15 Party Pics That Celebs Should Seriously Regret

Mix celebrities with parties and the results can be…unique. A key reason the Golden Globes gets attention is that the free booze going around loosens up folks and thus stars act more like real people than other award shows. It occurs for various events from major premieres to just simple parties and stars wanting to show they can be just like normal people. Sadly, that means ending up just like normal people in getting drunk and acting up majorly. And with today’s social media, it’s quite common for stars to have snaps taken of moment they might not even remember and truly regret later. Usually, it’s just them as totally drunk and often in very bad shape. Other times, it can be the look they have and get them in trouble. The results can be embarrassing or truly controversial but they add up to a bad look.

In a way, it’s comforting to know stars can be just as foolish as us “normal folk” when it comes to party antics. A few can’t hold their liquor, others just forget they’re in public and a few clearly think being famous means they can get away with anything. Some get into antics and hook-ups they don’t wish to remember but thanks to social media, nothing is truly secret or goes away forever. It’s remarkable to see how many famous people can come off looking horrible at parties in either looks or behavior, a few more famous for party antics than their careers. Here are 15 party pics celebs should seriously regret and show that no matter how rich and famous you are, you need to be careful how you carry on in public.


15 J-Law's Walrus Act

Jennifer Lawrence is a fascinating contrast. She’s an Oscar-winning A-list box office star, at the top of the Hollywood game and a red carpet darling. She’s also a lady truly down to Earth and makes it sound like she’s more comfortable hanging around in jeans and jacket than any lush dress. It’s clear Lawrence loves to cut loose at parties, especially Golden Globes and have a really good time. Yet this shows you can go a bit too far as Lawrence is leaving a party having clearly been slamming a few back. She decided to put straws in her nose and hang around like some huge walrus. It must have seemed funny but made her look foolish, a far cry from the hot lady fans have come to know and love. Lawrence would just brush it off as she rarely apologizes for anything and prefers her own style to the “Hollywood game.” Yet this should be a pic to regret given how it renders her looking like a moron.

14 Miley's Racist Image


One would think a party pic Miley Cyrus would regret would come from her later time. The former Hannah Montana shocked people in 2013 by majorly sexing up her image. She had her hair dyed blonde and cut short, going around with piercings, tattoos and very skimpy outfits and acted up majorly. That was added on by her “twerking” and other antics that soon made her a tabloid favorite. Throw in posing nude in magazines and photos showing her drinking and smoking and that’s a lot to regret. However, this pic from before all that is something Cyrus regrets. During a tour of Asia, she hangs out with some fans and makes a motion as if trying to “slant” her eyes. Needless to say, Asian-American groups did not take this very well, slamming it as racist and Cyrus had to post an apology of it. It says a lot that so many of her wild antics but this is the party snap that got her in serious hot water.

13 Ricci Is Dead Weight

For the most part, Christina Ricci has avoided the classic “wild teen” phase of a kid actress’ career. She broke out as Wednesday in The Addams Family, mature beyond her years and very talented. Ricci would rise up from kid flicks like Casper to the acclaimed The Opposite of Sex and Monster and winning raves for various indie movies. But Ricci has had a bit of a party side, sometimes way too much. Here’s a clear example as she’s utterly passed out at a party to the point where some guys are laughing as they hold her up. The open mouth with tongue lagging is not very attractive and one can actually worry about Ricci in this situation. She claims to have been playing around but witnesses claim she really was out of it. Either way, it’s a pic Ricci has stated she’s sorry was taken as she doesn’t want to be known as such a hard partier but a serious actress. Just shows how little Wednesday can still get wicked.

12 Locklear Livens Up


There’s nothing wrong with being young at heart. There is something wrong with trying to be that way in public. As the line from Sunset Boulevard goes “there’s nothing tragic in being 50 unless you still act like you’re 25!” Someone should have told that to Heather Locklear. The woman is famous for her gorgeous appeal from the 1980s to her heyday as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place. The woman still retains a lot of her sex appeal but she’s also 56 and thus past her prime. Yet here is Locklear at a party throwing a wild look and gesture out like she’s still hanging around with rock stars and enjoying being the sexiest woman on TV. It’s a nutty pic, just flat out embarrassing and makes Locklear resemble the classic case of a mom trying to dress up like her teen daughter. It’s hard to make someone as hot as Locklear look unappealing but she sure manages here, a far cry from her amazing prime.

