15 Personality Traits That Attract The Most Haters

Have you ever been in an elevator with a person who farts recklessly like there’s no one around? If you have, chances are, you hated that person.

Webster’s Dictionary defines personality as “the complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group; especially: the totality of an individual's behavioral and emotional characteristics.” In short, our personalities are what makes us, “us.”

The world is a hodgepodge of diverse characters that we get to interact with on a daily basis. Be it our family or a friends, some people are just worth keeping around all the time and it’s because of a certain personality they possess that seems to sit well with us. On the other hand, there are people we’d love to stay a few miles away from because of a certain personality trait that just crushes our well-being.

We can’t please everyone so it’s likely that all of us possess at least one characteristic that another person hates. These traits aren’t worth keeping; not in a million years but they’re still part of what makes us “us” nonetheless.

Chances are, we’ve all come across a person that we just hate to interact with. Chances are, we hate this person because of a few “unredeeming” qualities that s/he possesses. While we can’t fully blame people for being themselves, we can at least point out some of the most spiteful personality traits a person could have. Here are the 15 personality traits that will make people hate you.

15 You're Inconsiderate

Have you ever been next to a person who talks on the phone way too loud when in the subway? Have you ever been with a guy who turns the air conditioning unit way up even if it’s cold in the room already? Have you ever been in an elevator with a person who farts recklessly like there’s no one around? If you did, we give you our deepest condolences as you’ve probably met an inconsiderate person.

All these people think about is themselves. They’re selfish in that sense but they really don’t consider the others around them regardless of the situation. Another bad thing about inconsiderate people is that their actions will cause harm or inconveniences for others always. They’d still go on with being inconsiderate despite the consequences for others as all they want to think about is themselves and what makes them comfortable.

14 You're Mean

This is a no-brainer right? No one wants to be with a person who’s just plain mean as it could ruin one’s day. It seems like mean people always have a rain cloud atop their heads as the world just seems to constantly annoy them time and time again. As per Taylor Swift’s song, “why you gotta be so mean?’

Mean people do a lot of mean things. They tease others. They shout at others. They hate on the way you dress. They hate on your favorite sports team. They hate on others just because they want to. The list is endless. It sucks to see mean people hate on others while you're with them but it’s worse to be on the receiving end of a person’s hating spree. All we can hope for when it comes to these kinds of people is that their mean streak goes away with an ice cream or two.

13 You're A Gossip

At school, in the neighborhood or at work, gossips are bound to be somewhere. These people just can’t keep their mouth shut when it comes to the business of others and they are one of the most annoying people to have around. Their lives revolve around talking about others’ lives and let’s face it, we’d like to literally zip their lips at least once.

The rule is that people should keep out of the private lives of others, unless prompted to join in. Even then, that person shouldn’t disclose the others’ woes and troubles in life. We don’t have the slightest clue on what gossips acquire from talking about the lives of others but whatever it is, we don’t want a part of it. The best way to deal with a gossip is to not talk to the person about anything related to our lives.

12 You're Hypocritical

Being hypocritical is the pretense of having certain virtues or beliefs that one does not actually possess. It’s a very spiteful trait and there are few things we hate more than people who can’t practice what they preach. What’s worse is that hypocritical people don’t notice that they’re being hypocrites. It’s either they do or they don’t acknowledge their hypocrisy at all.

Hypocrisy comes in a range of forms. It could be that guy who keeps on egging you for being a few minutes late all the time despite him being always later than you. It could be your neighbor that keeps on egging you for the not too loud music you play in the afternoon despite them playing the music at max at night. Whenever a hypocritical person judges you for the things you do, just throw the accusations back at them and hope for the best.

11 You're Moody

One minute they’re Spongebob, the next minute they’re the Hulk. There are just some people who can’t keep their emotions intact and it’s a pretty harmful trait to acquire. Being moody is one of the traits that isolate a person from others as their ever-changing mood is really hard to predict and can cause more good than harm in any form of interaction.

The worst thing about moody people is their unexpectedness. It’s like cutting the wire on a time bomb and most of the time, it’s just so hard to know which words or jokes are going to shift the mood of this person. Some people don’t even need a trigger to switch moods. They’ll just become all hot headed and on edge after being full of rainbows and sunshine just a few minutes ago. They’re a wheel of emotions that we wouldn’t want to spin for a chance at happiness anytime.

10 You're Pessimistic

Everyone has their own battles and the world is a pretty tough place indeed. When the tough get going, the going gets tough. It’s basic instinct to fight back and be positive when things get out of hand but for pessimistic people, problems just don’t end. Even a lost penny feels like a million stabs for pessimistic people.

It’s alright to complain about life every once in a while because again, everyone has their own battles. However, for pessimistic people, if it’s not one thing, it’s the other. The worst thing about people with this personality trait is that whenever we give them reason to look at the bright side, they find another reason to be gloomy.

There’s nothing wrong with helping out a person who’s down on his luck but when it’s obvious that the person isn’t willing to see the better side of things no matter what, that’s just wrong.

9 You're A Backstabber

There’s nothing worse than being stabbed in the back by a close friend. Literally and figuratively of course. In front of us, some people are the sunshine in the rain. They’re nice, kind and all things good and we appreciate the respect. Sadly, some of these people become our worst enemies whenever our back is turned.

