15 Photos And Details From WWE Diva Paige's Video Scandal

Paige has been goin’ through it. The young WWE superstar has had quite the year. She has been involved in a high profile love affair with former WWE superstar and former WWE world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio...she's been engaged to Alberto and she has been suspended by the WWE. One could say that Paige probably wants to be released by the company that made her famous. The young wrestling veteran is even getting a movie made about her pro wrestling upbringing. So a lot of things are going on in Paige's life... including getting hacked and having nude photos and sex tapes leaked... umm, what? Yes. The leak, aka the fappening part 3, compromised the dirty files of many other celebrities including Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and yes, Paige. This was obviously an awful act, and a crude invasion of privacy. Celebrities are people too dammit. Which is why it's our duty to provide commentary and break down every detail associated with stories such as these. Here are 15 photos and details surrounding Paige's leaked sex tape.

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15 She Loves Taking Selfies

People seem to forget to Paige is very young. She’s not even 25 and has been in the business longer than most. Paige, like any other millennial, is a part of the “me” generation where every waking moment of an individual’s existence has to be recorded in some form or fashion; especially when it comes to relations. With all the stress and strife associated with being on the road one would have to assume that these athletes need to have some way of letting loose, whether it be by playing pranks, recording commentary, taking photos, or just taking sexy selfies.

Paige is a girl that clearly lives life on her own terms and she loves to have fun in and out of the ring. Now regardless of how anyone wants to judge Paige’s life outside of her profession, there’s no doubt that she’s a very attractive woman, so very attractive women in their 20s will do what very attractive women in their 20s do; take a ridiculous amount of selfies. One could say that Paige should probably be more attentive do to being in the public eye, but a selfie shouldn’t be looked down upon, right?...

14 She Knows Her Money Maker

It’s no secret when it comes to Paige’s “money maker.” Everyone knows that she’s got that punk goth vibe goin’ on. She incorporated it into her gimmick and her real life style is in the same vein as well: the dyed hair, the eye shadow, the theme music, the fashion, you name it. Anyone that follows the former WWE Divas Champion knows that she has a distinct feature that she loves showing off; that would be her booty.

Paige’s “money maker” is a fan favorite and judging from the news and gossip surrounding the sex tape, she knows her partners love it too. There’s a particular selfie that leaked that’s far too explicit to show; it’s an up close and personal view of her behind. Let’s just say there’s a reason Paige was listed on my WWE Booty Revolutionaries list and why I made sure to mention that her fans get over the fact that she wasn’t placed higher.

13 The NXT Women’s Championship Belt Is Featured

Paige is a former NXT Women’s Champion. She won it when she was part of NXT during 2013. Let’s just say that her championship belt had a starring role in one of the photos featured from the leak… The act? Let’s just leave that to your imagination. All I can say is there are a lot of WWE fans who are probably going to be making sexual jokes about the belt for years to come. Make no mistake about it, the WWE NXT Women’s Championship will definitely never, ever, be the same again. If anyone knows anything about women’s championship belts within the annals of WWE history over the last 25 years… Let’s just say that one got thrown in the trash on live TV in an epic “shots fired” moment during influential and much heralded Monday Night Wars and the other, while not thrown in the trash, was featured in some expertly executed naughty moments caught on (smartphone) cam and video.

12 Brad Maddox Was The Director

If Paige is the star, then Brad Maddox is the director. Remember Brad Maddox? That dude that looked like he could be the offspring of former Monday Night Raw killer Eric Bischoff, made his WWE debut as a special guest referee on the company’s flagship show. He meandered around during his first year in stupid angles, then became the Raw General Manager in 2013. It turns out that he competed in the first annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX and then meandered around more before getting fired in late 2015. Well, it turns out that Brad Maddox had been working on his adult directorial skills. He definitely gets it on with Paige and he manages to make sure the camera is focused on the angles that every fan would want to see. These photos and video were clearly taken in the past, but there are no more questions that need to be raised about who was the focus of a fair amount of Paige’s backstage relations.

