15Rocking The Disney Gear

Oh, what a time to have been alive. The 1990s were filled with some incredible achievements in the world of film and in wrestling. The Disney renaissance was fully underway, and the WWE was about to dive right into the Attitude Era, which has yet to be surpassed as the

most successful era in the company's history. Before lacing up her boots and winning belts, Alexa Bliss seemed more inclined to relax and watch some Disney movies, as indicated by her Pocahontas shirt.

Considering that this picture was taken nearly 22 years ago, I would say that Bliss made the right decision in pursuing wrestling. She is at the top of the industry, and has had a dominant run as a champion. Although, given that some WWE stars have had crossover success in the film industry, I would not rule out the possibility of Bliss eventually becoming a Disney princess.

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