15 People Who Ruined Their Lives Trying To Be Famous

To many people, being famous is just about the most important thing that there is in the world. There are a lot of people who want to be famous and will do pretty much anything that they can to get there. Back in the day, you had to have some special sort of talent to have the whole world know your name, but these days, with YouTube, social media, and reality television, all it takes is persistence, a lot of bravery, and, in a lot of cases, total idiocy to become famous.

All of the people on this list wanted to become famous in the worst way, and in trying to do so, they messed up their lives. Some of the people on this list even lost their lives because of doing stupid stunts or because of the repercussions of their actions. Was it really worth it for these people to make total fools of themselves or, in some cases, die because they couldn't just live a normal life? Going viral and having everyone know your name might sound like fun, but if you look at the people on this list, you'll see that there are, at times,v some dangers involved in trying to make it big.

Here are 15 people who totally messed up their lives trying to be famous.


15 Monalisa Perez - Tried to Go Viral, Killed Her Boyfriend Instead

These two are possibly the biggest idiots on this list, and that's saying something, without a doubt. Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz were a couple who was trying to become famous by having a YouTube Channel, in which they performed stunts and did some other rather lame things. Ruiz convinced Monalisa to shoot a book that he was holding in front of his chest, convinced that the book would stop the bullet and that it would make them totally famous. Brilliant right? She shot at the book from about a foot away, and it obviously tore through the book, and he died immediately. Monalisa is now out on bail for manslaughter and is looking at significant prison time. But hey, at least she's famous now! What an idiot.

14 Gia Allemand - Bachelor Contestant Hangs Herself


Gia Allemand was a contestant on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad. She also was the girlfriend of Ryan Anderson, who is a successful player in the NBA. So all is cool, right? It seems like she was becoming rather successful just by being on reality shows and hanging out with NBA players. Well, no. Things were not cool. After Anderson had told her that he didn't love her anymore, the 29-year-old dance instructor used a vacuum cleaner cord to hang herself from the stairwell of her home. This is the kind of thing that happens often in reality shows. They look for people who aren't stable because they make such great contestants and are so likely to freak out. The sad part is they often have trouble surviving afterward.

13 Mike And Heather Marting - Worst Parents Ever

These two idiots were trying to become famous by playing pranks on their kids and posting them to YouTube. I mean, if Jimmy Kimmel can get away with it, why can't they? Well, mostly because Jimmy Kimmel is funny. At one point, they posted a video in which they blamed their 9-year-old for a prank that he didn't commit and posted a video saying, "Get your f–king a– up here!" and asking him "What the f–k did you do?! What the f–k?!" Viewers were so freaked out, they started a petition to get Child Protective Services to investigate. These two were obviously trying to exploit their children for fame and to make money, which obviously is about as lame as it gets. Most of the videos have since been taken down.

12 Martina Adams - Wants to Be Black


Some people who are looking for fame are just plain old crazy. This is the case with Martina Adams who had already done a lot of extreme plastic surgery to try and become super famous but decided to take it a step further by trying to look black. At one point, she said, "I had done the next step in my transformation to a black woman. Yesterday, I was with an African hairdresser and got a hair extension with curly, African hair." Not only that, but she's also going to continue her transition by changing, her hair structure, facial features, and buttocks. Well, Martina, I'm not sure how well you're doing attempting to turn into a black person, but you sure are doing well at turning into an idiot.

11 David Nuno - Choked Out For Real

The Choking Game is, without a doubt, an incredibly stupid thing to do, but still, all sorts of kids do it and then film themselves and post it on YouTube. Why anyone would think this is cool is a bit beyond me, but then again, I'm not a total moron. One person who's a total moron -- or should I say was a total moron (because he's dead now) -- is David Nuno. He and his friends started playing the choking game, and when he passed out and fell to the floor, he fell on an empty glass which cut his jugular vein, and he died. I know this is sad, and I'm not trying to make fun of his tragedy, but seriously? Dying because you want to post a video of yourself being choked on YouTube? What a totally idiotic way to go.

10 Ryan Dunn - Total Jackass


Ryan Dunn was one of the stars of the TV show Jackass, which was also made into a couple of movies. The show consisted of a bunch of guys who were presumably cool doing ridiculous stunts and basically acting like idiots. While this is kind of cool, I guess, it wasn't when Ryan Dunn died doing a ridiculous stunt and acting like an idiot. According to the Daily Mail UK, "Police say the 34-year-old was traveling at around 130mph in a 55mph zone when his Porsche 911 flew off the road at around 2.30am on Monday morning in Pennsylvania, instantly killing him and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell." Come on, Ryan... when you act like you're dumber than Bam Margera, you know there's a pretty major problem.

9 Paula Goodspeed - Killed Herself After American Idol Humiliation

Paula Goodspeed did what many people who have aspirations to be singers try to do: she appeared on American Idol. She told Ryan Seacrest what a huge fan of Paula Abdul she was before her performance, which probably made it a bit worse for her when her performance was made fun of by all of the judges. This would've been the end of the story if Goodspeed wasn't later found dead in her car near Abdul's house. She had died of a drug overdose and had a photo of Paula Abdul in the car. It seems that Goodspeed was a little unstable when she went on the show, and it was obvious that they only put her on because they thought that she was crazy, and it also seems that may have been why she died.


