15 Party Pics Of The Game Of Thrones Cast

For seven seasons, Game of Thrones has established itself as one of the most popular series ever. Its ratings are huge, the buzz is massive and it’s racked up scores of awards. It’s also garnered huge attention by fans and made its various actors huge stars. A few were famous already (like Lena Headey) but others boosted to huge stardom thanks to the show. Any appearance by them can be a huge deal, whether on a talk show or award shows. It also means some great attention paid to them at parties. Most are smart not to get wild including the teen stars who must know how hazardous that can be for a career. Lena Headey has admitted to a bit of a wild past but more sedate now. But any time a party is thrown, these actors can get a little wilder.

It’s fun to see them from award shows to network events to even private parties. Actors associated with somber parts just cut loose with wild laughter and crazy antics. A few can get wilder at times with drinking and some partying but not too crazy. Still, it’s remarkable to see how different the real-life actors are in a party atmosphere to the versions fans know from TV. It’s also fun to see the real friendships abounding and how well these actors get along off set. Here are 15 pics of the GoT cast from parties and how great it is seeing them having a fun time.

15 Tea Party

The connection between Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke is interesting. Cersei and Daenerys are two of the key figures in the saga but have yet to share any scenes together. Of course, what they have in common (besides strikingly sexy ladies) is playing the same role. Headey played Sarah Connor on The Sarah Connor Chronicles while Clarke took on a different variation of the part in Terminator Genysis. Both ladies are British and enjoy their home country while balancing out the show’s schedule. This pic has them at a tea party for the BAFTAs, the British combination of the Oscars and Emmys. Both look very lovely, far from the elaborate gowns they wear on the show and quite attractive. Clarke looks to be having a bit more fun but the cool smile on Headey’s face makes it obvious she’s liking this too. It’s impossible to imagine their characters sitting down to tea but at least these ladies like to in real life.

14 A Large Laugh

The casting of Brienne of Tarth was one of the more challenging for the show. How many women are there over six feet tall and believable as warriors? The producers lucked out with Gwendoline Christie, who fit the height requirement but also believable in fighting scenes. It’s pushed Christie to major fame and she’s added to it with The Hunger Games and playing Captain Phasma in Star Wars. While saddled with armor, Christie is a beautiful woman and shows a great humor at parties. Of course, the unintentional comedy is in how Christie towers over most of her co-stars (Maisie Williams barely comes over her waist) and thus some fun photos. In this case, Christie is hanging at a party with comedian Sarah Silverman who appears to have shared one of her usual one-liners. It’s always fun seeing the usually serious Christie having a good laugh and how her size doesn’t take away from the bright figure she can be.

13 Comic Con

Once just for comic book fans, the San Diego Comic Con has transformed into the key weekend for geek culture. Even before the show began, GoT was using it to promote the series and every year, their panel is a major highlight of the event. Fans love to see it, hear stories from the set and get dish on what’s to come. This comes from one of the many parties that take place there and a huge gathering of the ladies of the show. Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Rose Leslie, Gwendoline Christie and Natalie Dormer are all together and clearly having a blast. It’s remarkable seeing the differences in height with Christie towering while Williams is shorter but all of them somehow clicking together. It showcases how great the ladies on the cast get along even if they barely have scenes together on the show and often at odds when they do. Of course, the fans go wild anywhere these women are but this shows how great they can be as themselves.

12 Martin Joining

Many fans complain about the slow time George R.R. Martin is taking to deliver the next book in his saga. Indeed, the show has finally outpaced the books and many are concerned the final season will give away the ending of the saga. Still, you can’t blame Martin for being so happy that the adaption of his massive work is doing so well. He takes part a lot and understands how the writers have had to change things around and make some things a bit more appealing to TV audiences than in his books. He also takes part in audio commentaries for the Blu-Ray sets and knows his stuff. He naturally gets invited to parties and this has him hanging out with drinks with Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke and a broad smile on his face during it. It’s clear Martin loves how his work has gotten beyond just the books and while fans can hope a new volume comes soon, you can’t blame him for enjoying the ride.

11 Beach Blast

When one mentions the landscapes of GoT, you think of large fields, rocky areas and a lot of dark clouds. A beach setting is hardly that popular, even on the series and impossible to imagine the characters in beachwear. But for the actors, they can enjoy cutting loose a lot more and often take part in some group vacations. Lena Headey shares this pic from her Instagram page featuring a huge group vacation. You see Dinklage, Coster-Waldau, Christie, Indiria Vama, Pedro Pascal, Conleth Hill and others, all in a variety of gear and clearly ready for a good time. It’s remarkable seeing them so laid back and downright hilarious seeing Varys in a white shirt, panama hat and glasses while Dinklage wears a wool cap. Headey herself is laughing broadly, clearly ready to have a fun day and no wonder she shared this pic. It’s great seeing the cast cutting loose more and how even the folks of Westros need a beach day now and then.

10 Leaning Over

Even at a Hollywood awards show, you need some extra space. The Golden Globes are famous for how it’s a party atmosphere with tables set up in a smaller room and the alcohol flowing frequently. Thus, guests can cut loose a lot more and leads to some fun speeches. It also means casts hang out and have a great time without the need to be separated by chairs. But you still have folks doing a variety of discussions that often require leaning over tables to hear each other. Such is the case with Alfie Allen and Emilia Clarke, the two having to lean past an attractive Nathalie Emmanuel in order to talk. Emmanuel doesn’t seem to mind, enjoying the entire atmosphere as Clarke appears to be laughing as a joke Allen is telling. The duo show how no matter how famous and rich a person may be, sometimes you just need more space for a conversation and enjoying themselves doing it.

