15 Perfect Times Jessica Nigri Cosplayed A Male Character

Jessica Nigri is considered one of the greatest female cosplayers in the industry... and for good reason.

Jessica Nigri has long been recognized as one of the greatest cosplay girls to have ever graced the internet, or conventions with her presence. There is every reason why she should be considered so great as well. Sure, sometimes her mountainous, and very fake breasts can get in the way of some of her outfits (or they just over accentuate them), but of course most of her fans love that fact.

And she's not above admitting that she pumped up in size specifically for her cosplay career. And she loves that she has them as well. At least she's totally transparent about this. Now she's done so many scorching hot cosplays that people would absolutely expect of her. She's played Rikku, Super Girl, Harley Quinn, Rogue, Juliet Starling (including her alternate pink jumpsuit), and many more.

But there are some fantastic and foxy (sometimes literally) cosplays that one might not expect. Below are fifteen cosplay Nigri has done of male characters! And she's done them perfectly. From Star Fox, to Freddy Krueger, and from Vegeta to Super Mario, she has donned some brilliant, and busty outfits to shame many a male cosplayer.

15 Link's Awakening

Let's all be honest here. Link already was very effeminate and has been through almost the entirety of the Legend of Zelda series. There's no mistaking it. So what has Nigri done? She's simply taken the cosplay to the next level. And in a rather tame way, one must say. Not even showing a hint of cleavage with this outfit, it seems that she is simply content with doing right by the outfit, and sharing one hell of a sexy look with her gawkers. All of that aside though, for a moment, look at the detail of her costume. This is incredible work, and certainly beats out almost any convention-faring Link I've ever seen. From the designs on the bracers, to the etched triforce on the blade of the very clearly unbalanced master sword, Nigri has got this outfit down pat. Sure, she probably shouldn't be running her fingers along the blade of the most powerful sword (in most of the Zelda games) she could get, but then again, Link is responsible for all sorts of stupid things. Why do you think he was given Navi back when?

14 The Ravishing Raccoon Mario...

Nigri not only does up a sexy Super Mario costume very well, but she also goes so far as designing the costume around one of the power-ups. And of course she chooses the one that would give her cute ears and a tail. The Super Leaf turns Mario into a humanoid raccoon, which allows him then to attack with his tail, or power up a brief flight. One wonders just how Nigri would expect to fly with the amount of weight she's working with in the front though. Regardless, rocking the brown hair, and brown eyes to pull off the complete look, Nigri very easily sells what exactly Mario would look like if he was female, and overwhelmingly attractive, in spite of his ears and tail. And sure, she shows more skin than the tradition Mario, but she still keeps to the signature white gloves, the proper "M" adorned hat, and the plumber's overalls which, in this case, accentuate her...pipes?

13 The Miracle Of Magnetism Magneto was already my personal favourite comic book character of all time. But much more so. It's as if the Scarlet Witch (Magneto's daughter, for those who didn't know) decided to take up the mantle of magnetism, and fashioned her own version of the incredibly iconic outfit from the recent X-Men films (with both Ian Mckellan, and Michael Fassbender playing the role of the magnificent magnetic man). Indeed, the only real difference between the above costume, and the one in the film (probably besides quality) is that there is breathing room for Jessica Nigri's bust. Otherwise, she has completely nailed the outfit, down to even the specific cuts in the armour. She must have a wonderful costume creator working for her, or she is very gifted herself, beyond her ability to simply use her looks for her career.

12 Frisky Freddy

So, as it happens, Freddy is perhaps my most favourite horror movie villain of all time...and at first, sure it's a sexy outfit, but does this diminish his power in any way: Jessica Nigri sexing him out? Ultimately, no. Freddy was made a joker, and a big buffoon through the majority of the Nightmare On Elm St. films. And he explored varying degrees of sexuality as well. So to have him portrayed by one of the hottest cosplayers of all time doesn't seem to tarnish his badass reputation. Though one does have to wonder if many the pink frills on Nigri's bra in this shot might not take a little bit away from the accuracy of the character. And of course, she opted more for the frisky, then the frightening in this shot. But anyone just coming across this is not like to say "Wow, what a way to ruin Freddy". That's just not a thing that happens in the cosplay world...not with something like this anyway. Besides, even Robert Englund would agree that she's far more attractive than he.