8 Dalia Dippolito - Murderer or Reality Show Contestant?


Dalia is a little different than some others on this list. She told an undercover detective that she wanted to pay him to kill her husband, and this was captured on the show Cops. She was obviously arrested. But this is when the whole thing got even weirder. She used the defense that she and her husband were in on the whole thing together and that it was all a ruse so they could get their own reality TV program. Of course, that's pretty ridiculous, and her husband denied all of it. The judge and jury thought so, too, and they gave her 16 years in prison. It's possible that Dalia is just a murderous liar and not someone trying to get fame, but according to her, the whole reason that she's sitting in prison is her quest for fame.

7  Saad Khan - Drowned in Reality Show Competition

Saad Khan was a contestant on a reality show in Pakistan. I say "was" because he ended up dying while trying to swim across a lake while wearing a 15-pound backpack. He yelled for help, and people in the crew did try to save him, but they had no luck. Khan had modeled in the past and had always wanted to be on television and be famous. These types of events also happen on competition shows like Survivor, but in America, events like this are all very well monitored for safety. Who has a competition where contestants have to swim across a lake wearing a 15-pound backpack? That just seems incredibly stupid. Sadly, Saad Khan was willing to do something incredibly stupid to try and be famous.

6 Kerry Hillhouse - Supernanny Shame


Kerry Hillhouse was having some problems with her 11-year-old son named Ryan, so she decided to go on Supernanny. I mean, why not, right? It seems like a win all the way around. She gets help with her son and also gets to get a bit famous in the process. What could go wrong? Well, it seems like all sorts of things could. According to Kerry, the show edited all of the worst things that she and Ryan did together and made him appear way worse than he actually was, and she was humiliated. All sorts of news outlets were calling her out for being a bad mother, and it led to her and her husband divorcing. I guess I do feel bad for her in a way, but then again, she did choose to put her child on television. Come on... why would you do that?

5 Deleese Williams - Extreme Suicide

Deleese Williams was about to appear on the show Extreme Makeover before the producers of the show told her that they didn't want her to appear. Before she went on the show, crew interviewed her family and friends, who all did their best to say how totally awful Deleese looked and how much she needed the makeover. Later, her family members said the producers of the show convinced them to say all sorts of horrible things about Deleese to make the show more compelling. After all the things that were said about her, Deleese refused to show her face in public and became reclusive. 4 months later, she killed herself. This whole thing is very sad and an example of what can happen when someone with problems is treated like a commodity.

4 Russell Armstrong - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Russell Armstrong and his wife, Taylor, were regulars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But the thing was, he was living beyond his means. His lawyer said, "Each month was a challenge for him to cover their lifestyle. Russell was in a lot of debt, and he had legal problems. His credit cards were used up. He had serious financial problems. And that, no doubt, caused him a lot of stress." This seems like an understatement. The show aired all of the problems that Russell and Taylor were having, and Taylor eventually filed for divorce, saying that he had abused her. Russell responded by saying the show had pushed him to the limit and that it wasn't who he really was. He ended up hanging himself in his Bel Air home.

3 John Cerniglia - What a Nightmare

Talk about a kitchen nightmare. This one really takes the cake. John Cerniglia was on the show Kitchen Nightmares, which is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, who goes around and tries to help people who run restaurants do it better. During the show, Ramsay said, "Your business is about to f***ing swim down the Hudson. Why did you become a chef-owner if you haven't a clue how to run a business?" Oh, that Gordon Ramsay... he sure does know how to give a good insult, doesn't he? Cerniglia ended up jumping to his death from the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey a few years later. For those of you that don't know what body of water he died in, it was the Hudson River.

2 Rachel Brown - A Pattern With Ramsay?


Gordon Ramsay has been involved in more than one suicide, sadly. Not saying he's to blame, of course. Rachel Brown shot herself after she had been on the show. This is one of those odd things that no one can quite figure out for sure. Do some people kill themselves because they had such an awful experience when they were on reality TV? Or is it that certain people that go on reality television are more likely to be totally nuts? To be honest, it probably is a little bit of both, but, without a doubt, it seems that producers of these shows look for people who aren't all that stable. After all, how fun is it to see a stable person yelled at by Gordon Ramsay? Not very fun at all, if you think about it.

1 Joey Kovar - Real Sad World

Joey Kovar was one of the stars of Real World Hollywood. Back in 2008, he also appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. What makes his situation so sad is that although he had struggled with booze and drugs for a while, he was clean before he went on Real World but ended up being sent to rehab while he was still a cast member. He said that the pressure was just too much. He never fully recovered and sadly ended up dying of a drug overdose in 2012 when he was just 29 years old. Would he have been okay and stayed clean and survived if he hadn't gone on reality TV and tried to find fame? No one will ever know the answer to that, but one thing for sure is that going on The Real World didn't help.



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