15 People Who Have Been Fired For Hooking Up With Their Celeb Clients

Problems arise when these relationships fail, and more often than not, they do

Viviana Ross isn't the only one to lose her job because of hooking up with an off-limits celebrity. Viviana was thrust into the spotlight recently because of a steamy one-night affair with the hot Pirates of the Caribbean star, Orlando Bloom. She is far from the first and definitely won't be the last to have this happen.

It's human nature to want to get with someone that's attractive and, on top of that, a megastar; especially if you're working for a celebrity you are in close proximity to and oftentimes in very intimate situations with. If you've ever seen the Whitney Houston movie, The Bodyguard, you can see how close a bodyguard can sometimes get to their client. Yes, it was a movie and the majority of bodyguards do not look like Kevin Costner nor are they going to sleep with their clients, but it does show how easy it would be for a vulnerable celebrity to fall for someone that they're close to day in and day out.

Perhaps it's an actor on set for months at a time away from their family. Loneliness sets in and their constant companion is an assistant or stylist. Feelings can start developing or they might feel like they can get away with a s*x-only relationship because they are 'in charge' and 'the boss'.

Problems arise when these relationships fail and more often than not, they do; or in most of the following situations, these people were not single and free to sleep around. There were husbands, girlfriends, and wives in the picture. Not only does it ruin professional relationships, but will definitely destroy personal ones too! Without further ado, Here's 15 People That Have Been Fired For Hooking Up With Their Celebrity Clients:

15 David Beckham And Rebecca Loos

David Beckham and his sports publicist/personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, engaged in a 4-month-long affair in which they had passionate romps in hotel rooms. Rebecca claims David was a very "giving" and "passionate" lover who knew exactly what she wanted and even fed her strawberries in bed. Rebecca knew he was married to Victoria Beckham and felt badly for having s*x with him, but she says their attraction was so strong she couldn't help herself.

Rebecca also claims David was big into s*xting. She was once visiting a museum with her parents when the text messages started getting hot and heavy. She had to excuse herself to the ladies room to "finish."

Rebecca's tell-all interview was acquired by hiring her under the guise of being a presenter for a television program but as rumor has it, their actual goal was only to snag the exclusive interview. After they got the interview, they dumped Rebecca. Fired and humiliated Rebecca had to find a new career. She commented that she hoped David and Victoria can "work things out especially because children are involved." You would think she might have thought of that before she took off her clothes and had s*x with him.

14 Christine Ouzounian And Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck was married to actress Jennifer Garner when he started having an affair with his children's nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

Christine was employed by an elite nanny agency when Ben and Jen hired her to care for their 3 young children. Unfortunately, this is not all she cared for. It seems like this nanny was also caring for the two-time Oscar winner, Ben!

Christine is an extremely attractive blonde. She's not a frumpy Mary Poppins. She is young at only 28. Ben is approaching middle age and has been married to actress Jennifer Garner for 10 years. Their marriage was also going through some challenges with Ben's addiction struggles. When Christine appeared, it's pretty apparent that Ben was in a vulnerable state. Christine would have been privy to this information. Did she take advantage of a broken man who was trying to pull his life together? Did Ben take advantage of this 28-year-old nanny? It seems that they are both at fault. Jen was furious with Ben and kicked him out of their house. Jen also fired the untrustworthy nanny.

Christine was spotted out and about looking amazing—not heartbroken over the loss of her job or man. She was driving around a Lexus and relishing in her newfound fame. Someone should've told her that 15 minutes of fame was all she was going to get. A-list actors like Ben and Jen are in a whole different playing field. Regardless of what happens to their marriage, they will continue to make movies and rake in millions. Mary Poppins on the other hand? She better find a local Babysitters Club chapter to join.

13 Britney Spears And Wade Robson

Back when pop princess Britney Spears and N'Sync heartthrob Justin Timberlake were an item, Britney supposedly had a fling with a mutual friend and choreographer, Wade Robson. Wade and Justin had worked together for a long time. Wade choreographed and directed music videos for both Britney and Justin.

Unfortunately, after the affair was brought to light, Justin kicked Wade to the curb. Justin's music video "Cry Me A River" is thought to be inspired by Britney's affair with Wade. Justin has moved on and is married to actress Jessica Biel. Britney has 2 sons from her marriage to former backup dancer, Kevin Federline. Wade has continued to have a very successful career, including winning 2 Emmy Awards.

12 Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile

After Kristen Stewart when through a very messy break up with her Twilight boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, and having to endure a torrent of abuse from crazy Twi-hards for breaking Edward Cullen's heart, Kristen moved on to a relationship with her then personal assistant, Alicia Cargile.

Alicia and Kristen had a wonderful relationship. They were often spotted out and about smiling and laughing. They were playful for the paparazzi—not afraid of some PDA. Unfortunately, Alicia and Kristen's relationship didn't last.

They broke up and got back together several times, but this last time was a permanent break. In breaking up, Alicia also lost her job as Kristen's personal assistant. You can't really continue working for someone in such an intimate position when they're your ex-girlfriend, can you?