11 Friends With Benefits: Xavier Woods

If Paige was the star and Brad Maddox was the director, then WWE superstar, creator of the popular UpUpDownDown Youtube video game channel, longest reigning tag team champion, and New Day Member Xavier Woods was the co-star. While we can’t get the clearest view during the “scene” it’s pretty easy to clarify that the man Paige is linked with during the already infamous video is indeed the owner of Francesca; except this time he’s doing way more than echoing “new—day rocks” by blowing into his famed trombone. Paige and Xavier Woods have a well-documented “friendship” on social media. Paige was featured on Xavier’s Woods video game youtube channel and in an April 2014 tweet the WWE Superstar referred to Paige has “his girl.” The two even developed a secret handshake that can be seen being performed in a video off Instagram in the fall of 2014. The two also have several photos of them hanging out backstage…Looks like they were friends with benefits!

10 The WWE Might Finally Grant Her Release

Paige, despite being the youngest WWE Divas Champion in WWE History, despite being on E’s hit show Total Divas, and despite having a movie made about her professional wrestling family, might not be in the WWE for much longer. On August 3rd 2016 Paige’s mom revealed that the 24-year-old was taking a break from wrestling due to sustaining an injury. It turns out that the WWE actually suspended Paige for 30 days after she violated the company’s wellness policy. In October, a mere few months later, she was suspended for 60 days after violating the policy for a second time. It remains to be seen what the WWE proceeds to do with their now controversial star, but this could indeed be the final straw. That said, Paige might not even care, because it can be said that she’s been trying to be released from the company anyway.

9 Paige Loves To Be On Top

The most talked about aspect the leak is definitely the video that features Paige, Brad Maddox, and Xavier Woods. Paige and Xavier Woods do their thing and proceed to play “up up down down” while Brad Maddox practices his directorial skills. Let’s just say that Paige definitely enjoys everything that’s taking place. There’s another video of Paige playing “the same game” with Brad Maddox in what looks to be a locker room area. Brad has the wherewithal to use his iPhone in near perfect positioning while he and Paige “do the deed.” One has to wonder how Paige is taking this extra attention…Everyone is talking about her, her name is out there more than it’s ever been before. Will she embrace this wave or will she fade into obscurity? Only time will tell. As for what Paige loves to do behind the scenes and in between the sheets, just think more about that headline.

8 The New Day Might Have Reduced TV Time

UPDATE: Turns out the WWE featured The New Day and on Monday Night Raw and they had no problem having a “wink wink” moment with Xavier Woods. Xavier Woods, one third of the extremely popular stable The New Day, was scheduled, along with fellow members Kofi Kingston and Big “E” Langston, to host WrestleMania. The group, known for their enthusiastic promos, over-the-top dancing, and their catchphrases that promote their products, most notably “Booty O’s”, was definitely set to kick WrestleMania off with a BANG. Well, it looks like Xavier Woods and Paige already did that. The WWE is about 15 years and some change removed from anything Attitude Era related. The company has been a PG oriented product since around 2008. While this news of social media sex leaks might have been great back in the day, that’s certainly not the case in today’s WWE landscape.

7 Paige Took To Twitter To Confirm The Hack

Paige used Twitter to confirm and echo how she felt regarding the leaks. Regardless of how anyone feels about the leak, remember that Paige is a victim and expressing her sexuality is her right regardless of how famous or known she is. Paige, whose twitter handle is @RealPaigeWWE posted “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately there were shared publicly without my consent.” The two time Divas Champion describes herself as a “Glampire” and is very outspoken. She retweeted a tweet from Roy Knight basically saying that all she needs is family and f*** everyone else. We all know that the internet can be an incredibly cruel and brutal world when it comes to social media. There’s a difference between reporting and ridiculing, and there’s no doubt that there are idiots who probably feel as though they are able to judge Paige, that’s simply false.

6 She Loves Playing Dress-Up

“Santa Baby…” Anyone who has seen the photos can surmise that Paige loves to play dress-up. Here she is sporting a Santa hat and looking down. This incredibly sexy photo is shows how confident Paige is in regards to her sexuality and how she looks sexy in anything. Paige definitely loves to have her fun behind the scenes! The (former?) WWE Diva definitely backs up her persona with this photo. Her “Santa Baby” outfit is further featured in another explicit clip and Paige doesn’t hold anything back. Part of being in the WWE is having the ability to perform and have some range of acting or having the ability to take on a persona; Paige at the very least shows why she’s able to put all the attention on her, even if it’s not the way she intended.