11 Deadly

She's even taken on Deadpool! And in true comic book humour, she is indeed equipped with all manner of grenades, featuring the Deadpool mask. That self-referential humour is part of what makes his character so appealing. Of course, one thing that Nigri just would not be able to get right in this cosplay is the fact that Wade Wilson's face is just grotesque. As one line would have it in the film, his face looks like "Freddy Krueger f*cked a topographical map of Utah". Much as many are likely thinking of one of the previous verbs, and it having to do with Jessica Nigri's face, she is by no means hideous to look at, at all. While she is still sexy, of course, she does seem to be slightly out of her element in the above outfit though. And two reasons could be attributed to this: First off, she has no idea how to hold a sword (which was discovered in the very first entry of this article). Secondly, she is not showing off any of her skin here, other than her face.

10 What A Pretty Privateer 

Here, Jessica Nigri takes on the role of Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. And speaking of not being able to hold a sword properly, here she goes yet again. Here's a hint...the pointy end is meant to be aimed at her opponent. Of course this ultimately doesn't matter, because most of her fans are staring at her cleavage, being emphasized by the belts that strap across from either side of her outfit. And that's fair enough. It's just cosplay. It's not true reenactment. Regardless of her ability with any sort of bladed weapon, Nigri's costume is right down to the letter. It is flabbergasting just how well she can pull off these detailed male costumes, while still making them her own, highly attractive, and still better than most male cosplayers (regardless of her chest). Now true, there are fewer male cosplayers out there who are making any sort of bank, but it at least goes to show that Nigri really does put care into her outfits, in addition to the baseline sex appeal.

9 Ooh Foxy Lady

Even if she didn't get this cosplay right...who would really care, ultimately? Star Fox is a classic character to be sure, but he has had a great many costume changes, and who could really say how exact any one person trying to nail one of the costumes is? Well...let's just say I can, and will say that Nigri nailed it. Because of course she did. Sure, she's using a sweater, instead of a flight jacket, but boy does she ever do the character justice. And it might just be the way she's moving her body in these shots that persuades any onlooker of this notion, but that's likely good enough then. But seriously: the detail in the belt buckle, the headset, the gun (and that is one of the signatures poses, so it's not her fault she's putting her own gun to her own head), and even the truly is a spectacular cosplay that rings true to the character, but is simultaneously very feminine, foxy, and fantastic.

8 Uncharted

Oh as much as many fans of Nigri's may like to think that her body is uncharted, think again. Especially since the figurative mountain range she's got was put there by a doctor. So no further exploration needed. This photo has actually taken a lot of flack, almost simply for Nigri's "porcelain doll-like face". The notion that she is expressionless. In a lot of cases, she does have that vacant, open-mouthed look that is often despised by people who want some sort of real human being behind all of that sexy skin. But there are shots of her where she really does get the character...this just happens not to be one of them. But the detail of the outfit is fantastic. Even down to the scraped up knee. And Nathan Drake's shirt is commonly open, quite a bit, he just doesn't have as much pushing open his shirt. But either way, it seems there's only one topic for fans, and it's the topic I've brought up several times, just for that reason: Jessica Nigri apparently has breasts, and that's the only important point for many.

7 Gawking At Goku

Alright, so she's missing the spiky black hair. So what? She's sort of got the anime eyes, and she's definitely got the costume down...however simple it actually is to do. What isn't simple to do is to go through every single one of the tears in her shirt and pants, and then dirty, and bloody them up. She even went so far as to create a wound from under where her hair falls, so as to give a nice bloody trail down her face. And the details on the bruising is spectacular, considering she's not necessarily the world's foremost special effects artist. Now there are a number of people who have given Nigri grief for her Dragonball cosplays, but what those people need to do is face facts. Nigri is having fun bending gender roles, these grievances are clearly come from nerds who can't handle change...and these same nerds can't seem to notice that they, and an extraordinarily beautiful woman have at least Dragonball in common. That should be a win.

6 Pika Pika!

If this outfit doesn't "Pik" your interest...then you either don't swing this way, or you really, really hate Pokemon. Regardless of all that nonsense though, Nigri's Pikachu outfit is incredibly might even venture enough to say that it's...electrifying. Indeed what a shock this outfit is, when compared to the cartoon, or video game character on which it is based. Leaving not a whole lot to the imagination, Nigri surely would have made Ash, a very confused kid, more confused when collecting Pokemon. And this isn't by any means the only Pokemon cosplay she's done either! She's taken on Blastoise, Espeon, Slowking, Umbreon, Eevee (basically all of the "eons"), Charizard, and plenty more. Hell, she's even done an incredible Ash cosplay that would certainly make men and women alike wish that Pokemon had been done live action, and that the main character, as well as every bloody Pokemon in the so-called "Pokedex" was played by Jessica Nigri.

