15 People Who Look So Much Like Celebrities It's Creepy

Imagine you looked like a celebrity? How different would your life be if you had people swarming around you because you looked like a famous person? It has happened to a few people and it might sound cool, but the attention can get a little hectic.

There are plenty of people who want to look like Kim Kardashian, but have you ever met or even seen a regular person who looked exactly like Adele? Well, she's out there, and she's not denying that she looks like the famous singer. You might see many people who have gotten surgery to look freakishly like other celebs, but these people were born this way, and we have to say that they look way too much like these certain stars.

This list names the 15 people who look extremely identical to other celebs, it is shocking. It's crazy how people have even found these average individuals on social media and linked them up to these famous stars. Some of these people have even given up their careers to work as these celebrities' doppelgängers! You need to check out this list of 15 people who look so much like celebrities!

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15 Leonardo DiCaprio - Lookalike Twin Lives In Sweden

Photo Via: WTVR.come

A Swedish bartender named Konrad Annerud looks so similar to actor Leonardo DiCaprio it's disturbing. The 21-year-old became a social media star after people started saying he looked a lot like the Titanic star. Looking at Annerud's Instagram photos, he looks way too familiar to DiCaprio during his younger years, especially when he was cast as Jack Dawson in the billion-dollar box office hit movie Titanic. Annerud seems to be loving the attention he's getting, saying that he's taking it all in stride, but admitting it can get a little tiring when people call him by the actor's name. He's also added that Leo is "handsome," so we don't think he's too bothered by the fame.

14 Angelina Jolie - Internet Has Freaked Out Over This Lookalike

This 21-year-old model named Mara Teigen has people going crazy because of how ridiculously similar she looks to actress Angelina Jolie. Mara has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, and her selfies are quite shocking. Even though she's appeared in ads for Milani Cosmetics and Frankies Bikinis and has even dated NHL star Evander Kane, Mara has become a well-known figure in Hollywood for her familiar looks. Teigen hasn't been the first model compared to Jolie. In 2015, people were overwhelmingly obsessed with Vancouver model Veronika Black, and how close she looked like Angelia Jolie.

13 Ariana Grande - Doppelganger Always Gets Stopped On The Street For Her Resemblance

Photo Via: YouTube.com

Fans of Ariana Grande are definitely seeing double when it comes to this lookalike. A waitress named Jacky Melissa Vasquez looks way too familiar to the pop star, and it's just a little scary. The waitress is from Virginia, and her thousands of followers can't believe how close she looks like the pop star. Jacky admitted that she gets stopped very often for autographs and photos because of her striking resemblance to Grande. Jacky regularly gets stopped on the street from fans who love Grande and has had multiple people stare at her. "People stare at me in the street and I can sometimes hear her name being mentioned in strangers' conversations because they think I'm her," she stated.

12 Ed Sheeran - Doppelganger Is Catching Way Too Much Attention

Photo Via: YouTube.com

Singer Ed Sheeran joked about his baby lookalike on Good Morning Britain when the singer was shown a photograph of baby Richard Arnold. The adorable baby looked so much like Sheeran, he had to clarify that the child was not his. "She's not mine," the singer said after he saw the photo, adding, "She's not mine! It's mad the kind of things that go viral." Ed Sheeran got on a more serious note on the show and added that when he does have kids in the future, he does not want to be touring when he has them and would love to have kids whenever the moment happens.

11 Katy Perry - People Would Run Up To Her Doppelganger And Ask For Autograph

Photo Via: eluniversal.com.co

Katy Perry has always been compared to actress Zooey Deschanel, and there is no denying that these two celebs have very similar features. However, there is one less famous person that can be compared to the "Fireworks" hitmaker. Perry impersonator Francesca Brown looks so much like Katy Perry, it's a little disturbing. From her dark black hair and blue wide eyes, it's crazy how much she looks like the star. "I would just get mistaken everywhere," Brown told Elle.com, adding, "I'd have people running after me; I went shopping, and I had children running after me. I went to a music festival here in London, and there were cameras and crowds of people turned up wanting their picture [with me]. Everyone would think I was her!"

10 Kim Kardashian - Felt "Super Awkward" When Meeting Doppelganger

Photo Via: Youtube.com

There have been multiple Kim Kardashian lookalikes, but no one beats blogger Kamilla Osman, who disturbingly looks like the reality star. During an interview with ET, Kamilla admitted that she needed work on her nose because of a deviated septum and had gotten lip injections since she was 15 years old. She stated, "The only thing I did was my nose and my lips - and the nose was for medical reasons. I had my nose done, which is rhinoplasty, for my health problems. I had a deviated septum so I couldn't breathe. That was for that and they tweaked it a bit. You know, why not?" Even though Kardashian met her doppelganger, she admitted that seeing her was "super awkward." Talking to her best friend, Jonathan Cheban, Kardashian stated, "The fact that Jonathan would take it to this level is so bizarre to me. Jonathan's trying to rub this in my face and make me feel some type of way, but I don't."

9 Ryan Gosling - Lookalike Is Exhausting To Fans

Photo Via: grazia.com

Actor Ryan Gosling's lookalike looks so much like him, fans of the star can't help but drool over him. According to an article from Time, fans of Gosling are "exhausted" at looking at law student and men's wear blogger Johannes Laschet, who looks way too close to Gosling. The student began getting comparison to the actor in 2005 and called it "exhausting." However, he doesn't mind getting compared to such a hot actor. "I am still me and nobody else," he told Time. "On the other hand, you shouldn't complain if you have a resemblance to Mr. Gosling. It's better [than] if people would say: 'Hey, you look like Danny DeVito.'" Looking at his Instagram, the law student looks like he's doing all these poses on purpose.

