15 Perfect Overwatch Cosplays Every Fan Needs To See

Even if you've never played Overwatch, as long as you have any inkling in the gaming community there is no denying that you've at least heard of it. But even if you hate video games, we're sure you're going to love our list today of some of the most seriously impressive cosplayers of all-time.

Coming from the developers at Blizzard, Overwatch has cemented itself as one of the most popular games and when you consider the extreme variety of the characters in the game, it's easy to see why.

But while the game may boast variety, we assure you that every single woman on our list was able to succeed at the same goal of creating an Overwatch cosplay that will leave your jaw on the floor. While all these women are beautiful, a large majority of these entries are chosen for their authenticity to the character including a Pharah that cost thousands to make.

That being said, we're not going to completely leave out the few cosplayers who decide that Overwatch needs a bit more nudity, after all, who says Roadhog can't be sexual. Have an Overwatch fan on your friends list? Be sure to share the list on social media.

15 Reinhardt By Jessica Nigri

If you're looking at the typical cosplay from Jessica Nigri, it's not uncommon to find plenty of comments talking about the fact that all she does is show off her boobs to try and garner attention, yet that definitely can't be said in the above photo and for that we have to give her some credit.

It's clear that the team she had working with her were huge Reinhardt fans because the attention to detail looks fantastic, with special mention needing to go to that outstanding looking hammer.

While Reinhardt's in the game may struggle at having their team properly group up behind them and use his shield effectively, something tells us Nigri probably wouldn't have too hard of a time getting the attention of her team in a battle. Just in case you'd love to see her without so much armor on, we're sure you'll enjoy her version of Tracer that also makes our list.

14 Witch Mercy By Fenix.Fatalist

One of the best things about being into Overwatch is that every so often they'll run different promotional events and introduce some super bitching new skins into the game. Halloween is understandably a great time for an event and Blizzard definitely delivered this past October with several great skins, none of which may be more eye-catching than Mercy dressed up as a witch.

While there are several outstanding Cosplay costumes of Mercy, perhaps you wouldn't mind if this version made an appearance at future Halloween parties!

The above photo was put together by Cosplayer Fenix.Fatalist who also gets up close and personal with another beautiful cosplayer on our list for an entry below.

13 McCree By Andy Rae

Andy Rae is no stranger to cosplaying different characters, including putting a medieval spin on a Snow White cosplay, but perhaps you'll agree with us that one of her most captivating cosplays comes with her McCree.

While the character McCree has the ability to stun his enemies, it's clear that Rae would be able to do this simply by having her opponents catch a glimpse of her out on the battlefield and they would be left with their guard down.

With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Rae is quickly making a name for herself as one of the biggest and most sought after Cosplayers, which also means you probably haven't seen the last of her rendition of an Overwatch character. People may argue that McCree is just a less effective version of soldier, but this photo definitely makes us like McCree a lot more.

12 Widowmaker By Jannet Vinogradova

One of the biggest things that a successful Widow player needs to do, is the ability to get into cramped areas and to ideally hang out alone while you snipe down opposing members as they come at you. If you're Jannet Vinogradova though who put together the outstanding Widowmaker costume that your jaw is probably dropped at, you can imagine you won't succeed at staying alone for very long.

Jannet is one of the most active Cosplayers on social media and boasts an impressive 121,000 followers on Instagram. Perhaps you aren't too shocked to hear that she uses her Widowmaker costume in her profile picture!

And while Widowmaker may reside from France, you may be surprised to hear that Vinogradova is actually Russian. Perhaps it's only a matter of time before we see her cosplay Zarya!

11 D.VA By Aza Miyuko

If you're a fan of Aza Miyuko and her cosplay, there are no shortage of outstanding designs that she has put together over the years to help her stand out as one of the most beautiful and talented women in the industry. So naturally when it comes to looking over all the potential D.VA Cosplays out there in the world, perhaps you are not the most shocked to hear her name be chosen.

Whether it's the shoulder pads, the outstanding detail on her gun or headset, there are countless reasons why this helps stand out above the pack; granted it also helps when you're rocking an awesome pose like she is as well!

While we're sure there are people out there with enough dedication to put together the Mech along with D.VA, we aren't going to get sick of seeing Aza anytime soon.

10 Tracer By Tasha

Below you're going to see Jessica Nigri take on a much different version of Tracer as she strips away her clothing, but if you're looking for outright authenticity with your Cosplayer there may not be a better version out there than the one put together by Tasha Cosplay and her team.

Especially when you consider the work they put into getting the awesome poses to really help capture the action.

While Tracer may be known for getting in and out of situations in only the blink of an eye, something tells us you also wouldn't mind if Tasha ended up sticking around for a little bit longer. You know, at least provided that she decides not to whip out those pistols or her pulse bomb and put an impromptu end to your date!

9 Mei By HenchWrench

You wouldn't be the only Overwatch player in the world if you get incredibly frustrated when you see a Mei bearing down on you. The character was brought to life by the Cosplayer Henchwench who wrote in her blurb that she was ecstatic at the chance to cosplay as a plus-sized character.

If you think the costume looks impressive, just imagine how many hours went into the entire process? Henchwench also posted the step-by-step guide to her online blog, but when you consider she also writes on her Facebook that she studied costume design at University you can understand that this isn't for the amateur cosplayer to try and recreate.

Henchwench wore (and won) her costume to the Supanova Sydney 2016 Cosplay Competition. You can understand why she would have made her competition freeze in their tracks!

