15 Party Pics Celebs Don’t Want Us To See – Part 2

We've all made some pretty terrible decisions under the influence. We've all gone out with our friends, ended up having a few too many, and woken up with a head full of rocks for our trouble. Everyone has at least one story like that, even if they don't want to admit it. This is true of everyone, no matter where you come from. However, the vast majority of us can count ourselves lucky that photos of our own drunken escapades haven't ever leaked onto the internet.

Celebrities are lucky in many respects, but their lack of privacy in this area is definitely not one of them. While some celebrities go out and drink enough for their photos to be a common occurrence, others had one instance where they let their guard down and then that was it.

While it's often mortifying for the celebrities who get their drunken pictures all over the internet, many people find that seeing celebrities act just like them shows another side to them. This is why we've talked about drunk celebrities before. Now, we have a brand new crop of drunken celebrity photos to talk about. While some of them show the person in question not acting all that differently, others show the person in question doing the most. Some of the photos are brand new, while others are decades old. Here are fifteen more celebrities who really don't want you to see some of their more wasted moments.

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15 Kendall And Kylie Jenner Seem A Little Young For This

I'm actually genuinely confused as to how this picture got out there. The Kardashians are pretty well known for their controlled social media image: even their sloppy moments are calculated to show bits of humanity to contrast against the Kardashian machine. For one thing, I'm pretty sure at least one girl in this photo is underage, so it's really weird that this picture is even out there for people to find. For another thing, I'm honestly really surprised that the family didn't sue whatever person took this photo, especially considering that it was probably a member of the paparazzi who just jumped into their car while they looked like that.

14 Amy Alexandra Needs Better Friends

I'm not going to lie, I had to look up who Amy Alexandra even was when I saw her being this drunk this publicly. For those who don't know, Amy Alexandra was a houseguest on the UK's version of Big Brother's eighth season, and she came in 10th place after staying in the house for about two weeks. I don't know much else about her other than that and that she bears an uncanny resemblance to Ashlee Simpson. However, the other thing that I feel like I need to mention is that this poor girl needs better friends. If I were in a position where I was that publicly drunk and acting that sloppily, I'd want friends around me who would make sure I was being safe and not getting myself put on the Internet.

13 Heather Locklear's Duck Face

Heather Locklear has had a really weird couple of months. Back in September, she ended up in the hospital because she crashed her Porsche, but luckily no drugs or alcohol were involved. That doesn't mean that she's no stranger to partying, though. Back in 2012, a report by People found that Locklear was totally out of control and taking drugs and generally being drunk. Another report from the same year literally called her life "sad," which is not what you'd expect to hear about a prominent actress with a decades-long career. Earlier this year, she ended up in rehab for the fifth time, and throughout her career, people have been worried about her. Hopefully, she gets to a place where drunken appearances are a lot less commonplace because she's a fixture in Hollywood and is actually a pretty good actress.

12 Drunk Goldie Hawn Looks Better Than You

I don't know about you, but drunk Goldie Hawn has a better show-face than just about anyone I know. Look at that smile! She's been known to go overboard with the alcohol, but weirdly enough, she actually manages to make being drunk look like a civilized affair. Hawn is also known for being really candid and no-nonsense about things: she's regularly seen partying with her daughter and talking straight about her personal life, including her marriages to famous Hollywood actors. She's been really sloppy before, though: back in 2012, she needed help getting into her car in London. Earlier in her career, Hawn was known as being a bit of a goodie-goodie, but now we know much better.

11 The Royal Couple Royally Drunk

Even the Royals aren't above a little public drunkenness. This picture is from a few years back, actually. Prince William and Kate Middleton had actually split up for a little while before getting back together, and clearly, they wanted to celebrate. This was also around the time that William was really starting to lose his hair. The actual picture was taken sometime around 2 AM in early October. The picture was pretty notable because it was the first public appearance the couple had made since getting back together, and it was also the first time Kate was spotted with a diamond on her finger, even if it wasn't on her ring finger. It's also worth noting that William looks really different with hair and Kate still has a winning smile regardless of how sober she is.