We don’t know what grudges backstabbers hold against us. Sometimes it’s jealousy, sometimes they just don’t like us. The only constant thing is that we also don’t like them. We hate them a hundred times more. We’d rather be hated upfront than hated whenever our back is turned. Backstabbers are also weak people because they can’t seem to tell the truth about how they feel towards us. It’s hard to determine who among our friends are backstabbers but hopefully, there aren’t any.

8 You're Manipulative

Can’t people just stick to their own business and not meddle in the lives of others? Not surprisingly, the world is riddled with manipulative people. These guys LOVE to bend things according to their liking and it includes meddling with whatever it is we are doing because they just can’t help but manipulate us.

They manipulate a host of things we do including how we do our work, what time we should go home, what we should eat, and when and where we should eat. Most of the manipulative people we meet are close to us because they already hold a special place in our hearts and their hearts in ours. They could be family or a significant other. Whoever it may be, they should ease up on manipulating how we live our lives because they aren’t our bosses or anything. Besides, who loves being manipulated?

7 You're Dependent

We start out as babies crawling on all fours and a few years after being born, we begin to stand on our own feet, both literally and figuratively. At a young age, there are a lot of excuses to be dependent on those around us. We’re young, fragile and very inexperienced so we need guidance from those old enough to stand on their own.

However, some people just can’t seem to stand on their own no matter how old they’ve gotten. It’s hard enough to be an independent person but when a dependent person clings on us for dear life every once in a while, life becomes hell.

Dependent people come in all ages and genders. It does not discriminate. The only constant thing about being dependent is that it’s a pretty spiteful trait to have regardless of age or gender. Next time we see a dependent person, it’s best to just stick a baby bottle in their mouth.

6 You're A Moocher

Ever had that friend who lives his life through the palms of others? There's always that guy in the gang that never pitches in when the bill comes. The guy that always asks for favors even though he just asked you to do him a solid last week. The moocher. That's the guy.

Sometimes, it's hard enough living on our own but when a moocher arrives, we're basically working for two people in one body. What makes moochers more spiteful is that they really have no intention of paying back the favor you did them.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking a few favors from a friend. Even asking for money isn't all that bad. If it's done more than what's supposed to be comfortable, then that's bad. Moochers definitely need to bring out their wallet in the next gang meal.

5 You're Irresponsible

There’s nothing really hard about being a responsible person. All that’s needed is to keep yourself and things intact at all times. We also need always consider the consequences of our actions for ourselves and for others. Irresponsibility is not doing any of these things and for those who are close to irresponsible people, living is a nightmare.

Things get lost, bad things happen, bills don’t get paid and so much more. Irresponsibility causes harm not only to the person but to those close to him. Being responsible is also a sign of being a matured person so those who’ve yet to develop the trait and are still irresponsible are still kids at heart. However, irresponsible people can always learn and they could always use a helping hand or two to get rid of this hated trait.

4 You're Arrogant

There’s a difference between being arrogant and being overconfident. Being overconfident is being way too trusting in what one can do. Being arrogant is almost the same but an arrogant person also thinks he’s way better than anyone else. Horror TV shows and films reveal the arrogant guys always dying first and we’re lucky that it’s the norm as we wouldn’t want to sit through an arrogant person's ramblings for minutes on end.

There are a lot of arrogant people out there and it really grinds our gears to talk to them sometimes. Arrogance puts the loud in "loud and proud" and we couldn’t be more hateful of this trait. Sometimes, it’s just best to keep our overrated achievements and overbearingly assuming thoughts to ourselves to avoid coming off as arrogant. Being proud and strong is not an issue, but being too braggart is just crossing the line.

3 You're Too Close-Minded

The world is vast and full of varying ideologies and personalities. It’s a huge menu wherein we can pick whatever we want to like and hate. However, this doesn’t mean that we should keep our minds closed to other ideas. Especially if that’s going to be of good help to us and to those around us.

At a certain point in our lives, we may have come across an individual that’s basically a book that’s closed and under lock. He doesn’t want other ideas and thoughts being part of his pages. To each his own as they say but close-minded people often tend to affect others in harmful ways. We should always be on the lookout for other ideas as the world is constantly changing and we must adjust to the standards that it sets. Always keep an open mind, guys.

2 You're A Liar

Liar liar pants on fire. Hasn’t anyone invented pants that actually catch on fire whenever a person lies? We all hate liars and that’s the truth. It’s worse enough for a person to bend the truth to whatever he deems is useful for him but it’s bad enough if a person consistently does it to the point that we’re not entirely sure what is a lie and a truth from him.

Trust is a solemn thing and once broken, it’s hard to put together. Much like a mirror. Liars often tend to bend the truth for their own good. White lies are a thing but let’s face it, a lie is a lie. Lucky for us, specialists everywhere have tracked down the signs that a person is lying. If we got a liar in our circle of friends, it’s best to keep a lie detector close by just to be safe.

1 You're Discriminating

It’s sad to see that in this day and age, there are still a lot of people that refuse to see everyone as equal. Be it due to sexism or racism, people who discriminate are some of the worst to be around. Sadly, cases of discriminatory instances are on the rise. What has the world come to?

Without the skin color, genitals and hormones, we’re all just a bag of bones looking to live life to the fullest. It feels awful to be discriminated for things we were born with and things we are proud of. Discriminating people fail to see that we are all born and made equal and there’s no such thing as a superior race or gender. Worst case scenario, these people turn violent.

Only when there’s no such thing as discrimination will we see what peace really is. And when that day comes, we’re all going to bear witness to a new age.


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