11 Christina's High Spirits

While she hasn’t sunk as low as other former Mouseketeers, Christina Aguilera clearly has had some low points. She broke out as a teeny-bop star with a sensational voice in 1999, winning raves and awards. In 2002, she rocked everyone with her “Xtina” persona that had her in skimpy outfits and majorly acting up a hot persona. She’s shifted since then, including her weight fluctuating a lot. Also, Aguilera has gotten in trouble for a hard drinking style and often seen out of it at parties. She seemed to sober up as a judge on The Voice but her truly diva behavior has gotten her some bad press. It also seems Christina can’t stay away from drinking, even as a mom. This pic shows her leaving a dinner party and it’s clear she’s had more than a few by her glazed eyes and nearly has to be held up by others to keep from tripping. Being in a gorgeous dress just makes it more striking and thus, even if it’s a bit cleaned-up, Aguilera can still get “dirrrrrty” at times in party going.

10 Tara's Terrible Times


You can do an entire separate list of bad photos Tara Reid regrets. She broke out wonderfully in 1999 with American Pie, a hot blonde with a lovely sense of humor. She looked to have a good career ahead but sadly, Reid fell into the party lifestyle big time. Photos abounded of her looking terrible, including several where she appeared barely more than a skeleton. A few times, it looked like Reid was bouncing back but then photographed all over again looking terrible. She’s attained a cult fame via the Sharknado movies but also a key example of how the hard-partying lifestyle can ruin a gorgeous gal. This pic is prime Tara: Completely and utterly drunk, barely able to stand and shuffling on the lap of a guy she no doubt barely knows. It’s yet another look at how a lovely lady basically ruined herself via her antics and why Tara Reid is better known as a punchline than anything fun.

9 Bella Getting Down

She started out as a wholesome Disney princess but Bella Thorne sure is getting rid of that image fast. On Shake It Up, she had good dance moves and a fun attitude with a flair for comedy. As puberty hit, Thorne turned into a very shapely woman, her lush red hair adding to her appeal. She’s had roles on TV show Scream and the current Freeform series Famous in Love. But Thorne is getting far more attention via her turns on social media as she loves to post photos of herself in very revealing outfits. Paparazzi have learned Thorne is a great gal to follow if you want some funny snaps at partying and here’s a big one. She’s dancing in a top that basically looks like a sports bra with some bizarre makeup. Her antics are wild and crazy and sadly looks to be continuing. More than a few are worried Thorne may be following in Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps as a hot redhead falling into too much partying. She looks great but may end up regretting cutting loose like this in the future.


8 Lindsay's Lousy Time


It’s truly sad to look at Lindsay Lohan and remember at one time, this woman was the hottest girl in Hollywood. She had talent at an early age, as shown in The Parent Trap and other projects. She blossomed in 2004 with Mean Girls and got major attention for her terrific body blossoming out. But just as it looked like Lohan was about to really take off, her antics got huge attention for the wrong reasons. It started off just some partying but soon interfering with her work, causing her to come to sets late and obviously drunk. Then came the DUI arrests, drug use, rehab and jail time, all of which combined to turn her from star to tabloid joke. To try and pick just one image Lohan regrets seems impossible as she’s up front on how messy her life was. This may be the best summation, Lohan, in a lovely dress, on her hands and knees, eyes shut, drunk and looking ready to throw up, crawling on the carpet. It’s the period that ruined her life completely and this picture is a clear image of that entire time.

7 Where's Farrah's Motherly Instinct?

More than a few have complained that MTV’s Teen Mom sends the wrong message. The idea was to show the struggles of teenage mothers, the ups and downs and show how it’s a huge responsibility one shouldn’t handle at that age. Sadly, thanks to how the network presents it, teen motherhood comes off as something cool and reports are teens have gotten pregnant specifically in hopes of landing on the show and get famous. Not helping is Farrah Abraham, the first subject of the original 16 and Pregnant. Since becoming famous, Abraham has turned this into her career, seeming to ignore her child as anything but part of her cash cow. She’s appeared in numerous reality shows and various promotional appearances. Here’s one from a party of her showing off her hot side in leggings and a revealing dress like a stripper. Flaunting a pack of bills just adds to her image as about money rather than being a mom and should be regretting adding to her bad reputation.