10 Christina Aguilera Sleeping

You know what? If someone caught a photo of me sleeping while drunk and I looked this well made up and my lipstick and eyeliner weren't running, I'd count the photo as a gift. Makeup on a drunk person never stays put, but Christina Aguilera's still looks on point. That's not a regular thing though: she's been caught with messed up drunk makeup before. She doesn't really drink on the same level as other pop stars of her caliber, but she still drinks a lot, and it makes the gossip rags pretty regularly. However, there have been some notable incidents worth mentioning. For example, Aguilera was supposed to sing with Meghan Trainor at Seth Macfarlane's Christmas party but never did because she was such a drunk mess at the party. It was reported that she actually toppled right into the Christmas tree!

9 Are You Okay, Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez and Zedd have been kind of a mystery to the world. Out of all of Selena's famous ex-boyfriends, her relationship with Zedd was among the shortest and we really don't know that much about it. Back in August of this year, Zedd revealed why the two broke up after only three months of dating in 2015. “Reporters were calling my parents. People were hacking my friends’ phones," he recalled. "I was pissed. [Though] I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. She is one of the most talked about people in the world, but I had no idea how much that would change my life.” Considering that she's the most followed person on Instagram and even drunk photos of her would probably amass millions of likes, that's an understatement. Also, I want to take this time to tell Selena Gomez that she deserves much better than Justin Bieber. Rumors have been circulating and it's been all but confirmed that the two are back together after her breakup with the Weeknd and her surprise kidney transplant.

8 Thumbs Up, Harry Styles

The One Direction boys are kind of weird for me. When they were in the band together, they were clearly being put in the innocent heartthrob role despite the fact that that clearly wasn't what they were. Sure, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are pretty and totally worth crushing on, but their solo careers have revealed that the clean-cut 1D image was just marketing. All five guys are working on their solo careers now, which further revealed the cutesy 1D music as marketing. Harry's an interesting case because he dates women like Taylor Swift and is super soft spoken, but he's also known to party and has had a ton of rumors spread about him, like how his relationship with Taylor Swift was a calculated fake relationship the throw the scent off of his real relationship with fellow former 1D member Louis Tomlinson. If I had Harry's life, I'd probably want to drink a little too.

7 Don't Drop Your Stuff, Elizabeth Hurley

If I were Elizabeth Hurley and I were this drunk. I would never want to have a clutch bag! That's kind of like playing with fire because it would be so easy to drop when you're that drunk. Elizabeth Hurley has been pretty upfront about the fact that she drinks, even going so far as to suggest replacing wine with vodka in order to lose weight, as she did while trying to maintain her incredible figure. I'm pretty sure her weight is actually the result of her eating one meal a day, though, so I'd hold off on drinking all the vodka and none of the wine. Whole Elizabeth Hurley doesn't get drunk often, when she does, it's an event, and she generally looks great when she does it. This is just one of those unflattering photos that happen when you're not thinking about your image.

6 Throwback Thursday: J.Lo And Diddy

Well, this photo's certainly a blast from the past! Jennifer Lopez and P.Diddy had a relationship that a lot of people thought wasn't going to work, but then had everyone rooting for them until it ended up imploding thanks to several circumstances, including his cheating, proving that everyone can get cheated on long before Beyonce released Lemonade. For those who weren't alive during the 1990s, before J.Lo married Marc Anthony and dated Ben Affleck, she was with rapper P.Diddy, with whom she was seen on the red carpet in an awkwardly dated outfit many a time, and the relationship was so crazy it almost ended in jail time! These days, rumors are swirling that J.Lo is dating Drake of all people.