8 Reaper By Bloodraven

When it comes to characters that you'd hate to see in a dark alley, is there really any candidate on this list that is higher than Reaper? I mean not only does he have a seemingly unlimited amount of shotguns hidden somewhere under his cloak, but he's also got the ability to teleport in and out of locations and while that may be manageable for the other heroes of Overwatch, good luck dealing with that in the real world.

You may much prefer to Bloodraven, who you'll have to take our word for is an absolutely beautiful girl who clearly has an incredible talent at Cosplaying.

Blood.Raven is also active on Instagram and currently, has roughly 11,000 followers and also has her own website where she boasts her latest designs, including writing about how she created everything in the above cosplay from scratch with the exception of the mask.

Understandably, she also said it was her favorite cosplay so far.

7 Sombra By Soni Aralynn

Sombra may have the ability to turn invisible, but you can imagine there is no quicker way to disappoint a gentleman who is out on a date with Sombra than to have her all of a sudden vanish!

Soni Aralynn who helped bring the character to life is one of the most popular cosplayers and has over 48,000 followers on her Instagram account where she also often posts cosplays from various mediums that'll surely win over the heart of any nerd (especially as she affectionately writes "Nerd love") in her biography.

She's definitely also not a newcomer to the industry, as she wrote on her Facebook that she has been designing cosplay costumes for over 10 years. When you consider Sombra has some of the coolest skins in the game, you can hope that means we'll be seeing a few different versions coming from Soni!

6 Lei Radna And Fenix.Fatalist As Emily And Tracer

While she may not be an Overwatch character, fans of the game should be well aware of who Emily is. Cosplayed by the captivating Lei Radna in the above photo, it was revealed back in December that Tracer is a lesbian and understandably the Cosplay community was excited at the new Cosplay potential.

Radna is joined by Ukrainian Cosplayer Fenix.Fatalist.

When talking about her orientation, Blizzard was open with their statement of inclusivity

"As in real life, having variety in our characters and their identities and backgrounds helps create a richer and deeper overall fictional universe. From the beginning, we’ve wanted the universe of Overwatch to feel welcoming and inclusive, and to reflect the diversity of our players around the world," as well as hinting that she is only the first LGBTQ character to come out, but not the last.

5 Symmetra For Blizzard Booth At Gaming Convention

If you don't think the above costume of Symmetra looks amazing, you definitely may be in the minority. The cosplay was put together by Kamui Cosplay, one of the best companies out there and they spared no expense in putting together their Symmetra.

Especially when you learn that they actually made the Cosplay after being commissioned by Blizzard so they could have someone wear it and work their booth at an upcoming gaming convention.

And just in case you want to start hating on the fact that her skin isn't darker, the cosplayer spoke out about just that fact on her blog,

"I KNOW Symmetra has a much darker skin tone then mine, but I believe everybody can dress up as whoever he or she wants, no matter of race, sex, bodyshape or anything else! Cosplay is for everybody and not just for look-a-likes of the character."

4 Roadhog By Kinpatsu Cosplay

Roadhog may be easily recognizable for his big belly, but that clearly wasn't going to be possible when Tayla Barter decided to take on the Australian in the Cosplay you see above.

Though when you consider she has over 119,000 followers on Instagram you can understand that there aren't going to be many people complaining about her iteration of the character.

It certainly makes the idea of being hooked and dragged closer a lot less unappealing though if it is Barter standing on the other end. You just need to hope she doesn't have her scrap gun handy!

Barter resides in South Africa and says she has been cosplaying since 2012 and clearly has gotten quite good at it. We're sure Roadhog isn't the only character you'd love to see her try on.

3 Junkrat By Baaka Cosplay

Junkrat may be the craziest character of anyone on our list, but there's definitely some value in putting up with that level of crazy if it means getting to hang out with the Junkrat from the above photo! You just need to hope that they don't decide a fun way to end the night isn't to attempt to blow you up, and when you consider it's Junkrat, we definitely can't be making any promises.

The cosplay was put together by Bakka Cosplay who have been in the business of making outstanding Cosplays since 2005 and understandably have become one of the best out there.

They also teamed up with Shellshocked Cosplay and while you may love looking at the female version above, they also excelled at creating a male Junkrat.

2 Pharah By Germia

Germia was the European Cosplay Champion in 2016, so you better believe she was well prepared that she needed to bring her A-Game when it came to taking on the outstanding Overwatch character Pharah. And while she won't be able to fly, you may find it incredibly hard to find fault with her rendition.

It was definitely no easy feat to accomplish, but even ignoring the technical skill required to pull it off Germia admitted that it cost between $1,000-$2,000 to make. Definitely a lot more money and effort than just taking off some clothing as other cosplayers do!

Bonus points for Germia not only pulling off the character but also choosing her coolest skin in the game, Anubis, when doing so. Here is hoping she'll keep her eyes peeled for future Pharah skins to find even more inspiration.

1 Casual Tracer By Jessica Nigri

While this list has been full of cosplays that are incredibly realistic, we're wrapping things up with Jessica Nigri being...Jessica Nigri as she shows off her own rendition of a much more relaxed version of Tracer that surely wouldn't be nearly as useful on the battlefield.

And while you may love looking at Nigri, you can't expect anything nearly this revealing to be making it's way into the game as a potential skin to wear anytime soon!

Nigri was well aware of the revealing nature of the photos, adding the caption to the photos,

"Super Casual/Cosy Tracer! I'd like to think this kind of shoot and these undies are definitely more for her lady Emily than for Lena, haha. A mini set just for the GF."

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