8 Taylor Swift - Doppelganger Looks Like Singer's Twin

Photo Via: metro.co.uk

Fans have been blown away by how similar this girl looks to Taylor Swift. Kansas-based cosplayer April Gloria happens to looks a lot like the "Bad Blood" singer, and it is very disturbing. Speaking to Seventeen.com, the lookalike stated, "I think the very first time was in fall 2014. I posted a selfie in a blonde wig with blunt bangs and a reddish pink lip, and a few people commented comparing us." After being compared to the singer, she has attained a lot of attention. Even from her choice of clothing, Gloria looks exactly like Swift. We're not sure if Taylor is aware of her doppelganger, but she definitely needs to know! Gloria can literally be Swift's sister and even her twin.

7 Emma Watson - Lookalike Didn't Even Know She Looked Exactly Like Emma Watson

Photo Via: bbcamerica.com

Kari Lewis was just a video store employee in Indianapolis, Indiana when she was spotted and told that she looked exactly like actress Emma Watson. Lewis bares an uncanny resemblance to the Harry Potter actress, and we can all agree that she looks exactly like the star. Lewis' mom first realized that her daughter looked like the star when two girls pointed it out at the post office. Kari had no idea who Emma's character was and had to look her up. "If it wasn't for those two young girls, I probably wouldn't have known about Harry Potter until a bit later," Kari said. After watching the films, Kari's passion for the characters grew, and she even began identifying with Hermione Granger's personality. Kari stunned the Internet when she posted selfies of herself with a similar denim jacket and wand that looked way too familiar to Granger's in the films. Hundreds of people continue to leave Kari comments on her Instagram page about how similar she looks to Emma Watson and her Potter character.

6 Kate Middleton - Doppelganger Dropped Her Job To Impersonate The Duchess

Photo Via: Youtube.com

Kate Middleton's doppelganger became an instant Instagram celebrity. I mean, who wouldn't want to be compared to the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William? Former waitress Heidi Agan is literally a professional Kate Middleton lookalike. She didn't notice that she looked like the Duchess until customers at the restaurant she worked at told her she looked exactly like her. Heidi looked so much like Kate; she quit her waitress job two months in and became a Kate Middleton impersonator. "I was really lucky with the way things worked out and probably never would have got into this line of work if I hadn't been a waitress in the first place," she said, adding, "it was the customers who got me into being a Kate lookalike."

5 Adele - Lookalike Didn't Notice She Looked Like Adele Until A Flood Of Instagram Comments

Photo Via: cosmopolitan.com

Swedish native Ellinor Hellborg had no idea she looked like Adele until she got a flood of comments on her Instagram. After seeing how close she resembles the star, Hellborg began imitating Adele and even doing her makeup like her, eyeliner and all. She told Daily Mail, "I had thought about looking similar to Adele before, noticing small similarities in our profiles, but I didn't really think anything of it until people on Instagram started commenting on it. It used to be once in a while, almost exclusively when my sister posted pictures of us on her account since she had a lot of followers on her Instagram."

4 Miley Cyrus - Doppelganger Needs Security To Protect Her

Photo via: dailymotion.com

A waitress from California named Mardee Shackleford is consistently mistaken for Miley Cyrus. She looks so much like the Wrecking Ball singer that she has gotten mobbed by fans in the street who want photos of her. Her resemblance to Cyrus is so identical that when she goes to clubs, security guards have to protect Mardee form being crushed by people who admire how much she looks like the singer. She stated, "Several times I have been sitting in traffic and people have slid open the back door of their car and kids will start yelling 'Miley!'" She also told Daily Mail, "Sometimes, it feels like I am actually famous or a celebrity, just on a really small scale. It's been really fun for me."

3 Rihanna - Lookalike Almost Got Mobbed At Club For Her Resemblance

Photo Via: oddzout.blogspot.com

Boston native Andele Lara has been making a whopping extra $20,000 for looking like Umbrella singer Rihanna. She has amounted thousands of followers, and her photos always go viral because of how much she looks like Rihanna. She looks so much like the star, she has even thought about quitting school to focus on being a full-time Rihanna lookalike. It is amazing how much she looks like the star and looking at her Instagram, it's easy to see how people can mistake her for Rihanna. She's even been swarmed at a club after she accidentally ended up at the same club as Rihanna's ex, Chris Brown.

2 Zayn Malik - Doppelganger Caused A Meltdown

Photo via: pinterest.com

The lookalike for ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik sent girls into a frenzy. Los Angeles stylist Shyan Ranje racked up thousands of Instagram followers after only uploading 55 photos on his page. Shyan looks so much like Malik that hundreds of fans have asked if he was related to the star. In fact, both people have similar physical features and have a shared love for leather jackets, jewelry, and a habit of Instagramming in black and white. Both Zayn's doppelganger and the star even have Arabic tattoos!

1 Selena Gomez - Lookalike Strikingly Looks The Same As Disney Star

Photo via: Youtube.com

Selena Gomez's doppelganger looks strikingly like the star it is crazy how they are not related. Valerie B. is just a student, but she's already getting tons of comments for how similar she looks like the star. She talked to SweetyHigh, where she mentioned the first time she got mistaken for Selena Gomez. She stated, "It happened when I was around 16 years old. I was working at my first retail job and a little girl came up to me and screamed, 'Look mommy it's Alex Russo, the wizard!' Her mom told me to play along and pretend I was her. It was the cutest thing! Back then, Selena's TV show, Wizards of Waverly Place, was very popular. After that, I started getting stared at in public, especially on the bus. Strangers would come up just to tell me that I look like her. I always take it as a compliment. Selena is a gorgeous girl.'"

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