15 Photos Alexa Bliss Doesn't Want You To See

It takes a special type of person to pursue a career in professional wrestling, and it takes an incredible athlete to conquer it. Professional wrestling is more than just scripted fighting and silly gimmicks. It is about hard work and dedication. It is about devoting your life to constantly sharpening your skills in the ring and on the microphone. You need to be able to entertain and do the unbelievable in front of crowds of fans several nights a week, spending a great deal of time away from your family and loved ones. The journey is rough and taxing, but for those making the sacrifice, the payoff can be incredible. In the current landscape of the WWE, few performers are as popular or as talented as Alexa Bliss.

As current Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss has been dominating her division for several months now, and she is showing no signs of relinquishing her belt anytime soon. She has become one of the most popular performers in the WWE, and crowds are often filled with people wearing her attire. She has maintained immense popularity, and has done a great job with her image during her tenure in the WWE. Achieving these heights also brings with it photos and moments that would be better off being kept personal. Unfortunately, that is not a luxury that the rich and famous have. For Alexa Bliss, these photos serve as a reminder that even the biggest and the brightest can't avoid some embarrassing photos of themselves circulating around the Internet. Here's a look at the photos that Alexa Bliss wished never saw the light of day.

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15 Rocking The Disney Gear

Oh, what a time to have been alive. The 1990s were filled with some incredible achievements in the world of film and in wrestling. The Disney renaissance was fully underway, and the WWE was about to dive right into the Attitude Era, which has yet to be surpassed as the most successful era in the company's history. Before lacing up her boots and winning belts, Alexa Bliss seemed more inclined to relax and watch some Disney movies, as indicated by her Pocahontas shirt.

Considering that this picture was taken nearly 22 years ago, I would say that Bliss made the right decision in pursuing wrestling. She is at the top of the industry, and has had a dominant run as a champion. Although, given that some WWE stars have had crossover success in the film industry, I would not rule out the possibility of Bliss eventually becoming a Disney princess.

14 A Potential Break In Kayfabe

The WWE has always tried to keep what happens backstage away from the fans to not break kayfabe (what's fake), but the rise of social media has hindered that greatly. In this photo, for instance, Alexa Bliss and her in-ring adversary Nia Jax took a moment to snap a silly picture together. WWE storytelling has pitted these two as foes on several occasions, but that didn't stop them from taking this photo. While it's great to see a new side to WWE performers, I'm sure Bliss wishes that this photo didn't surface for the world to see.

Social media is a double-edged sword for the WWE, and it'll be interesting to see what comes of this in the future. It is a great way for performers to cultivate fans and to advertise their brand to the masses. However, moments like this can have a harmful impact on the storytelling that the WWE uses to entertain its fans.

13 From Princess To Champion

In keeping with her childhood love of all things princess, this candid moment of Alexa Bliss sporting a new parking sign is absolutely hilarious. This picture may not have a date on it, but rest assured this moment was captured long before she became a dominant villain in the WWE. One of my least favorite things to do while growing up was taking awkward birthday photos after receiving gifts, but it looks as though she was a good sport about it.

These tacky parking signs have long been a mainstay in households and offices in America, and I myself am guilty of having a few. It may look a little embarrassing now, but I am sure that she was stoked to be gifted the sign. Princess stuff isn't really my style, but I can always appreciate a well-delivered pun. The only question I have is whether she still has the sign or not. I have a suspicion that Bliss still displays it with pride.

12 Caught In The Act

Prior to each photo shoot, each model takes their time in hair and makeup to ensure that everything is perfect and ready to go for the photographer. What these models do not expect, however, is having photos of them snapped before they are ready for their close-up. In the moments leading up to a nice transformation into fellow WWE performer Goldust, Alexa Bliss was caught by a sneaky photographer before perfection was achieved. It is one of those moments that you wish weren't leaked, but Bliss had very little say in the matter.