5 Very Sexy...Ummm, Sneaky

Alright, so she's already played good ol' Edward Kenway, from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, but here now is Connor Kenway from AC3. And again, the detail that Nigri puts into her outfits is stunning. Especially, it seems, for any costumes that have anything to do with Assassin's Creed. It makes one wonder if that might be her favourite game franchise. Or perhaps she's simply afraid to piss of fans from yet another huge franchise (like with Dragonball). For whatever the reason, Nigri has got this outfit right down to almost every last detail. She is missing some material for the outfit, but that of course is a necessary loss for those who want to see her midriff, and at least some degree of cleavage. In spite of that wonderful loss in material, she's even got the weapons and tools of the characters, every time she undertakes an AC character. It's a wonderful bit of homage paid to the people at Ubisoft, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather see pay it.

4 A Teaser Of Teemo

Of course there's a bottom to the outfit that Nigri is wearing above, but maybe it's just a bit too much for this article...or maybe it's just left out to tease you all! Regardless, in this cosplay Nigri takes on a character from one of the most competitively played video games in the world. How it got this one will ever truly know. But here she is, playing the role of Teemo, from League of Legends. Now considering that Teemo is typically a tiny, and furry little ball of fury when fighting, but an otherwise charming little furball of fun...I'd say that Nigri has captured this critter character very well indeed. Capturing, of course, the fun and charming side of the character, there is even a little crook of Nigri's brow to suggest a hint of that little fire pent up inside. Sure, she's not fully furry everywhere about her person, but she accents, and localizes where fur should be for certain areas, to properly sell the character, and the costume.

3 Death Comes On Swift And Strangely Sexy Wings...

Yes, this is in fact Jessica Nigri, and yes, she's taken on a character from the seemingly cult classic game World of Warcraft. Corrupted by "the old gods", this character is meant to be some sort of "dragon aspect". That sounds exciting, and maybe terrifying, but it ultimately isn't much of either. What's exciting is that Jessica Nigri is willing to forego an intense amount of sexual appeal in this cosplay, in order to capture the intensity of the character she's playing. I think that's pretty fantastic. And even in spite of that, she still manages to get at least a hint of sex appeal with that midriff, and some heavy metal-clad cleavage. It makes one wonder if they should indeed be attracted to this shot or not. And of course there are those WoW nerds out there who would now love nothing more than a shot at Nigri, while done up in this outfit. It could be fun, of course, but all of those sharp ridges, and claws look a little too painful...unless you're into that.

2 Someone Call A Doctor!

"Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I've got a bad case of lovin' you". Not the same kind of doctor, to be sure, but that doesn't change the sentiment in the above lyric. Now yes, it's clear that Nigri was Photoshopped into a photograph with the Tardis, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a far more attractive doctor paying David Tennant, than David Tennant was, playing Doctor Who. It's hard to tell, from this distance just how detailed her outfit is, but she's got the coat, the loosened tie, the glasses, and what seems to be enough leg to make sure that no one really cares about the accuracy of the character anyway. But come on, there is enough detail to notice that she even swept some of her hair to the side to pay tribute to the David Tennant hairdo from the show. Dr. Who lovers have got to find some place in their heart, however small it may be, for his wonderful version of Jessica Nigri.

1 Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman

Yes! Sorry Tobey Maguire. Sorry Andrew Garfield. Sorry third guy who played Spiderman who no one really cares about. Jessica Nigri takes the cake with this one. Even with the purple hair, this version of Spiderman would have done many, many times better than Tobey Maguire in his ridiculous trilogy. And besides how well she may or may not do as an actor...everyone now has to consider what that rain scene, with the upside down make out with Kirsten Dunst would have been like if Nigri had taken Maguire's place. She looks a whole lot hotter in a tight spandex suit than any of them, and she's not in anyway computer generated here! And look how comfortable she is with herself. Sure, part of the Spiderman story is a sort of coming of age for teenage guys, but there is something far more wonderful replacing it with a woman who is already very, very aware of herself. Who would't like to be stuck in a web with this spider?

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15 Perfect Times Jessica Nigri Cosplayed A Male Character