11 Daisy Wright And Jude Law

Even though Jude Law was dating one of the most gorgeous women in the world, Sienna Miller, he just couldn't keep his hands off of his children's nanny. Daisy Wright was employed by Jude Law and his ex-wife, the mother of his children, Sadie Frost, to look after their 3 kids.

Daisy became close with Sienna, Sadie, and Jude. She would do a week with Jude and Sienna, and the next with Sadie. She enjoyed watching the kids, but also seemed to enjoy sleeping with her boss, Jude. Jude and Sienna were going thru a rough patch and Jude, feeling lonely and rejected, fell into the arms of a more-than-eager young girl.

Sadly, the relationship was not meant to be (surprise, surprise...). One of the children came into Jude's bedroom while Daisy was still asleep in his bed. Daisy had hoped the child would forget all about it. But a few weeks later, Daisy was ousted. The child that caught Daisy and Jude in bed together spoke up at one of his mother's dinner parties, announcing that he had found his nanny and daddy together in bed. Sienna and Jude's relationship imploded. Sadie was furious. Daisy was fired and dismissed by the guy she thought truly cared about her. Daisy was so upset that she sold her salacious story to the tabloids and made a pretty penny giving all the graphic details—s*x on the pool table, s*x after Jude got off the phone with Sienna. We got it, Daisy. Lots of s*x. S*x with a man who only wanted you for s*x.

10 Gavin Rossdale And Mindy Mann

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani were the picture perfect rock n' roll couple...or so it seemed. The facade all came tumbling down when it was revealed that Gavin had been having an affair for a little over 3 years with the nanny, Mindy Mann.

How did Gwen finally find out about it? Oh, she found explicit text messages and nude pictures of Mann on the family iPad. Gwen was irate and immediately fired Mindy. Initially, Gavin said it was nothing more than flirtation and nothing physical ever came from the racy messaging. A few months after Mindy was fired, Gavin finally told Gwen the seriousness of his relationship with Mindy. He was even carrying on the affair while Gwen was pregnant with one of their 3 children!

Heartbroken Gwen has gone on to find love again in the arms of country singer Blake Shelton. Gavin is a voice coach on the UK version of The Voice.

9 Viviana Ross And Orlando Bloom

In May 2017, Orlando Bloom hooked up with London waitress Viviana Ross. Orlando was staying at a hotel when he met Viviana who was working as a waitress at the hotel's upscale restaurant. After Viviana got off from work one night, Orlando invited the gorgeous 20-something-year-old girl up to his room where they had a night of "passionate s*x."

Unfortunately, the following morning, Viviana was caught alone in the actor's room by her boss. Her boss immediately terminated Vivian. He told her that there was absolutely no fraternizing with the client, and she had obviously been fraternizing with a client. Orlando got wind of the waitress' plight and called her to apologize. Sources say he felt terrible that Viviana lost her job.

Well, it seems that Viviana isn't too unhappy. She has received enormous amounts of publicity from this one night stand. She will undoubtedly be offered large sums of money for tell-all exclusive interviews and modeling gigs. Who wouldn't want to buy something endorsed by a woman Orlando Bloom had a night of "passionate s*x" with?!

8 Ozzy Osbourne And Michelle Pugh

"Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-lights a blow out and a blowj*b call......."

Don't ever get on Ozzy Osbourne's daughter's bad side. Hairstylist, Michelle Pugh, learned the hard way when she slept with Kelly Osbourne's rockstar father, Ozzy Osbourne. When Kelly found out about it, she took to Twitter and tweeted that message along with Michelle's personal phone number to her 4 million+ Twitter followers.

Ozzy's affair led to the destruction of his 30+ year marriage to the amazing Sharon Osbourne. Sharon has stood by Ozzy during some of his darkest days when he was struggling with drugs and alcohol. She put up with a lot of sh*t from him. It's pretty horrible that Ozzy would even think of hurting her.

After Kelly tweeted out Michelle's phone number, Michelle went into hiding. Sharon banned her from ever touching a hair on Ozzy's head again. Sources are mixed on whether the salon that employed her fired her. It would be easy to understand why they would. Having your salon associated with someone that gives out "cheap chunky LOW-lights, blow outs, and blowj*bs..." probably wouldn't be very good for business.

7 Stephen Belafonte And Lorraine Gilles

Scary Spice, aka Mel B, fired her long-time nanny and friend after discovering her husband, Stephen Belafonte, was sleeping with her. Stephen wasn't only sleeping with their German-born nanny, Lorraine Gilles, but he also paid for an apartment for her to stay at, which Mel B was unaware of.

Lorraine Gilles is a gorgeous platinum blonde who appeared in dozens of pictures with Mel B and Stephen Belafonte. It seems that the threesome enjoyed many nights out in town together. Lorraine alleges that Mel B became jealous of her after the 3 had an actual threesome. She said Mel B was well aware of her relationship with Stephen. Mel B's attorney had evidence that Lorraine was lying and was actually threatening to Mel B. Mel B was granted a 5-year restraining order from her ex-nanny.

Shortly after her services were no longer required at Mel B's house and she had a restraining order against her, she got married. Lorraine married acting agent Michael Bleau. She's also employed at a bar where her employer says she's quite popular with patrons because she speaks German.