The final photos that eventually surfaced of Bliss as Goldust are fantastic, and I would encourage any WWE fan to check them out. They are a nice mashup of the Attitude Era and the current PG Era for fans. The photos were taken to give fans a preview of dressing like the legendary Goldust for Halloween, and Bliss did an exceptional job of portraying the star.

11 A Precursor To Her NXT Days

The prissy cheerleaders in high school are often looked at through a very narrow lens, though this is usually the case for most groups of kids. Cheerleaders are typically seen as stuck-up and popular, having little time for anything outside of socializing and dating the school's top athletes. What most people wouldn't expect is for one of these cheerleaders to become a star in the WWE, and that is exactly what Bliss did. Wrestling is seen as a masculine profession, but over time, women have left a huge mark on the industry, and today's crop of female performers are easily the most talented that the company has ever had.

This picture acts as a glimpse into the gimmick that Alexa Bliss would use to help catapult herself to the top. Never one for abiding by stereotypes, Bliss chased her dreams, and is now a champion in the WWE. It just goes to show us all that you can't judge a book by its cover.

10 Caught In The Jaws Of Defeat

As a dominant champion, the last thing that Alexa Bliss would want is for fans to recall the days when she was still making her way to the top and taking her lumps. Thanks to the staggering amounts of media coverage that the WWE gets, a simple search will lead you to all sorts of photos of Bliss being bested by her colleagues. In this scenario, WWE performer Becky Lynch has Bliss dead to rights in the ring. Becky Lynch is one of the most talented performers on the WWE roster, and this photo is a shining example of what she is capable of.

Bliss hardly makes it through any match completely unscathed, and the early battles of her career have set her up for a lifetime of success in the ring. These days, Alexa Bliss is ruling her division with an iron fist, and Becky Lynch is the one who is chomping at the bit to get her hands on a title.

9 Her Old Gimmick

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the high school cheerleader that Alexa Bliss used to be acted as a precursor for what she was hoping to become. Before cracking the WWE roster and taking over with her Harley Quinn inspired look, Bliss kept the blue of her high school cheerleading uniform and used it as her ring gear during her time in NXT, a developmental brand of the WWE. Many of the WWE's top stars cut their teeth in NXT before becoming major players in the company, and these stars can sometimes make drastic changes after being called-up.

Her current look is very fitting for her character's attitude, as Bliss is a heel champion and Harley is usually up to no good. Her look has become a signature of sorts, so it is no wonder that Bliss would prefer that you forget her cheerleader gimmick. Maybe if she becomes a babyface she will wear the tutu again.

8 A Buckeye In The Making

Even before her high school days and her run in NXT, Alexa Bliss was no stranger to the pom poms and tutu look, and this cute photo is all the proof you need. The young Buckeye fan is proudly cheering on the most overrated college football program on the planet, but is still adorable while doing so. Ohio State football fans are renowned for being among the most annoying in the country, taking every opportunity to remind you of the program's prestige. Though they drive people crazy, we will go ahead and give the future champion a pass here.

Alexa's love of cheerleading and undeniable charisma was instrumental in her development in the WWE. Years of athletic training gave her an advantage over many of her peers, and she has taken over her division. It may be silly to look at now, but moments like this proved to be pivotal for the champion.

7 Some Backstage Heat

Before the lights shine bright and the crowds scream and shout, each WWE performer spends their time backstage preparing to go to war with their respective opponents. Usually, these moments of preparation and anticipation are private and away from the public eye. Unless cameras are rolling, most people will never get any insight as to what it takes to mentally prepare for a brawl. Then, there are times like this where the performer is caught in an interview before they are even finished getting ready for the ring.

Interviews are just a small piece of the puzzle that makes a WWE star, and Bliss has given plenty in her day. These stars would much prefer to be in their ring attire and dolled up for the public eye, but you can't always get what you want. Fortunately, Bliss is one of the most beautiful women in the WWE, so despite the dressed-down look, she is still breathtaking to look at.