5 Are You Okay, Britney Spears?

Young, blonde female celebrities misbehaving on camera is very commonplace now: it's pretty normal to see a celebrity's breakdown on the front page as much as world affairs. This photo is just one of many of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton partying it up in the early to mid-2000s. This was before Paris Hilton's reality TV empire gave way to the Kardashian machine and during Britney's bad girl phase that took a scary turn in 2007 when she shaved her head and married the worst rapper in the history of rapping. They actually used to party with perennial Hollywood train wreck Lindsay Lohan, who achieved the height of her fame around the same time and fell from grace much more quickly than the other two. Fortunately, Paris and Britney have cleaned up their acts, but Lindsay sure hasn't.

4 Do You Need A Hug, Tara Reid?

Full disclosure, every time I hear about Tara Reid doing anything, I always want to give her a hug, a cup of tea, and wrap her in a blanket. Honey, you're a little too old to be sitting on the floor losing your shoes. Tara Reid's relationship with alcohol has been well documented, and she's done some truly messed up things thanks to drunkenness. It's honestly really sad, and I'm sure it's played a part in her ability to get acting work. She's been in and out of rehab for years now, and Radar Online once did a story about Tara's possible drunkorexia. Drunkorexia is when you basically party your way to weight loss, and it's super unhealthy. “Excessive partying can absolutely lead to weight loss,” New York licensed dietitian Joseph J. Mutz tells RadarOnline.com, predicting that alcohol abuse has caused Reid to suffer from malnutrition. “Mixing caffeinated drinks with alcohol can suppress the appetite without providing much in the way of nutrition.”

3 Mini Spice Girls Reunion

The Spice Girls were my life when I was a kid, and I know I wasn't alone in that respect. Girls all over the world looked up to the Spice Girls and were devastated when the band broke up. We've all been looking forward to a possible reunion and we all got really close with the Spice Girls project GEM, but it never happened. We actually found out why thanks to a report from Entertainment Tonight that came out in mid-August of this year. According to Geri Horner, formerly Ginger Spice, she really tried getting everyone together, but things never panned out. "I really pushed to get everyone back together. It got to the point where I just had to let it go," Horner shares. "I still love the girls, and there are other bits and bobs in the pipeline." Only Horner, Mel B, and Emma Bunton gathered for the "Wannabe" 20th anniversary because the other two were doing things for their own careers. For those of us who would love the band to get back together, we shouldn't hold our breaths.

2 Tori Spelling, Doing The Most

Tori Spelling, I'm almost disappointed. This isn't even the worst photo of you drunk out there, this is just one of the few I'm actually allowed to show. She's not even really all that drunk here, but there are other pictures of her being downright messy. Tori Spelling misbehaving while drunk is far from shocking anymore, but it's actually kind of disheartening how often it happens. She went on Khloe Kardashian's short-lived talk show to talk about all the places she'll urinate while she's drunk, which was enough to make me wonder if Tori Spelling isn't just drunk all the time and we've literally never seen her sober. The outfit she's wearing here is also super unfortunate: one wrong move and she might end up indecently exposed!

1 Justin Timberlake At The Game

Justin Timberlake is no stranger to alcohol. Not that long ago, a video of him drunk went viral while he was at a Chris Stapleton concert at the El Rey Theater. The whole exchange is kind of hysterical, showing that Justin Timberlake is a funny guy regardless of sobriety, and it's on Youtube several times. He's also drunkenly yelled at paparazzi and gone on FOX drunk before, as you can see above. Back in September 2017, he got drunk with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and ended up on their new album Concrete and Gold.

“Then there was the day Justin Timberlake dropped by. He listened to what the Foos were doing and liked what he heard, and pretty soon he and Grohl were hanging out regularly. ‘We’d drink whiskey in the parking lot,’ Grohl says. ‘He was real, really cool. Then the night before his last day, he says, ‘Can I sing on your record? I don’t want to push it, but – I just want to be able to tell my friends.’ So the band had him add some ‘la la la’s’ to one track. ‘He nailed it,’ Grohl says. ‘I’m telling you – the guy’s going somewhere.'”

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