6 Drew Gets Some Love


Drew Barrymore is the best success story of a former teen star gone wild who rose above it. After breaking out as the cute girl in E.T., Drew succumbed to the Barrymore curse of drinking and spent her teen years in rehab for drug use and other wild bits. But she recovered majorly, rising up as a huge box office star, producer and director and a fantastic star in Hollywood. Still, there was a period where Drew was still getting in some trouble and a few pics to remind her of it. This is a big one, her at a party with Courtney Love, whose own history of abuse is very well known. Drew may not have been drinking but Love clearly is a few sheets to the wind and giving Drew a sloppy hug and kiss. Barrymore has risen up more since then in better ways yet this is a reminder that her party days aren’t that far behind her.

5 Paris And Kim Get Raunchy

Once, these two were as close as two BFFs could be. That has changed radically as their lives have altered. It’s hard to believe but once upon a time, Kim Kardashian was known simply as one of Paris Hilton's less famous friends. The two heiresses got along well for a time, partying and having a fun time. They really helped push the mantra “famous for being famous” and lived the high life majorly. This shows them at the height of that, clearly slamming it at a club and hanging out like friends. It all changed when Kim’s reality show led her to major fame while Paris saw her would-be success falter. Paris seems to resent how Kim got more famous than she ever did thanks in no small part to her own help. Things have gotten sour with the two exchanging harsh words and rumors of fights at clubs and behind the scenes. Today, it’s more of a cold war between them, putting distance between themselves and thus both seem to regret how close they once were.

4 Britney's Trifecta


One just isn’t enough for Britney Spears. The pop mega-star is open on how rough she’s had it in the past and letting her party antics get out of control. That was especially true with her famous breakdown of shaving her head and attacking a car with an umbrella. She’s better today yet these three pictures show Britney at her worst. Each one has her bleary-eyed, bloodshot and a nutty smile on her face. She appears completely out of it, shaking hard, the middle pic with her seeming to be laughing crazily. The third is ugly with her rolling her eyes hard into her head. All three have her with no makeup and messy hair, looking as unattractive as possible. Spears had infamous times while drunk and such, including the famous photo of her driving with her son in her lap. She’s thankfully sobered up since then and handling things better. However, these are proof that there was a period of her life Britney majorly regrets.

3 Ariel Winter Hard Partying

There are concerns over Ariel Winter. The young actress came to fame as the brainy Alex on Modern Family, a classic nerd character. But Winter has been growing into a woman and she wants everyone to know it. But many are worried Winter is acting up, perhaps due to her infamous family issues. It’s not just the various social media postings of her in very revealing outfits. There’s also talk of her partying a lot and carrying on as well. That’s showcased by this pic, which Winter herself posted from a wrap party on a movie. Now, the tattoo she’s bearing is fake for the role but the wild grin on her face and clearly inebriated look are all too real. Winter got major flack for this although she defended it on just having a good time. Yet it shows the lady may be going too far trying to grow up fast and her partying can lead to a rough time down the road.

2 Beyonce's Knocked Out


When you think of mega-stars in music, Beyonce comes to mind easily. The one time Destiny’s Child singer has morphed into one of the biggest icons in all of music. With sold-out tours, performing at the Super Bowl, a few movie roles and more, Beyonce is instantly recognized anywhere. Even her posts of her pregnancy are enough to break the Internet majorly. Yet Beyoncé is not perfect. Sure, she’s sobered up a bit with motherhood but she still had her wild nights when she was starting out. That’s proven by this pic of what looks like a passed out Beyonce slumped in a car in a hot dress. To be fair, it’s likely she’s just more tired out from a major event than drunk as most believe she’s a rather sober lady most of the time. But it’s still not the best sight for someone who holds herself up as a role model and showcases even Beyonce can take a bad pic now and then.

1 Julianne Hough's OITB Costume

More than a few folks have worn Halloween costumes that get themselves in a bit of hot water. But few times has it been to this degree. When Julianne Hough was invited to a Halloween party with the theme of the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black, the organizers no doubt thought she’d take on someone like Piper or Alex. Instead, Hough chose Crazy Eyes, showing up with face darkened by makeup and the nutty hairdo. Needless to say, a white woman in blackface did not go over very well. A huge outcry erupted as soon as the pics were revealed and Hough got major hazing for it. She defended it on just a costume while apologizing and Uzo Abdu said she didn’t have a problem with it personally. However, it’s clear that this is a party choice Hough deeply regrets and how you can go a tad too far trying to stand out on Halloween.


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