimes.

If you're not following the actress on Snapchat, you're missing out on her candidness when it comes to all areas of he life, including her hygiene and grooming habits. She once posted a photo of herself playing with her kitten after her failed trip to Cannes with Disick. In the photo, Thorne's hairy legs were the first thing everyone noticed. And the star made sure to let all her followers know that she had no problem with letting her leg hairs grow wild and free.

In the photo caption, Thorne wrote, "Think she's fond of my leg hair?" The answer is "heck yeah" because why would a cat give a hoot about its owner's hairy gems?

Hairy legs are natural and normal, but we wouldn't be surprised if social media's "grooming police" continue to mock Thorne and her fuzzy legs for many years to come.

12 All Red

She may have a net worth of $2 million, but that doesn't mean Thorne doesn't suffer from problems like the rest of us. She has more than enough money to hire the top dermatologists in the world, but the Disney alum has still battled with pesky acne breakouts for years.

In February 2017, Thorne visited Kate Somerville skin clinic in West Hollywood to undergo a chemical peel. The procedure was supposed to leave her skin noticeably smoother and more clear, but not before the ingredients used in the peel completely wreaked havoc on her face!

The star posted this photo looking as cheerful as can be with her face looking mighty painful. It was completely red, but it didn't come close to what the star posted next. She shared a follow-up picture of the top layer of her skin peeling off. Um, gross.

Keep reading to see what tool she used to peel away the dead skin!

11 Getting Waxed

It doesn't matter if it's your first or your 30th time getting waxed. Having the hair ripped out of your nether regions is a painful experience that can bring tears to an adult's eyes! Despite the pain that's associated with it, most people just suck it up and deal with the agony without sharing the misery of this rather private grooming ritual with complete strangers.

But leave it to Thorne to go against the grain. In April 2017, the starlet booked her very first wax appointment at the age of 19 and decided it was the perfect opportunity to commemorate the event by chronicling it on her Snapchat account. What came next was a series of pictures and videos of the star cringing and squirming in pain.

Some things are better left unshared.

10 Really, Bella?

If you thought the first few photos were bad, they have nothing on this next shocking image that was uploaded to Thorne's Snapchat account. We get it. She loves to cross the line and surprise her fans by always doing the unthinkable, but many people were really turned off and fed up with her antics when she photographed herself going #2.

The look on her face shows she's pretty much in a state of bliss, but we can't say the same for her fans who hit the "remove friend" button after this photo was uploaded. We know Thorne has to use the potty just like the rest of us all. But do we actually need to see it? No!

Her followers who stuck around after this stunt soon realized it wouldn't be the first nor last time Thorne shared a photo on the loo.

9 Wild Side

Thorne is one of the few actresses who can pull off multiple looks. She might show up on the red carpet wearing a glam designer dress one day and then pop up at an industry event the next night looking like an extra in a Lil Pump music video. We think she looks beautiful no matter which looks she goes for, but sometimes, she and her stylists definitely miss the mark. Case in point: The time she stepped out in this getup.

Thorne wore a cropped, fishnet top, and wild electric blue hair extensions. But what left many people confused was her interesting makeup application. Let's just say - it appeared that Thorne's go-to makeup artist had taken the day off.

We'd be lying if we said this was her worse look because it's obviously not. But we think Thorne will look back on this photo one day and laugh her butt off as she reminisces about this eccentric period of her life.


8 Wardrobe Malfunction

The tough part about being a celeb is you're always being watched and photographed. If a celebrity makes one bad move and accidentally exposes themselves, their wardrobe malfunction is sure to make it onto every single gossip website. We're sure Thorne doesn't care too much about landing on fashion's worst-dressed list, but we wouldn't be surprised if she gets a little ticked off when her wardrobe blunders are blasted all over the world-wide web.

Thorne posed for a picture wearing this crop top that left very little to the imagination. As she lifted up her arm to strike a pose, the hem of her shirt raised up a bit to expose her chest.

Even though Thorne was the one who shared the picture online, we can't help but wonder if she didn't notice her chest was exposed before uploading the racy photo. We want to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe the posting of this racy picture was a mistake that she now regrets.

7 Beach Outfit

Thorne headed down to Miami for the 2016 Jingle Ball concert, and she showed up at the beach in a very interesting outfit. The Hollywood star wore a crop top to show off her tummy, a pair of itty bitty shorts, and some vinyl over-the-knee boots. Yes, we said vinyl boots. On the beach. In Miami. *Facepalm*

But what really made this photo regretable for Thorne was the fact that it was the catalyst to her breakup. She was still technically dating Tyler Posey at the time (although she denied it) when she accepted an invitation from Charlie Puth to hang out in Miami. The two were pictured getting cozy on the beach and having a really good time with one another.