9 Brotherly Hug

It’s remarkable to look back at the show’s early seasons and see how the cast has grown. Maisie Williams, in particular, looks incredibly young back then. Of course, Arya has had to grow up fast and in some harsh ways. At the same time, the cast has shrunk with more than a few characters killed off. Richard Madden had been great as Robb, the son pushed to take up a leadership role following’s Ned’s death and the King in the North. Fans expected a longer push for him in war and were heartbroken when he was killed in the infamous Red Wedding. Thus, after just a few episodes, Madden and Williams didn’t share any scenes together as Arya headed to Westeros. So it’s nice to see the two hanging out at an awards show party with Williams giving her on-screen brother a nice hug. Both have huge smiles and it’s striking how much younger Madden looks without his beard (which, ironically, is more in line with the book version of Robb). They didn’t have long together on the show but the two maintain a friendship outside it.

8 Under Wraps

7 The Lannister Brotherhood

From the moment the show was announced, fans argued the casting. They wanted certain people for certain parts and analyzed every pick carefully. But there was one thing they could all agree on: Peter Dinklage was the only choice for Tyrion Lannister. It worked out wonderfully, Dinklage even better in the part than fans hoped, able to capture the character’s struggle and also good humor. It’s won Dinklage two Emmys and a Golden Globe and still the heart of the show. Meanwhile, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has done great as Jamie, finding the heart of a twisted man and his handsome looks no doubt helping keep him popular with female fans. The two are friends off screen and this shows them at a post-Emmy party enjoying a good time. It showcases the chemistry that makes their performances work and hopefully the staff got a good tip. After all, a Lannister always pays their debts.

6 Holland Sandwhich

Now here is one lucky man. Natalie Dormer and Gwendoline Christie are of course well known for their roles on GoT. However, the two also starred in the smash hit Hunger Games franchise with the last two Mockingjay movies. That meant having to double up on premiere events and parties to push it up more. For this event, the two ladies flank well-known fashion designer Henry Holland. The man has a huge smile and you can’t blame him with being sandwiched between Margaery and Brienne with both ladies having huge smiles as well. Dormer has that wicked smirk that is her trademark while Christie looks to be enjoying herself massively. The two are known for their own fun style and unique moves and thus Holland was probably out to get a rub for his own design work. Nonetheless, you have to envy a man stuck between two great ladies to make this a fun party.

5 A Fine Quartet

While it’s usual to see the cast at various award ceremonies, they also have a bunch of premieres and other promotional events. This allows them to go not decked out in full dress outfits but still looking pretty good. For this promotional event, the ladies of the show are able to hang out and enjoy themselves and sure look to be doing that. Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer are smiling, both known for a good humor and very hot appearances even without designer gowns. Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke always looks great out of her blonde wig and dresses and having a good time with Rose Leslie. Leslie herself looks fun in this hug and clearly enjoying hanging with the others. It’s ironic given many of them don’t even have scenes with each other yet at parties, they hang out a lot and show the closeness that makes the show a hit.

4 Grin and Bare It

While GoT made him famous, Jason Momoa was a familiar face on TV for a while. He actually starred in the last two seasons of Baywatch to show his body off in a speedo and amid various hot scenes. He then got attention playing the warrior Ronan on the popular sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis. That led to the fame of his role as Khal Drogo as well as rising up more with movies like Conan the Barbarian and others. With his handsome face and great build, it’s no wonder the man is so popular with female fans. This pic shows he loves a great party atmosphere as well. It’s his birthday party and by this point, Momoa has stripped off his shirt to show off his great physique. He’s also showing his strength, slapping a headlock on Michael Fassbender and laughing broadly. Fassbender doesn’t seem to mind it too much either, going along with it nicely. It shows how fun a guy Momoa is while also featuring that nice body on display.

3 Paparazzi Play

Paparazzi Play is a popular game where folks can use their phones to take wild photos and see how much a tabloid would “pay” for them. It’s become more popular in Los Angeles where folks can take shots of people and pretend they’re stars. At the 2014 SAG Awards after-party, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams decided to get into the act. They got some phones and started to take photos of fans across the street from the party who went wild yelling for them. Williams really got into it, laughing and leaping to get folks’ attention while Turner was a tad more sedate. However, both seemed to enjoy themselves, cutting loose as the teenagers they were at the time and clearly having a blast. Even the Stark Sisters aren’t immune to wanting a good time with a phone and turning the camera around on the fans for a change of pace.

2 Jason's Cool Style

His role on the show only lasted one season but it was enough to boost Jason Momoa to stardom. His role as Khal Drago made him a major face with his drive and amazing power. Sadly, his character was killed off before the end of the first season but Momoa still talks warmly of his time on the show and enjoyed its success. That’s led to big roles, the most notable being Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League film where he intends to redeem the character from the joke status many associate him with. Momoa is well known for a great party style, enjoying his times and while he’s professional on set, he’s known for getting wild afterward. Here’s a great example, the man before a pile of ice with a headlock on a guest and a hearty grin on his face. It shows why Momoa is a great guy to know and more wild off camera than he is on but in a way folks can like.

1 Benioff Unleashed

Maybe you can cut him a little slack. David Benioff had a major challenge trying to adapt a sprawling work like this to TV and many doubted he could pull it off. He’s had to handle long shoots, making stories work, casting and the massive fan reaction. He helped pull it off however with GoT a huge hit and a cultural milestone. It culminated with winning the Emmy for Best Drama so you can forgive Benioff for cutting loose a lot more at the after party. He’s clearly having a total blast and no doubt more than a few drinks in him. So we get this image of him being held up as he lets out a yell of victory and flipping off folks around him. Okay, it may be a bit unprofessional but after five seasons and an Emmy victory, you can cut the guy some slack for his getting a bit wilder. If nothing else, it shows the passion that Benioff has used to make the show a success and you can’t help but get pulled in by his having a great time.

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