5 She Loves Dirty Talk

If there’s anything to take away from the leaks it’s that Paige loves to talk dirty with her partners. The leaked photos and footage shows that Paige is very much into making the most out of her adult fun. Let’s just say there’s more than a few times that Paige exclaimed her anticipation of what she wants to happen or takes note of what is actually happening…Paige would certainly have no problem using her words in a more industry focused setting if it were required for her to do so...Now one has to wonder how the WWE will respond to how Paige acts within the videos. Paige’s off the air lifestyle has nothing to do with her on screen gimmick so one can say that it doesn’t matter…But does it? The WWE has let notable talents go before. Considering the fact that like it or not, everything with Paige is out there and the way she acts on the videos is well, not up to WWE’s “code of conduct,” so it remains to be seen how the WWE (cough *Vince* cough) handles this situation.

4 She Enjoys The Use Of A Certain Toy

Take a wild guess as to what toy we could be talking about here. You know we can’t flat out say what it is, but go ahead and use your imagination. Better yet, go ahead and just find the damn videos you pervert maniacs. Paige DEFINITELY takes advantage of a much heralded female centric sex toy and uses it to entice the man she intended to send the video too (most likely Brad Maddox). Paige makes great use of her toy and even goes as far as showing off her abilities in order for her partner to prepare for the inevitable display of debauchery. Fans of the WWE Diva may or may not be surprised at the amount of kinkiness on Paige’s part. Instead of denouncing it, perhaps Paige’s sexual desire and willingness to express herself with someone she’s comfortable with should be embraced. There shouldn't be any double standards when it comes to situations like this but unfortunately there are.

3 There Are 5 Videos And Counting

The hacker that exposed Paige has leaked a plethora of material, including 5 videos and counting. As of now there’s no telling how many more will be leaked. It can be said that celebrities shouldn’t record themselves having “fun” behind the scenes. There are also surely a fair amount of people with the opinion that Paige brought it on to herself by knowing that her fame makes her playtime vulnerable to attacks such as this. It begs the question of where to draw the line when it comes to how celebrities should be treated. Celebrities, musicians, personalities, athletes and everyone else under that umbrella may have advantages and fortunes that the average person don’t have but does that necessarily make them any less human? The answer is no. So one may want to rethink how they look or judge Paige the person if they go ahead and view her private life.

2 Her Mom Is Pissed

Paige’s mom, Saraya Knight, has expressed her rage all over Twitter. Saraya is the reason the youngest WWE Divas Champion ever is even a professional wrestler. She’s a former wrestler herself so she knows what it’s like to be on the road all the time and what comes with trying to have some semblance of a normal life while working to pursue her passion. Knight posted: "IP addresses taken, reported, blocked, and emailed lawyer on Twitter." She also said “People get hacked, unfortunately my daughter had pics and video shared from years ago, my husband and I support her 100% no fault of her own.” Knight is especially known for wrestling while she was seven months pregnant with the future WWE Diva. We’ll see what happens with legal action, but one thing is sure, Paige’s parents have her back and stand by her through and through.

1 She’s Not The Only Victim

Photos and videos were also released of Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Alexa Nikolas, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Lili Simmons, Dylan Penn, and Rose McGowan. It turns out that Amanda Seyfried had legal copyrights of her photos so her photos were immediately taken down. The fate of the other celebs is up to whether or not web surfers decide to look or not; yeah okay, we know the answer to that one. Emma Watson has already claimed that the individual in the video that claims to feature her is not her at all. Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn and WWE Diva Summer Rae have a bunch of selfies scattered all over. Apparently The Walking Dead actor Lauren Cohan, aka Maggie Greene, also has a tape that was leaked. We all know what the popular name for these leaks are. Anyone that’s heard of the M. Night Shyamalan fiasco known as The Happening knows to replace the “H” with an “F” and there you have it.

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