6 Princess Diana And Barry Mannakee

Princess Diana had such a tragic life story. In the beginning, it seemed like she had everything going for her. She had the beautiful fairy tale wedding to one of the world's most eligible bachelors who also happened to be Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. She was a beautiful statuesque blonde. Charles and Di, as they came to be called, had two handsome sons. Everything was picture perfect from the outside.

Behind the castle walls, there was an entirely different story. Prince Charles had been having an affair with his former girlfriend, Camilla Parker-Bowles (who is now his wife).  Princess Diana was absolutely devastated when she found out about it. Charles played aloof and ignored her. Diana became very depressed and sought comfort in the arms of another man, her bodyguard, Barry Mannakee. When rumors started swirling around Diana and Barry's closeness, Prince Charles took action and fired Barry. Barry was involved in a car accident and died only a few weeks after being fired.

5 Heidi Klum And Martin Kristen

Former Victoria's Secret Angel and wife (now ex-wife) of "Kiss from a Rose" singer Seal, Heidi Klum was allegedly caught in bed with the family's bodyguard, Martin Kristen.

Martin Kristen was employed by Heidi and Seal's family for about 7 years, the length of time Heidi and Seal were married. After Heidi and Martin's affair was revealed, Seal came out and said he was shocked that Heidi was "fraternizing with the help." With a statement like that, it makes you wonder how Heidi stayed with him for 7 years!

Seal and Heidi divorced and Heidi continued her relationship with Martin. The relationship was not to last though. Heidi and Martin split up and Martin lost his job. Heidi went on to date her current 20-something-year-old toy boy lover, Vito Schnabel. Seal has also moved on and found love again. He is currently dating Australian supermodel Erica Packer. Heidi and Seal share custody of their 4 children.

4 Prince Edward And Wallis Simpson

Prince Edward VIII remains one of the shortest-reigning Kings in England's history. Prince Edward fell in love with a twice-divorced American woman named Wallis Simpson. And, when Prince Edward's father died and Edward was crowned King, this created a national crisis. Prince Edward wasn't technically allowed to marry a twice-divorced woman who had both husbands still living. The Church of England, which Prince Edward was part of, was very strict about keeping traditions and enforcing rules.

Prince Edward realized what had to be done and he resigned from his position as King. This freed him to marry Wallis. Prince Edward was told that if he had any children with Wallis, they would not be in the line of succession. He also lost quite a bit of his fortune on top of the respect of his people. He was considered a fool and a very weak leader. Edward and Wallis did not have any children.

3 Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky

"It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is..."

From March 1995 to sometime in 1997, 20-something-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky, was having a s*xual relationship with then President Bill Clinton. The news coverage of this soap opera-esque event was unlike the world had ever seen. A sitting U.S. President having to admit on national television that he had an improper relationship with a White House intern; a White House intern who saved the infamous blue semen stained dress. Lewinsky's friend, Linda Tripp, secretly tape-recorded Monica discussing her s*x life with the former President. They couldn't make some of this stuff up! It was dirty and salacious and the public enjoyed every minute of it.

Monica and the President, however, did not enjoy the aftermath of their s*xual relationship being exposed. The President was nearly voted out of office due to lying under oath. Although, he famously said, "It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is," when asked about the s*xual nature of his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

Monica lost her prime position at the White House and was transferred to a lower position serving at the Pentagon. While President Clinton was the butt of jokes for a few years, his affair was largely swept under the rug. Sadly, Monica has fared much worse. Her reputation was destroyed and she still has a difficult time finding solid work. She has dabbled in everything from journalism to designing hand bags.

2 Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders

Unless you were living under a rock in 2012, you probably remember the affair between Twilight actress Kristen Stewart and the Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Kristen Stewart was in a serious relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders was married to actress Liberty Ross.

Photographs emerged of Rupert and Kristen making out in her car and getting touchy-feely on a nature trail. Who knows how long the affair had been going on but the revelation of the paparazzi photos sparked the beginning of the end for Rupert and Kristen. Liberty Ross filed for divorce from her cheating husband. Robert and Kristen tried to work things out but in the end, the loss of trust was just too much for Robert so he dumped his girlfriend.

As for Rupert and the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, he was fired as director. Supposedly, executives had to make a decision between firing Rupert or Kristen. With Kristen being the lead, she would have been more difficult, if not impossible, to replace so Rupert was canned.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger And Mildred Baena

It came as quite the shock when news broke of Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair and subsequent child with his family's housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

Arnold's wife, Maria Shriver, was blindsided and understandably devastated. Arnold had been lying to Maria for many years. Maria noticed a resemblance between Mildred's son and Arnold but never for one second did she believe it was Arnold's son! Arnold's teenage children were also shocked and mortified that their father could lie to them all these years and to find out they had another sibling!

Maria filed for divorce from the Governor and in a bid to save his marriage, Arnold fired Mildred. That wasn't enough to save his marriage. Maria and Arnold were married in 1986 and their divorce was finalized in 2011. They have 2 children together and Arnold has one son from his relationship with Mildred.

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