6 Kendo Stick On A Pole Nightmare

If dominating your opponent and looking good while doing so is the name of the game, then I'm sure Alexa Bliss would love for this picture to never see the light of day again. In the build-up to their much-anticipated match at Extreme Rules, it was announced that it would be a Kendo Stick on a Pole match. The name alone should give you a pretty good idea about the potential brutality of the match. WWE Raw was in the midst of hyping the match when Alexa's opponent Bayley got her hands on the weapon, and gave the champion a scare.

When the match finally happened at Extreme Rules, few could have predicted that it would have been so lopsided. Bliss imposed her will on Bayley, and retained her title that night. Nevertheless, fans will always be able to look at this picture and see genuine fear in the champion's eyes.

5 Bringing Some Attitude To The PG Era

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, but I'm confident that only a few are needed to describe Bliss in this backstage photo. She has never been one to shy away from giving some attitude, and her look just screams out, "excuse me!" Though many have stepped up to the challenge, Bliss has done an incredible job with keeping the title belt firmly around her waist. Bliss originally won the title on April 30, 2017, and has maintained her vise-grip on the division ever since.

She may be villainous in her ways, but she still does her best to look good in front of the fans that wear her merchandise and root for her. This picture, however, catches Bliss in a not so flattering moment that was on display for the world to see. Maybe she can be the catalyst for the WWE to pump some more attitude into their product.

4 A Stripped-Down Look For The Champion

Much like her breaking of kayfabe with Nia Jax, this photo shows Bliss as she is away from the ring, and away from her villainous reign as champion. Unlike her gimmick in the WWE, Bliss has a more stripped-down look in this selfie, using very little makeup, and simply enjoying some time away from the ring. WWE stars work insanely busy schedules, so they take every moment they can to enjoy some down time.

Away from the glitz and the glamour of being a WWE star, Alexa Bliss genuinely seems like a down-to-earth girl who is enjoying every second of her well-earned success. She is one of the most popular stars in the company, and it is not just because she is a beautiful woman. Bliss has the talent in the ring and on the microphone to hang with the company's biggest names, and she continues to dominate her division.

3 A Rough Road To The Top

Remember the days when Sasha Banks was cranking out classic matches in NXT? Before becoming the star that she is now, Bliss had her hands full with rival Sasha Banks, who, by all accounts, was nearly unbeatable. She may not have a belt now, but Sasha Banks has a reputation that precedes her, and even Alexa Bliss learned about her talents the hard way. This unflattering photo is proof that Bliss has come a mighty long way in her development, and shows that Banks is someone to be feared.

It is one thing to be captured losing a match to a more talented foe, but it is something entirely different when your opponent is making light of the situation. This is one of the more embarrassing photos taken of Bliss in the ring, and I am sure that she wishes it was never taken. The tables are turned for now, but don't be surprised if these two women lock horns in the future.

2 All Tuckered Out

Long before she became one of the most recognizable faces in the WWE, Alexa Bliss was just a little girl making her way through kindergarten in her native Ohio. It is no surprise that the beautiful WWE champion used to be cute as a button when she was a little kid. She may be able to dust herself off after going toe-to-toe with the world's best these days, but back then, she needed a little assistance when she was feeling tired.

Pictures of stars as kids are hilarious to look at, and these types of pictures do a great job of bringing a true human element to these people. It is easy to see them now as major performers, paying little attention that they were once kids with their own hopes and dreams. Seeing them as they used to be reminds us that they are truly no different from ourselves.

1 The Most Wonderful Season Of All

In our final and cutest photo on the list, we have a young Alexa Bliss enjoying Christmas to the fullest, and looking adorable while doing so. Christmas remains my favorite time of the year, and I'm willing to bet that she would feel the same way. Rifling through old photo albums, we can all find photos of us as kids enjoying the holidays, though I'm sure few of us are this adorable while doing so. She may be one of the toughest women in the WWE now, but once upon a time, she was just a little girl with a big dream.

No matter how big of a star she has become and will continue to be, Alexa Bliss will have her fair share of embarrassing photos on display for the world to see. Fortunately for her, she has some thick skin, and seems to be taking everything that comes with fame in stride.

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