After their fun-filled time together, Thorne posted a throwback photo of herself and Posey on Twitter, and Puth finally realized he was in the middle of a messy AF love triangle. In the end, Thorne was left with neither Posey or Puth in her corner. But you know this girl doesn't stay single for long. She's a pro at shaking up the leading men and women in her love life.

6 Throwback

We just so happen to think Thorne looks adorable in this photo! It's a throwback to the days when she first graced our TV screens as CeCe Jones on Disney's Shake It Up. Thorne was just 13-years-old when the show first aired, and she went through so many physical changes as she matured in front of millions of viewers.

Even though this picture gives us all the feels, we wouldn't be surprised if Thorne hates it. It probably reminds her of a time when she had to play by Disney's rules and give off a wholesome appearance. Now that her days as CeCe are behind her, she's able to live her truth and live life however she pleases. We doubt she will revert back to this innocent and girly look from her younger days, and we really can't blame her.

5 Potty Break

What's this girl's obsession with the potty? Thorne shocked us all once again by sharing an intimate photo while she handled her business. But this time, she wasn't alone in her bathroom stall.

The images that popped up on her Snapchat account showed Thorne on the throne while one of her pals documented the experience for her followers. It's not uncommon for friends to use the restroom in front of each other, but to upload proof of it onto social media is a bit much, don't you think?

At this point, it's pretty obvious if potty humor isn't your thing then you should definitely bypass Thorne's account. But if you don't mind seeing a celeb answering nature's call, then don't let us stop you from becoming one of her millions of followers.

4 OMG, Bella, RUN!

We know she's not the only one who has made some bad choices when it comes to dating and relationships. But we were really questioning Thorne's judgment when she started hanging out with Scott Disick in May 2017. The couple was spotted out to eat, and days later, they boarded a jet and headed off to Cannes for some fun in the sun.

They were later spotted in front of a pool with the father of three getting handsy with Thorne. The reason why she probably doesn't want us to see this paparazzi photo is because she later revealed how much she regretted her trip to the French Riviera.

She wound up leaving Disick high and dry before heading back to the US. She bashed him during an interview with Complex magazine when she stated, "Scott is really nice, sweet, charming. I don’t drink, and he really drinks a lot. And it just ended up ...I just wasn’t down. I was like, ‘I gotta leave.’"

How she was so clueless about Disick's hard-partying ways when it's been a hot topic on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the past few years is beyond us.

3 Scissor Face

Those who've been following Thorne for a while know all about the troubles she has had with her skin. We've even talked about her acne in this article, including the picture we shared of Thorne getting a chemical peel at a Hollywood skin clinic.

On the same day that she shared the photo of her face looking like an heirloom tomato, Thorne did the unthinkable. As her skin peeled, she decided to speed up the process by grabbing a pair of scissors and going to town on her skin. She began to cut through the dead layers as all of her followers watched in horror!

We're pretty sure the folks at the skin clinic didn't advise her to take matters into her own hands by clipping away at her skin. But do you really think Thorne's actually going to follow someone else's rules? Not a chance!

2 Going Free

Thorne was back to her usual stunts and what many called "attention seeking antics" when she posted this photo on social media. We can't show you the full image, of course, but we're pretty sure you can figure out exactly what was going on in this photo. It was a picture of Thorne completely topless along with the caption of the snap that simply read, "Happy Sunday."

So what does Sunday have to do with Thorne's ta-tas being on full display? We're not sure, and we wouldn't be surprised if her fans didn't know either.

Thorne is a beautiful wild child who isn't afraid to show off her body, all while being sure to strategically cover up her privates as to not offend some of her fans. But whether she wants to accept it or not, she's still a role model for her young supporters, so pictures like this might be sending out the wrong message to her fans. She's not too concerned by this picture floating around the Internet today, but we think one day she might look back on it with some regret.

1 Dropping The N-Word

It's hard to keep up with all of her exes, but there was once a time when Thorne was head over heels in love with Gregg Sulkin. In fact, the couple had even moved in together and appeared to be headed towards marriage.

While they were dating, their relationship was never short on drama, including the time this inappropriate photo popped up on Sulkin's Snapchat. In the picture, you can see Thorne sitting right next to him with the caption, "What up 'N-word.'" Although the word is used freely by many people in the entertainment industry and beyond, it's still considered offensive and hurtful, especially considering its origins. We're sure Sulkin and Thorne were aware of the taboo nature of the word, so it's baffling that neither of them thought to themselves, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea," before Sulkin posted it to his Snapchat story.

He later apologized, and Thorne came out relatively unscathed in the entire situation since the photo wasn't posted to her account. But we're sure this is one picture that she wishes would go away forever.



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